Five dimensional soul ascension steps 1-3

Five dimensional soul ascension steps 1-3

“I’m hurt and angry. How can I calm down?”

Find a peaceful analogy and stuff hurt and anger into that field. If you can’t calm down, go out for a walk, take a deep breath and breathe the fresh air. If you are still angry, express your anger with the people who hurt you. If there are people who hurt you, fight back immediately until the boundary is drawn. This is necessary, because you only want your own living space, and you don’t want to support the people who love you or rely on the people who hurt you. Understand, Everything is for you to get greater freedom, if you still take your lover as your pillar of life and the person who hurt you as your attachment to continue to live

This is also the arrangement given to you by the goddess of the karmic Committee. You will no longer let go, but only cling and stick, and you will face greater challenges

Yes, the awakening group is the key object of care, which aims to let you see where the dilemma you are still facing as an awakened person is until you completely let go in the joy of higher vibration, return to your heavenly soul mission, and exist as an observer and channel

My experience is to bear it, temporarily leave or decide to leave the place that doesn’t welcome you or even hurts you, and find a place of greater joy. Only when others invade my last space will I defend. Whether that person is a lover, parents, relatives and friends, or your children, at this time, the whole society is racing to digest the last heavy karma, that is to say, Rest well, focus on healing, practice your body and necessary self-defense skills, in order to release your last battle and let go of your fear

Everything is not invariable, and the relationship is not what you think. Only when you choose, act and let go can you understand what it is

Continue the lessons of rest, healing and returning to joy. Tomorrow’s you can be completely different from today’s you if you forget and don’t take it to heart fast enough

Give yourself more mobility and breathing, rather than handing over this gift of divine power and supreme sovereignty to others

Remember, love and injury in the third world are the same thing. Injury will not be untied until humans are no longer interested in seeking love


Five dimensional soul ascension steps 1-3

Author: Diana Cooper / Tim (UK)
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Steps to Ascension

We are now in the transition to a new golden generation. This transition period began on December 21, 2012, the cosmic moment, and it was also the end of the 260000 year long Atlantis experiment. This exploration of the three-dimensional world, which began with the establishment of Atlantis, is slowly disappearing, and a completely new world is about to begin.
The last ten thousand years of this Atlantis experiment have been three-dimensional, but in 2014, the earth has entered four-dimensional. We are now part of a new earth and cosmic power. This will bring a new frequency to the life of every being on earth.
Archangels have now reached out to help all people raise the frequency to the fifth dimension or higher. Archangel Metatron, especially corresponding to the number 55, wants us to propose 55 steps to you so that you can quickly increase the frequency and then help others ascend. He is looking after the book now. Supervision also means supervision and management, almost like a project manager. So Metatron will be with you when you use these guidelines.
Archangels are not the only luminous beings who come to assist us in this glorious ascension. The unicorn, the pure horse with white light, has been raised to the angel world of the seventh to ninth dimensions. In this process, they use the angle of spiral light to touch the prepared people, which is their way to help us.
Many elemental elves, from goblins and fairies in the fifth dimension to esaks in the third dimension, are helping us create a luminous golden earth. Those beautiful four dimensional element elves, dragons, are waiting to become our loyal friends and partners and provide services for us in several different ways. The five dimensional Golden Dragon is the first time to help and protect us. We live in a beautiful era. The angel world loves us so much, protects us and helps us.
They asked us to write this book together to achieve the best balance between positive and negative energy. To help you, each step provides an introduction to archangels, information about each step, and visualizations or other exercises. These steps are continuous. After you absorb the consultation of one step, you can quickly move on to the next. Archangel energy flows throughout the book, so we are taking you on a very exciting journey. When we receive information, this energy makes us really excited.
At the beginning, we need to review the invitation of lfay Gaia to incarnate on earth, which is enlightening for us. Gaia is the angel in charge of earth affairs. Angels are nine dimensional angels. They manage stars and planets, and the goddess Gaia is the real soul of the earth. Remembering that she invited us to incarnate here, we will remember our soul agreement, which is also the first step on the journey that Archangel Metatron hopes to put forward.
The most important basis for living in the frequency of ascension is to meet the elemental elves and dragons. He will transform the lower frequency and immerse himself in the energy of Archangel Metatron to strengthen this journey. In this way, you can stabilize the twelve five dimensional chakras – the spiritual energy center that holds light and wisdom. You can also activate your five dimensional Merkabah, the hexagonal energy body surrounding your aura, which contains your five dimensional blueprint.
We provide many tools, visualizations, enlightenment and connections with archangels to help you accelerate your ascension to the top of the fifth dimension. We believe that these will be of great help to your spiritual path.
Step 1   Gaia made a pact with your soul
Before we incarnate, our souls will attend a special meeting in the inner planes. Throughout the soul journey, including visiting the earth, the guardian angel who has always been with us will always be present. The archangel who takes care of us will also attend – we will repay him every seven years for our progress on this road before reaching the fifth dimension. After that, the archangel will constantly supervise us (most of us are under the care of Archangels Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, or Uriel, but sometimes there are different archangels working with someone. At present, some children come with very high energy vibration. At this higher frequency, there will be other archangels, even twelve dimensional six winged angels/ The burning angel Serafina, take care of them.)
Our primary mentor will attend this important gathering, and sometimes other mentors or masters will also attend. In addition to the members of the extended family we are about to join (including our future children), other angels will usually be there. We often see the celestial energy ball (light ball) With some souls, before they attend the meeting and make a commitment, take a look at the family they may become one of their sons.
During this lifetime negotiation, we and all these beings discuss what we want to experience in our life or want to contribute to others. Some very brave souls stand up and hope that others (usually the people of their soul leaders) You can learn unconditional love, compassion, patience, faithful faith, grace, or other traits related to ascension. For this, we or other souls may agree to experience disability, mental disorder, accident, illness, or other more difficult tests. In the current era, easy life is not easy to bring growth, so we really want to achieve ascension The soul of the realm may want a more challenging path. Because it is time for all of us to leave the wheel of karma, we may also want to dissolve the karma of our family, ancestors or country.
After attending the pre life meeting and before reincarnation, Gaia will send us an invitation to appear in the way that we already have a body on earth. With incomparable love and the warmest welcome, he directly gives us this invitation from the shining heart. The purpose of her doing so is to make us feel that the earth is where we belong, and it is in our open heart 。
If we really remember this invitation and the brilliant unconditional love attached to us by Gaia, we feel comfortable wherever we go and with whom we are. We feel that we are really in the right place.
However, many people have forgotten this, so Gaia asked us to provide you with the following meditation.
Meditation — remembering the choices made in life

