September, month of all dangers, of happiness

September, month of all dangers, of happiness

Monique Mathieu.

“September will be the gateway to’the’passage, that is to say, you are preparing for this new civilization that is approaching and in which you, and we really hope, can live.

This month of September will be the month of danger, of happiness.

In September there will be very special vibrations that will drive you to act and position. These vibrations, these energies have no “color”, that is, they are neither good nor bad, they are neither light nor shade, they are colored with what you are..What are they?

These vibrations will also affect inferior beings, angry, very violent beings, etc. Wisdom, respect and all that will make up and make up the new people.

Then there will be those who will be touched by these vibrations and multiply their lower energies, and those who will be touched by these vibrations who multiply all that is holy in them and their truly higher vibrations.

In relation to France, really observe everything that happens in you from next week. You’ll start to feel something else. You will begin to feel a little different, and the miracle is that your fears, if any are still inside you, are increasingly absorbed by what you become, absorbed by the energies, the extraordinary waves that will permanently flood you.

Depending on what you are, and we repeat it “depending on what you are”, you will go much faster and much higher or much lower.

From next week and because it is very important, we would like to ask you to pray.

Pray for your world, pray for all people, pray for yourself.

Do not pray with church words that no longer have the holy value they should have, pray with your heart, do not pray with your head. Speak with a quiet voice, loud or even in thoughts, but let the most beautiful thing express in you.

Ask for help from Mary, from Jesus, from your brothers of light, from Father-Mother-God, speak to all these extraordinary beings and ask them for help for you, who are reborn to yourself, for all your brothers, for those who are in the darkness of consciousness as well as those who awaken or It will be your participation in the transformation of your world.

Remember that prayer is sacred.
We would like to talk a little about prayer, because it is really very, very important:

Prayer is the dialogue between you and you, it is the dialogue between you, your soul and your Divine Part, it is the dialogue between you and the Great Beings of Light, your leaders, etc., and you have to start to make it exist in you and nourish it.

We use the word “prayer” “to help you understand the meaning of this dialogue better; it must be borne by your thinking, that is to say, it must come from the heart and the head, not from the intellect, with the power of the thought. There must be coordination between the heart and the thoughts that you have sent out during all your prayers to the best for all mankind, for all your brothers, all your relatives, etc.

We will add this, which is very important:

There are many people around you who are injected, so it can bother you, especially when it comes to relatives, people you love, etc.

You can ask for help, you can send them a lot of love and visualize them permanently in perfect health, ask the universe to be protected from all the harassment caused by what is injected into their bodies.

You must also understand this: On a human level we will tell you that this injection is not all we tell you. There is the look of the scientists, but you do not yet have the spiritual look; this will be able to completely transform the worst things that can be injected into your body. en, he will be able to destroy them completely, because in the universe everything is in balance, and if we put something so completely into your body owes you an imbalance on a cellular level or your DNA, your matter, etc., the universe corrects.
If it is their choice of incarnation, some people will not be able to resist this poison, but many others, when their consciousness is sufficiently awakened, will be able to completely destroy its negative effects, if they are aware of it.

However, as with children who are obviously unaware of the negativity they are being injected with, it is very important to understand that anything that you find terrible today may seem to you tomorrow as luck.

You will say: ” Finally, it was a blessing because it allowed many beings to wake up, and it also allowed those who are awake who have a different consciousness to help in a great way. More importantly, to sublimate themselves with love that they will bring to all the unconscious and shapeable beings who were unaware of the danger.

If there is enough of you to create this holy ego, this ego of light and love, you will heal the world; however, you will only heal it through true spirituality, you will only be able to heal it through human love and the power of vibrating love. When you begin, these prayers, this banishment You will very quickly feel the vibrating love in you.

You will see it, because this vibrating love will give you such inner joy that you will say, “I did it, I got it!” and it will energize you. You will always want to offer to grow yourself in the offer of love and light, in the offer of this vibrating love that you will make to all those you love.

So we say it and we say it again: the universe always corrects what goes wrong, always corrects the great mistakes of people. This correction can sometimes go through a death and sometimes through the love that those who have the knowledge, who are open, can offer to those who are still completely asleep.

So don’t worry too much, because we know that many of you who have a very generous heart, who therefore have a lot of love to offer, may be worried about your loved ones who are obliged for reasons “x” or “y” to go through what they don’t want.

Send them love, do it collectively or individually. You not only work for yourself, but you work for the universe, you work for God’s Father Mother, you work for love, for life, and it is important to have this awareness, it is important to be able and know how it goes.”


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