Five dimensional soul ascension steps 4-6 ^_^

Five dimensional soul ascension steps 4-6

Author: Diana Cooper / Tim (UK)

Step 4 Archangel Metatron
In our universe, all the light we know was created by the Almighty Archangel Metatron. Light contains information and knowledge, and Metatron’s energy is all over the universe, including all the realities from the upper to the twelfth dimension.
The vastness of this huge, sacred luminous body is beyond our understanding. It enters the earth where we live through Helios, the central day, which means the sacred core of our whole universe. The light matter created by Metatron in Helios is the basis of our survival. The different dimensions of our material life are caused by the vibration of light at different speeds and geometric frequencies. They use sacred geometry to combine all these together, thereby reducing the frequency and creating a solid world that we see, touch and perceive around us.
Archangel Metatron not only has the great status of creating matter, but also occupies a leading position in the process of earth’s ascension.
In terms of energy, he is mainly positive, and is often regarded as a huge golden orange sun, showing great power and divine power.
On earth, Archangel Metatron has angel energy, and its energy center is Luxor, Egypt. He also has a huge ascension energy pool in the ethereal world above the Great Pyramid of Giza (above the physical plane). These are distributed with the flow of the universe in order to assist the earth and its residents in accelerating the process of ascension.
Due to the tireless work of Archangel Metatron and the help of countless other beings of light, the process of ascension is now in full swing. Most light workers who actively assist in Earth’s ascension are well adapted to the energy and guidance of Archangel Metatron. He can coordinate thousands of souls at the same time (he is especially good at bringing together groups of light workers) to achieve his goals and help mankind.
Archangel Metatron has always existed whether there is a historical record or not. He watched the birth of our world and constantly nourished and guided it in the ups and downs of our journey to the present. Ancient civilizations and all modern religions refer to him, as well as the annals of the great Archangel.
Atlantis, the first big experiment after human beings had bodies, was supervised by a group of divine beings under the guidance of Archangel Metatron. In the golden age of Atlantis, everyone’s twelve strands of DNA were all active, and each strand contained many extraordinary talents and powers. When Atlantis collapsed, only twisted strands were left.
After the fall of Atlantis, many of its high priests and priestesses took their people to different parts of the world. Metatron once had a very harmonious cooperative relationship with them. In Egypt, he took special care of the ascended master ceropas ▪ Bei, the well-known Egyptian. The ancient Egyptians’ extensive knowledge of cosmic light and physics enabled them to build pyramids with sound, gravity and vibration technology. The six cosmic pyramids in the world were constructed in this way. At this time, human beings have lost their divine ability and their amazing talents in the golden age of Atlantis, so they have to deeply explore the reality of the third dimension.
Until today, the light, frequency and spiritual essence of Archangel Metatron exist in each of our cells and blueprints, which means that we can contact him at any time. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to accelerate the ascension of ourselves and those around us. When we asked Archangel Metatron for guidance, we also had an incredible opportunity to get the services of the earth and interstellar.
Under his command were a group of angels called Metatron light. They are from his sun center, and they work in all other universes besides ours. These angels were born at the core of Helios, the gateway between our universe and the universe of the infinite Creator.
Here are some simple and very effective methods that can help you connect to the magical energy of Archangel Metatron every time you use it, so as to improve your level of light.
The driving force for the ascension of the four body system
The four body system includes your body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. The driving force for the ascension of the four bodies is powerful. It will use light to flow through your body and stimulate the process of ascension in your body, which will be triggered when the light in your cells reaches more than 80%. This will allow the five dimensional chakra system to replace the four dimensional chakras and activate all twelve strands of your DNA.
Your higher self is in full charge of the whole process, and he will never allow you to have more light than you need. Nevertheless, I suggest you do at least three weeks of practice and don’t ask for more than 81% light until it’s safe.
By doing this exercise, you are fully committed to the path of ascension.

