Why don’t you live well?

Why don’t you live well?

You may know your mission, but why not live by them consistently?

Dear, don’t let the matrix guide you or exhaust you! Say goodbye to the noise of the world

Like an actor who no longer enjoys playing his role, you should move to some concepts of life. When you believe that you should save the world or exist for others, even if the world falls apart, this message is given to you

What is important now is to package all your energy and invest it in light projects that will bring positive change. The battle with the old is over – the work for the new begins

Love yourself, love your life and live your mission. Give everything else to God. Love you infinitely, Babaji
Collapse of matrix

Love conquers everything and everyone, light awakens everything and everyone, and truth will set everything and everyone free

Human beings are destined to enter the light. More and more light flows to the earth and touches more and more hearts. Slowly, those who have been waking up the sleeper don’t have to do it anymore. The number of awakeners required to dismantle this matrix will soon be reached

It’s a quiet, almost imperceptible process – but it’s happening. This is a process that occurs during sleep, meditation and prayer

Only those who have never found silence and made time for themselves are in danger of being crushed

Therefore, ask all light beings and light warriors who sacrifice themselves at work and lose themselves in the process:

hold one’s own! Stay strong – when you rush, you’re going a long way

If you exhaust yourself, if you exhaust your soul, it will not serve anyone, because you pick up a battle with the windmill. If you waste your energy and run out of it in an instant, instead of using it to develop lasting projects, it won’t help anyone

End of battle – start of work
Original going home tomorrow
Date: September 18, 2021
From: Jahn jkassl


Progress update

Original going home tomorrow

Greetings, dear

I am Archangel Mike. Today I have brought new information to mankind. First of all, I would like to remind everyone that you are a divine existence and come to save the planet

It’s time to pick up your ‘sword’ and start expelling Fubai’s soul from mother earth. Dark beings have spent enough time vacant to hinder your development as a civilization. It’s time to break the chain and send them and their 3D matrix out of the world

Their days of governance are over, and now you can remove them by using the divine power hidden in your soul. I believe that mankind will win this long war of freedom. If you are in danger, please call my name and I will come

Let me explain something to you, what it means to really exist or live in a higher dimension. It is a continuous experience of love or a state of complete bliss. So far, only masters have such consciousness and have a real sense of happiness. People who live in five dimensions or higher are in constant ecstasy

In that reality, you can easily construct anything your soul desires. Before humans ascend, they need to completely put down their ego and start living through their hearts. Once your life becomes a daily expression of love, all your hidden talents will emerge as a natural process of your spiritual evolution

Your spiritual growth is based on your constant connection with your soul through daily meditation. No one can ascend without meditating, studying and learning the wisdom of the masters. Please stop following, worshipping or listening to false prophets. They are everywhere, constantly confusing the public and preaching false truth

They tell the false future of Gaia’s mother and mankind. For example, the information about soul exchange is completely inaccurate. The soul uses the same body from birth to death, and then looks for or creates a new form. So darkness cannot touch your soul. They can only try to occupy someone. The soul is protected by the laws of the universe

Billions of civilizations are expressions of the same universal consciousness. I am always connected with all of you and protect you with my sword

In my previous message, I mentioned the reincarnation machine, breaking history, everyone is trapped on this planet. hot wire! Now there is only one left, and the others have been destroyed by the light warriors of the Galactic company. Please never forget to express gratitude for the daily happiness in your life

I send my love and blessing to everyone. Thank you, pipe

Be humble and grateful for all the gifts that come to you

Archangel Michael
Date: September 18, 2021
From: Eren Velazquez


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