Joshua – deal with emotions!

Joshua – deal with emotions!

Original becomequantum melodious today

Dealing with emotions 
 a message from Jesus / Jeshua channeled by Pamela kribbe 
 translation: becomequantum 
 original address:

Dear friends, I am very happy to return to you again and communicate with you in this way. I must say it is also of great significance to me. I cherish these gatherings because I can get closer to you in this way than from my own reality.

I still live in your hearts forever and wait for the moment when you open your heart and easily accept my energy. My energy is the rebirth of Christ (fraternity) in this era Energy is not just my energy alone. It is not simply the energy of a person who once lived on earth; it is a collective energy field in which you all participate in a far more far-reaching way than you know.

You have all vowed that you have set your goal to bring this energy into the earth reality and anchor it on the earth. You have been working for this mission for generations. You have sprouted an opportunity (fraternity) in your heart Seeds, and I’m helping you. I’m a pioneer, but sowing seeds is a collective effort. Even my coming to earth is possible because you have woven the energy field here. We work together as a whole. Therefore, all of you can get close to me. I don’t just serve anyone. I’m ready to serve all of you Human services.

Today I want to talk about a problem that often touches you deeply in your daily life: emotional processing.
Last time I talked about the male and female energies flowing through your field and chakras. I stressed the importance of healing the bottom three chakras because it is part of making yourself complete and complete. I want to emphasize this very important, because some of you who desire spirituality tend to withdraw themselves from the upper chakras in thought and feeling.

The three chakras of heart, third eye (eyebrow) and top are very attractive to you, because these energy centers connect you with the high-level areas you are naturally familiar with. But now the real inner breakthrough must take place at a lower level, in the areas where the following chakras are located, closer to the earth.

The area where emotions are located is a very important area in your growth towards freedom and integrity. You are spiritual beings. You come from a reality level that is unaware of the density and primitive degree of the earth. It has always been difficult to deal with these.

In many lifetimes, you have tried to express your cosmic energy on the earth. In this expression, in the channel that leads your energy to the earth, many deep wounds have been established. The emotional bodies you all have have have been scarred. That’s what I want to say today.

Anyone who has gone through the inner growth path knows the importance of emotions: you can’t suppress them, you have to compromise with them in some way, and you must finally release them. However, how these work is not always clear.

First of all, I want to distinguish between emotions and feelings. What I care about here is not a specific term or mark. You can call it different names (without words), but I want to make a distinction: emotion is essentially an expression of misunderstanding in the spiritual sense; and feeling is a higher form of understanding.

Feeling is your teacher and emotion is your child

Emotion is the energy that clearly appears in your body. Emotion is the reaction to something you don’t really understand. Think about what happens when you are defeated by a burst of anger. For example, someone accidentally hurt your feelings and you feel very angry. You can clearly feel this in your body. In some specific places, you feel the energy becomes tense. With the spirit The physical tension or depression after the impact means that there are some things you can’t understand. There is an energy coming towards you, and you feel unfair. The feeling of being treated unfairly is simply not understood, which is vented through emotion. Emotion is the expression of incomprehension, which is the explosion and release of energy.
When this happens, you are faced with the following choices: how will I deal with this emotion? Should I use it as the starting point of my actual behavior? Will I use it as my motivation to respond to others, or should I put down my emotion and take other actions?

Before answering these questions, I want to explain the nature of feeling

Emotions are essentially an explosion of misunderstandings that you can clearly perceive in your body. Feelings, on the other hand, have different natures, and they are perceived in different ways. Feelings are much calmer than emotions. They are whispers from the heart that gently echo in your ears. They are internal awareness or a sudden appearance, which will appear later Very wise intuitive action.

Emotions are always accompanied by something very intense and dramatic. Think of anxiety, fear, rage or excessive sadness. These emotions completely control you and pull you away from your spiritual center. When you are highly emotional, you are full of energy that pulls you away from your center and your inner consciousness. In this sense, emotions are like a cover The dark clouds that live in the sun.
Having said that, I don’t want to oppose emotions. Emotions should not be suppressed; they are a valuable way to let you know yourself better. But I want to affirm the nature of emotional energy: it is an explosion of misunderstanding. Emotions will fundamentally take you away from your center.

On the other hand, feeling takes you deeper into your center. Feeling is closely related to what you call intuition. Feeling expresses a higher understanding, an understanding beyond emotion and thought.

