Maitreya taught: selfishness, selflessness

Maitreya taught: selfishness, selflessness


This may surprise you, but some of you came to earth to experience selfishness! Often, when you criticize someone for being selfish, you criticize what they choose to experience. So, why is this?

If you choose to be a monk, nun or serve in some way in your previous incarnation, you provided many services and charity in that life, but you didn’t ask for anything for yourself. You don’t know how to leave anything for yourself! My channel is not happy to share with others and is often criticized for this. But people don’t know that in many previous lives, she devoted herself, her teaching and her life to service, but never took anything for herself. She shared her food, her possessions, her healing energy, even her love, and more. Why does she want to share now? This life is the time for her to enjoy things in life. If she chooses not to share, she has done nothing wrong. This is her established life experience.

For those who devote themselves to service or religious groups in many incarnations, they either actively or passively refuse the joy of life. Now, in this life, they choose to experience sexual energy according to their own wishes, enjoy the fun of life, and enjoy the food they had no chance to touch in the past. Their life lesson is that they should take care of themselves in life, enjoy the fruits of money, wear beautiful clothes instead of religious robes, and experience travel and the company of another person. For some reason, many people feel guilty because of their selfishness, and in fact, this is what they want to experience in this life! They have to experience selfishness and share it again later in life, because at least the subject of selfishness has been learned.

Many of you criticize others without knowing the complete story of their past and present lives. At any time, criticizing others is a waste of energy. It is a way for the self to distract you from your shortcomings. For some people, selfishness is a must; They have gained the right to do so. If you really love God, then once you experience selfishness, it will become a thing of the past, and you will return to sharing mode again. However, if one chooses not to share, he should not be criticized for selfishness!



People often ask me, “master, what can I do to become more energetic?” I say to them, “don’t think about yourself, think about God.” if you forget yourself, forget your needs, and focus on God’s needs, then you are on the road of higher vibration. “But what does God want?” I can hear you say. God needs you to stop thinking about your needs and desires and think about what you can do to help mankind. Whether it’s supporting a child in a poor country, giving the child’s village a clean water source and eventually crops, or teaching another person how to open their spirit. There are many ways to help the energy of God, or the supreme, in the work of the universe and mankind.

If a person wants to really have spirit, he needs to forget his desires. Yes, be sure to give your wish to the universe, make your order, and then let it go and serve God. As a reward for your service, God / the supreme will see your needs and will reward you for meeting your needs in order to express gratitude. There is a self-evident Law: all those who give to God will get ten times or even a hundred times in return. But first, you must forget your needs and serve God. Show that you have the confidence to believe and trust. When you do, your needs will be met and provided by a very grateful energy.

When you live in your desires, you can’t have spirit. The supreme knows all your wishes, every wish. Do you think he won’t reward you in time? But first, you must have faith. You need to show that you put God before your needs. Only then can your own needs be met. This is the law of the universe. What is given will be recycled, as mentioned earlier – ten times or even a hundred times.

When you are wrapped in your own desires, the work of God / supreme to bring peace, hope and joy to the world will not work. Once you separate your desires from your needs, the most amazing thing happens. You really start to achieve abundance! Until you realize this, you cannot see the larger picture or manifest what you desire. This is called selflessness. You don’t want yourself, you just want God.
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