How to connect with the higher self (evolving version ^ ^) every 1000 souls began their spiritual development path, of which only six souls succeeded (Maitreya)

How to connect with the higher self (evolving version ^ ^) every 1000 souls began their spiritual development path, of which only six souls succeeded (Maitreya)

Let’s talk about the difficulty of connecting with the higher self
6 out of 1000 people, 6 out of 1000 people are successful, and half out of 100 people are qualified. It is difficult but worth paying, because once it starts, it has begun to move towards success without time. The head and tail are connected to the past, present and future. The snake swallows the tail, and there is no time to swallow time

[Maitreya’s teaching] a thousand souls started, but only six souls succeeded
Each soul chooses the time to start spiritual development and improve spiritual vibration. For some souls, they choose to start in their childhood and youth. Other souls choose between the ages of 30 and 40. Other souls choose to start this process in the later years of life, and many souls don’t experience it until they are about 70 to 80 years old. There is no fixed time. Usually, a soul will say before coming to the world, “I will try to start my spiritual path myself, but if I don’t finish it within the time I set for myself, please force me to make a change. You will be given the opportunity to do it yourself, but after that, we will help you make a change.

Many people think that spiritual development is a very beautiful and easy path. This is far from the actual situation. When you open the door of your heart to your spiritual work, first you need to prove that you are worth it. If you are a complete self, don’t listen to your intuition and full of fear, we can’t work with you. We will work with you for a period of time All your fears are placed in front of you. We will put you in some situations and let you experience your karmic situation. We will also create situations to observe how intuitive you are and how much you value it.

The most common and common situation is that when you begin to introduce higher spiritual energy into your body to assist your spiritual development, this energy will force any deep buried in your etheric body The energy within, whether pain, emotion, fear, doubt, insecurity, or other energy, comes to the surface. You will not be warned. At present, many souls on earth are experiencing this phenomenon, because many souls have begun their spiritual path. Far more than ever before.
Every 1000 souls start their spiritual development path, and only six of them succeed. The self will set up various obstacles on the road to prevent you. It will not give in easily. In fact, there is a battle between the human self and the higher self. Usually the self will win, because the soul usually doesn’t know how to deal with the self.

After years of trial and test, you do this to yourself. You and your guardian spirit Together, you set this plan for yourself, and then you act according to your plan; the people around you become the actors in your plan. Everyone in your life has become your teacher or a mirror to help you learn experience and gain freedom from the earth. However, many people never complete the first act. This fight is too heavy for them. They are often unable to face the ensuing struggle.

If you are one of the above souls struggling for your spiritual development, you should know that our spiritual world is with you all the time. We will never leave you. Ask for our help and help will come to you. Remember, the higher your vibration is, you will become more direct and spiritual. Also know that until you can release the remnants of your previous life, we can’t be with you The purpose of spiritual development is to surface these remnants of previous lives.

In your play, you are an actor, director, producer and jury. We masters and your fellow souls just provide help when you need it. You put forward such a request. We can’t do anything for you without your permission.

The final result is to reach a peaceful place, coupled with your ability to realize all your wishes. The real heaven on earth. If you can see through the illusion created by the earth, it is worth fighting!


How to connect with higher self (2020 Edition)

sananda 2020-02-15

How do we connect with our parents? We must go through pregnancy and birth from the inside to the outside, through the intimate caress of infants, and through the play and jumping of children. Of course, it is also inseparable from the judgment of teenagers’ love. When we grow up, it is inseparable from our parents.

How to connect with your parents is the same with your higher self, because before you find the light of your true self, your parents are your higher self.

Although there is no Zhuang language without a word and Gao Ling’s pen and ink, there is no unconditional love. Parents’ love is the first unconditional love. You know, silence is better than words.

How do we connect with lovers and lovers? The same is true. From the inside to the outside, we embrace and caress intimately. Of course, there are childhood sweethearts, two small people without guessing, children’s words without taboo, the judgment of love on the journey of looking for love, and we stay together and never give up in our hearts.

How to connect with lovers and lovers, as well as with the higher self, must also go through intimacy, intimacy, search and stay together.

In fact, when you don’t really become one with your higher self, lovers and lovers are your higher self, and there are invisible lines, just like your parents.

Now we know how the higher self exists. We stand high and look far. Therefore, in fact, there are many higher self in our life process, that is, those who help you get through the difficulties. In fact, you have always been accompanied, or around, or in missing.

Yes, to find the way of higher self, the first thing is to find the way of self existence until you know who you are, where you have been, what relationship you have with God and Buddha, what relationship you have with the universe, know that you can be everything “I am…”, and stand firmly in the independent and independent position of supreme sovereignty. This is the law of one and practice the responsibility of creation.

