Third eye^_^

Third eye

“Teacher, have you opened a third eye? What kind of feeling is it?”

No, but the gradual opening process of the third eye will increase your visual sensitivity, which is what we call frequency. The openness of the third eye is also limited by frequency, which is also related to your karma, because the navigation and positioning of the third eye is mainly high-dimensional translation. What? Opening the third eye will see what you can’t see before, what we call ghosts and gods

Therefore, when everyone has been exhausted from dealing with the vibration alignment of each chakra of the body and life is worse than death, opening a third eye is equivalent to adding insult to injury, because it indicates that you should put the future karma in your present moment and experience it together in advance

This is also why many psychics who open the third eye will put understandable clothes on the higher self, because the high-dimensional translation of the third eye and the opening of the third eye have been put on the agenda sooner or later

First of all, people who are afraid of ghost religion

Secondly, for the plot of higher self with Savior,

Third, just wait for the higher self and don’t pay,

Fourth, opening DNA information in advance may accelerate or end the earth experience in advance,

Fifth, in the face of the suppression and killing threat of the little black people, imagine what Stankov would do if he opened the third eye, and imagine Tesla’s creativity in the third eye

“It’s amazing [grin] must the opening of each chakra follow the order from bottom to top? For example, if the heart chakra is not opened, the throat chakra will not open, or can it be opened by jumping?”

“Why I ask this question is because you said you didn’t open the three eye wheel, but I think you have the wisdom of opening the top wheel. I don’t think this wisdom is the wisdom of the world, but the wisdom of the top wheel [grin] [rose]”

“In addition, I’d like to report to you about my energy changes in the past two days. Last night and this day were the trough, and then I couldn’t control myself. I felt very bad. Then I read your different hair and became myself. I was healed in an instant, and then the high-frequency energy remained. I clearly knew that it was the peak of the high-frequency (for me), it’s not joy but freedom. The higher self is online [grin] [grin] [grin] “

Each person will major in up to two chakras in each life, which are also two of the seven light rays we call. The higher vibration alignment of these two light rays or chakras is not only practice and practice, but also the access channel to different dimensional space. Of course, there are five light rays above the seventh light, which also indicates that there are more chakra potentials to be tapped

So you will see that everyone has their own strengths, such as the creativity of the sexual wheel, the love ability of the heart wheel, the business leaders, heads of state, speakers and singers of the throat wheel, the scientists, astronomers and, of course, the psychics of the top wheel and the third eye

Therefore, these specialties are lessons to help the experimenter master and master the internal quality and external manifestation ability brought by that light or chakra, as well as the balance ability of more global balance. Therefore, they are not necessarily carried out in order

However, one thing is that any chakra will trigger the resonance of the Trinity chakra and the corresponding alignment of other chakras. What do you mean? The alignment and higher vibration of any chakra will trigger the follow-up and global balance of each chakra

Only during the transition between dimensions will the importance of the entry key be emphasized, that is, the position and adaptation of the chakra, internal quality, external body and manifestation ability corresponding to the dimension. Therefore, the heart chakra must be open to all mankind. Whether you like it or not, it is equivalent to sending an invitation to all mankind to enter the fifth dimensional earth. What remains is for everyone to choose and practice

This leads to everyone’s growth path, which is also closely related to the chakras or seven light rays. Some will graduate in the third dimensional earth in this life, but others will not graduate, so everyone has different homework and karmic tasks, and there is a group that will not enter the dimensional world in each reincarnation. They / they only do one thing and exist as a high vibration frequency, Then complete karma, finish the course, preach and teach to solve doubts, that is to say, for me, every life is just the need of task arrangement. I wake up on time at that time and do what I do now, which has been repeated. Of course, there are a large number of brothers and sisters in this group who can’t get out. No matter how they don’t want to get out of the illusion, it’s good to have a down-to-earth experience. Everything is in the arms of the source, and I’m happy It was hammered many times before I determined the next road. It began to look like delamination. The more it goes, the easier it will be

“I want to know which chakra I may major in. I don’t know, because to be honest, I’m not too persistent about this, and I haven’t paid attention to self comparison. I’m more about experiencing the life of separation, unity and returning to the role of Creator. I’m concerned about internal change and external manifestation. Are they heart chakra, throat chakra and three eye chakra? [grin] [rose]”
“Am I in this group?”

For the group that is about to finish the third dimensional Earth mission and even the fifth dimensional earth (heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye), each chakra will align and transition, because this is the basic vibration level before the interstellar seed comes to earth: the fifth dimension is even higher, so everyone is returning, including you, the students called Sananda /: strong /: jump /: circle [fireworks] [firecracker] [gift]

There is a reason why we communicate here. Because we come from the same collective in a higher dimension, we don’t have to worry about height, up and down, and how much. We just take it as our own more relaxed and higher self will. As a channel for higher self, everything is open-ended. We see how we choose. For example, I follow the practice of Buddha, Guanyin, Jesus, Sananda and many creators, male gods and goddesses My own higher self world, for example, follows George Stankov’s practice of his own cosmic laws, follows the practice of a minder, and practices his own paradise. They are all teachers and students. They grow together in existence, unity, coexistence and indifference. This is why I express the strengths of many families, because everyone is unique and meaningful

“No wonder you always feel familiar with the same soul family member [grin] [grin] [grin]”

“Thank you for not being persistent, being, being, being, not judging, no difference, separation and unity [waddle] [twirl] [grin] [fight] [rose]”
“one is all[Fireworks][Fireworks][Fireworks]”


The seven pyramids of the third eye

Original going home tomorrow

From Maitreya

Our third eye is the lens we use to create realistic perception. The third eye affects our pineal gland and pituitary gland. Pineal gland is the gateway to the power and inner world of our light. It gives us direction and supports our creativity. It helps us become enthusiastic and determined to help us grow and become flexible, so that we can move in our lives.