  1. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. If it’s convenient, light a candle to improve your energy.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to remembering your choices.
  3. Imagine that the root extends from your feet, goes deep into the earth, and lets yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Call your pure white unicorn and let him pour a lot of blessings on you. Ask him to take you to the “palace of light”. The palace of light is one of many energy centers in the inner world and higher world. The so-called energy center is the energy focus of an archangel or master.
  6. Feel yourself riding a unicorn up through different dimensions until the palace of light appears in front, shining blue-green.
  7. The unicorn takes you to the atrium, stops there, and you get off the unicorn’s back.
  8. Your guardian angel comes into the atrium to welcome you and hug you with love. Relax and enter this hug.
  9. Your guardian angel takes you into an inner room. The light inside is the color of your guardian archangel. Do you see the golden orange of Archangel Metatron? The dark blue of Archangel Michael? The pure white of Archangel Gabriel? The emerald green of Archangel Raphael or Archangel Uriel Golden yellow?
  10. Your care angel comes to welcome you and feels its light enveloping you in unconditional acceptance and love.
  11. Now your guidance (maybe more than one) welcomes you. Feel their wisdom, love and dedication to you.
  12. You see the higher self of my family, which is full of light.
  13. Calmly discuss your problems with all beings and understand why you made such a life choice.
  14. Thank all participants.
  15. Ask Archangel sandalphon to help you root in the earth energy and slowly return to your starting point.
    Meet the goddess Gaia
  16. Climb up your tall unicorn and let him take you down into the inner space of the earth (or called the hollow Earth) along a pure white light – in the center of the earth, there is a vast seven dimensional energy center, where every existence, civilization or culture that once appeared is displayed in an etheric form.
  17. Your Unicorn glides you through this wonderland, and then you can see strong dragons, people and animals from ancient civilizations, and many beings of light.
  18. In the center of the inner space, there is a huge crystal pyramid with light. Come down from the unicorn’s back and go in.
  19. Waiting for you there is the goddess Gaia, a huge and amazing blue-green angel.
  20. She is open and pink from there, and welcomes you with a warm smile.
  21. She reminds you how much she loves you and how much she wants you to exist on earth.
  22. He put his hand on your heart. You may feel it vibrate or light up. Then she put in the original invitation to the earth.
  23. She restarted it with a special high-frequency hum.
  24. You know you belong here. Feel it with your heart.
  25. You can stay with Gaia as long as necessary.
  26. Thank her.
  27. Go back to the unicorn and he will take you back to the place of departure through hollow earth.
    Step 2 Unicorn

