Metatron: the nature of light angels and light beings^_^

Metatron: the nature of light angels and light beings

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, July 27th, 2019

James typeronn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of light! Typeronn of crystal service attended the meeting with me.

We include each of you in the vectors and fields encoding light unconditional love. We’ll look after you. We respect each and every one of you. We know you through hearts, tones, resonances, names. Always!

Vector vector: refers to a geometric object that has both size and direction and satisfies the parallelogram rule.
Field: physical quantity with time and space as variables.

Therefore, as 2019, the seventh year of the new earth, enters the final stage, mankind is ready to revive. You are completing an auspicious year, a strong and transitional period.

Changes have taken place since the ascension of planetary consciousness. In 2019 and beyond, the proportion of ions on the earth is changing. Thanks to the help of solar radiation, you can make extensive dimensional visits. The sun is also changing. In the transformation called Aquarius, everything around you is changing.

You are expanding your ability to observe other life forms. Life has always existed, but before this stage, it is not easy to distinguish from physical form. You can now see directly through the third eye, and in some cases, through the physical eye, plasma life forms. These include the divine and elemental kingdoms, elves, thought-form spheres, and real angels. In today’s meeting, we are asked to talk about angels.

So let’s talk about the nature of light and the angel of light. We sincerely tell you that from the source, you are amazing beings of divine light. Angels are indeed among you. Although the light angels in the human and angel fields have different life expressions, when human consciousness and body ascend, their energy projection is consistent with the resonance of angels, and angels are frequently attracted by them.

Guardian angels

Those you call guardian angels are actually a unique fusion of an aspect of your higher self and the divine. A concise energy field, which can be called “thought-form”, is created, actively nurtured and filtered by your personal soul together with the angel power of the primary form. This “Guardian” field can be expressed in countless partnerships. These partnerships can include members of your ‘soul group’, both in and above the physical field.

The angels and ‘gods’ you pray to connect with form a unique third energy with your higher self, both part of you and part of’ Angels’, but with an independent identity. For example, if you pray to the elephant trunk God, or Saint Germain, or an archangel, the field will become a ‘personal’ Guardian partner. That energy can also interact with you in the form of ‘totems’ or family pets

Symbiotic levels of hierarchy

I, Metatron, exist on two independent but symbiotic levels. The most familiar and easily accepted by humans is Archangel Metatron. But on a higher level, I exist in the name of Lord of light Metatron. However, even such an analogy can not contain or define my essence, but can only be described in some terms.

As the ‘Lord of light’ Metatron, I am a producer of the basic units of the universe and reality. This level does not have the personality you expect. It is similar to an engine, a computer of divine consciousness, which exceeds the energy intensity of gamma, and its brightness is unimaginable. And far beyond my level.

As the archangel Metatron, I look after life.

Instead of using language to communicate with Tiberon, I use optical code ‘data packet’. He received the packet through the protocol before the earth incarnation. If you like, the pre incarnation agreement can also be understood as a ‘contract’ for the service of this period. On a higher level, tibron was originally a Pleiadian and a member of the cosmic light Committee. Together we provide services on other journeys and dimensions. Those light codes are emitted from my higher level, converted at the angel level, received at his higher level, and fully translated and transcribed.

It can be said that at a higher level, I include multiple sources, generating and sending out all geometric frequency consciousness codes converted to the field of light angel. Therefore, the angel field has both layered and non layered aspects, which is determined by the crystal light and physical light of consciousness. It can be said that in Metatron terms, the light angel in the angel field is the conscious unit of ‘source divine thought’ and super thought, which create light and ‘super light’.

The angels of the Metatron field of light produce and modify encoded light. This light combines matter and antimatter, time and space. This is obviously not the conceptual view of angel function held by human collective, let alone understanding. However, in this context, an adhesive irreversibly combines the sacred science with the sacred spirit of reality to form a unified circle, which is the key for human beings to surpass binary polarity.

In fact, in the current era of consciousness ascension, you are constantly developing the ability to absorb more light, and light is truth, the universal cosmic truth of all that is. The mystery that hinders the complete unity of human consciousness in binary polarity, especially in your present time, is that science ignores divinity and spirituality rejects science.

Knowing this, some of you may be surprised to find that some angels’ hierarchical structures focus on functional purposes, which you can call ‘physical guardians’. In that role, we consciously constructed the ‘laws of physics’ to make dimensional reality possible. We know that the idea that angels are scientists and engineers will confuse most of you. We are smiling!

