Body mind soul system balance: left and right brain balance

Body mind soul system balance: left and right brain balance

sananda 2020-06-10

Body mind soul system balance: left and right brain balance

After entering 2020, all ideas, beliefs and views will face collapse.

What? After 2020, you won’t look at problems in the old way, when you face problems.

The same is true of left and right brain balance.

Where does left and right brain balance come from.

“You must open the communication channel between the soul and the brain through the mind. This will slowly activate the pineal gland again and open the upper and rear part of the brain, close to the top of the head, to the portal to the divine mind.

The divine mind resonates at the highest level of the fourth dimension, as well as at all levels of the fifth and sixth dimensions, and a small part of the seventh dimension frequency / data, which will be retained until you can rise to the highest level that human beings can pass through in this universe in the future. However, you must gradually increase your vibration mode to enter the treasure house of cosmic wisdom. “

Left and right brain balance comes from mental upgrading.

Why are so many people committed to left-right brain balance, because life is unbalanced, which brings many conflicts and puzzles.

Then why do so many people devote so much mind, thought, wisdom and practice to achieve left-right brain balance.

Didn’t jump out.

What? Any attempt to break the dimensional rules and rules is invalid, that is, the left and right brain imbalance in the three and four dimensions is the field operation mode of the dimension and matrix, and any solution in this dimension can only strengthen the stability and reliability of this dimension.

The three and four dimensional human access is based on survival, instinct, personality and self to construct the occurrence field.

What? Any effort you make is against the big array, against the time matrix.

This is also why the destructive interventionist little black people will convey so many resonance stories for everyone, about survival threat, no love conflict, contradiction between ourselves and the enemy, no freedom, oppression, autocracy and democracy. These messages trigger collective subconscious emotional resonance in various communities through mass TV and mobile media, including spiritual practitioners who pursue light and love, He searched all over for ways and spells of practice and could not get rid of them.

Put it down, jump out, forget.
Where do you come from? Accept.

There are interface programs and portals between each matrix and another matrix, that is, when you enter the submarine waterfall vortex and follow the rotation, you can find the submarine access of the vortex, which is a calm place without vortex, so that you can re surface.

Not follow the vortex of life, but follow your matrix vortex. That time spiral is also your heavenly soul plan.

High speed and high frequency are the only way out of the matrix. Whether you live or die, it is the same, which is also suitable for 12 dimensions and no time.

Everything is frequency, everything is energy.

It has nothing to do with what you think and do. It has nothing to do with the same. Put it down and accept it.

Only in this way can you align with the higher divine mind, open the communication channel between soul and brain, and restart the multidimensional spatial positioning of the third eye of the pineal gland to connect with the divine portal.

Where do you come from, accept everything in your life, and balance comes from it.

Balance comes from the resonance between you and the real world. When life brings you into a situation, do you follow the resonance of the earth array and the sky soul plan, or follow the resonance of people, money and things and think carefully^_^

It’s not about morality, faith, right or wrong, nor about rules, threats, fear and punishment.

Is it easy? It’s not easy, but it’s worth trying.

It’s not a confused resistance and compromise, but the observer identity in awareness and awakening. Yes, follow and jump out until you completely jump out.

It’s not that you have deep skills, but that you don’t want to let go and be a bystander.

Onlookers have no human emotions. Of course not. Human survival instinct, the law of the jungle, love, war and peace conflict with your left and right brain balance. The truth is cruel, but it is so, because it is time matrix science.

Is there love, of course, greater love, which is why Archangel Michael Archangel Michael mentioned that “all aspects of divine mind, divine heart and diamond core divine cells are connected again”.

What we always say “let go of everything” is actually a scientific term, a smart term, because it is a program and programming based on each matrix, which is why we don’t accept it, because it won’t pay attention to human emotions.

The term of paying attention to human emotions is “accept everything”, which actually means one thing, but we are more willing to find great love from it, so it is easier to untie without actually leaving the crowd.