    In this life, one of the best gifts we can get about ascension is to establish a relationship with our own unicorn. In the golden age of Atlantis, everyone had their own unicorn and was able to communicate with them, just as they were communicating with their guardian angel. But later, Atlantis gradually declined, and the Unicorn could no longer cope with that challenge Low frequency energy, so they left. Now he finally has enough people to improve their vibration frequency, and the unicorn can come back again.

    Unicorns are seven to nine dimensional beings. They belong to the seventh heaven. When people’s light began to shine, the brilliant seven dimensional unicorns began to return to the earth. Since 2012, the magical nine dimensional unicorns began to pour light into some people and the earth. The power of light is amazing. They are different from angels. They have bodies and are pure White horses, after completing all their lessons on earth, become perfect beings and reach the state of ascension in brilliant light. Unicorns are their spiritual bodies and work with us at the soul level.
    Unicorns are fully enlightened. Spiral white energy radiates from their third eyes and looks like luminous horns. Their light is very powerful, so we can only accept some at a time. Unicorns ensure that we will only receive what we can bear.

    When we connect with these pure white beings, they will greatly assist us in the path of enlightenment and ascension. They are actively looking for people who shine and are eager to help others and the world.
    They provide assistance in several ways:
    If we have a vision, the way they help us stick to it is to give us some characteristics, such as firm faith, strength and personal attraction, which are necessary to achieve the goal.

    They will also bring the wishes of our souls to the source – that is, the creator or God – to add help, which will help us fulfill our lifetime contracts. Sometimes he will help us achieve great ideals.
    They will send us physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing from the shining horn. Remember to ask.

    They will also help heal and clear deep karmic wounds, which can be personal or related to our family or country.

    We can ask them to help balance our twelve five dimensional chakras in our sleep and achieve a state of balance and harmony.
    Unicorns also help us reconnect with our spirit. When we lose some important life essence due to disease or trauma, we can ask them to help us restore our integrity. This is particularly helpful for children who have high frequency and it is difficult to put energy on earth. Unicorns will contact and help all children, especially those who are not Chang is pure and innocent.

    Think of a unicorn who adjusts our energy to their level and into a higher spiritual field. They take us to the seventh dimension, where they help us cultivate the same qualities as they have – love, peace, calmness, gentleness, hope, nobility, concern, wisdom, compassion, magical magic, and mystery.

    We will now assist you in entering the meditation space where you will meet your Unicorn or have a deeper connection with him and receive healing, karmic cleansing, enlightenment, and assistance in the path of ascension. Your Unicorn will also take you to the source so that your soul task can get the best blessing.
    Visualize working with unicorns

