It is important to know the underlying motivations and motivations in your relationships and heal them in the light of your awareness.

It is important to know the underlying motivations and motivations in your relationships and heal them in the light of your awareness.

The love between twin souls is not to make each other complete, but to create new things: not two become one, but two will become three.

Twin souls

Here I want to talk about the concept of twin soul, which may be familiar to all of you. The concept of twin souls is very attractive to you. However, it is potentially dangerous because it can be interpreted in such a way that this understanding will enhance each of you’s birth pain and emotional dependence rather than solve it. This will happen to you when you understand the concept of twin souls as the existence of a person who is perfect for you and can make you complete. This is the concept of twin souls as your partner. You then assume that the unity and security you deeply miss will be found in another person who is perfect for you.
according to this immature concept of twin soul, the soul is considered as two separate halves, which can be combined to become a whole. Usually the two halves are male and female. So this concept not only implies that you are incomplete, but also that you are essentially either male or female. You may see that such a twin soul concept is unhealthy or non healing from a spiritual point of view. It makes you rely on something outside of you.
It denies your divine origin: you are everything, male and female, and you are complete and complete.
It creates illusions that keep you away from home. What I call “Hometown” represents your own essence and the sanctity of your “self”.
No soul wants to be the other half of others.
Twin souls do exist and literally mean: they are twins. They are souls with the same “feeling tone” or vibration, or you can say they have the same birth time, just like biological twins. The specific birth time and unique time and space point produce the only harmonious feeling tone within the born souls. They don’t depend on each other in any way. They are neither men nor women. But they are indeed attuned to each other, like like like-minded souls.
what is the reason for creating twin souls? Why do they exist? You often think that some things are created for the learning process they affect. But twin souls are not the reason.
The reason why twin souls exist is not to learn anything. The goal is simply joy and creation.
Twin souls have no function in duality. You will meet your twin souls when you transcend duality, when you re recognize yourself and the God within you who is complete, undivided and can appear in any form. The twin souls meet again on their journey home.
let’s go back for a moment until the journey begins. When you leave one state and become an individual, you enter duality. Suddenly there was light and darkness, greatness and insignificance, disease and health, and so on. Reality is torn apart. You lose the reference to show who you really are. At first you accept that your identity is “part of a whole”. Now you are a separate part torn out of the whole.
But you don’t realize that the people who accompany you are equal to you, and nothing is more similar to you than them. You occupy “the same space” in one blanket, so close to each other that you don’t know you’re two until you’re born. What connects you two is something beyond duality, which is older than the history of duality. It is difficult to express it completely and properly in language, because it does not obey your ordinary definition of identity. In the ordinary definition, you are either one or two, and it is impossible to be both at the same time.
now you are all on a journey, a long journey through many experiences. You have all experienced the extremes of duality and gradually find that your essence is not within duality, but outside it, in the foundation under it. Once you deeply understand this fundamental unity, your return journey begins. Gradually, you are no longer obsessed with external things, such as power, reputation, money or prestige. You increasingly understand that the key is not what you experience, but how you experience it. In a state of understanding, you create your own joy and pain. You are discovering the power of your own consciousness.
after you have experienced all the ups and downs in duality, you will meet your twin souls at some point. In the energy field and appearance of your twin soul, you will recognize a deep part of yourself. You go beyond the essence of duality. Because of this understanding, you will know yourself better and know who you really are. Your twin soul is your reference, pulling you out of your limited belief in yourself. You liberate yourself by seeing your image in the twin souls; This is like a reminder that it has nothing to do with emotional dependence. Meeting each other helps each of you become stronger and more aware individuals and express your love and creation on earth. It accelerates your return journey because it helps you step into a higher level of unity while fully preserving and expressing your self, your only personality.
in the end, we are all one. We are all supported by the same energy. But at the same time, we all have personality.
Twin souls are, to some extent, a link between personality and unity. It’s like a stepping stone into one.