Sensations originate from the nonphysical field, outside the body. That’s why they don’t explicitly reside at a certain point in the body. Think about what you feel, an atmosphere or a state, or what happens when you foresee a situation. There is a kind of awareness within you that seems to come from the outside, but it’s not your response to something outside. It seems to be “out of nothing” At this moment, you may feel something open at your heart chakra.

You will experience this inner awareness many times. For example, you may “know” something about someone but never really talk to him or her. You can feel something about the two of you that can play an important role in your future relationship. Such things can not be simply understood in words – “just feeling” -And obviously it can’t be easily understood by the brain
I would like to mention another more “feeling” than emotion The energy of nature. It is joy. Joy can be a phenomenon beyond emotion. Sometimes you can feel an inner joy that cheer you up for no special reason. You feel your inner spirit and your close connection with all existence. Such a feeling may come when you least expect it. It is like something more transcendent touches you Or you touch a transcendental reality. The feeling is not easy to be aroused and seems to come to you “out of nothing”. There is almost always a clear direct cause of emotion: a trigger of the external world “presses your button”.

Feeling originates from the dimension of your higher and transcendent self. You need inner peace to capture these whispers in your heart. Emotions can interfere with this inner peace and tranquility. Therefore, it is very important to calm emotions and heal and release repressed emotions. Only in the feeling that connects you with your heart can you make a balanced decision.

By becoming peaceful and quiet, you can feel with all your beings what is right for you at a particular moment. Making a decision from an emotional point of view is equivalent to making a decision from a non central position. You need to release your emotions first and connect with your inner center, where you have clear awareness.

Now I want to enter the question of how to deal with my emotions most appropriately:

I said, “feeling is your teacher and emotion is your child.” the similarity between “emotional” and “like a child” is significant. Your “inner child” is your emotional support. The way you deal with your emotions is strikingly similar to the way you deal with children in reality.

Children are honest and unrestrained in their emotional expression. They will not hide or suppress their emotions until adults encourage them to do so. However, the fact that children express their emotions unrestricted does not mean that children can experience their emotions in a balanced way. It is well known that children will because of their emotions (anger, fear or sadness) In this case, children are almost overwhelmed by their emotions, which makes them out of balance, that is, off center.

One of the causes of this infinite emotion is that children have just left a world with almost no boundaries. There are no constraints and restrictions in heaven or starlight as in the material body. Children’s emotions are often a “misunderstanding response” to this physical reality Therefore, when he or she grows up, he or she needs help and support in dealing with emotions. This is part of the process of “balanced growing” on earth.

So how do you deal with your emotions, both to yourself and your children?

Emotions should not be judged or suppressed. Emotions are vital to you as a human being, so they need to be respected and accepted. You can think of your emotions as your children, which need your care, respect and guidance.

Emotion can most appropriately be regarded as an energy that comes to you and needs you to heal. Therefore, it is very important not to be completely taken away by emotion, but to observe it from a neutral attitude. Staying awake is the key. Someone may say: you can’t suppress emotion, but you can’t be submerged by it. Because when you are submerged in it and fully agree with it, you can’t be submerged The child in the will become a tyrant and lead you astray.

The most important thing you can do when dealing with an emotion is to let it in and feel all its features without losing your clear consciousness. Take anger as an example. You can invite anger to appear completely, experience it everywhere in your body, and observe it neutrally. Such consciousness is healing. What happens in this example is that you embrace it with understanding Emotion, which is essentially a form of misunderstanding, is spiritual alchemy.

Let me use an example to help explain. Your child hit her knee on the table, which really hurt. She was very depressed, cried out in pain and kicked the table because she was angry with the table. She thought the table was the cause of her pain.

Emotional guidance at this time means that parents should first help the child talk about her experience. “You’re angry, aren’t you – you’re in pain, aren’t you?” it’s important to speak out. You transfer the root of the problem from the table to the child herself. “You’re hurt, not the table, you’re angry. Yes, I understand your emotion!”

Parents embrace the child’s emotions with understanding and love. When the child feels understood and recognized, her anger will gradually dissipate. The physical pain may continue. However, her resistance to pain and the resulting anger will be resolved. The child can read sympathy and understanding from your eyes, which alleviates and calms her emotions. The table, the cause of emotions, has been eliminated The classics are no longer relevant.

By embracing emotions with compassion and understanding, you shift the child’s attention from the outside to the inside. You teach the child to take responsibility for emotions. You show her that her external triggered response is not doomed, but optional. You can choose misunderstanding and understanding. You can choose to fight or accept. You can choose.