  1. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and expect to start the driving force to help the ascension of the four bodies.
  3. Visualize the root extending from your feet down to the earth and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Light a candle and give it to Archangel Metatron’s team.
  6. Speak loudly or ask Archangel Metatron to inject 81% light into your body in silence.
  7. Feel the pure golden orange light injected into your body.
  8. Suck it into every cell in your body.
  9. Speak out or ask Archangel Metatron in silence to inject 81% light into your emotional body.
  10. Feel your emotional body adjust into the peace and love of the cosmic stream.
  11. Speak out loud or ask Archangel Metatron to inject 81% light into your mind in silence.
  12. Feel your mind become pure and caring, and full of unconditional love.
  13. Speak or ask Archangel Metatron to inject 81% light into your spiritual body in silence.
  14. See your great spiritual self ascend into the fifth dimension in glory and shine like the sun.
  15. Thank Archangel Metatron.
    You now have the light of the ascended master, and you can maintain this frequency with diligence and concentration. Once you embark on this path, your higher self will guide you and your life will become better.
    Sun Angel contacting Archangel Metatron
  16. Prepare for meditation.
  17. Relax and entrust everything to Archangel Metatron.
  18. Ask him to surround you with brilliant golden orange energy and lift you to the center of the central day.
  19. I feel that I am one with the core of Helios central day.
  20. Feel hundreds of Metatron angels pouring out of your heart.
  21. They surround you, are connected with you, and help you all the time.
  22. Every cell in your body emits the golden orange light of Archangel Metatron.
  23. Thank Archangel Metatron.
    Archangel Metatron’s light bath
  24. Prepare for meditation.
  25. Ask Archangel Metatron to prepare a light bath for you during meditation.
  26. When you relax, you may notice a gentle light flowing through your body.
  27. Speak or pray in silence, “Archangel Metatron, please put me in your bath of light.”
  28. You are surrounded by beautiful and brilliant golden beams of light, arranged in accurate sacred geometry. You lie in the center of the spacious Metatron cube, which is a sacred geometry that shows the connection between the stars in the universe.
  29. Imagine every cell of your body becoming a pure golden liquid light.
  30. When Archangel Metatron puts his hand on you, feel his divine presence. When he injects his frequency into every cell in your life, relax completely.
  31. Because Archangel Metatron is expanding the brightness of this light bath to fully meet your needs, the room will become brighter and brighter.
  32. Please Archangel Metatron melt the problems you know have always existed in your body’s Qi field and energy field on the same day.
  33. Feel his golden light flow through each chakra, open them and let them rotate at a five dimensional frequency.
  34. Ask Archangel Metatron to help you maintain the level of light in your energy field day and night.
  35. Thank him.
  36. Relax and rest.

Step 5 central day
Our sun is a solid star, shining in the air, providing us with nourishment and warmth. Not only that, it is also a conscious and evolving super being with a special plan to help build our galaxy and promote its evolution.
Recently, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes of the individual and the earth have been driven by the incredible magnetic radiation provided by the sun at the critical moment. These astrological alignments accurately predicted by the ancient civilization (which has predicted that the Aquarius century will occur) occur at the same time.
The sun shines and brings benefits to us, and its supply comes from another source that is not easy for ordinary people to understand, a larger supplier – the great sun. It exists in a range beyond what our three-dimensional eyes can see. It is also the common birthplace of cosmic light, wisdom, knowledge and matter in all our known and unknown universes. This concept is beyond our ability to understand at present. What we know is that the source is the creative force behind all spiritual things, and the central day reduces the energy of the source to the level of the ninth dimension. In his light, on the spiritual level, all things are built. It created Metatron and Shekinah, the sacred positive and negative poles, mind and fertility, which combined to create material life on our earth. In the Bible, Metatron and Scylla are called Adam and Eve.
The central big day summarizes the energy of the heart of the universe and the energy of the angelic world. At present, most of the aliens who come in groups to help us, beings with higher power and light, come from here.
Although we can’t see the light from the central day, we can receive it, and of course we can feel it. It is constantly shining high-frequency divine light on all of us to help us thrive as masters of ascension.
They have provided us with a series of enhanced courses to help us cross the current four-dimensional world. It is expected that a very large number of people will move to the fifth dimension in 2015.
As mentioned earlier, the powerful Archangel Metatron is in charge of the cosmic light from the core of the central sun. Central Dayi created the star of Metatron, Orion, which is his real hometown and his workplace. There, he used the structure of atomic light to create every dimension circling outward to the far end of the universe.
We share this great ethereal light with our interstellar seed brothers and sisters from Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Lyra and other stars, planets and galaxies. Genetically, they all contribute to our human blueprint.
As we go through the glorious process of ascension, the light of the central sun poured through our own solar portal is now a source of body nutrients as we are transforming into a more evolved form of crystal light. Archangel Metatron wants to take you for a short time to experience the frequency of the central day directly. He will lower the light because it is difficult for us to deal with in our current form.
Visualizing the connection with the central day