Your strength is your existence – the pineal gland takes you to your existence

The pituitary gland helps us believe in ourselves, find the right behavior, what to do and what to say. It controls everything we share and project into the external world

It also affects how we perceive or “see” our world and the multi-dimensional world. It affects our beliefs, our dreams, our horizons, and our view of things. No matter what filter we create, it renders our view of reality in our third eyes, whether we are looking at three-dimensional reality or another dimension of reality
If these filters are not aligned with divine truth, they need to be cleaned up and updated regularly because they affect our perspective or how we “see” things

Maitreya shares that there are seven filters on our third eye. He compares each filter to a pyramid of consciousness located in the third eye. He provides us with an activation to open our third eye and our mind to higher potential

He said that although we choose to continue to “see” our reality through our third eyes and minds, we cannot open ourselves to the higher power of the soul and mind of the universe

The first filter is the pyramid full of golden and green light. This filter connects us with ancient stories of human experience, and renders our view of current reality based on these old experiences, which may no longer be relevant. This filter affects us on many levels. Maitreya asks us to release these old stories or “records” of earth experience And choose not to live our lives through what was but what is now

The second filter is a blue silver pyramid. This filter shows our own mirror through other people’s eyes and needs. Maitreya asked us to clean this filter so that we can see what we are – existence – through the mirror and power of our divine light. He asked us to look deeply into the mirror of our divine light so that we can To see the power we hold

The third filter is a yellow, red and green pyramid. This pyramid maintains a filter for creative power and how we exercise that power. This filter may distort our creative power and restrict us to use vacancy and crowd instead of our divine light. Maitreya said that this filter shows how we choose to create ourselves and life. It shows us what we manifest as our truth through all the choices we make. We are asked to see how this distortion affects our view of reality and ourselves. Maitreya asks us to see all our creations and the gifts they bring us, to see what they teach us, and to see the impact of this filter on us. He asks, let us The creative energy of the source flows through us and fills our creation with its power and love. He asks us to call on the mother of creation, let the mothers of all creations bless us, flow through all our creations and align them with the light of our divine source. He asks us to realize the creative power we hold and receive the blessing from the source, not from us in the third world Three eyes and “see” in the mind
The fourth filter is a pink, white and silver pyramid of receptivity. He said that many energy waves come from this filter, and they come from many parts of us. These are our emotions. They are energy waves – the information we give ourselves. They flow through us again and again. This information guides us, inspires us, drives us and triggers us Your third eye and mind are always receiving information from ourselves. These come from many parts of us. Some are full of love, some are full of needs and desires, some are full of anger and depression, some ask you to dance and exist in joy, and some will tell you that they are lost and can’t find your way. Every information received in your third eye will Create a response within you that causes you to speak, act and see your reality through the information you receive from this filter. Maitreya asks you to listen to the information sent to you by this filter. He says everyone wants to be heard. They come from the pyramid of your third eye like energy waves. Whether you listen or not, it will affect your thoughts and what you believe Things, the way you speak, the way you act, and most importantly, your view of reality. Maitreya asks us to honor all parts of you who want to be heard, received and included in what you choose to create in your own reality

The fifth filter is the pyramid of light, blue-green and silver. It is the filter of your joy and love. Maitreya asks you to focus on your inner joy and bring all things that cannot see your joy to this pyramid. He asks you to sit in this pyramid, connect with your light and recognize it in order to find your joy. Are you ready to know your light ? are you ready to open up and dance with your light? He asks you to be one with your own light and dance with your light. Will you? This pyramid of light is full of abundance and light and does not need to create separation, because it understands that the consciousness of separation does not serve you or any existence. If you do not dance with your own light, Maitreya asks you to ask yourself what energy you are sharing with Dance. He asks you to put down your need for separation and focus on your inner joy by dancing with your light. He asks you to find out where you put your joy. Where is it within you? In your core, center, heart, or do you hide it in another part of yourself when you dance in your shadow? He says if you hide your joy, you create He made something else to replace it. He asked what it was? If it wasn’t for your divine spirit of light, what was your partner?
The sixth filter of your third eye is the silver pyramid. This pyramid activates your pineal gland, connects you to the self part that dances with the spirit of light, and maintains your wisdom. These parts know that the light within you comes from many dimensions of light, and they call you to come forward and sit with them and receive them. They ask you to put down all the limitations you keep in your mind (see yourself as small and limited) . they ask you to let go of all that cannot see your potential and create separation. They ask you to raise yourself to a higher vibration and open yourself to what comes from your higher self. You are asked to reach the higher vibration and choose not to be limited and separated. Reach this higher place. It is not outside you, it is a part of you. It is your higher part The point is to provide you with love, guidance, light and wisdom. Reach out and receive

The seventh filter of the third eye is a Golden Pyramid. You are asked to reach your divine spirit through this golden filter and be in the pure white light of your divine spirit. It calls on you to be open and connect with your divinity. Open to your pure light. Choose to open your third eye, be in your divinity and put down everything else. Put down in this Everything separated in the Golden Pyramid – all attachments, emotions, limitations, old stories. Put down everything, sit naked and alone in the pure white light of your divine spirit, inhale the pure light of your divine spirit, and let it fill you at every level of your existence and become complete again

Date of issue: July 2, 2021
Conductor: in’easamabuishtar
Translator: Nick Chen


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