If you are consciously and physically connected with your twin souls, you will lead to the creation of something new: a third energy born from their joint action. This energy often helps to promote oneness awareness on a large scale, not just the two of them. As they were on their way home, the twin souls were inspired to anchor the energy of love and unity on earth, and they did it in a way consistent with their unique talents and skills. In this way, the love of twin souls builds a stepping stone between “becoming an individual” and “becoming a whole”.
There is a deep internal connection between twin souls, but this does not change the fact that they themselves are the whole. They bring love and joy together, and their encounter enhances self realization and creativity. They support each other and never fall into the trap of emotional dependence and addiction.
The love between twin souls is not to make each other complete, but to create new things: not two become one, but two will become three.
Healing communicative relationship
There are healing and destructive relationships.
A characteristic of a healing relationship is that both partners respect each other’s original appearance and do not try to change each other.
They get a lot of happiness in their company, but they don’t feel uncomfortable, disappointed or lonely if another person is not around.
In such a relationship, you give understanding, support and encouragement to your lover, but don’t try to solve their problems. There is freedom and peace in such a relationship. Of course, sometimes there may be some misunderstandings, but these emotions are short-lived.
Both partners are ready to forgive. There is a intentional connection between them, so they will not regard another person’s emotions and mistakes as their own. Because it doesn’t trigger deeper pain, they don’t take it too seriously. Both partners are emotionally independent.
They do not gain strength and happiness from their partner’s presence and recognition. He or she does not fill the gaps in each other’s lives, but adds something new and vital.
in a healing relationship, the partner may also know in previous lives or previous lives. But in this case, there is little emotional karmic baggage as described above. The acquaintance of the two souls in previous lives may be mutually encouraging and supporting in essence. Like friends, partners or parents and children, they treat each other as soul mates. This will create an inseparable connection for several generations.
let me give another example. A young man grew up in a poor family somewhere in the middle ages. He is naturally gentle, sensitive and out of tune with his environment. His family is made up of hard-working, somewhat rude people who don’t pay any attention to his unrealistic and dreamlike qualities. When he grew up, he became a monk. He was not really happy there, because life was tightly controlled and the people living there lacked human warmth and fraternity. However, one person is a little different. The priest with high rank but no authoritative temperament is really interested in him. From time to time he would ask how things were and assign him some comfortable jobs, such as gardening. Whenever they look at each other, there is a sense of identity and resonance. There is a silent connection from the heart. Although they did not often meet or talk, the priest was a source of hope and encouragement for the young man.
in the next life, the young man is a woman. Once again, she has a natural temperament of elegance and fantasy. She has some difficulty in relying on herself for independence. When she grew up, she fell into a marriage with an authoritarian man. At first she fell in love with his distinctive, powerful and extraordinary charm, but later she realized that his strong strength Limited and suppressed her. However, she found it difficult to liberate herself from him. She sometimes mentioned this problem to a colleague at work, a slightly older man. He encouraged her to be independent and loyal to her own needs. Every time she talked to him, she knew intuitively that he was right. After countless inner struggles, she divorced her husband. Now her contact with that colleague has changed. She felt attracted to him. He used to be single. She felt very relaxed with him as if they had known each other for centuries. They began a very loving, relaxed and encouraging relationship between the two people. The compassion that flowed between the two of them in previous lives has now become a perfect husband and wife relationship.
this is a healing relationship. The woman made key decisions in the process of leaving her husband and choosing for herself. Thus she confirmed her emotional independence. This creates the foundation for a loving and balanced relationship between souls who agree with each other.
Karmic relationships
In the following, I want to talk about the relationship of karma. I mean, in such a relationship, people have known each other and experienced strong emotional relationships in other generations. Karmic relationships are characterized by unresolved emotions between partners, such as guilt, fear, dependence, jealousy, anger or other similar emotions. Because of these unresolved emotional burdens, they feel attracted to each other in another incarnation. The purpose of re encounter is to provide an opportunity to solve the problem at present. This happens by creating the same problem again in a very short time. When they first meet again, karma “players” will feel an irresistible strong desire to get close to each other and begin to repeat their old emotional role model after a period of time. Now that the stage has been set up to face the re emergence of old problems, we may be able to solve them in a wiser way. The spiritual purpose of re encounter is to enable both partners to make different decisions than when they met in their previous life.