    If you just read this exercise. It’s useful, but if you close your eyes and go into meditation, it can really expose the unicorn to the essence of your life.
  28. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light a candle if it’s convenient.
  29. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and expect the energy to entrust yourself to the unicorn.
  30. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  31. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  32. Cover yourself with a pure white light ball. Gently, slowly, inhale the light and feel your body gradually relax. When the pure white light flows gently through your body, imagine that it is comforting you.
  33. Unicorn who calls you in his heart. Feel or see a noble shining white horse approaching you. He looks peaceful, harmless and gentle. When he approaches, he feels shrouded in love.
  34. When he stands quietly beside you, ask him to balance your twelve five dimensional chakras and light them. You see pure white light flowing down your stellar Gateway – 15 inches or 45 cm above your head, soul star – 7 inches or 18 cm below, causal chakra ——Directly behind the top chakra, then go down through the top chakra to the third eye, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus, umbilical chakra, reproductive chakra and submarine chakra, and finally enter the Earth Star Chakra, which is 12 inches or 30 cm below your feet.
  35. Visualize a pure white light, from your monad – your soul group – all the way to inner earth space.
  36. Thank the unicorn.
    Healing of unicorns and elimination of karmic scars
  37. Connect with your unicorn.
  38. Ask him (speak in your heart or out loud) to give you the healing you need: “Dear unicorn, I ask you to pour your light on me to heal me physically, emotionally, mentally and deeper spiritually. I am ready to accept it.”
  39. Your Unicorn lowers its head and touches your heart with its luminous horn. Seven dimensional energy pours down through your body, emotional body and mental body, and now touches your soul. Inhale the shining white light and feel it flow all over your body. Your five dimensional melkaba, the hexagonal star around your aura, lights up around you.
  40. Ask your unicorn to heal the karmic scars of your life or any previous life: “Dear unicorn, I ask you to heal the karmic scars I still have in my consciousness or unconscious. The healing is complete.”
  41. Feel a lot of light projected from above and spread all over the body.
  42. Ask your unicorn to heal any scars you may have, whether caused by your family in this or previous life: “Dear unicorn, I pray to heal any karmic scars from my family that I still keep in my consciousness or unconscious. The healing is complete.”
  43. Feel a lot of light projected from above onto you and your family, including your ancestors.
  44. Ask your unicorn to heal the karmic scars that still exist in your country, whether in the modern or long past: “Dear unicorn, I pray you to heal all the karmic scars in my country. The healing is complete.”
  45. Imagine a lot of light falling down, covering your whole country and going deep into the soil.
  46. Thank Unicorn for all this.
    Unicorns help reconnect retreating spirits or souls
  47. Connect your unicorn
  48. Ask him to retrieve any aspect of your spirit or soul that may have retreated. Wait for him to finish his work.
  49. Focus on children or adults who fail to live a pragmatic life or suffer from autism, and ask unicorns to help them recover any aspect of the spirit or soul that is difficult to fully show on the earth.
  50. Ask the unicorn to give mankind a blessing related to ascension and help speed up ascension.
  51. Thank the unicorn for giving you and others grace because of your prayer.
    Unicorns help your soul mission
  52. Connect your unicorn.
  53. Think carefully about your ambitions and expectations. Ask the unicorn to give you the conditions you need to achieve your wishes.
  54. Ask the unicorn to open your consciousness to fulfill your soul mission. Ask him to give you the qualities you need to accomplish this mission.
  55. Your beautiful unicorn has been pouring a lot of light into you. Now he invites you to climb up his back so that you can take you and your vision or soul task (or both) to the source for blessing.
  56. You can easily jump on the unicorn’s back. You feel very safe and comfortable, as if you were in your own place.
  57. You feel at ease on the unicorn’s back. You know he is flying to the sky and gliding over the top of the tree. The higher you fly, the higher you see nature expanding under you.
  58. There is a bright arched rainbow hanging in the sky ahead, promising hope. You find that you have entered a different dimension after passing through those colors.
  59. Great angels surround you and celebrate your entry into the higher realms. Many unicorns glide in front of you, and some follow behind. You are in the middle of the ranks of beings of light, and you pass through the seven heavens together, even higher realms.
  60. There are stairs in front of you, shining like diamonds. You climb up on a unicorn. Solemn six winged angels surround you. These powerful angels will take you into the light of origin.
  61. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are receiving a special blessing from the source to help your soul’s mission on earth. Relax and rest in this unspeakable light. The source touches every cell and fiber in your life. Your body has become countless small light spots.
  62. Know that you are the beloved child of God. Feel this feeling in your heart. A new door has opened. The universe is holding its breath for you. You are wearing a cloak of light.
  63. The unicorn gradually withdraws from this magical light and slowly takes you away from this incredible sacred place.
  64. He took you down the diamond stairs and back through the vast universe.
  65. He carries you through the rainbow and into the realm of angels and unicorns.
  66. Many angels and unicorns smile at you and tap your luminous aura. They see your infinite potential and opportunities, which are brought back by your original journey with unicorns.
  67. They are also blessing you. In addition to what you get from your source, they have added countless blessings to you.
  68. Whether you know it or not, you can look at all people and things from a higher and broader perspective of the universe. Your scope of enlightenment is wider and your level of light is greatly improved.
  69. The unicorn slowly takes you down and passes through the stars until you can see the blue and green light of the earth below.
  70. You come down from the unicorn and land lightly and smoothly on the ground.
  71. Thank the unicorn for all he has done to help you. You know you can call him anytime.
  72. It’s time to expand your aura again. Stretch and smile. Unicorns support you.
    You can do the above parts by reading or meditating, and decide how many times you like. You should know that this is a powerful speaker accelerator, and you may need to take a break after you finish it.
    Step 3. Preparation of the twelve chakras and start of the five dimensional melkaba

    In the golden age of Atlantis, everyone had twelve chakras in their proper positions to perform their duties. This chakra contained the code of all their extraordinary talents and talents. Later, with the degradation of energy, five chakras were closed. At the same time, the five dimensional melkaba also degenerated. This is an energy hexagonal star surrounding our Qi field The bread contains our five dimensional blueprint and light body (our light body holds the code of light and wisdom we obtained in the journey of the soul, which is also the manifestation of our higher self). The three-dimensional melkaba replaces the five-dimensional melkaba so that the remaining seven chakras shine at a lower frequency.

