In September, the transformative energy of the autumnal equinox has arrived. Use the Arcturian “light crystal activation plate” tool^_^

In September, the transformative energy of the autumnal equinox has arrived. Use the Arcturian “light crystal activation plate” tool^_^


Left mammary needling

The left portal continues to expand

After two days of high sexual desire, today is even worse. The transformative energy of the autumnal equinox (September 22) has arrived

Explanation: “you are receiving a lot of energy. These energies will become stronger at the autumnal equinox. Even after the autumnal equinox, they will continue. They are very powerful.

You can’t handle it all at once;

They will have a negative impact on you,

Not what you want.

The energy you receive is essentially transformative energy to bring you an upgrade in vibration. If you open your heart, they will work.

Those who cannot be open to these energies will suffer side effects and do not understand why they are experiencing these symptoms of ascension.

That’s why we’ll give you this news before the autumn equinox in September.

You can prepare now; you can also foresee that these transformative energies will enter your field, chakras, body, cells and every aspect of you.

You can rest and relax more;

You can stay at home,

Make yourself comfortable,

Fill your body with water.

You can even take some time out of a busy day and open your heart to them like focusing on flowers.

That’s what you have to do. You’re here to change, and we in higher areas are here to help you.

We will help and will continue to help, but we also know that our help will be more popular only when you look forward to help and know what the current energy means.

These energies are for ascension. They are to help you grow, expand and evolve consciousness, because all these are related to your vibration. You live in a world where many things happen every day, which can reduce your vibration.

Therefore, there must be a countermeasure. There must be something to balance the frustrating things you see on the news or social media, which will make you unable to breathe and very uncomfortable.

If you focus on the fact that you get help, and the help comes from your ability to accept, then you can do something to put yourself in a state of acceptance.

Many people know that the spring (Autumn) equinox and the spring (Autumn) arrival are special events in your world, but some people are still understanding it, so we want you to know that the upcoming energy is already on you, and many people have been open to them when you receive this message.

Once you receive the energy and feel that your vibration has been upgraded as you need, you can seek help from others.

In fact, as long as you are there and become the conduit of these energies, you are helping others.

If you accept them, you will anchor them at the material level and automatically spread them.

If you feel nervous or anxious, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you can open your heart and accept the transformation energy of the autumnal equinox.

Remember that you are capable of doing this regardless of your current situation on earth. Remember that once your vibration is upgraded, you can spread your higher vibration, which is revolutionary for others.

Therefore, those who are unwilling or unable to open their hearts to the energy of the autumnal equinox will also benefit from it, because you will all change, and accordingly, your words, thoughts and actions will change. You will lead the way there, show others how it is completed, become pioneers and surpass the human status.

Realize that it is possible to move forward from your current position, and you have such tools and knowledge.

Now you know what autumnal equinox energy is. You can sit quietly and comfortably and focus on receiving them. You can and will do it, because you have received this prompt, because your higher self wants you to do so.

You are well prepared for this upgrade, and every part of your body is well prepared. These upgrades are not won by you, but the natural result of your transformation on earth.

You can make your transformation easier. Now you know what to do. Where you want to be your higher self, your fifth dimensional self, where you want to experience it in the form of body, and we are here to help you.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you. “


Autumnal equinox portal

Original going home tomorrow

Dear brothers and sisters

Highest regards. We come to share a lot of news with you now, evolving humans

There are many changes taking place in the three-dimensional field. Please understand that these changes are filtering to the earth plane at an unprecedented speed

Last week, the 9 / 9 portal witnessed the anchoring of the timeline of the golden age. We come together to maintain light at our grid points and work with our galactic brothers and sisters and Yang Sheng beings to maintain space for the anchoring of the golden age timeline

This is related to the successful reunion depth of 144000 Twin Flames, and we work with Egypt and sacred sites in Avalon to anchor this timeline

No words can fully express how powerful and important this sacred work is. For those involved in transmission, we have received an overwhelming number of confirmation and simultaneity. Indeed, the timeline of the golden age has been anchored

In any case, in order for us to experience the frequency of the golden age timeline, we must go out of the victim mode. We must realize that we are creative beings. Every moment, life is presented with a blank picture. We can freely create life, every day, every hour and every minute

It is important to remember that our role is an empty conduit in order to draw our specific heart desires from the quantum field, and remember that there is a line connecting us to every desire in the quantum field

Therefore, in order to experience the energy of the golden age timeline, we must really change and increase our frequency to match the new vibration that is pouring into earth

I will further share how to become the embodiment of the timeline of the golden age. For all those attending the “aftertaste” party, it is a remarkable success and beautiful. I don’t think any of us expected how powerful and extraordinary the time we spent together

Please see the details below

The energy is building a portal to the autumnal equinox, which is related to the work we did at the 99 completion ceremony

During the transmission of the autumnal equinox, we, ground personnel, were again requested to work with the galaxy / Yang Sheng beings to open the golden gate to the golden age

We are called to deeply anchor the earthly aspect of the timeline of the golden age and enter the golden age through the opening of the golden portal

Please understand that micro is a reflection of grandeur. When we activate and open the golden gate into the golden age, we open and activate the Golden Gate in our personal and collective higher five-dimensional Christ self. Therefore, it is always auspicious to participate in such a high level of spiritual ceremony

In the transmission of the autumnal equinox, we will also be guided to work with the higher self of our brothers and sisters working in the mainstream beauty body