I give an example here. Imagine a woman having a very bossy and lustful husband in one of her previous lives. For some time she accepted this, but at some point she felt enough and broke the relationship. Then his husband committed suicide. The woman felt remorse. She believes she is guilty. Maybe she should give him another chance? This guilt has been with her for the rest of her life.
They met again in another life. There is a strange attraction between them. At first, the man was extraordinarily attractive and she was the center of his attention. He adores her. They started dating. But from then on, he became more jealous and bossy. He doubted her loyalty. She found herself struggling inside. She was very angry and depressed because he wronged her, but she felt a strange obligation to forgive him and give him another chance. He was a wounded man, she thought; He can’t control all this because he is afraid of being abandoned. Maybe I can help him overcome that. In this way, she proved that her behavior was correct, but in fact, she allowed her personal boundaries to be violated. Such a relationship negatively affected her self-esteem.
The most liberating decision this woman can make now is to end the relationship and go her own way without guilt.
Her husband’s pain and fear are not her responsibility. His pain and her guilt led to a destructive relationship. Their relationship has carried an emotional burden due to another life. The significance of meeting again is that the woman must learn to let go without guilt, and the man must learn emotional independence. So the only real solution is to end the relationship. The solution to a woman’s karma is to completely let go of her guilt. The mistake she made in her previous life was not that she abandoned her husband, but that she thought she was responsible for his suicide. In this life, his wife’s leaving him will make the husband face his own pain and fear again, which will give him a new opportunity to face these emotions rather than escape them.
you can recognize that this is an old reunion if that person immediately feels inexplicably familiar with you. And often this is also mutual attraction. There is a strong atmosphere in the air that drives you to come together and find each other. If the opportunity is right, this strong attraction may develop into a beautiful love or serious infatuation.
The emotions you experience may be so irresistible that you think you have met your twin soul. However, things are not what they seem. There will always be problems in such a relationship sooner or later.
Partners are often involved in psychological conflicts. The main inducements are power, control and dependence.
In this way, they repeated a previous life tragedy that they had subconsciously known. They may have been lovers, fathers and sons, monarchs and ministers or other relationships in previous lives. But they always touched each other’s deepest pain, because of infidelity and abuse of power. Compared with the general, the stimulation is too strong. They had a deep experience, which led to deep brand and emotional trauma. This is why when they meet again in their new life, their attraction and repulsion will be so intense.
the spiritual invitation to all souls so actively entangled is to let go of each other and become “entities above themselves”, free and independent.
The karma mentioned here will almost never be a long-term, stable relationship of true love. They are more destructive than healing.
Most often, the basic purpose of meeting is to successfully separate each other. This is something that cannot be accomplished in one or more previous lives, but now there is another opportunity to put each other down in love.
if you find that your relationship has strong emotional characteristics and evokes a lot of pain and sadness, but you can’t let go of it, please realize that you have no responsibility and obligation to be with that person. At the same time, we must realize that strong emotions often mean deep pain rather than true love.
The energy of true love is essentially calm, peaceful and relaxed. It’s not heavy, tired and tragic. If a relationship has such characteristics, it’s time to let go of it instead of “trying to solve it” again.
sometimes you convince yourself that you must stick together because you “share karma” and you must “solve problems together”.
”You say this is all due to karma, as a reason to delay the relationship, and you are suffering greatly. In fact, here you misinterpret the concept of karma. You don’t have karma together,
Karma is a personal matter.
Dangerous karma in these relationships often requires you to put it down completely, that is, you exit such relationships to experience that you are complete.
Again, solving karmic problems is something you do on your own.