    At this moment, it is time for all of us to find back all the twelve chakras and extraordinary talents and talents, and then we can bring a new civilization and a new golden generation to the earth. There will be the influence of golden ascension of Atlantis, but our work is to reopen a new situation at a higher frequency.
    We can restore the five dimensional chakras ourselves. When they are placed and begin to work, our five dimensional melkaba will automatically stabilize.

    Please note that metaphorically speaking, we are now moving from a five story house to a twelve story skyscraper. Therefore, our foundation – in the twelve chakra system, located in our Earth Star Chakra – must be more solid and completely solid than before. We connect with Gaia from here and enter Gaia from this foundation. Before we are ready The archangel St. Stephen will help us lay this foundation.
    The current situation is that many evolved people are introducing their five dimensional chakras. They find it not difficult to open the upper chakras – the top chakra, the third eye, the throat chakra, the heart chakra and the solar plexus. However, when the higher energy comes down, it will be stuck in the reproductive chakra and the undersea chakra. The reason is that in terms of basic survival problems and interpersonal relationships, everyone People still have a lot to learn. These survival and emotional fears left in the lower chakras will keep our undersea chakra and reproductive chakra at the level of three dimensions. These related topics continue to appear because they need to be learned at the moment.
    You are reading this book at present, which means that you are on a fast track, so the archangel will give you many opportunities to do these topics. Therefore, you should focus on the challenges to you, learn from them, and follow the following simple exercises, so that your five-dimensional reproductive wheel and undersea wheel can appear.

    We will provide you with an exercise to prepare you for all twelve chakras and stabilize the five dimensional melkabad. Then you can become a being of light and enter a brilliant future.

    Prepare to activate your twelve chakras

    Some people may need to do this meditation every day, and some people may do it once a week or every month at their level. You can judge for yourself. It will eventually make you live in the fifth dimension forever, which is the most important for your personal and earth’s ascension.