The law of one is completed in our judgment of love. It is necessary to rebuild the connection with infinity and eternity. It is also necessary to restart your creative responsibility, manifest what you want to do, what you are interested in, and make yourself more focused. In this world, there is no one else except you, and everything comes from your own projection and manifestation.

After establishing a stable connection with the higher self and the higher self, “the law of two” Starting is the establishment of simultaneous, synchronous and vibration relationship with your lover and relatives, that is, the connection of the higher self will make you more closely connected with your lover and family, not only physically, but also in consciousness and telepathy. Not only the body will be linked, the dream will be linked, and even the feeling and pain will be linked. This is the law of two brought by the law of one.

The law of three also extends to a larger circle in the synchronic, instantaneous and resistance free synchronous resonance relationship, which is the instantaneous sharing mechanism in the system. This is also the world where there is no one except you, because there is always sharing in the mind. This is why we always mention that he or she comes from the collective. One person is all, and the collective is one.

Yes, no matter who you connect with, the top, the bottom, the psychic and the non psychic, you first connect with your own focus and your own world, because that is the only thing you can create manifestation and your responsibility: change your world, because this is the course you experience on earth.

The higher self comes from your interest, the higher self comes from your desire and passion, and the higher self comes from your investment and focus. It does not judge, does not deviate from the left and right, and only focuses on its own world. It is also an integrated world, but also a synchronous and resonant world.

Let the higher self be your lover and family.


How to connect with higher self (2021 version)

Call the higher self name continuously every day to prevent distractions for a moment. This is the first step, so as not to let distractions grow, and then have the ability to observe distractions. As soon as you come out, you will immediately replace them with the higher self name, without dispelling distractions. You just think about the higher self. If you have distractions, it only means a little. You are not thinking about the higher self, so you have completed the first step of connecting with the higher self: time Think, become, even when meditating every day, don’t forget its degree around

Do you have your favorite higher self
Lao Tzu, Buddha, Guanyin, Jesus, Ninth dimensional Arcturian, archangel and ascended master, beings of light, higher dimensional beings, related to you, collectively referred to as the higher self

The higher self is your higher mental expression, life and life

Since it is a higher self expression, if you want to make a voice, you have to have room to speak and make a voice. You have to give it a chance

This is the beginning consistent with the higher self Unicom

Speak high my name until you don’t
Chaos and noise are naturally occupied by the higher self, and the fortress of the original self of the heart is attacked

Next, in order to make the higher self live in peace, we should act according to the guidance of the higher self. We can make mistakes, but there is one, which is always in the heart. Therefore, the heart chakra, the third eye and the mind will work together to help you live a life taught by the higher self. This is the second step. Listen to the higher self and improve your balance ability in life, because you may work too hard or not hard Both feet need to go their own way in letting go. Together with the people around you, you are free and everyone is free. Through letting go and acceptance

The third step is to constantly learn the difference and discrimination between the ego and the higher ego in the practice and practice of receiving the teaching of the higher ego, constantly give the ego the necessary nourishment, feeding, exercise and care for the inner child and the outer body, and constantly cooperate to complete the DNA upgrade and intelligent transition in a soft and continuous way. This is the necessary transformation process of the body needed by the higher ego, that is, the ego Both the body and the higher self intelligence can stabilize, and you need to live longer, so always let yourself be clear, awake and self in intuition and unconditional unity. This is the third step to become the higher self and have the boundaries beyond human emotion and constant freedom from religion, belief, survival, sex and free will

Next, you will go online as the higher self, eat, drink, sit, lie, behave, the higher self is everywhere, the unity of the ego and the higher self, and the source energy residence exists

Health care: high vibration diet and high vibration growth environment, such as mineral water, fresh vegetables, melons, fruits and nuts, transition from plain oil and butter, from pasta, from eggs, from mineral salt and sea salt, and sugar is supplemented by bananas or occasionally sweets. Main purpose: eat less gradually, try not to eat dinner, transition with snacks and nuts, and try not to be in before dinner Eat more before going to bed, step by step, and summarize more experience

Then try to eat only one meal and supplement your daily needs with fruits and nuts, but don’t exclude the supplementary food you want to eat occasionally

Environment: be more close to nature, pay attention to the natural healing of the body, pay attention to barefoot and river water immersion, and challenge winter clothes when you are confident, so as to awaken the self-healing ability of thymus in DNA

Expand your thinking: share your higher self transmission and try to summarize and share yourself

“You awakened people need to serve a very important goal on earth. You need to light the way there, set an example, guide, and open the door for those who are not open enough. You can do this, you are doing so, and you need to be more than ever a signpost and a messenger of light to realize that you are all on earth It’s time to show your fellow human beings what’s possible. You can do this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, leaping in faith and doing what you’ve always wanted to do. “


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