In this process. Every cell in your body will be melted and transformed by the flow around you and through your body. You will definitely believe that you are in the arms of the creator. You can stay in this protective layer and absorb his frequency as long as you like.

  1. Find a place where you can relax and be undisturbed. Light candles if circumstances permit.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and expect to connect with the central day.
  3. Visualize the roots extending from your feet down to the earth and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Pay attention to a brilliant golden light coming from above and pouring into your aura.
  6. Slowly, you know that you are led up, suspended in a light tube, accompanied by a shining Angel image, who is a member of Metatron’s light.
  7. You go into space through the sky
  8. You begin to realize that there is a new light source, which is closely connected with your atomic structure and vibrates with every cell in your life.
  9. You know you are no longer a separate life. You are the light. Light is you.
  10. Your light tube has melted, and you are one with the cosmic light around you.
  11. Archangel Metatron whispered to you, “welcome to the light of the central sun, your Creator, your essence, the center of your universe. Your spark starts here. This is also the starting point of your great journey. This is the way to the hand of source.”
  12. Take a deep breath and inhale the light.
  13. Bring this great light back to all who appear in your life. After completing this journey, every cell of your body will emit ether light, colorful and surprisingly beautiful. This is a gift.

You can give it to everyone you meet, people you talk to, and people with different relationships with you. It will slowly ignite every cell within them and remind them of who they really are.
Step 6 dragon spirit
The dragon is a four dimensional elemental spirit. Their roles are companions and friends, ready to help and protect us. They also work in different dimensions, that is, they can change the frequency and travel between different wavelengths. This means that they can convert the very low-frequency three-dimensional stagnant energy, so they are very important in our cleaning up before we prepare for ascension.
All dragons originated from the Lemurian civilization. Because Lemurians love the earth and nature very much, dragons help them maintain a high and pure frequency on the earth. Since that time, we have been able to get their help.
Dragons can be very small in size, but they can also expand very large when necessary. They can also change their colors according to the needs of different purposes.
Like angels, dragons have names. We can ask their names, and the answer will appear in our minds, which will establish a more special personal relationship between us.
fiery dragon
The fire dragon was commanded by Thor, the elemental master. As the Archangel Gabriel represents the beautiful quality of purification, he takes care of the whole fire element, because fire can transform negative energy. For those who face challenges in spiritual work, these dragons are the best partners.
You can ask the dragon to burn the negative energy in the chakra, especially when you face the subject. This will allow you to clearly see the message of this challenge. If you are at a low ebb, whether physically or emotionally, they are very good at cleaning up everything absorbed by your energy center. Many Lightworkers are so sensitive and defenseless that they inadvertently let lower frequency energy into the energy body. If you ask, the fire dragon will bravely do the hard cleaning work.
You can always send fire dragons to the battlefield. They will burn them like combat troops in a thick frequency.
In addition, if your birth sign belongs to the fire sign, you will have your own fire dragon, but even if you belong to different stars, you will be assigned a fire dragon according to your life purpose. Nevertheless, as long as anyone needs the help of this element spiritually, the fire dragon will stand up. As the transformation of the earth becomes more and more intense, more and more people have cooperative relations with them.
Wind dragon, water dragon and Earth Dragon prefer to do more intense work in our surrounding environment. If they are called, they will also help.
Water dragon
They are actually water snakes. They are luminous blue, green or silver negative energy. With Poseidon, the God of the sea, as the general director and under the command of two masters Neptune and Odin, they kept the five-dimensional records of the ocean and assisted various waters to keep its sacred geometry stable. You can invite water snakes to increase the frequency of your local water sources. They can also help you develop and express your personal creativity.
Wind Dragon
The master of the wind element is DOM, who commands the wind dragon, and the unicorn is the general director.
The wind dragon uses the wind to get rid of the old and cloth the new. Above cities or other areas where energy is blocked or stagnant, they are really the fresh breath.
Unicorns are geometric structures that help bring alternative energy in front of strong winds, storms and hurricanes, followed by wind dragons. They create gyratory energy to ensure that higher frequencies continue to come in.
Earth Dragon
The master of the earth element is TAIA. She commanded the earth dragons, and Gaia was their chief director. These powerful elements protect the earth vein. They can burn them and purify them, especially after damage like earthquakes.
How to cooperate with Dragon
When working with dragons, as with all other beings sent to assist us, you must abide by one of the most important principles: ask for their assistance. If it is in your best interest, you will get a response.
If you have nightmares (in other words, you enter the lower astral realm, a place where you store emotions and troubles), you can ask the fire dragon to accompany you and protect you while you sleep. Fire dragons can burn your spirit bodies before they pass through low frequencies. For sensitive children, this method is really practical.
If you need assistance in art or creative work, or even in the general itinerary of daily life, you can call the water snake to accompany you and help you.
If you are ready to move on, or want to eliminate the trapped situation, you can ask the wind dragon to blow away the old things and bring better results.
One more important thing you can do is ask Tulong to protect the earth vein, which can even avoid earthquakes. When you visit a sacred place, you can also start the Earth Dragon to work to keep the energy high frequency and stability.
How to serve Dragon
● everything on the earth is the same, and energy is two-way, so we should not only accept their help, but also pay for them.
● dragons like healing, so you can support them with healing thoughts. Occasionally you can light candles for them or hold healing ceremonies for them. These things can help inspire them and give them strength, because they like recognition like us. The elemental elves also have feelings, which is no different from us.
● tell people about dragons.
● write about dragons. Children especially like dragon stories.
● portrait of a dragon.
● buy a dragon model.
After asking the dragon for help, be sure to thank them. You can express your gratitude with the following ceremony:
Thank you for the Dragon ceremony

