Finland’s leading common community construction

Finland’s leading common community construction

I have realized that people are beginning to gather, they are building networks, they are gathering. In Finland, some people are building new villages to live together. In this form, they can decide what they want to do, regardless of the wrong decisions of the old society. This situation is global. It doesn’t just happen in Finland. I know that similar groups are gathering together and increasing in number, such as Sweden or New Zealand. I see this is a global trend, so there are huge things emerging.

Now it is very important to be proactive and support each other, such as helping the unemployed. This is the way we stand together and don’t give in. The idea is not to give in to this system, because many people tell me that you must do this and seize this opportunity, or you will lose your job, although it is unintentional. But you should have confidence in yourself and this process, and in the changes we participate in, so no matter what you choose your job or what you choose, you know to follow the human nature in your soul.

Jyrki: some departments, some companies, especially in the health sector, are facing the problem that people will give up medical care. I think if they are forced to accept injections, there may be 10 to 20 people or others who don’t want to accept and want to quit, but there are so many people who can start their own medical care business immediately, This is fully available in new emerging communities.

Gosia: Oh, yes, it’s a very good idea. I didn’t think you could create your own independent department and create another structure of this parallel society.

Jyrki: you know, this situation has begun to be implemented. Go that way.

Gosia: what’s your overall situation in Finland, sleepy people?

Jyrki: I have a feeling that many people have accepted these injection views. Obviously, most people are professionals and even persuade their friends and family to participate in this campaign.

Garcia: so, do you have any other practical ideas or suggestions for people now? What else can they do?

Jyrki: I think people should be closer to themselves. For example, meditate and practice yoga like me, but anything that sobers your mind will make you vibrate and make you vibrate. This real vibration will cause and effect the people around you. You help them. These people are also what you need and beneficial to you. More than that, This is also the mechanism for the community to begin to grow, so I would suggest that you treat it calmly, stay calm, care about yourself, be kind to yourself, don’t ask too much, just observe and do what your higher self tells you to do. Maybe this is the best way forward now.

Garcia: I agree.

Jyrki: a few weeks ago, I had an idea about law and legislation. I realized that many laws in society are completely outdated and irrelevant. I just don’t think I need to abide by these laws. I only accept laws that are meaningful or beneficial to me.

Garcia: it’s not like Finns, because Finns are generally very legal and respectful people, yes.

Jyrki: it’s more like a sudden idea or understanding how things work. Maybe I don’t want to break the law at the same time, but it gives me more freedom. For example, if I want to walk in front of a red light regardless of the consequences, if there is no one else there, yes, no car.

Garcia: come on, we’ll tell Mattias, because he always obeys. Well, yes, he doesn’t like crossing the red line. This is one example.

Jyrki: that’s one of the measures we can start closing down the old society. If we don’t accept these rules, if we take different actions, and we have to do so, then it will begin to change the rules and create a new society, a new version of the matrix, if you want to call it that.

In fact, the whole society seems to have begun to expel some people from the system. Surprisingly, the same people also like to leave the system very much, so this is causing more separation and more people to build a new society in a new community.

Garcia: Yes, the gap between us is really getting bigger and bigger. It’s incredible. We’ve never been like that in our history.

Jyrki: as far as I know, yes.

Garcia: Yes, is there any overlap between two societies, a society separated from the old and the new, just like living in two completely different realities?

Jyrki: not necessarily. I think I think there will be some overlap. It may be more than two realities. More than two matrices can be shared in one part, and they are so separated that the other matrix can’t even see the other part of the other matrix. This separation is likely to happen.

Garcia: I like it. Are you generally positive, optimistic or not so positive about the future?

Jyrki: Well, I think everything will get better, but of course, there is still a long way to go. Everything seems to be progressing slowly, but on the other hand, I certainly think that the next few months will be very interesting, very interesting years. I believe these emerging communities will be based on such an idea, That is, they will support their members to promote the growth of all individuals while respecting the wishes and needs of others, which is completely different from today’s old society. The old society actually stipulates how you should behave, what kind of life you need, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, so the main basic principles, One of the basic principles of emerging society is to respect individual needs, individual wishes and interests, how to grow and expand.

Garcia: it sounds like a holographic society. I will continue this topic in the second half of the video in order to create a holographic society. Readers want to know more information, so it may be of interest to people. You want to know the model of holographic society and how it works. They support each other. Based on the interests of all of them, they will not impose anything on anyone. Everyone is happy.

Jyrki: Yes, I must admit that this idea comes from the information of holographic society that I have been paying attention to on your channel.

Garcia: by the way, how long have you been following?

Jyrki: I think I found your channel in October 2019.

Garcia: Well, that’s how we met. What makes you feel useful is the most important thing?

Jyrki: tagtan’s information expands my understanding of how society works, how people are manipulated, how manifestation works, how our whole reality is constructed, and how it affects you. All the time, many of us don’t know what happened and why. These are the most important lessons I have learned.

Garcia: great! So this is an opportunity to tell Yazhi and Athena svalu that maybe they are watching this program and they will look at you, so thank you.

Jyrki: Thank you for your work. You did a great job. You did a great job.

Garcia: Yes, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and thank you for being here. This is your first interview with me, so I know you’re nervous, but you did a good job.