Another person may touch or trigger things within you, resulting in a lot of disputes between you. But it’s your own challenge and task to deal with your own inner scars, not other people’s problems. You are only responsible for yourself.
it is important to recognize the above because it is one of the main traps in relationships.
You are not responsible for your partner, and your partner is not responsible for you.
The solution to your problem does not exist in the behavior of another person.
Sometimes you touch your partner’s inner child, the emotional part of your heart, and then you think you’re the one to “save” it. Or your partner may be trying the same thing for you. But it won’t work. You will aggravate another person’s sense of helplessness and victimization. On the contrary, it will be more helpful if you draw a line and become independent for yourself. It is your goal to feel complete and complete by yourself. This is the most important condition for a truly successful communication relationship.
Healing the birth pain of the universe
You will meet your twin souls at some point. It’s enough to know this information.
Please don’t immerse yourself in the hopes and expectations that take you out of the current reality.
The most important thing at this moment is that you fully realize that the love and security you deeply desire are present in yourself.
The key is to realize that this complete self-identity can never be given to you by others, even from your twin souls.
Not only in the love relationship, but also in the relationship between parents and children, there is also the temptation to find absolute unity or security in another person. Imagine parents who want their children to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams, or children who grow up but still rely on their parents and regard them as an absolutely safe paradise.
It is important to know the underlying motivations and motivations in your relationships and heal them in the light of your awareness.
Your cosmic homesickness will not be cured by or in a relationship. This will be done by yourself. You will fully understand your true colors and your light, beauty and divinity. This is the destination of your journey.
you will not return to the state of unity from which you came. The “blanket of love” where you were born constitutes your embryonic period. Now you are a mature God. You will create an absolutely safe and loving place from your heart, allowing everyone to share unconditionally. This is the essence of God:
Radiate, create and cherish with unconditional love, but never negotiate and consider.
now I want you to be quiet for a while and really feel your self, your only existence above yourself. If you are surrounded by others, feel your “me” strongly for a period of time. You are this part of God, unconditional. This is not something that can be taken from you. To be exact, it is undeniable.
now feel how the undeniable fact of your self existence can be the source of your happiness and strength. Say yes to the miracle of your own existence and embrace it.
Yes, I am. I am independent and unique, my own existence.
I can be deeply connected with others, but I still remain an “me” forever. You may think that there is loneliness and desolation behind this fact, but please go beyond these thoughts and feel strength and vitality within yourself. If you really say yes to your personality, you will experience confidence and trust. On this basis, you will create a loving relationship, and loneliness and Desolation will dissipate.
when loneliness and desolation occupy you, put your inner child on your lap. Notice the child’s injury. It craves the complete sense of security it once knew when it was still a fetus. It wants to see this sense of security reflected in your partner’s face, or in your child’s face, your parents’ face, or the therapist’s face. Then show your face to the child. You have the angel face this child needs. You are going to heal the child in the most complete way you can dream of. It’s not what I or any “master” can do for you. We can only point the way.
You are your own savior.
finally, I want you to feel our connection together for a while. Even if you are not there or you are reading this material, feel our connection. Now don’t focus on the “self”, but focus on our unity in a very free and relaxed way. Feel the energy, feel what brings us together. It is the desire for unity. Now imagine that we are surrounded by the most powerful energy here, which is the energy of your awakening self, the energy of your inner angel. Let’s breathe this energy and spend a few minutes deeply feeling its power.
thank you for your presence.
Interpersonal relationships in the new era! (Joshua classic!)
Original becomequantum melodious today
Relationships in the New Era a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe Becomequantum Original address:
This article is a little long, but it’s enough to read this information about emotional relationship. It tells us where the root of our emotional pain lies. In karmic relationship, the key to karma elimination is not to solve the problem again, but to put it down. Karma elimination is a personal matter and has nothing to do with others. Later, we also explain in detail our misunderstanding of the concept of twin soul (generally speaking, it may be difficult to let go of emotional attachment and achieve self love and emotional independence, but it must be done if you want to get rid of it. Emotion, love and unity can’t be found from others.)
