Focusing on the activation of laryngeal chakras, the heart can only express a certain percentage on the physical level. The throat chakra is a tool for further physical expression and amplification of love and truth in the heart.

Focusing on the activation of laryngeal chakras, the heart can only express a certain percentage on the physical level. The throat chakra is a tool for further physical expression and amplification of love and truth in the heart.



The sensitive body absorbs a lot of energy from the candidates in the examination room, and the turbulence is more obvious when communicating with one of the students

It is not a better choice to deal with people with discomfort, competitive awareness, anxiety and fear for the increasingly sensitive and high melting furnace body

The impact is obvious and feels like dealing with thick fog, just as when the road examiner with stubborn energy coexists in the same car

That is, I have a choice. Even if I face the problems of immigration residence cards that have been popping up from time to time for several years, whether I pass the language test or not (there is a great possibility of not passing), I am facing a new choice

Continue my road of freedom. For example, if I have a Chinese driver’s license, I won’t renew my Austrian driver’s license if I’m not interested, even if everyone thinks it’s illegal^_^

Continue my path of freedom, not driven by my internal motivation, no longer participate, and only focus on my own relaxation, freedom, concentration and the present

The current path is optional, even if it faces no renewal and illegal residence
See, if you don’t have a choice, there are always things that frighten you so that you don’t choose a more free path, but repeat competition, survival, the sticky and dependent sexual desire of love and who has more endurance to endure the torture of life^_^

Everything is just a choice, based on the internal motivation of your higher vibration, not on what others need you to do, what fear needs you to do, and what spiritual teaching needs you to do

Yes, the adventure is also my exciting journey and my road of freedom. You have to explore your own road of freedom, otherwise it will still become the lesson of the fifth dimensional earth

You can not only choose to deal with people in the way of competition, survival and pressure, but also choose a more relaxed and comfortable way to traffic

For example, there is no conflict between not taking a residence card and being in the local area. This is the road of integration of challenges, because you have chosen a more free way of language learning, life learning and continuous learning in life. It is just that it is no longer a surprise and for exams, but a slower way of learning, and it will not spread depression, disappointment and lack of confidence

Because if it needs to be applied in life, the breakthrough and further improvement of that skill will naturally be put on the agenda and find a more exciting way to learn

It is time to stop participating in the game of competition and survival. It is time to return to unconditional ease and freedom

After the test, I didn’t eat much one day, but I really need to breathe high oxygen to make up for the anoxic life of masks in the classroom (in fact, it is also anoxic without masks in the classroom) and release and transform the inhaled emotions and anxiety of a large number of candidates (from the survival and work choices of immigrants and busy working people)

The autumnal equinox energy supports me, who eats three bananas and two pieces of thumb sized bread a day, to continue to climb the mountain and rest on the top of the mountain and enjoy the baking in the sun

Then, before sunset, replenish drinking water, go into the water to play, swim, dive and dive by the river. The high vibration and hot body can only be comfortable in the cool river

Learn freestyle

Freedom needs to be learned, followed by excitement in the emergence of higher vibrational paths

Not only to be explained, but also to act

Focus only on your joy and return joy, and only on accepting greater freedom of choice


There was some slight throat inflammation in the early morning of these two days


“9D Arcturus ascension master anxina – activate your throat chakras

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my yesterday

Hello, loving earth beings, creator’s soul and face. I am anxina, the leader of Arcturus fleet and master of ascension.

I now come to you to hold and share the light and wisdom of Arcturus people. I expand my energy from Arcturus to the process of you being guided by wise men. Arcturus master supports you to awaken your throat chakra at this sacred moment. My energy and love are always with you. I act as a bridge to connect your energy with Arcturus’s bright light for you Your further spiritual awakening and awareness service.

I want you to know that it is at this time that you can ask your throat chakra to be activated by the Arcturians supervised by anxina and Archangel Michael.

Your throat chakra is an important energy expression point within you. It is closely connected with your heart and soul. It is a prominent expression of the creator within you.

Your throat chakra vibrates naturally in the vibration of truth, which is similar to the source of self-expression and divine wisdom. We usually only think that the heart chakra or soul holds great wisdom, but the throat chakra is sacred to the source of truth, and the source of truth is the creator.
The throat chakra has been observing the expression of your soul and heart, and also expressing the wisdom of the mind. Holding so much wisdom in the throat chakra is similar to remembering through the throat chakra or expressing the energy vibration of the truth of the inner creator through the throat chakra.

More importantly, the throat chakra is one of the greatest tools you hold to express the creator’s light and wisdom on the physical level.

When you transcend the dimensions of the earth, the throat chakra plays less role in your reality. Although it continues to be an expression of energy, it also acts as the heart of internal radiation and an amplifier of truth. It is important to recognize the existence of your physical body and the existence of your chakras, because they will change with your evolution and adapt to your further development by adjusting the dimensions Express the changes you need.
Although the activation of the heart chakra is essential at this most sacred moment, it is necessary to focus on the activation of the throat chakra,
On the physical level, the heart can only express a certain percentage. The throat chakra is a tool for further physical expression and amplification of love and truth in the heart.