    At first, you may want to practice meditation in a formal way, but after you are familiar with it, you can do it when walking, gardening, housework, public transportation, or whenever you can find a quiet time. All prayers can be done silently in your heart, especially on the bus. If you can’t remember everything , you can take books with you or write some information on paper.
  73. First find a sacred space, any quiet or secret place. Sit comfortably. If possible, light candles and relax.
  74. Call Archangel Michael to protect this space and clean up the low-frequency energy around you.
  75. Invite the fire dragon to set up a firewall around you and burn the remnants that Archangel Michael can’t touch.
  76. Invite Archangel Metatron to use the high-frequency golden orange ascension beam to shine down from your monad to the Earth Star Chakra. This will also help your energy to be rooted in the earth.
  77. Visualize this light column fully opening all your chakras and removing all debris.
  78. Ask Archangel Metatron to touch, light up, and fully activate your galactic portal chakra, which is the gateway to all your monadic wisdom. It is located about 15 inches or 45 cm above your head and regarded as your personal golden orange sun.
  79. Imagine that there is a light bridge between yourself and your source. This is your antakarana bridge – this is an Indian term for the light bridge between the soul and its carrier. Imagine that the energy of this bridge begins to strengthen and emit light.
  80. Please Archangel Mariel Touch, light up, and fully activate the higher aspect of your soul Star Chakra. This chakra is located seven inches or eighteen centimeters below the galaxy portal. It is bright purple and pink. It contains all the amazing knowledge and wisdom of your soul. You can use it to activate your skills and power as a master. Take some time to visualize what you do for the highest benefit Use the skills once possessed during the golden ascension of Atlantis.
  81. Ask Archangel Christian to touch, light up, and fully activate your karmic wheel (it is located slightly behind the top wheel), so it is a bright pure white light. This is where you connect the spiritual world, the frequency of angels and unicorns, and where you can enter the mystery of deep peace and eternal life.
  82. Please Archangel Jophiel Touch, light up, and fully activate your top chakra. It is a thousand petaled lotus on your head. When you are ready to accept the higher light and the code of primitive wisdom, it will open. You can ask the unicorn to open these petals for you. Imagine the archangel yoffel, pouring the golden and white light containing wisdom into every part of your life through this chakra.
  83. Ask Archangel Raphael to touch, light up and fully activate the crystal ball, which is your third eye of the fifth dimension. Treat him as completely transparent, so that you can see through all the curtains and different dimensions. When you focus on your mind, you really become a co creator working with God. Now you need to use the power of the third eye to create all things in a visual way Healing outlines the divine perfection of all things and transmits healing with the power of concentrated mind.
  84. Ask Archangel Michael to touch, light up, and fully activate your sapphire blue five dimensional throat chakra. Archangel Michael will assist you in speaking the language of light and the language of truth. Now, go and communicate with the masters and angels in the golden light, which is another part of many available high-frequency light sources. It has high vibrational power, and the way to pray for them is the same as praying for any other spiritual energy Kind.
  85. Please Archangel chamuel Touch, light up, and fully activate the 33 petals of your heart chakra until you have a pure white rose with a little light pink in your heart chakra. You are now connected to the ninth dimension of the heart of the universe through Venus. This is the source of pure love, which is introduced from a higher field to where it can bring benefits. Pay attention to Archangel Mary , she is a cosmic angel who is filling your heart with love, compassion and healing.
  86. Please Archangel Uriel touch, light up and fully activate your golden ball of knowledge and wisdom, that is, your solar plexus. Retrieve your soul’s knowledge and all the knowledge of the earth, and you will feel that there is a golden cosmic light here. You are combined with all the wisdom you have accumulated in your soul journey. You are in harmony with the universe and you trust It. Relax and experience this feeling.
  87. Ask Archangel Gabriel to touch, light up, and fully activate your warm and brilliant orange navel wheel. In the group of love, when your whole world becomes a family of light, feel the boundaries between you gradually melt. See yourself embracing all cultures and sects with open arms. Experience this feeling of unity.
  88. Please Archangel Gabriel touch, light up and fully activate your colorful and brilliant pink reproductive wheel. Let it be full of supreme love and harmony. Imagine that the ties between you and others are disappearing, and your interpersonal relationship is free and happy. You can now freely experience the flow of higher love.
  89. Please let Gabriel touch, light up and fully start your shining white gold undersea wheel. Only then can your life be based on a kind of trust that the universe will provide everything you need. See you relax into the role of a five-dimensional master. You can get everything you need from the universe and live in complete joy.
  90. Please touch, light up and fully activate your black-and-white or hematite gray Earth Star Chakra, which is located 12 inches or 30 cm below your feet. This is your personal garden of Eden, where the seeds of your great potential are hidden. In this garden, you can become a real self, and it is growing vigorously. Take a moment to imagine that Archangel Saint deven is helping you Help you water and nourish this garden. The Earth Star Chakra is where you connect to the inner space of the earth (the seventh dimensional chakra in the center of the earth and the residence of Gaia). Feel the light pull you deep into the mother earth. You know you are popular on earth, and this is where you really belong.
  91. Now pray for Archangel Metatron to sprinkle a golden orange column of ascension light. Imagine that it is a brilliant beam of light, pouring down from your monad, passing through the galaxy portal and all the way down into the inner space of the earth.
  92. Call the archangel St. Delphine to stabilize this beam in gairi.
  93. Archangel Metatron now holds the structure and energy of your five-dimensional melkaba. Imagine that he connects the two pyramids of light to form a hexagonal star, and then put this melkaba on you.
  94. Feel yourself gradually expanding into your five dimensional blueprint and light body. In the process of integration, breathe deeply and slowly.
  95. Give yourself time to relax, suck it into every cell in your body, and then expand it into your Qi field.
  96. Before ending, please ask Archangel Michael to envelop you in his dark blue protective energy and ensure that you are completely rooted in your new body.
  97. Open your eyes and smile. Now you are the master of the five dimensions.
    Step 4 Archangel Metatron

    In our universe, all the light we know is created by the Almighty Archangel Metatron. The light contains information and knowledge, and Metatron’s energy covers all the universes, including all the realities from the upper to the twelfth dimension.