Dear friends, I am with you today in great joy and happiness. You can feel my energy flowing between you. This is not a traditional speech. I am transmitting a specific energy (attached to the message), and you are a part of it like me and Pamela and Gerrit. Here we gather together, and we create a vortex energy field in this room, in this window to earth. So this place is sacred. Wherever people – Angels in human form – gather to spread their light to the earth, this place becomes sacred.
I’d like to briefly talk about the psychic phenomenon that has become very popular recently. You all know the concept of Qi (prana) used in yoga and Oriental philosophy. Qi is the spiritual energy you breathe in every time you breathe. In other words, when you breathe, you not only inhale oxygen, but also inhale life energy, a cosmic energy beyond matter that can make you survive.
Now I want to point out that just as everyone inhales energy while breathing oxygen, everyone is channeling in her or his own way. Channeling is not limited to a few people with special talents.
Channeling is the most natural thing in the world. You know, you can’t live without cosmic energy. You cannot exist, live and multiply without absorbing cosmic energy. Just as you can’t live on oxygen alone, your basic functions can’t work without connecting with the cosmic energy that is also your hometown. The earth and the universe, oxygen and energy, both of which are very necessary for the full realization of being human in the earth reality.
in previous channeling, I called you gate keepers, and you opened your doors to more light on earth. But you are also bridge builders, circling between the universe and the earth, channeling cosmic energy to the earth. This is what you are really doing, and what you must do in order to be happy, healthy and complete your mission. Whenever you use your intuition, whenever you go deep inside to understand things and seek how to change, you are channeling. At these times, you have established psychic channels with your higher self, and you are connected to the universe, non earth wisdom, which can help you achieve your purpose on earth. Each of you is channeling in some way to realign yourself with your higher existence outside time and space.
today we share energy and guide the cosmic energy that wants to find the way to earth in this new era. The new era is no longer an illusion of the future. It has emerged in countless personal daily lives. If you read newspapers or news, it seems that the time is not ripe.
But the awakening brought about by the new era began at the individual level, not at the government level, public institutions or organizations.
New energy flows are reflected in your daily life. It is your heart that beckons to you and invites you to live and behave according to its consciousness and wisdom.
Ordinary individuals begin to listen to their own voices, which is the way of the birth of the new era.
Spiritually, the basis of any actual change and transformation is always based on the individual level. The awakening energy in your heart will gradually find its way out in public institutions or organizations, which still adhere to the old model under the ideology of egoism. The fortress of the old energy will collapse, not because of violence, but because of gentle inner energy. If the mind is allowed to dominate, the old will collapse, not under the pressure of power and violence, but under the force of love.
In this new era, interpersonal relationships are undergoing important changes. Relationships are your deepest emotional source, from great joy to boundless pain. In communication, you may find an internal pain that is even longer than the communication itself, and even longer than your existence as a human being.
in this era, you are invited and often challenged to obtain in-depth self-healing in the field of communication. Because of the existence of new energy, it is possible to turn the harmful elements of communication into positive and equal energy flow between you and another person. However, healing and personal transformation may also mean that you come out of a relationship where you can’t properly express yourself.
This often means that even someone you love deeply may have to say goodbye to you because your own inner journey takes you elsewhere. Whether it leads to reunion or separation, you are challenged to face the deepest problems in the field of relationships.
The inner call marks a new era of spiritual energy that has entered your daily life and you can no longer ignore it.
to explain why relationships can hurt you so much and completely disrupt your lives, I want to say a little about the ancient pain you carry in your soul. The pain is very long, far longer than your life, even all your previous lives on earth. I want to bring you back to the pain of your first birth as a soul.