The same applies to the relationship between you and your own emotions, between you and your inner child. Allowing your emotions to enter, speak them and try to understand them means that you really respect and love your inner child. Make a decision from “external” to “internal” Taking responsibility for your emotions can help create an inner child who doesn’t want to hurt others and doesn’t feel like a victim. Strong emotions – whether anger, sadness or fear – always contain a sense of helplessness, that is, the feeling that you are the victim of something external. When you focus no longer on the external environment but your reaction and pain, What you do is actually “expel” the outside world and no longer regard it as the cause of your emotions. You don’t care what causes your emotions. You turn completely to the inside and say to yourself: it’s okay, this is my reaction, I know why. I know why I feel like this, and I will support myself in it.

Facing your emotions in such a loving way is a liberation. It really requires some self-discipline. Not taking the external reality as the “source of all evil” and taking full responsibility for yourself means that you agree that “you have chosen a certain way of response.” You stop arguing about who is right and who is wrong and who should be blamed. You simply put down the whole chain of events outside your control. “I now choose to experience emotions in a fully awake consciousness.” this is responsibility. This is courage!

The self-discipline in this is that you should give up being a so-called righteous person and a helpless victim. You should give up feeling angry, misunderstood and all other victim emotions that sometimes make you feel good. (it’s true that you often cherish those emotions that annoy you most) (original parenthesis) Taking responsibility is an act of humility. It means being honest with yourself, even in your most vulnerable moments.

This is the self-discipline you are expected to achieve. At the same time, this inward seeking requires the highest compassion. The emotion you are ready to face honestly as your own creation is also comforted by gentle understanding. “This time you chose anger, didn’t you?” compassion tells you: “It doesn’t matter. I know why. I forgive you. Maybe when you can feel my love and support more clearly, you won’t be inclined to respond like that next time.”

This is the important role of consciousness in self-healing. This is what spiritual alchemy means. Consciousness does not oppose or reject anything; it surrounds darkness with awareness. It surrounds misunderstood energy with understanding and can therefore turn ordinary metal into gold. Consciousness and love are essentially the same. Becoming aware means putting down something and using your love and sympathy Love surrounds them.

You often think that “only consciousness” is not enough to overcome your emotional problems. You will say: I know I suppress my emotion, I know its cause, I understand very well, but it just doesn’t go away.
If so, it shows that there is a subtle resistance to that emotion in your heart. You keep a distance from the emotion because you are afraid of being completely controlled by it. But when you consciously allow the emotion to come in, you will never be completely controlled by it.

As long as you keep a distance from emotion, you are fighting with it. You are fighting with emotion, and emotion will deal with you in several ways. In the end, you can’t turn it out. It will manifest in your body as pain, tension or a feeling of depression and depression. Frequent feeling of depression or boredom is an obvious sign that you are suppressing an emotion.

All you have to do is allow these emotions to fully enter your consciousness. If you don’t know what emotions are there, you can start well by feeling the tension in your body. This is the door to emotions. They are all stored in your body. For example, if you feel pain or tension in your stomach, you can use your consciousness to go there and ask what is What’s the matter? Let your body cells talk to you. Or imagine a child there. Let the child tell you what emotions dominate him or her.

There are several ways to connect you with your emotions. It is important to understand that the energy trapped in your emotions wants to leave. These energies want to be released, so they will remind you in the form of physical pain or feeling stressed or depressed. The problem for you is that you should really let go and be ready to feel these emotions.

Emotions are part of your earth reality – but they should not envelop you. Emotions are like clouds under the sun. So it is very important to understand your emotions and deal with them consciously. Because in a clear and balanced emotional body, it is much easier to connect with your spiritual or inner center with intuition.

There is too much confusion about emotions in your society. This is obvious. Apart from other things, it can be seen from the debate and confusion about how to raise children. Children are obviously more emotionally unrestrained than adults. This creates difficulties. What if some of your moral bottom lines are exceeded? If the situation becomes out of control, chaos will increase What should we do when the play is over? Should we let children obey the rules or let them express themselves freely? Should their emotions be controlled?

In the process of raising children, it is important for them to learn to understand their emotions, understand where they come from and be responsible for them. With your help, children can learn to regard their emotions as “an explosion of misunderstanding.” this understanding can prevent your child from “drowning” Understanding can release you and bring you back to your center without depressing your emotions. Parents teach their children to deal with emotions in this way through physical education.

All the problems you encounter when dealing with children also apply to yourself. How do you deal with your emotions? Are you strict with yourself? When you feel angry or sad for a period of time, you will be strict with yourself and say to yourself, “hold on, cheer up and move on.” Do you suppress your emotions? Do you think it is good and necessary to be so strict with yourself? Who taught you this? Are your parents?