    The vastness of this huge, sacred luminous body is beyond our understanding. It passes through Helios ——The central big day means that the sacred core of our whole universe enters the earth where we live. The light matter created by Metatron in Helios is the basis of our survival. The different dimensions of our material life are caused by the vibration of light at different speeds and geometric frequencies. They use the sacred geometry to combine all these Together, thus reducing the frequency and creating a solid world we see, touch and perceive around us.
    Archangel Metatron not only has the great status of creating matter, but also occupies a leading position in the process of earth’s ascension.

    In terms of energy, he is mainly positive, and is often regarded as a huge golden orange sun, showing great power and divine power.

    On earth, Archangel Metatron has angel energy, and its energy center is Luxor, Egypt. He also has a huge ascension energy pool in the ethereal world above the Great Pyramid of Giza (beyond the physical level). These are distributed in line with the cosmic flow to assist the earth and its residents in accelerating the process of ascension.
    Due to the tireless work of Archangel Metatron and the help of countless other light beings, the process of ascension is now in full swing. Most light workers who actively assist in the ascension of the earth are well adapted to the energy and guidance of Archangel Metatron. He can coordinate thousands of souls at the same time (he is particularly good at bringing together groups of light workers) Work together to achieve goals and help mankind.

    Archangel Metatron has always existed whether there are historical records or not. He watched the birth of our world and constantly nourished and guided it in the ups and downs of our journey to the present. Ancient civilizations and all modern religions refer to him, as well as the records of this great Archangel.

    Atlantis, the first big experiment after human beings had bodies, was supervised by a group of divine beings under the guidance of Archangel Metatron. In the golden age of Atlantis, everyone’s twelve strands of DNA were all active, and each strand contained many extraordinary talents and powers. When Atlantis collapsed, only twisted strands remained.

    After the fall of Atlantis, many of its high priests and priestesses took their people to different parts of the world. Metatron once had a very harmonious cooperative relationship with them. In Egypt, he took special care of the ascended master serupes ▪ Bei – this well-known Egyptian. The ancient Egyptians’ extensive knowledge of cosmic light and physics enabled them to build pyramids with sound, gravity and vibration technology. This is how the six cosmic pyramids in the world were constructed. At this time, humans had lost their divine ability and what they had in the golden age of Atlantis Amazing talent, had to explore the three-dimensional reality.

    To this day, the light, frequency and spiritual essence of Archangel Metatron exist in each of our cells and blueprints, which means that we can contact him at any time. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to accelerate the ascension of ourselves and those around us. When we ask Archangel Metatron for guidance, we also have incredible opportunities, Get earth and interstellar services.
    Under his command were also a group of angels called Metatron light. They came from his sun center and worked in all universes except our universe. These angels were born at the core of Helios, the gateway between our universe and the universe of Infinite Creator.

    Here are some simple and very effective methods that can help you connect to the magical energy of Archangel Metatron every time you use it, so as to improve your level of light.

    The driving force for the ascension of the four body system

    The four body system includes your body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. The driving force of the four body ascension has great power. It will use light to flow through your body and stimulate the process of ascension in your body. When the light in your cells reaches more than 80%, this process will be triggered immediately. This will enable the five dimensional chakra system to replace the four dimensional chakras and initiate Move all twelve strands of your DNA.
    Your higher self is in full charge of the whole process. He will never allow you to have more light than you need. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you practice for at least three weeks and do not require more than 81% light until it is safe.