  1. Put a small table in the center of the room and spread a beautiful cloth on the table if convenient.
  2. Light a candle and put it in the center of the table.
  3. While doing so, you can say, “I dedicate this fire to the fire dragon with gratitude and thank them for all they have done.”
  4. Put a small bowl of clean water on the table.
  5. Put your hand over it and say some blessings: “I bless the water with gratitude and thank the water dragon for everything.”
  6. Put a feather or a leaf on the table.
  7. Bless him with these words: “I bless the wind with gratitude and thank the wind dragon for everything.”
  8. Hold a small stone or crystal in your hand.
  9. Said, “I bless this stone / crystal with gratitude and thank the Earth Dragon for everything.”
  10. Put it on the table.
  11. Pick up the candle and walk around the table three times clockwise.
  12. Blow out the candle. These dragons will be happy to celebrate.
    Five dimensional Golden Dragon
    At the moment of the universe, a group of five dimensional golden dragons appeared. These beings do not represent the elements of nature like the four dimensional dragon. They are from supporting and protecting our ascension. For example, if there is a sacred ceremony or spiritual gathering, these golden beings will form a circle around them and keep the energy in them at the frequency of the fifth dimension. Recently, the cosmic portal in Honolulu was opened, and a large number of dragons appeared. They are ready to assist in the process of ascension. In addition, the cosmic portal of Andorra in Europe – which is also a very important dragon portal – has now been opened. Therefore, the dragon’s energy is now all over Europe.