“Once upon a time” everything was complete and undivided. Can you imagine? Let your imagination fly free for a while. Imagine that you are not in a body, you are pure consciousness and are part of a huge energy field that surrounds you in a comfortable way. You feel that you are part of this oneness and are unconditionally loved. Feel how this energy field wraps you, like an infinitely comfortable blanket, like rich dear energy, allowing you to explore and grow freely without doubting yourself or your true colors. be light of heart from care. This sense of safety and comfort forms the environment before you were born, from where you stand out and become a separate soul. It’s a cosmic womb. Even if it has long been removed from your present state, your heart still yearns for the feeling of complete wholeness and the absolute security you feel in the blanket of love and compassion. The feeling of unity you remember is God. In this blanket of love, you form God together.
In this blanket of divine consciousness or love, it is decided at some point to create a new environment. It is very difficult to explain in human language, but perhaps you can imagine in God that in the consciousness of one, there is a desire to seek difference and seek things outside one. It can also be said that it is a desire to seek experience. When you are completely sucked into the totality of pure existence, you do not experience things – you just exist. In addition to the infatuation and complete sense of security in this state, there are also some gods and some cosmic awareness, hoping to explore and evolve. This part “leaves itself”.
you are the God of this part. At one point your consciousness agrees with the experiment: separate from one into “I”, an entity itself, an established individual consciousness. From the depths of your existence, you think it’s a good thing. You think the desire to create and update is a good and valuable pursuit. However, the moment you actually leave the field of one, there is pain. For the first time in your memory, for the first time in your life there is deep pain. You are torn from the realm of love and security that you don’t need to prove at all. This is what I call birth pain. Even in this first strong sad experience, there is a voice in the deepest part of your existence that tells you that all this is right, and this is your own choice. But the pain is so deep that in the outer layer of your existence, you become confused and lose direction. It becomes very difficult to keep in touch with your inner awareness. At that inner level, you are God, and you know that everything is intact.
the painful part that arose at that time I call the inner child. Your soul, your only personality, carries within itself an extremely pure divine awareness on the one hand and a wounded cosmic child on the other. This God and child, the unity of awareness and experience, began a long journey. You start by being a separate soul. You begin to investigate and experience what it is like to be an I, an established individual?
God turned a part of himself into a soul. The soul needs experience to find its divine origin again. The soul needs to live, experience, discover, self destruct and re create to understand the true meaning of the soul, that is, God. The evidence as a whole has been shattered and must be retrieved through experience. This in itself is a very beautiful creation. The emergence of self-consciousness is a miracle! Never existed before.
usually you try to go beyond your I-ness boundary to experience unity and deep unity again. You might say that’s your spiritual goal. But think about it: from God’s point of view, it is this self, this separation has created a miracle! The state of integration is normal, “always like this”. In the miracle of becoming a single soul, there is incomparable beauty, joy and creative energy. The reason why you do not experience this is that you are still struggling with the pain of being born as a soul. Somewhere in your heart, the initial screams of pain and betrayal are still echoing: Memories taken away from your mother / father, from the blanket of ubiquitous love and security.
you have experienced many things on your way through time and experience. You’ve tried different life forms. Quite a few incarnations are not in the form of human bodies, but now those are less relevant. What is important to me in this article is that throughout this long history, you have been guided by two different motives. One is a strong interest in exploration, creation and renewal, the other is homesickness, the feeling of being driven out of heaven and irresistible loneliness.
in the part where you like adventure and reform, that is, driven by the energy that pushed you out of the cosmic womb, you have experienced and created a lot. But because of your inner birth pain and homesickness, you also have to deal with a lot of trauma and eliminate illusions. So your creation is not always kind. In your journey through time and space, you did something that you later regretted – something you would call “bad”. From our point of view, these behaviors are just the result of our determination to experience and explore the unknown. Do you understand that once you decide to become an individual and separate from the one that never proves itself, you can’t just experience the light. You must rediscover everything again. So you will experience darkness as well. You will experience everything to the limit.
