Ease and freedom are unconditional^_^

Ease and freedom are unconditional^_^


Not only when it is smooth, it is relaxed and comfortable

When it is not smooth, it is a reminder of your return to ease and freedom

There is greater picture vibration in your higher consciousness

Let relaxation and freedom become your nature, and let constant return to relaxation and freedom become your life, in letting go, acceptance, rest and healing

“Put your self under the power of consciousness, that is, no longer identify with what you want, but listen to the call of your heart.”

Success over and over again will make it more difficult to let go of nostalgia and even addiction

Time after time, you have failed to return and missed good achievements, which reminds you that the time has come, and there is a higher vibration of success, achievements and joy waiting for you to create

You are a passenger, you are a traveler, a general and a captain

It is time to change your role and become a passenger, traveler, crew member and captain of a higher vibration life

Concentration, relaxation and joy are your captain

The balance between serving yourself and serving others is your crew

Enjoy the journey, rest and healing are your passengers and travelers

Of course, not only humans, but also animals, plants, minerals, aliens and nature

See, you have more than one role, you have a lot, and there will be more

Just don’t let fear, worry and anxiety become the driving force of your life

Whenever you change, jump, see more roles, let the captain take the helm, what, focus, relax and joy

Whenever, whatever happens, whether it’s smooth or uneven

Your journey is dedicated to the balance of serving yourself and others
Your journey is enjoyable, resting and healing

Let the higher self be your captain

Let action and practice be your crew

Let acceptance and joy be your passengers and travelers

Your body is the big ship, the boat of light, the treasure house of DNA, and the star ship of intelligent transition

Connect with higher self

To act and practice, share, keep a diary and sum up experience

Resonate, share, help and cooperate with more companions, not only humans, but also plants, minerals, animals and aliens

Inner joy is unconditional

External relaxation and freedom are also unconditional

Especially in the cold wind of anxiety and the snow of fear

You are still going to act, practice, share and do what you have to do first
What, relax and comfortable

Barefoot on the grass

Swimming in rivers and lakes

Focus on animal and plant minerals

This will make your journey full of adventure, excitement, success and failure, and joy comes from it

From challenge

When you come from, you are free in the matrix, not only in, but also out, in and out freely

It is driven by your life energy, intelligent expression, cosmic mind, cosmic body and soul vibration

We’re talking about higher self will
Anxiety, fear and worry are your third-dimensional world, and joy, relaxation and freedom are your fifth dimensional earth time matrix

Your journey is long and challenging

You need higher skills and abilities, such as captain’s ability and higher self ability

Remember, you are not only passengers and crew, but also unconditionally relaxed and comfortable

Look back again^_^


Put your self under the power of consciousness, that is, no longer identify with what you want, but listen to the call of your heart.

Santa Kumara: the age of light and love!


Love makes everything possible, love heals everyone, and love is the key to everything. Lovers are the anchor of this era, the light bearer of this earth, and the living lighthouse in this light poor world.

Those who have love are perfect. Without love, everything is in vain.

Dear people!

You reach the level of love by conquering yourself and crossing the low level of ego.

Your ego concept binds you to the world. They take away the courage of love, the hope to achieve the goal of love, and the determination to remove everything that hinders you from doing so.

If everything revolves around your self, there is no loving self.

Because where the ego claims its rights, it needs to be aware; Where the ego exerts its power, it needs the determination to limit it.

Therefore, I invite you to be a lover and practice love. Let your ego live, but don’t live so fresh that it dominates you and determines your life.

Put your self under the power of consciousness, that is, no longer identify with what you want, but listen to the call of your heart.

It is your ego that causes confusion in your mind – it is your ego that leads you astray. The ego keeps you away from God, from light, from love. However, your heart and mind are made of love – so it is essential that every decision comes from your mind and heart.

This exercise is simple: look at yourself from within and question your motivation.

The path to unconditional love is simple, if you approach it directly – which means penetrating the source of memories that haunt and hurt you.

Be more demanding of yourself!

Allow yourself to see what is essential and true, and you will be satisfied only when your consciousness takes over the power of yourself. If it is the other way round, the best behavior will make you unhappy!

How can you realize that your consciousness is your navigation star rather than your ego? By being able to accept reality.

Then everything starts to work. Tranquility and peace spread in a healthy land, and love flourished in a healthy land.

Love is the original state of your heart and the basic frequency of your soul. Your restless mind may resist it, and your great consciousness does not need to touch it.

Awakening is to liberate yourself from yourself and establish a peaceful kingdom in your heart.

Silence and peace, compassion and love are born beyond ourselves – the desire for truth is the key.

With infinite love
San Kumara
**Channel: Jan Castle


The real reason why mother earth is delaying and holding on longer

Help the earth rebalance

Original sdbetty earth new life today
Sananda: help the earth rebalance
Adopted by: saru

I’m Sananda. I extend my cordial greetings to all souls on earth.

All signs indicate that mother earth is ready to graduate. We don’t know the exact time, but according to the sequence of events she has prepared, we are holding on for a longer time. Why? What is she waiting for? The financial system is working?

What I want to say is that those who have been trying to achieve financial balance for many years have been stopped again and again because the darkness has been hindering their progress. These people with darkness are determined to continue to control themselves. When the deadline expires, there is another obstacle ready to stop these hard-working people.

Again, why is Mother Earth stagnating? Is this what I call financial balance? Although these brave people have struggled for more than 20 years, I want to tell them and all of you the real reason why mother earth is delaying and holding on longer.

She lost her balance because people with many souls haven’t woken up. The real reason for the arrival of your human souls is to awaken and complete the mission you set for yourself and help mother earth get rid of all the darkness that brought her to the door of death. You are all super masters! Do you realize it? You voluntarily reincarnate on earth.

The balance is unbalanced because most soul people do not complete their mission and are lured to dark camps. If you compare those who come to the light, it is like a drop of water in all the oceans in the world.

My Lightworkers are helping to rebalance the earth through prayer and petition and wake up all sleeping souls because they are sleeping for the last few hours. Does this work? Yes, it has been successful, because people with more souls have opened the third eye of the scam they live in the reincarnation of the earth. This is a rebalancing, not just an economic one.

To be honest, the kingdom of light does not deal with money, because there is no need to do so, because it will cause differences and struggles, and have money to control others. Remember! When you pass (physical death), guess what!? You don’t bring anything, nothing!

What’s the most important thing? Make your soul accessible! You are an eternal soul and have a “fleshy envelope” to learn the lessons of the soul. Each of you has thousands of physical lifestyles to learn from your soul.

I have great hope that when mother earth turns each of you into a sleeping person, you will realize the spark of the gods within you, enter our light of light and move towards the light of safety. By doing so, you can achieve more soul growth and do not have to spend 350000 years of life to return to where you are now.

My Lightworkers are praying for you to wake up! Some people have already done that! We need to restore balance by tilting the balance to good.

Mother earth has given you more time to sleep to awaken truth.

My great love for everyone!
ESU Emanuel “Jesus” Sananda.


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