Letter to Dragon
Here are some sample letters that you can use to write to your dragon. You can modify or extend it yourself. Remember, these are effective ways to communicate with them and trigger them to start activities. Dragon has a good character and likes to be called individually. Also, they care about politeness very much!
Letter urging fire dragon action
You can pray orally, but it will be more effective if you use letter. Here are some examples. The best way to send the energy of the letter to the Dragon world is to burn it carefully.
Dear fire dragon,
I ask you to assist me in my ascension on earth. At this moment, and from now on, I need your loving service very much.
I ask you to help me keep the energy around me clean and at the level of the fifth dimension all the time, not only when I am awake, but also in the inner world.
No matter where I go, please accompany me. If I am distracted because of busy, please remind me when my frequency is disturbed and it decreases.
I know it’s a heavy job. With humility, I thank you for your assistance.
Finally, I ask you to protect my family and the energy of my family’s body, mind, emotion and spirit.
As I move along the spiritual path, so will you, and as earth and humans ascend to another level, we will bring light together.
Our relationship is always two-way. If you need me to give you something back, please put it forward, and you know, my home is also your home.
With unconditional love and gratitude. (signature)
Letter to Tu Long
Once again, you can talk to your dragon, but letters have more power and energy.
Dear Earth Dragon,
I want to thank you for helping keep the land under my house clean and safe. I want my residence to become a five dimensional portal of brilliant light, so please help keep the foundation clean, so that this wish can be realized. Please burn down all the low-frequency energy under my house with the fire dragon.
I ask you to help keep the earth vein between different holy places in our country [or in the world] unblocked and pure. Thank you for your service.
With love and gratitude (signature)
Letter to Fenglong
Dear wind dragon,
Please join me to keep my aura bright and clean forever.
Please always let the spiral energy pass through my home and constantly replace the old with fresh and better energy. I pass every room of my house every day to sweep away the spider webs or dust in the form of Ethernet. Please extend this service to the whole world. Thank you for your service.
With love and gratitude. (signature)
Letter to water dragon
Dear water dragon, I ask you to go to the rivers and seas in the world, clean, wash and purify them, so that love can flow around unhindered.
Please bless and purify every drop of water in my house, including the water in the air.
Please bless and purify the water in every cell in my body to ensure that all the water around me and in my body resonate at a five dimensional frequency.
Thank you for your service!
With love and gratitude (signature)


About selection
Find a place of peace and stuff hurt and anger into that area
Such as inner peace, accumulated experience, inventory of past lessons
Such as forests, rivers, children’s playgrounds, nature
Such as running and yoga
Like planning your new life
For example, there are door-to-door cooperation and planning together
Live by the quality of unity, not the desired result
In the high vibration, what is established based on fear will also be lost with the collapse of fear

Arcturus king \ fleet leader anxina – use our starlight crystal technology to strengthen your immune system

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my yesterday

With respect, honor and love, we move forward and share our wisdom and insights with you to raise your energy vibration and expand your consciousness. We are Arcturus energy. We hold Arcturus light from Arcturus as a strong light source in our life. We hope to share it with others to help them on their bright journey.

