It’s harvest time^_^

It’s harvest time

Monique Mathieu.

“Currently, your world is in great turmoil, which means that it is also on the level of humanity, of the consciousness of Planet Earth, of all vibrational frequencies emitted by humans and of all those who are there to help you to protect you and offer you all their love.

They show me that there is a mixture of vibrations, of positive and lower forms of thought, of suffering and happiness.

Right now, with what’s going on, even outside your world, it’s taking on a much bigger dimension, because now is the time, the time of knowledge, the rebirth that we’ve told you so many times about, the moment when you’ll finally be able to better understand who you are and what you are.

At the moment, you’re still reeled in by what we can bring you, sometimes by your feelings, but you’re not sure. If some of the veils are taken from you, you’ll be sure of what you are, what you’ve been.

At the moment, forgetting is still there because it is important, because it allows you to live the experiences of the Earth, because it also allows you to do many experiments, sometimes easy and sometimes difficult; if you were to get the memory on that day, you would not be ready to accept what you have been, and you k could also fully regret what you have been in other times, on other worlds.

We also want to tell you that you are at the end of a gigantic cycle that has lasted several hundred million years. In life everything has an end to have a new beginning, a new beginning; now you are really at the end.

In this end there is a liberation where you are confronted with all the forces of evolution (this was in some way intended by the forces of evolution) You have of course chosen it and it allows you to better position yourself, to better understand and act through your spiritual and human abilities.
We told you some time ago that beyond your planet, in the atmosphere and much more, very difficult things happened, a confrontation between shadow and light and also between your galactic brothers and some unfriendly galactic brothers (we can assume that you are all united because you are all children of God’s Father-Mother, involved or evolving).

We told you that there would come a time when all this would manifest, when the dark forces would have much more power in matter than they ever had, but at the same time as the forces of light would also have a very great energy. People who serve the two opposites, the dark light and the blinding light, the light of love. It manifests itself in people who sometimes do not know who they serve or by whom they are manipulated.

So, at this point in time, when everything has to be done, even if you come to the end of thousands of incarnations, where you have to answer to yourself and your soul for what was positive and what was not in your behavior, especially today, it’s far beyond the end of civilization, it’s quite simple an end to the way of understanding, thinking, loving and living everything, and now there will be great upheaval in your body, in your consciousness and in your thoughts.

These turbulences, which are also sometimes quite intense, prepare you to change your vibration frequency, calm your emotions and dispel all your fears, because they will be Legion. All this is to prepare you for the new cycle.

We have often spoken to you about the new cycle, which is still a little illusory for you because you do not understand it well; it is not an illusion, it is like a beautiful fairy tale, but it will take shape.

You have all traveled a lot, even on your world, from civilizations to civilizations, from very advanced civilizations to civilizations in decline, because until today the cycles followed each other to apotheosis, then the descent with all the great mistakes that humans may have made during their incarnations.

You are now the result of everything that you have experienced in Atlantis, on the continent of Mu, in Paititi, and also of everything that you have experienced during the time of Jesus etc. At the end of the way you will not go further along this path of incarnations, you have achieved everything that you could achieve in the third dimension.

It must please you, and you can be happy about it, but first you must reap everything you have sown, the big “plus” and the small “minus” points “You must understand that in many lives you have experienced great plus and small minus points corresponding to the fact that you were trapped in a body of matter and in relatively low vibrations. Now the vibration frequency of the Earth will change; we mean the vibration frequency of the Earth and everything, Everything will change dramatically, and obviously your own vibration frequency will change dramatically.

Do not try with your entire earthly measurements (the Bovis scale or others) measurement, because in terms of vibration frequencies, the measurements will be wrong, as they go much further than fictional measurements that we define as such, because they are no longer adapted to the vibration frequencies that the planet and everything that lives in it and lives on it will become.

They will therefore experience a bad moment, which will be a moment of adaptation, liberation, purification. Especially lightworkers and those who are aware of what we want them to experience through what is imposed on them. (we don’t want to talk about it because it has to stay behind now, you don’t even have to worry about it anymore.) The great doors of the new life open before you, but there is still a cleansing instead of the power of the dark light, because its behavior causes an immense awakening of consciousness.

So, in a way, you can thank him for everything t hat the dark light has put on his agenda and for everything that he has given you.

Children of Earth, Lightworkers, know that all beings who have positioned themselves, who have learned and will be able to say “no” and even be disobedient, if this does not at all match what they are, and that the “We” “to impose upon them and which they cannot accept are protected and helped wherever they are, here and elsewhere.

We will add this:

The final plan i s not yet fully established, because i t depends on the behavior of the whole human being, who can either obey or cannot obey, moves forward or will sleep permanently; depending on the total population of the world and, of course, on the terrible manipulation, if there should be an escape plan from the planet where i The more you are, you will not remain a prisoner of a’world’that is wiped out in great violence.

If Dark Light wins by destruction (but it will never win), some parts of the world could be evacuated.

We want to give you great hope: we believe in the immense capacity for love, consciousness and altruism of all people and, above all, in their refusal to obey what should no longer be.
Dark light (or the deep state as you call it) is actually sharp. She tries to finish her “mourning party”, but some do not notice.

The “almighty” of this world, with their money, which is ultimately nothing, with their power and who they are human, can be wiped out in a second. Their technology, your civilization has reached such a degree that it takes very little to destroy them.

If your Solar Father wants to help the consciousness of the planet Earth that suffers with what you are, your thoughts and your suffering, if he decides to stop all this, he can send in a second mass projections of coronal or other direction to Earth that completely destroy all your electrical, electronic, etc. It will.

So what will the powerful of this world do? They will lose everything they have, and they will lose much more than you. You will lose nothing, because within you is a strength, a determination, a love, a very awakened consciousness, and you will be able to rebuild with the help of your Galactic Brothers.

The present civilization is very, very fragile, much more than you can imagine. It is a giant with toned feet, and when you hit these toned feet, the giant crumbles; this giant with toned feet represents your world; the peoples of the world can also step on these slippery feet and the Ge buildings of those who want to rule the world and believe; they are ultimately very fragile.

Cheers! Even if you still have moments that are a little hard to live, always remain in the serenity, in confidence, always stay in your position, which consists of, “no” to be able to say to be able to act against the current, not to be part of all the unfortunately sleeping creatures that are easily handled sheep herds.

Be who you really are! You are coming to an end, and now you will reap everything you have sown, everything you have lived from life to life.

We repeat, it is harvest time, and no lesser force will prevent you from harvesting what you have sown through all your experiences.”


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