at your current stage of evolution, you begin to realize that everything is accomplished or destroyed as you truly find the power of your “self”. This means that you really find your own divinity from self-consciousness, experience joy and abundance. When you were born from the universe, when you were surrounded by sadness and pain, you began to feel small and insignificant. From that moment on, you begin to look for something that can redeem you – an external power, God, leader, partner, child, etc. In the awakening process you are currently experiencing, you realize that the most fundamental sense of security you seek will not be found outside you, whether it is parents, lovers or God. No matter how strongly this pursuit and homesickness is triggered in a particular relationship, you will not find this fundamental sense of security, even in your relationship with God.
the God you believe in, a god inherited from your tradition and still seriously affecting your understanding, is a God outside you. It is a God who plans things and arranges the way for you.
But this God does not exist. You are God, you are the part of God who wants to create. You decide to go your own way to experience things in a completely different way.
You can say that the energy of expansion, exploration and innovation is male energy, on the contrary, the energy of unity and reunion, and the energy of home is female energy.
Both of these energies belong to your essential existence.
As a soul, you are neither male nor female.
In essence, you are both male and female.
You start your journey with both components. It is time for them to work together in harmony, which means truly experiencing unity within yourself. After denying your greatness for such a long time, you will finally begin to realize that you have no choice but to become the God you have always wanted.
this is the final breakthrough to enlightenment: realize that you are the God you want to be. Nothing outside of you can bring you into the center of your own power, your complete self. You are it, you are the complete you and always are!
You’ve been waiting for yourself.
lighting the flame of inner self-awareness brings such joy and such a deep sense of home that it will put all your interpersonal relationships into a new cognition and perspective. For example, you will care less about what others say about you. If someone criticizes and doesn’t trust you, you won’t automatically accept it yourself. You will feel less affected or reluctant to respond. You can put it down more easily, and the need to defend yourself and others dissipates. When you are easily influenced emotionally by what others think of you, it means that you have an internal inferiority complex that makes you believe in other people’s negative comments. You can’t resolve your inferiority complex by provoking conflict with others. You have to look inward to find the emotional scars in your heart. These scars are far longer than the moment of rejection.
in fact, all the pain of exclusion, all the pain of communication, comes from the original, untreated birth pain. It seems that my summary has taken a big step here, because countless complex situations in the relationship seem to show that the reasons are very similar. It seems that your pain is caused by what your partner did or didn’t do. It seems that your pain is caused by external causes. So you think the solution to your problem lies in the behavior of others. But let me tell you:
Fundamentally, you are trying to heal an ancient pain within yourself. If you don’t know this, you may easily fall into communication problems that may lead to great pain.
especially in the relationship between men and women (love relationship), you often try to construct a sense of intimacy and security between you, just like the initial state of unity you vaguely remember. You subconsciously try to reproduce the feeling of being comfortably wrapped in unconditional love and tolerance. There is a child within you crying for unconditional tolerance. However, if your inner child puts his or her arm around your partner’s inner child, the most common result is a suffocating hug that hinders both partners’ true self-expression.
What happens is that you become emotionally dependent, so you need the love and recognition of others to get your own happiness. Dependence often leads to power and control problems, because the need for someone and the desire to control his or her behavior are the same thing. This is the beginning of a destructive relationship. Giving up your independence in communication and guided by the subconscious pursuit of absolute unity is destructive for yourself and another person.
the true love between two people will show two energy fields that can work completely independently. Each field is complete in itself and is connected to another on top of that integrity. In the interdependent relationship between partners, you will find an uncoordinated struggle for “organic whole”, rather than trying to work independently.
This leads to energy entanglement that can be observed in the human light field, which looks like partners feeding energy beams to each other.
They feed each other with addictive dependence and controlled energy.
Such energy entanglement means that you are irresponsible to yourself, and you do not face the Ancient Soul trauma that only you can heal.
Only when you face the deepest pain and take responsibility will you find that you never need others to become complete, and you can liberate yourself from the destructive side of your relationship.


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