We tell you that the new metaphysicians, the new Lightworkers and earth guardians, in your words, are scientists. In fact, those you call ‘Crystal Children’ are scientists of ‘sacred scholars’, who will complete the cycle of understanding and combine spirituality and Science in the next generation. They will not be religious elements in the traditional sense, but we tell you that mankind will come closer to understanding ‘God’ through science rather than religion. That’s the missing part of the puzzle.
Ascended masters

Throughout the ages, humans tend to regard ascended masters, spiritual teachers, committee groups, gods and benevolent aliens as angels. But they are not.

The cosmic light Committee, the ascended masters, and the Sirius Pleiades alliance are united entities that usually operate in the Council. Those are representative and advisory disciplines that express principles, principles, theories and beliefs related to the knowledge system. The cosmic light committee is mainly composed of extremely advanced beings who have experienced and completed the physics course of binary polarity and choose to help mankind sympathetically. Similarly, many people in the Sirius Pleiades alliance have experienced life on earth.
God’s image

There are countless life forms of divine wisdom in the universe, and their ‘bodies’ are far from your form on earth. They were also created in the image of God. Therefore, to understand the image of God is life, the light of consciousness and love.
The angelic realm

Dear ones, this is the state of enlightenment. It is the existence in light… Integral coherent crystal light. Consciousness ascension is a crystalline transformation around planet earth. In fact, this crystalline transformation can not only provide higher dimensions, but also transform humans into mer Ka Na, a crystalline light body. You know, melkana can absorb more light, which allows you to carry more energy because you can connect more harmoniously to the crystalline dimension and the angelic realm.

Angel field has been greatly misunderstood in some aspects of its essence and core purpose. Angels are indeed “messengers of God”. But what does that mean?

Angels are multidimensional beings of light, and their functions far exceed guarding and information carrying. We will try to review the larger aspects of angels. But before that, we will tell you that as beings of light, angels are conscious beings with divine essence and have a key frequency to help human evolution… That is love. Let’s add a reminder that love is a very complex and extremely high frequency than you think of human love. Love is a complex science.

As we have told you before, the highest form of love is’ unconditional love ‘. Although unconditional love can be found in three dimensions, it can only be mastered in five dimensions. That’s because unconditional love is indivisible, and the three-dimensional is a conditional (not unconditional) plane. Those of you who have reached the initial stage of unconditional love can only do so on a five-dimensional level, you know.

Angels as place holders of Physics
Place holders placeholder: indicates that there is input or output at this location.

You think angels are guardians of life and messengers of ‘God’. We do, and there’s more. Most of you will agree that angels are beings of light. In the latter definition, you contain a more profound truth than the initial description. Beings of light, angels, are placeholders for the laws of physics, consciousness within a range you can’t even imagine.

Angels have two-way properties and phases in dimensional light, which means that angels exist in the antimatter field of fractal light and fold inward into the physical field in geometric light. In doing so, they are the holders of core energy and consciously keep the special laws of the dimension intact.

Angels have no form and do not occupy physical space. In your words, we have no mass. We are sacred thoughts, intact in expression. We are ‘tones’ and have a frequency for us to use, and that frequency is love.
We tell you that there are plural and singular aspects in the angel field. Although it seems contradictory, even the “singular” aspect of Archangels is plural in terms of ideological content. Therefore, the individual names given to archangels by human beings are more related to human’s limited concept of angel attributes than to the existence of angel individuals. You think angels and beings of light have personality and gender. We are indeed “graceful” in our dealings with human beings. Although that aspect is definitely loved and encouraged, we have no gender. What you think of the as’ personality ‘is result of the vibration frequency cultivation of the family.

In truth, we reflect the attribute of the most powerful energy in the universe, that is love. However, our essence is accepted and interpreted as human in dualistic polarity because you have attributes logically considered as individuals.

We are divine thoughts with a nourishing aspect of love, no ego, no negative emotions as you call them. We provide support and we keep energy in place as a fundamental purpose. Love is our foundation.
Human’s angelic images

Although humans assign gender and names to archangels, the angel field is androgynous. In your words, angels are neither men nor women. Because you think some attributes of love, such as parenting and compassion, are female, while others, such as power, are male, you give angels gender. In fact, gender only exists in binary polarity.