Arcturus energy has a high vibration frequency, and there are many tools and technologies that can help human progress and health. However, there is nothing we can do unless human beings open their energy and mind to us and allow us to sacred intervene and help their cause. There are now many energies anchored on earth, some old familiar energies, and others are new light technologies from the creator universe to support human ascension. We, Arcturus king and Arcturus anxina master hope to bring a special energy and light technology from Arcturus to help improve human immune system to promote greater health and well-being, eliminate fear and reprogram energy to exist in perfect harmony and light. We hope to launch Arcturus starlight crystal technology to purify and heal the immune system and beliefs of those who receive our energy. (RA: great!)
The creative process on earth
Your body can accept many influences and absorb thought patterns, beliefs, ideas and opinions from the minds of people living in the physical body (physical body) and human consciousness like a sponge. As a lighthouse of light, we can express our affirmation of the vibration of love at the internal level. For example, the belief of “I am happy and healthy” is consistent with the “needs of my body” to manifest a pure existence. This affirmation will be sent with the highest vibration of love and will bring it to human minds. Human beings will unconsciously or consciously absorb this affirmation and its positive and loving vibration, and share their positive emotions with others. As a result, the positive and loving vibrations we send out then spread to the whole earth and integrate with those who have similar mental frameworks and vibrations, or those who need healing. Because of fear, people who are not ready to accept our positive vibration may place an invisible energy wall around them.
They may not benefit from the current energy vibration, but when they begin to dissolve the energy wall composed of fear, our energy will slowly begin to integrate into their existence and reality.
I hope you can understand how easily a physical person’s mind and body can accept new information. Every aspect of a physical body has its own beliefs and thinking patterns, especially in muscle structure and body water particles. When you anchor light into your physical body, you have the ability to change the negative beliefs and thoughts held by your body in all aspects, which will make you full of healing enthusiasm. Your thoughts and beliefs will affect your health and well-being; Negative thoughts weaken your immune system and actually manifest disease due to the power and vibration that negative thoughts possess and emit. We must state that there are many factors that can affect your immune system, but your ideas and those of others are the most powerful.
      The emergence of mass diseases
Large scale diseases may be caused by the influence and power of fear. If you carefully think about the explanation we gave earlier, how we actively affect your existence, support you and cultivate your energy can be understood. It can also be realized by describing the negative thoughts of fear and disease. This idea is a plunder of human weakness. It will be very powerful that many people will accept negative affirmation and manifest disease because of their fear and incurable belief. The disease is likely to spread among humans, not because it is contagious, but because everyone is listening to negative affirmations and motivating themselves through their fears. Think about this concept and understand whether you accept the consciousness and beliefs of others, or whether you actively choose to create the reality in which you exist and the beliefs you will experience? It helps to protect yourself from beliefs that focus on fear.
      Big angle starlight crystal technology energy meditation
Humans have the ability to heal their bodies through their personal internal energy, thoughts and emotions, which is what humans need to move forward. But when humans awaken to their truth and existence, this will naturally appear. Before humans awaken to the truth, we hope to share our energy with you to stimulate your body, raise your vibration and purify your pollutants. In this way, you will be supported and able to achieve your spiritual ascension and spiritual evolution with the positive encouragement of your physical health and perfection. Please allow yourself to work with our energy to purify your immune system and the whole energy system, anchor new positive beliefs and promote your natural health and happiness.
Call on our help:
✔ We want you to sit quietly, focus on your breathing, relax your whole existence, and know that you are safe and protected.
✔ Pray: “we summon Arcturus platinum shield to protect my entire energy field, protect me from any negative energy, thought or belief, and only allow the positive energy of light and love to enter my energy system.”
Imagine that your whole life and aura are surrounded by a complete platinum shield, which ensures your safety. I believe you are well protected.
✔ Pray: “we summon Arcturus energy that is most suitable for vibration, pour into our body and anchor it into my existence and soul. I invite Arcturus energy and light to activate my soul, improve my light quotient, improve the vibration of my energy and increase my spiritual sensitivity.”
Feel the high vibrational energy of Arcturus flowing through your existence and connected to the energy of the soul of the earth mother at the core of the earth. Take the time to experience and feel the Arcturus energy that now flows through your existence, and feel its feeling and influence.
✔ We now summon a Arcturus lens technology energy column to come to your existence, allowing you to find the color of the light column that now surrounds your existence; This is the most suitable vibration for you.
Arcturus crystal technology energy is a kind of light wave, which exists in the form of etheric energy, including millions of etheric micro crystals. Each etheric micro crystal is filled with the high vibrational light on the front of Arcturus and Arcturus consciousness, that is, creator consciousness. Light waves are very powerful and can be used for many different purposes, because etheric crystals can be charged according to people’s needs. (RA: great!)
✔ We are now programming for Arcturus crystal energy technology: it encapsulates your existence in order to purify your immune system and remove any negative energy, pollutants or diseases that your immune system and body no longer need. We ask that all forms of negativity be lifted, and the attachment or influence that hinders your health and happiness will be cut off by love. Imagine etheric crystals beating and vibrating throughout your life, emitting waves of pure purification and healing energy. The etheric crystal activator emits purified and pure white light to your whole life, especially your body and immune system.
✔ We are now programming energy for Arcturus crystal technology: encapsulating your existence in order to eliminate any diseases that have appeared in your energy or physical body. These diseases prevent you from moving along your spiritual path. We require Arcturus crystal technology to surround any stagnant energy or disease with the purity of Arcturus love, allowing all unnecessary energy to dissolve and dissipate and transform into a powerful light of love. We demand a profound purification and healing that becomes more and more manifest.
✔ We are now programming for Arcturus crystal energy technology: encapsulate your existence in order to improve your immune system by 100% or reach the level most suitable for you. We ask that your immune system be activated and nourished by the powerful Arcturus light of love. In this way, perfect health and happiness will appear in its richness. The strength of your immune system is enhanced so that your immune system has the ability to resolve any negative energy, beliefs or thoughts that may penetrate your body and cause disease. Imagine that your immune system is a light source. Visualize, perceive or recognize that the light of your immune system is developing and enhancing until it shines and is full of vitality, symbolizing its strength, perfection and happiness. The brilliance of your immune system naturally affects and stimulates your body, making you feel energetic, energetic and alive.
Accept and repeat this affirmation in Arcturus crystal technology energy as long as you like:
✔ Affirmation: “my immune system is supported and empowered by the purest vibrations of the creator and the light of Arcturus. My immune system and body are completely purified and cured and programmed to dissolve and dispel any form of negative emotions. My immune system has now been upgraded by 100%, allowing me to exist as a beacon of vitality, health and happiness, and pour my vigorous energy into others to help mankind heal. “
When you feel purified, healed and energetic, you can ask the Arcturus light crystal technology energy column to ascend back to Arcturus. Remember that the energy you receive will remain in your presence and aura. This meditation can be done as many times as you want. If you are affected by or afraid of disease, it is a wonderful meditation to be done every day, or it can be done once a week to enhance your immune system and overall health. We hope you will receive our divine intervention and help in your life.
I give you infinite blessings and rich health.
      Conduction: Natalie Grayson
      Compilation: source ra