In fact, another more important reason is that the window time is not much, only half a year, not no time. For those who do not intend to leave the matrix, there is plenty of time, because with the increase of vibration frequency, the arrival of 6.21 summer solstice flame and 12.21 winter solstice flash events, the huge separation began.

The huge separation is not to separate the two people together, but to amplify and reinforce. Because of the amplification effect of high frequency, it is impossible to get out of the matrix, and it is impossible to go back out of the matrix.

What, a kite with heavy chains and a kite with a broken line, not only broke the line, but also transformed into a high-speed spacecraft, which can’t go back.

This is what great separation means.
The sacred heart and the sacred mind are integrated. No single practice can succeed, and the principle of success is to let go. Only by letting go of the sacred heart and the sacred mind can they be integrated. What can we do to restart all aspects of the diamond core God cells, that is, the cosmic reality information coding of 8 cells and multi-dimensional spatial DNA decoding, and the stored information of 2-12-144 strands of DNA.

Therefore, left and right brain balance is not to balance the left brain or the right brain, but when the left and right brain are integrated with the Sacred Mind, the sacred heart, the soul and the brain, the left and right brain will be balanced and life will be balanced. This process is called letting go and acceptance.

What does left-right brain balance bring.

The first is the automatic balance of emotions. There will be no more extremes and stubbornness, but both courage and softness.

It is also the balance of the divine mind. The male logical thought and inspiration are no longer separated from the female mind and intuition. They are integrated in the higher self and cosmic mind, where the source constantly injects the spiritual power and the open energy of thought and discourse.

The balance between the way of behavior and the way of speaking comes from the vibration unity of the divine Yang. Where does it come from in the cosmic mind? The vibration of the soul, the cosmic body, is also your body. Therefore, the throat chakra can be upgraded and inaction and omnipotence can be expanded.

The balance between killing and saving people has always plagued mankind. There is no solution because in the matrix, any problem can only be solved by people who do not take the problem to heart. That solution is “do not take the solution or do not liberate the problem to heart”, but flow. Killing and saving people is “one”. This is why Sananda said, thank those who create and bring darkness, Because they are the ones who really let human beings grow up, which is as important as teaching you to help you ascend, because they are a group of people who have changed their faces.

Therefore, left and right brain balance is not learning how to balance the left and right brain, but how to improve their vibration frequency, how to let go and accept, and how to accept and accept.

Can you accept the infusion of high-frequency energy in joy and peace of mind? What? Rest and healing come first, and let go of everything else.

If you can’t, in fact, there are no other options. What options can you have for the world’s future? A few years ago, I would say “go back to work and learn to accept and how to only do things with confidence and maintain high vibration”. Now it won’t, because turbulence and interruption are reminders of the end of the world, although there will be five years, But after this year, it is a foregone conclusion. If you wait any longer, you can only wait for the window time after 26556. We will always be together and continue to repeat the lessons that have fallen today. Only the people who have ascended will recognize you, but you can’t see those old friends in the past.

If you are still working, “learn to accept and how to only do things with confidence and maintain a high vibration of ascension”, the joy must not be because of the reward of people, money and things, but because you only follow your own internal impulse and have enough kinetic energy. No matter what the result is, what you think and what others think.

Put down the left and right brain balance, there is no way, only to jump out as a bystander.

Release the fear of survival, release the entanglement of lust, release the determination and perseverance, let the courage and softness speak, claim the supreme sovereignty of your infinite life, sing loudly, open your body, and carve your body with rest, healing and increasing the vibration frequency, just like baby regeneration.

This is foundation building. Due to the perfusion of great energy, your body will completely turn over at a certain point. It is no longer related to the balance of left and right brain, but to jump to a higher dimension and maintain high vibration ascension in the higher self and no time.

Re-examine all your thoughts and beliefs, whether they come from God, God or the source. What has not been put down is not the cosmic mind and sacred heart.

See, the unity of the divine mind, the divine mind and the divine body is only in letting go, relaxation and joy.

Have you found your balance^_^


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