Even the energies you call ‘mother earth’ and ‘Holy Mother’ are marked as female because you designate parenting as a female characteristic. Such wording and arrangement are attached to the concept of binary polarity. In the larger paradigm and the greater paradigm opening in 2012, there are certain constraints and restrictions on the real overall essence of mankind.

Paradigm: often used to describe the way of thinking in science or epistemology.

We are far more than binary polarity. We are complete. The light angel in the angel field has the plural / multidimensional form of the overall conscious energy. Our multidimensional consciousness is that we often don’t mention our reasons, or use the singular pronoun ‘I’ to connect our information with you. However, in seemingly contradictory situations, we are also unique in unity.
Human beings tend to create the images of angels, which are responsible for the misunderstanding of the true nature of angels to some extent. Your picture books and murals depict muscular men, women with feathers and wings, or many little angels. Angels are neither men nor women. Gender is one aspect of duality.

Of course, angels have no wings, feathers, or even magnificent biological forms. We will never be offended by that image. Those are just images in the artist’s mind. They copy and strengthen some wrong ideas.

Many religious articles and scriptures tell you that God created mankind in his own image. You even think of God as a patriarchal male with a biological body. That is the same psychological thinking process, which logically shapes angels into human shapes. Those celestial images strongly affect your thoughts and emotions. Naturally, you create understandable images to promote your connection with the divine.

You may be interested to know that dolphins in your ocean ‘see’ angels in the form of dolphins.

In fact, angels are invisible light. Each life form perceives angels through filtered interpretation, leaving a familiar interface.

Coming full circle

None of your major religions currently provide a ‘complete circle’, which is a complete truth about the true nature of your reality. Every religion took a piece, but the puzzle was inaccurate. No one even admits the obvious premise: the real “alien” heritage of mankind. Most people speak in distorted metaphors. Many people seek control through ancient fear, strengthen consciousness programming by inculcating the concept of original sin, as well as Hellfire and curse, and set obstacles to the way of self empowerment.

All human beings are beings of light, powerful spiritual consciousness and sacred sparks. The difference between humans and angels is:

Human beings are an aspect of the divine, which gradually evolved into a diversified expansion of the divine, chose to experience free will, and re learned and created through that magnanimous lens.

Angel is (are), delicately and brilliantly (are), and has always been the ‘guardian of light’, a placeholder for this space and non space of the eternal expansion of ‘now’ (now) alpha and omega.

Supreme Gestalt
Gestalt Gestalt: dynamic whole.

We will also tell you that the religious teaching of the fallen angel is also a mistake based on fear. In fact, a “guardian of consciousness” of a special physical law can make binary polarity possible, which is the power to make “earth University” possible. In the school of dual causality, human beings can learn to take the responsibility of creativity.

No evil or fallen angel! No more.
There is no vengeance in heaven. There are no terrible angels. On the contrary, there is a great family partner who extends a helping hand to you, a familiar hand from your family.

That is indeed a distorted, ancient and misunderstood analogy to binary forces.

The only demons, the only evils in the duality, are those created by wrong ideas in the process of learning ‘free will’. Demons are created by you in opposing binary polar fields.

The highest gestalt of “all things” is the real matter, which is the basis of all the appearance and expression of life, including matter, antimatter, no matter, energy and no energy, thought and no thought. And we tell you that there are other things.

From your binary point of view, you may not fully understand this axiom, or you may feel that it is not within your concept, but I tell you it is not. As you come to realize your own God self, in order to expand, you must always respect your insight.

The coded nature of light

The earth emits different lights. It receives and transmits light with various unique frequencies, formats and bandwidths, each of which has its own advantages and quality. Light contains information, codes, and colors in its spectrum of various oscillations that support the earth and even mankind.

Although the sun of the solar system is the main light source received on the earth, it is important to note that it is by no means the only light source. Other sources include the Great Central Sun, stars, white holes, and ‘luminous organisms’. In an effective way, luminous creatures, far beyond your angel scale, provide light you can’t imagine. We add a reminder that all light sources have natural filter matrix and dimensional spectral distribution.

