“The body has been cleaned up for more than a year, but the over three chakras are still relatively blocked.”

“The body has been cleaned up for more than a year, but the over three chakras are still relatively blocked.”

maintain confidence, higher self will and play mentality, and live from the heart and higher self guidance. I have been cleaning up for four years, 16-19 years. The symptoms were severe before, and then the symptoms became peaceful.

In 2019, I promoted the symptom diary

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body has an independent intelligent upgrade rhythm guided by DNA. You just need to continue to return to a relaxed and balanced life and connect with the higher self.

Of course, it is more and more important to be barefoot, drink a lot of water and supplement energy according to the body tips, As the strength and Toughness

Training of the body goes on, the higher the requirements on how much upgrade energy the body can carry.

Therefore, when you are more uncomfortable, more practices the upper limbs and lower limbs, but have a full rest, they should walk outside, stretch upper arms, walk barefoot on the grass for training.

The training of lower limbs and lower legs will also strengthen the heart and improve the blood pumping and air supply capacity of nutrients required by each chakra.

Do you understand, Spirituality and the body complement each other, and so do the chakras, consciousness expansion and heart pumping ability. Otherwise, the body would rather stop and combine movement and static, not just pallaṅka (padmāsana)


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