In fact, the moment when the heart chakra and the throat chakra become one is coming. Even if you don’t speak or make a sound, there is a continuous vibration, just like a sound heard by non physical hearing, emanating from your throat chakra.

The vibration generated by your throat chakra can come from the mind, heart chakra, or even imitate the vibration of the physical body, depending on your focus.

If the heart chakra and the throat chakra work together, the throat chakra will emit vibrations equal to or the same as the heart chakra, thus greatly expanding the space, existence and power of the heart chakra. The heart chakra becomes broader and can express rich love and wisdom.

The throat chakra can support the heart chakra, thus representing the sound or energy vibration of the heart chakra, similar to a continuous buzzing, thus creating a dual expression of the heart.

The heart chakra can create a physical expression of the energy it holds, but the throat chakra can have an immediate impact on your physical reality and the physical reality of others. The throat chakra holds the ability to manifest and amplify the heart chakra at a higher level.

The vibration of the creator’s love is a source of your existence, and the time has come to recognize this. Therefore, anything that can amplify or expand your love vibration flow is essential.

The purpose of the light and creator on the inner level is to create an era of love on earth. In fact, this requires you to recognize the rich love you have within you and your excellent expression ability. To manifest love, you only need to focus on two things: recognize that you have rich love in your existence, and realize that you are similar to an expression machine, and you have abundance There are various ways to express and experience your heart and the love of the creator on earth. We hope you will feel joy in this realization, because in fact, it allows you to express yourself beyond boundaries and limitations under the guidance of the creator’s will. There is no better experience or achievement. At this time, your throat chakra holds the power to open the divine expression of your heart and soul Your heart chakra is waiting for this freedom of expression, waiting to bring a wave of love greater than you have experienced before.

From the Arcturian point of view, when we look at your throat chakra, we see it as a vertical eye. When you stare at it, this eye will take you to your origin, not as your soul, but as the creator. This is a unique link, almost like your umbilical cord, connecting you to the origin of the creator and constantly sharing the energy of vitality And support, and maintain the connection with the source. Generally, the throat chakra is not considered to be the connection with the origin of the creator, so it will be blocked or polluted due to the lack of connection with the heart chakra or the lower vibrational consciousness of the mind. By allowing the heart chakra and the throat chakra to be one, the deep purification of the throat chakra is experienced, allowing the throat chakra to return to its natural existence and communicate with the creator This is one of the reasons why the throat chakra is regarded as an amplifier, because it is connected with the truth. It amplifies the energy of any expression or locates the most powerful truth to ensure its expression or expression.

We encourage you to activate your throat chakra in concert with your heart chakra so that you can stimulate the connection that exists in your throat chakra, which connects you again to the origin of the creator.
I would like to share with you an exercise to further activate your throat chakra and coordinate your throat chakra and heart chakra:

✔ Activate your throat chakra
First, let yourself relax and release any pressure and tension on your neck or shoulders.
Close your eyes and focus on breathing.
Think about the sound and tone OM, start to tune OM, but close your mouth so that you can hum and feel the vibration flowing from your throat. Achieve this until you feel the establishment and accumulation of energy in your throat chakra.
Ma is the tone of great female vibration. Close your mouth, focus on your heart chakra, put your hands on your heart, and emit the tone of Ma from the heart chakra as an awakening and activation.
Focus on your throat chakra and imagine that you are integrating into your throat chakra. You may want to visualize the vertical eyes of beautiful colors and integrate yourself into the color of light.
The light becomes brighter, purifies your throat chakras and takes you into the space of the creator’s light.
Let your heart ask your throat chakra and heart chakra to become one in the expression of the true creator, and then just observe without expectation.

You may need to practice this activation to experience the full benefits of greater freedom of vibration and expression of your heart. I am here to guide, support and help you. If you want me to achieve the healing of your throat chakra before you start practicing, simply call my energy and breathe my light into your throat chakra. With the inspiring blessing of the Holy Spirit.

Arcturus fleet leader and ascension master, anxina.
Conduction: Natalie Grayson
Compilation: source RA “
Try humming and lip vibrato to practice the speech of “om” and “Ma” and sing
Singing “Millennium covenant” with humming and lip flutter v2? s=2szU1N2QZrza_ 2GJ&shareuid=6b9f9b84252f33823c&topsource=a0_ pn201001006_ z1_ u926102498_ l1_ t1632028165__& chain_ share_ id=BG1WrykxtfWPprbQKEtf75Udd85MKn14Xyf4WDVp1Uo&pageId=details_ of_ creations
In the afternoon, the motivation and excitement of learning soon came again. Nothing is invariable


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