Most people can only ‘physically’ perceive light quanta occurring in the ‘visible range’ of the spectrum. You know that humans need sunlight to maintain a healthy body, but we tell you that creatures living in the ‘interior of the earth’ will also accept light as an essential nutrient. (we provide an angel’s blink, because we ironically inform you that many planets in specific corners of the universe, including the earth, have more advanced ‘biological’ life forms inside than outside.) so, what is the source of continuous light? That is the polychromatic light emitted from the crystal core of the earth, which is far higher than the “visible” range.

Multicolor all white light is used directly with the 12 chakras of melkana. It is original and complete, including all creation codes of all frequencies, all spectra, all waveforms and particle formats. There is no sunshine. You will live in the ‘interior of the earth’ in due course. The completion of the crystal grid in 2012 changed the way the earth and humans access light. 144 grids will begin to affect the direction of light waves in the next two to three centuries. It has the ability to attract, refract and propagate light from one-dimensional medium to another. It began its massive flow in 2013.
Carbon base to silicon base

The received wave velocity is different from the refracted wave velocity. It can perform single refraction and double refraction. It can refine polychromatic light into singular coherent light and coherent polychromatic light. Crystals and new forms of nonpolar amorphous light will be emitted.

The grid itself will breathe, and the breathing will form a more complex geometry outside the bicentahedron of 144. As a direct result, the human physical matrix evolves symbiosis into embedding and generating greater ability to retain the format of morphological coded light. The body will become a translucent light source with less fixed density, mass and gravity. Human beings will gradually develop from carbon based to silicon-based life forms. It is crystal light because silicon illuminates itself in crystal symbiosis.

A new sun

The masters of your universe, the earth, the sun, and all stars and planets are conscious. In those consciousness, there is a special aspect of the angel field.

Even so, evolution is ongoing, especially in your solar system.
Your sun is changing. From the perspective of the earth, it has always been a conditional sun. Since the fall of the firmament, it has played an undetected role in the duality of the planet earth. When the new 144 crystal grid is completed in 2012, it begins to plant the seeds of the new sky, which will be completed in 2038.

That would allow the sun to provide ‘Unconditional light’ in the same way. The way humans absorb light will change, just like the limited ability to perceive the current visible spectrum.

The crystalline transformation of the earth is the basis for the ascension of planetary consciousness. It provides human beings with larger and more complex light. Therefore, a larger aspect of light is being used by humans. Light removes shadows and provides a better understanding.

The angelic realm is an important part of your expanding consciousness in ascension. Now it’s time to open up the true nature of angels.

Discrimination is key

Don’t think we want to impose or change your position on God, religion or the nature of your own existence. Your beliefs, values and views of choice are sacred steps of your free will and are fully recognized by ‘all that is’. You are a sacred aspect of it.

Your evolutionary patterns and ways, egoism and forms are your own creations, and they are designed by individuals. There is no other way to complete the earth University. Making choices for you is neither the task of angels nor the responsibility of the Committee of ascended masters. We are the holders of information that you can use, modify, reject or accept. That’s your choice. We tell you that everyone will graduate on time. Love is always the key, cause and effect are great and greater teachers, and all of you will learn from it. Experiencing Duality on the journey and learning to master it is why you enter the course.

Masters, a beautiful end is going on on earth. This is a sacred event that all of you are creating together. It is time to illuminate the great and more spectacular aspect within you. The dreamer is waking up. The expansion of light is the expansion of truth, the expansion of understanding, and the gateway to home.

Like angels, you are beings of light. So far, most of you don’t know how important you are and how the evolution you create in yourself has expanded the universe. Before we end, we ask you to do something very special. Take a moment to guide your energy to feel the energy of the light angel.

Now… Feel us.

Concentrate on this angel face of peace and happiness. It’s a moment of self consolation, isn’t it? It is the energy of the source, it is the energy of the home, it is the energy of light, it is the energy of love, it is an angel. You dear ones are feeling the natural frequency from us… From your source frequency, in the divine light of angels.
Good, isn’t it?

Every awakened person who walks on the earth and passes the final exam emits an energy, much like what you just felt. People are attracted to them and love them. All life responds to their presence and blooms in front of them. They have effortlessly created joy because it is the energy of light… Dear ones, you are human angels, and when you go home, you can and will evolve in the same way.

On that sacred path, our angelic realm awaits you. We are waiting for you and promise to leave a light for your return.
I am Metatron, and talon of crystal service, to share the above truth with you. You are loved!

That’s it… That’s it


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