Jyrki: Thank you.

Garcia: Well, let’s see which door can be opened for you. Let’s see.

Gosia’s comments:

Now I want to share with you some things you have been brewing in my mind recently. These things are the result of my communication with a girl who sent me an email.

Her name is Christian. She’s basically trapped in Mexico? She came from Brazil. She wanted to go back to Brazil, so she wrote to me and told me that she needed PCR test. She was very healthy and good, but for some reason, of course, we know why PCR test was positive and she was not allowed to get on the plane, so I wrote a letter and posted an article on my community and Facebook. Maybe someone in this area can help. Many people finally wrote to her. She got the help of one of our fans and a doctor and could return to Brazil without any problem.

So she replied that she was very grateful for my help. So how do I get people to come together quickly to help? How can we use this great power in our hands. We have fans. Those who are listening have great power. We have interstellar seeds. They are listening to this message, they are listening to this channel, and they are there. Most of the time, they are scattered. They work alone, not together. Suddenly, I realized that yes, we have these people. They are here. They are willing to help each other, but they don’t coordinate, or maybe they start to coordinate, because the group is already forming. Of course, it’s incredible, but there are more people not together.

Follow people who are willing to help each other. This is what we should do. I suddenly felt a sense of responsibility and pressure surging on me. I had to do something, just like a girl in Mexico suddenly got help. We have a huge Spanish population network, a huge community, and the English Channel also has a huge community, so you know how to educate people, those ignorant people who don’t know what happened, so it’s time to spread the information to the public. I think it’s time to educate the people, I think most of them have had the opportunity to educate themselves. I have made up my mind. Now it’s time to strengthen myself.

So I think the time to help these people has come. We are trying to get close to them. We try to let them make their own decisions. Now we must take good care of ourselves. We must strengthen our own existence and strength. Now I know a lot of people have done this, and I’m glad to see these measures happening, but hey, we have our network, great, great!

A big network of excellent people, so I think I should push a little more.
About the Brazilian girl in Mexico, I decided to create a Facebook group, which will be called the support hotline of the space agency, but in this group, it is not just an ordinary interstellar seed. There are many such groups, people in need of help in anything, any specific thing, legal health, psychological school, anything, others can provide your ideas and help, your suggestions, your direct assistance, as a secret resistance matrix movement, where we can quickly help each other.

This is what Yazhi said. Help each other in the community. If one of us loses his job, maybe someone has a way to help that person, resist rather than succumb to the system, and support each other among a large group of people who understand each other and can help each other quickly. Therefore, this is the group of Facebook.  

So you can join it. As I said, it’s time to reinforce ourselves. People are scattered. People need help and help. There is no small action as Yazhi said.

I said, I know this may be a small action, but listen, I have a responsibility to do something. No matter how small it is, it is not so small, so this is my contribution. You know when you help each other, when you help others, you feel useful. When you feel useful, what will you do to motivate you, improve you, increase your frequency, and you will get a higher frequency to do more things, because this is what happens when I help this girl in Mexico. When I can help this girl, I realize that it is quite easy to help this person, because we need a huge network of people to make me feel useful and make me think I can do more. This is a butterfly effect, which makes people start to help each other and make them feel better about themselves.

So never underestimate what you can do, so I’m glad to have this idea.
One more thing, I don’t think I’m going to fight because I don’t want to fight. It may sound a little aggressive. It just means staying strong and maintaining your strength, no matter what your function is. We have doctors, we have therapists, they don’t fight directly, so find your way, any way that resonates with you, and help others.

Another thing I want to say is that when you have those open groups, even in the groups you already have, it is very important to put aside your differences. I am serious. With your eyes on the goal, you don’t have to agree with each other, you don’t even have to attract each other. You both have something you disagree with the other person, and you also have a common goal. Let this common goal connect you and unite you. This is not to say that they should like each other, but because we are all interstellar citizens, we should like each other. That’s wrong. It won’t work.

We are united and even agree that we are all people of different races. Yes, we are interstellar seeds and awakened people. We all come from different Cosmic Origins and ideas. We are Arcturians, Pleiadians and Sirians. We come from many places in the universe… Of course, there will be differences. Keep your eyes on the target and guard the fortress. Anyway, From a broader perspective, the difference is insignificant. Just remember the broader perspective, don’t scatter and split your eyes, and focus on the goal.
Although I know there are some ideas floating there, and the quite complex system is already holographic society, bit by bit, if you think nothing has happened, don’t lose heart. Stay there, you will be tired, but it doesn’t matter. Unless you really think it’s not suitable for you, stay in this group, but stay close to your own tribe, Because you never know what kind of help you may need, or when someone needs your help, you should respect the differences between others and yourself on suggestions. Although there are differences, there is so much mutual respect, so much kindness, everyone is listening, and there is no discrimination against anyone’s opinions, Everyone’s opinions on how to deal with a particular situation are considered, and then you know everyone is trying to reach an agreement.

So remember, this is one of the modes to maintain harmony in the holographic system, so that’s it.
Well, thank you again. Bye.

Pleiades II alien message 283: interstellar seed and mutual aid community

Original author a Liang UFO mystery yesterday

September 6, 2021


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