    By doing this exercise, you are fully committed to the path of ascension.
  98. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed.
  99. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and expect to start the driving force to help the ascension of the four bodies.
  100. Visualize the root extending from your feet down to the earth and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  101. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  102. Light a candle and give it to Archangel Metatron’s team.
  103. Speak loudly or ask Archangel Metatron to inject 81% light into your body in silence.
  104. Feel the pure golden orange light injected into your body.
  105. Suck it into every cell in your body.
  106. Speak out or ask Archangel Metatron in silence to inject 81% light into your emotional body.
  107. Feel your emotional body adjust into the peace and love of the cosmic stream.
  108. Speak out loud or ask Archangel Metatron to inject 81% light into your mind in silence.
  109. Feel your mind become pure and caring, and full of unconditional love.
  110. Speak or ask Archangel Metatron to inject 81% light into your spiritual body in silence.
  111. See your great spiritual self ascend into the fifth dimension in glory and shine like the sun.
  112. Thank Archangel Metatron.
    You now have the light of the ascended master, and you can maintain this frequency with diligence and concentration. Once you embark on this path, your higher self will guide you and your life will become better.
    Sun Angel contacting Archangel Metatron
  113. Prepare for meditation.
  114. Relax and entrust everything to Archangel Metatron.
  115. Ask him to surround you with brilliant golden orange energy and lift you to the center of the central day.
  116. I feel that I am one with the core of Helios central day.
  117. Feel hundreds of Metatron angels pouring out of your heart.
  118. They surround you, are connected with you, and help you all the time.
  119. Every cell in your body emits the golden orange light of Archangel Metatron.
  120. Thank Archangel Metatron.
    Archangel Metatron’s light bath
  121. Prepare for meditation.
  122. Ask Archangel Metatron to prepare a light bath for you during meditation.
  123. When you relax, you may notice a gentle light flowing through your body.
  124. Speak or pray in silence, “Archangel Metatron, please put me in your bath of light.”
  125. You are surrounded by beautiful and brilliant golden beams of light, arranged in accurate sacred geometry. You lie in the center of the spacious Metatron cube, which is a sacred geometry that shows the connection between the stars in the universe.
  126. Imagine every cell of your body becoming a pure golden liquid light.
  127. When Archangel Metatron puts his hand on you, feel his divine presence. When he injects his frequency into every cell of your life, relax completely.
  128. Because Archangel Metatron is expanding the brightness of this light bath to fully meet your needs, the room will become brighter and brighter.
  129. Please Archangel Metatron melt the problems you know have always existed in your body’s Qi field and energy field on the same day.
  130. Feel his golden light flow through each chakra, open them and let them rotate at a five dimensional frequency.
  131. Ask Archangel Metatron to help you maintain the level of light in your energy field day and night.
  132. Thank him.
  133. Relax and rest.
    Now the energy injected into you will play a stable role for you and your human compatriots.
    Those of you who are open to acceptance are tilting the human balance.
    There are several ways to open your heart to these energies.
    First, if you rest and relax, you will automatically open.
    If you do something that can bring happiness to yourself, you will automatically open your heart,
    If you intend to open your heart, open your arms, palm up, tell the universe that you want to serve others, you want to receive the current energy to serve others, and then it’s done.
    Soaking yourself in water, even in a bathtub, can help.
    Be aware of your thoughts and emotions, pay attention to where your focus is, whether it’s tension or anxiety, put it down immediately, and you will continue to be the conduit needed for human election, and always.
    How to receive the incoming cosmic energy
    Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
    Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
    We can detect even the slightest increase in the vibration frequency of human collective consciousness. We want to tell you that there is a peak now.
    You are actively reaping what you require, and those of you who are open to accept are tilting the human balance.
    You can always stay out and see what others are doing, thinking and saying, and feel as if human beings are not moving in the right direction, or you can observe those chaos from an external perspective and realize that human beings are doing a lot of things to summon higher frequency energy, and someone must stand up and become the receiver of these energies.
    You can always perceive that that person is yourself. You have the ability and willingness to do so, and many of you are already taking the time to do so so so that the human collective can have the impact you want.
    You are a natural giver, you want to help. You want to serve others and open yourself to the coming cosmic energy. This is the way you can provide the greatest service to your fellow human beings now.
    It is easy for you awakened people to work with these energies, because you have done so for a long time. Now the energy injected into you will play a stable role for you and your human compatriots.
    You can touch them yourself from the beginning, and then allow these energies to work in your body. You connect them with mother earth and let them transfer along the grid line, which will benefit everyone on earth. No matter how you live now, everyone can have more such stability in their own life. You can give them. Now some people may It’s a good thing to know how to do this.
    We will tell you that there are several ways to open your heart to these energies.
    First, if you rest and relax, you will automatically open.
    If you do something that can bring happiness to yourself, you will automatically open your heart,
    If you intend to open your heart, open your arms, palm up, tell the universe that you want to serve others, you want to receive the current energy to serve others, and then it’s done.
    Soaking yourself in water, even in a bathtub, can help.
    Be aware of your thoughts and emotions, pay attention to where your focus is, whether it’s tension or anxiety, put it down immediately, and you will continue to be the conduit needed for human election, and always.
    But as you know, this is an important moment in human history. There are many people who are afraid of something or have resistance to something. They need help. They need inner stability. Once you lay the foundation for them, they will be more receptive to the results, because everyone has an open time. Everyone will be less nervous, When they are anxious, when they do appear like this, you will lay a good foundation for them, that is, let them receive the wonderful stable energy in you now.
    We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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