Or have you turned to the other side? Do you indulge in your emotion and don’t want to put it down? This is often the case. You may feel that you are a victim (victim) of some external environment for a long time For example, your growth environment, your partner or your work environment. At some moments, the anger caused by touching the negative things that affect you may be a kind of liberation. Anger can let you get rid of these influences and go your own way. However, you may be too addicted to your anger and never want to put it down again. It (anger) It becomes a way of life, not a path. A feeling of victim arises, which is definitely not healing. It prevents you from really standing in your ability.

It is very important to take responsibility for your emotions and not regard them as absolute truth. When you give them the status of truth rather than regard them as “outbreak of misunderstanding”, you will act on them, which will lead to off center decisions.

The same thing happens to children who are allowed too much emotional freedom. They become unbridled and out of control; they become little tyrants, which is wrong. Emotional chaos is unpleasant for children and parents.

In short, you may be too strict or too loose in dealing with your emotions, as well as with children. I want to focus on “loose” Talk more about this side, because it seems to be a problem now. Since the 1960s, everyone has collectively realized that it is impossible to suppress their emotions, because in this way you inhibit spontaneity and creativity. Indeed, this is true for each of your souls. Society will create rules and obedient children, who care more about rules than others The inner voice, and this is a tragedy – not only for society, but also for individuals.

But what about the other extreme: treat emotions as legitimate and let them take over and control your life?
You can clearly observe whether there are such emotions in your heart: you cherish them as truth rather than see their essence: the outbreak of misunderstanding. These are the emotions you agree with. Paradoxically, these are often the emotions that cause you a lot of pain. For example, helplessness (“I can’t”), control (“I’ll handle it”), anger (“it’s their fault”) Or sadness (“life is painful”). These are painful emotions, but on the other hand, they also give you something special to stick with.
Take helplessness or “victimization”. This emotional pattern can also be beneficial. It may give you a sense of security. It frees you from certain obligations or responsibilities. “There’s nothing I can do, isn’t it?” it’s a dark corner where you hide, but it looks like a safe place. Identify or “integrate” for a long time The danger of such emotional patterns is that you will lose contact with your true freedom, your innermost divine center.

Some things that have good reasons to provoke anger and resentment in your heart may enter your life path. This may happen when you are young, or in the future, or even in previous lives. It is very important to consciously contact these emotions and understand these anger, sadness or other strong energies in you. But from a certain point of view, you need to be careful about yourself Emotions are responsible because they constitute your response to external events.

Being at the center, in a state of awareness and spiritual balance means that you take full responsibility for all your inner emotions. Then you can recognize these inner emotions, such as anger, and say at the same time: This is my response to specific events. I surround this response with understanding, but at the same time, I am trying to release it.

In the end, life is not for correctness, but for freedom and integrity. It is a very liberating thing to release the old emotional reactions that have been integrated into the lifestyle.

One might say that this is all about the subtle middle way between suppressing emotions and being overwhelmed by emotions. On both sides, you have put forward opinions and ideals that are not in line with the nature of spiritual magic. The essence of spiritual growth is that you can take full responsibility for anything without suppressing it. I feel so, I choose to react so, so I can heal it. Be your own Master – that’s what my message really wants to convey.

Maybe it’s really not a middle way, but an unusual way. It’s all about being a master. After accepting everything inside you, you surpass it and become its master. The master is both strong and gentle. It’s very free, but also abide by great discipline: the discipline of courage and honesty. If you do what you want without exceeding the moment, the moment is cause and effect

Become the master of yourself, the master of the fragmentary emotions that often torture you behind your back. Connect with them and be responsible for them. Don’t let yourself be driven by unconscious emotional pain that takes you off track and blocks your path to inner freedom. No one else can help you regain control of your emotions. There are no external tools Or methods can take away these emotions. Only by understanding them with strength, determination and compassion can they be released into the light

Becoming complete and free on the emotional level is the most important aspect of spiritual growth. I want to end with the following words: don’t make it more difficult than before. The spiritual path is a simple path. It’s just about self love and internal awareness. It doesn’t need any special knowledge or special rituals, rules or methods. Everything you need for spiritual growth is in your hands Within.
In a quiet moment, go to the side of your feeling. Let this side of your feeling tell you what needs to be clarified and purified within you. Trust your intuition. Listen to it. Trust yourself. You are the master of your own life. You are the master of your own unique road to love and freedom.


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