“I’m hurt and angry. How can I calm down?”

“I’m hurt and angry. How can I calm down?”

Find a peaceful analogy and stuff hurt and anger into that field. If you can’t calm down, go out for a walk, take a deep breath and breathe the fresh air. If you are still angry, express your anger with the people who hurt you. If there are people who hurt you, fight back immediately until the boundary is drawn. This is necessary, because you only want your own living space, and you don’t want to support the people who love you or rely on the people who hurt you. Understand, Everything is for you to get greater freedom, if you still take your lover as your pillar of life and the person who hurt you as your attachment to continue to live

This is also the arrangement given to you by the goddess of the karmic Committee. You will no longer let go, but only cling and stick, and you will face greater challenges

Yes, the awakening group is the key object of care, which aims to let you see where the dilemma you are still facing as an awakened person is until you completely let go in the joy of higher vibration, return to your heavenly soul mission, and exist as an observer and channel

My experience is to bear it, temporarily leave or decide to leave the place that doesn’t welcome you or even hurts you, and find a place of greater joy. Only when others invade my last space will I defend. Whether that person is a lover, parents, relatives and friends, or your children, at this time, the whole society is racing to digest the last heavy karma, that is to say, Rest well, focus on healing, practice your body and necessary self-defense skills, in order to release your last battle and let go of your fear

Everything is not invariable, and the relationship is not what you think. Only when you choose, act and let go can you understand what it is

Continue the lessons of rest, healing and returning to joy. Tomorrow’s you can be completely different from today’s you if you forget and don’t take it to heart fast enough

Give yourself more mobility and breathing, rather than handing over this gift of divine power and supreme sovereignty to others

Remember, love and injury in the third world are the same thing. Injury will not be untied until humans are no longer interested in seeking love


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