We will send a powerful enlightenment and awakening transmission to activate their mental field, so that they can stop their cunning behavior and join the pursuit of eternal freedom

In 99 transmission, we work with the higher self of police officers on earth. Since such transmission, we have experienced an unprecedented number of miracles and breakthroughs

This proves that the transmission work is very powerful and important for the collective

Every day, I receive hundreds of emails from my brothers and sisters all over the world to share with me their recognition and reunion in entering the sacred twin flame

This is the most effective Twin Flame portal we have ever entered. From an evolutionary point of view, the energy pouring into the earth no longer supports what is considered a spiritual lie. It is especially related to karmic relationships – any relationships based on the vibration of survival and lack. If you are a twin flame, understand that these old karmic relationships can no longer move forward in these energies, clearing a lot of debris and anchoring the current timeline for truly sacred reunion

We live in the most exciting period

It’s important to protect the children. It is very important that all vulnerable people be supported and protected, which is a priority

We have won. Just a little time to play, but keep the light, brothers and sisters. We are the people we have been praying for. We are the people we have been waiting for. God has won, truth has won. Love is God. Truth is God. I love you!

Jenji and white wolf tribe

Date: September 16, 2021

From: I don’t know


White dolphins bleed into the sea


Arcturus fleet leader – activate the crystal in your body with our “crystal activation tool”

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my yesterday

I am the creator of manifestation, I am Arcturian, I am Athena

Today, I, Arcturian anxina, bring Arcturian energy to human beings on earth through this channel. I express my energy and unconditional love to all who receive my energy and now read my words. I’m here to help you, just like the Arcturian civilization.

I am the leader of my starship; We have crossed the creator’s universe and supervised the evolution and development of many people on earth. As the leader of my starship, I was appointed as the guide of many incarnate souls on earth; It is one of my personal missions to help light workers on earth realize their dreams and the goals of their souls in their current life. I extend a helping hand to many people and understand that when light workers realize their dreams, they will emit a lot of light that will affect the civilization of the whole earth.

Every soul incarnated in the physical body has the ability to influence the people around them with their love and enlightenment, but many people do not realize that they have the ability to use the energy of their soul to change or at least raise the vibration of the earth.

I long for all people on earth to find their inner light; I want to see the whole planet covered by the Lighthouse of the light of the creator. In order for my dream or wish to come true, the truth of the universe, earth, soul and creator must take precedence. Although negative and false beliefs are still rooted in the thoughts of the earth and mankind, the truth will one day integrate into mankind. The sense of truth in the human mind can be described as the consciousness of ascended masters.

Every team member on my starship has acquired the consciousness of the ascended master and is now transcending this state of consciousness. Growth is eternal, and perfection will always be truly found, because the creator’s kingdom is infinite.

My Arcturus team and I hope to provide you with a tool to help you easily evolve to the next growth stage, so that we can create a large-scale activation and progress with a simple information and tool. Accepting and using this tool in your life will allow us to divine intervene in your life and help anchor our energy into your existence. Our Arcturus spacecraft has advanced technology that each of you can use; I believe you have heard my friends talk about this in the past, but I hope to provide you with the tool of light activating crystal, so that when you have a free time in your daily life or need the light of Arcturian and creator in your life, you can absorb our energy.

Allow me to describe to you the tools and activation process of this crystal activation:

Light crystal activation plate: it is composed of an etheric transparent or white flat crystal, which is similar to a tablet etheric computer. When you call our energy and ask to experience this light activation, it will be put into your hand. Allow yourself to sit quietly and in a meditative state of mind and existence, the spirit focuses on feeling or seeing the energy burning from the core of the etheric crystal on the crystal activation plate. Light will be integrated into every aspect of your existence, into every cell, muscle and bone of your body, into your blood and DNA. It will surge through your aura, aura, energy body and chakra, enter your surrounding environment and everything you currently feel or everything you are connected to, (your friends and family will experience energy in some form.) the energy of crystal will wash every aspect of your existence and share the divine and fine energy vibration and light of Arcturus. When the crystal plate stays in your hand, you may feel its energy, which will promote and stimulate a healing and purification process and eliminate any kind of negative emotions. You can simply call the crystal plate to achieve this. But I will provide further guidance.

The light crystal activation plate can be placed in front of your heart chakra and stored in your aura. Just raise your hand and place the crystal activation plate at the position of your heart chakra, and it will integrate into your body. This means that by feeling the crystal activation plate and focusing on the feeling of its existence in your hands, we can access the crystal activation plate and its energy without calling us.

When the crystal activation plate is stored in front of your heart, it will continue to emit light vibration and anchor Arcturus energy in your existence all day. For those who focus on emitting the light of your soul into your surroundings or cultivating the integration of your soul with your physical body, the crystal tablet will help these processes. It will stimulate and nourish your soul light and help your soul light expand into your life.

When you emit your light from your soul, it will pass through the crystal activation plate, which will stimulate and amplify the energy of your soul, so it has a greater impact and intensity in your life. This tool and gift provided to you by my starship is a sacred crystal activation plate, which anchors greater light into your existence and activates the light emission within you. I hope you can accept our gift and apply it to your life as a process of body crystal light body evolution and development.

We are always by your side; As long as you gently call us.

May the light of Arcturus be with you. I’m Arcturus anxina.

      Conduction: Natalie Grayson

Compilation: source ra


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