Accept your high sexual desire^_^

Accept your high sexual desire^_^

Now we know that earth humans are likely to choose the Pleiadian evolutionary path rather than the path to the next stage: the Arcturian body

What is that? With spiritual awakening and higher dimensional carving, human women will have higher breasts, softer skin and more turbulent female hormone secretion, the so-called high sexual desire

This is the sudden change of human body under high spirituality and high vibration frequency. It is elegant, charming, beautiful, soft and flowing from the inside to the outside. Because of the greater ability of consciousness manifestation, it is still compassion to be mature. Yes, the fifth dimension still has high sexual desire and the battle between serving yourself and others

That’s why we let everyone enter the homework of “let go, accept and flow” in advance, complete the residence and thinking of the sixth dimensional unity consciousness, and continuously connect with the higher self. Yes, most people in the fifth dimensional world do not live in the continuous connection with the higher self, and still do not live completely from their heart, let alone talk about the “unity consciousness”, There are still a large number of symptoms left over from the next three rounds and restrictions on the expansion of the heart chakra

“You awakened people are not only recruited by us, but also by all those who hope that you can now have a harmonious whole of mankind. We are full of confidence in the universe you will face. We have been persuading our new friends to feel their confidence in mankind.”

What is the Milky Way consciousness for gospel truth, representing the highest level of consciousness of the people, and no matter how their technological level is, the great number of energy discrimination and separation consciousness still exist. This is why we should reexamine the 5th dimensional Confederation and all five dimensional imperial power of the Savior, who is believed to be true from the Oneness Consciousness.

As the fifth dimensional goddess country in the transition stage of the earth, women will be the leading force at all levels of the country and society, including the army. Both physical quality and endurance will be better than men’s body

Of course, due to the existing human experience, such as raising children and many fathers brought about by a long life span, human women will also evolve more abilities in the fifth dimension, such as storing sperm to decide when to give birth, such as parthenogenetic reproduction
What, more possibilities

What does the rising sexual desire mean? Firstly, it comes from the more energy supply of the root chakra. What is it? It is not only the sexual life and childbirth, but also the manifestation field of higher dimensional life, which is responsible for the unity transformation of desire and spirituality

Even if you enter the fifth dimensional earth, the rising sexual desire will play an important supply station of desire, but the direction has changed to the manifestation center of the fifth dimension, throat chakra, intelligent expression and higher self expression

This is like forests and lakes, which can exist not only as combustion and sewage, but also as retreat, cooling, play and energy supply

This is all one. The era of combustion and mass production also represents the rising deliberate love production and more material needs brought by stress, anxiety and fear

If the rest and healing are completed, the natural pressure, anxiety and fear will also be weakened. Through the subtraction of pressure and the addition of healing, we will return to more peace and no pressure. Naturally, there is no need to vomit and swallow a lot. Naturally, we have a body that does not block the flow, and the slow mass production will naturally upgrade

Therefore, children, understand the essence and value of sexual desire as energy supply and supply, but you can choose which direction to live and evolve, so as to pave the way for more goddess social forms and structures

Accept your high sexual desire. No matter what you do or what others do, no matter what you think or what others think, return to rest and healing. Like mother earth, local disasters are needed, which is the vibration of your life reorientation, and human large-scale conflict and rebalancing are needed, It is the physical symptoms of your spiritual ascension and the collapse and reconstruction of all old relationships

This is why people under heavy pressure are becoming more and more manic and violent, because the sexual energy manifestation channel of sexual desire has been suppressed. This is where relaxation, elegance, all beauty, obedience to nature, and letting go of their families. First, they have their own sexual desire to rest and heal, so that they can have the ability to take care of others and the heart of relaxation and leisure

There is nothing without rest and healing, including sexuality, genitalia, sexual relations, belly, family / family relationships

Are in the list of letting go, are in the list of self love / love others balance
Recognize the relationship between sexuality and your manifest world if the upsurge of sexuality is bothering you
The first is not to pay and overdraft, the first is to care for the body and connect with the higher self. It is not only material, but also to live in spirituality

Both material and spiritual are indispensable, and the premise is whether it is always connected with the higher self

It’s necessary to refuse, leave yourself a space for rest and healing, and the necessary war is also necessary. Guard your own space for rest and healing

Slowly and continuously connect with the higher self

At that time, you will have a different understanding of sexuality, and gradually learn to use sexuality to create more worlds outside sex life, childbirth, parenting, love and being loved, such as higher self art, singing, painting and dancing, such as higher self spiritual quotient management, such as higher self leadership, such as high-dimensional interpersonal relations and business philosophy, such as higher self diplomacy

This requires rest and healing of sexual energy manifestation

That said, what if you don’t have time and food^_^

Have you tried to subtract from the bits that bother you to rest and can’t be free from stress, or are you still overdrawing your sexual energy to increase stress

There is always a natural energy manifestation that will turn and change, because sexual energy will also choose to rest, Heal or quit the game of your choice

See, the reason is very simple. The sexual energy overdraft manifestation with service and support as its mission has not been rested and connected with the higher self, which is the real source of energy

Try to change a little, such as seeing fear, walking at home barefoot, and trying to be barefoot in nature’s comfortable environment

Slowly open your body and feel the relaxation brought by physical and mental freedom at home

All this, including abdominal healing, comes from a little, whether we are committed to rest and healing, whether we are committed to mental expansion and more practice

All this comes from whether you are committed to connecting with the higher self, because there are higher vibration services and support waiting for you to experience

For example, volunteer service, the integration of serving oneself and serving others, such as living only in the will of the higher self and the service in front of the present
Is sexual energy resting and healing

For the manifestation of higher vibrations




Alien beings with lower dimensions than ours are also contacting us, because they are also seeking to expand their consciousness and serve it. We often bring humans into their consciousness, so that they can have a focus to meet their desire to serve all and unity.

They will often ask us questions about you, because many of them find it difficult to understand why humans feel so separated from the Milky way, the universe and the source. In particular, it is difficult for them to understand the way you are separated from each other. They don’t understand why you are so serious and how serious beliefs can hinder the harmonious relationship between you and your fellow human beings.

The reason why it is difficult for them to understand this is that they have been living in harmony and unity. When they see you attacking each other with words and weapons, they will be heart to heart. They sympathize with you more than ever. They begin to reserve space for you and hope to contribute to the unity of mankind. By the way, this is inevitable.

We tell them our strategy to help you, which helps them realize that the help you need is always energy. It’s not good for you to let them help you solve all your problems, but they will let you know them in various ways and help you reduce your fear at the moment. Some of them will appear in front of you in their dreams, others will pass through the portal, and some will show their ships in the sky. All these visits are to help you realize that you are not alone. You have help, but they don’t want to be seen as saviors. They know you don’t need to be saved. You are there to save yourself.

If you want to live in a more harmonious state with each other, you must make a choice. We will continue to work with all aliens to spread information about the current level of human consciousness, because everyone in this universe must realize that humans represent only one aspect of them. Therefore, all those who want to ascend and live in unity want to help mankind. If you continue to show that you need assistance, there will be huge space.


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