Even if you write a book, no one has read it except yourself. That energy has now been written on paper or in the computer. It has also had an impact on human collective consciousness and cosmic consciousness.

Every word you say, every thought you think, every intention you have will affect the whole world. This is what we want to convey in these messages. We invite you to join us and become part of this co creative dance. Together, we can bring a peaceful, happy and relaxed transformation to all consciousness in the whole universe. We can do this because we are all creating our own reality. If this is the reality you want to experience, join us.

We are spreading light and love, positive and hope, and we know you will do the same. We know that if you resonate with us and our agenda, it is likely that you are doing the same thing. We appreciate your contribution, because we will be happy to have a ground crew in the material world. But even if not, we will still do what we should do.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
In terms of providing energy and information, we are the people who give the most in your life, but we still hope you listen to your heart, and still hope you can be more independent and gain more from your heart. This work is co created. We do our duty and hope you can realize that you created your own reality. It is up to you to decide whether what we give you resonates. You can decide whether to accept our energy information or listen to it.

You are in the driver’s seat. No matter whether someone on earth accepts us or not, we will continue to give and give more things. We know that we have influenced your collective consciousness, because you are a part of cosmic consciousness, a part of human collective consciousness, or a part of galactic collective consciousness, and so are we. So we will continue to give and take care of you, because we know that even if you don’t care about us, we will have an impact on you. We ask you to treat your fellow human beings in the same way.

Even if you write a book, no one has read it except yourself. That energy has now been written on paper or in the computer. It has also had an impact on human collective consciousness and cosmic consciousness. You must begin to see yourself in this way, or you will stop giving. If your book is not published by any publisher, you may stop writing, but if you realize that you still have an impact and affect the whole human group, you are likely to continue writing. No matter how many hits your video has. The important thing is that you did. This is important because what you publish has an impact on the human collective, the Galactic collective, and the cosmic collective.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.
You are important
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today vgKyNij6X8jf8zqA


Involve helpers, especially when you’re struggling with something.

When you rack your brains trying to figure out how to make something work, you know that you should put aside the psychological need to complete it alone and accept the help from our beings and collectives.

With the help of archangels, the transmission of energy will help all of you get closer to your higher self and all the good things that come with it.
All you have to do is accept the coming help.

You don’t need to fight for it yourself, you don’t need to recite the correct phrases.

As long as you know it’s on the way, if you relax and open yourself like a flower, you can easily and gracefully accept it, and you can start living like the fifth dimension now.

Your higher self knows that you are a collective and have always been a collective. So once you ascend, you don’t need to do anything for yourself. Of course, it’s time to realize that what you do is not for you alone. In the higher realm, all of us are helping you change, and you also have help from your fellow human beings.

Involve helpers, especially when you’re struggling with something.

Therefore, we want to tell you that we cooperate with our dimensional beings and seek the help of higher dimensional beings. We encourage everyone to look around the earth and seek help from people with ability.

Sometimes self-esteem doesn’t allow you to accept help. You can try to put down your proud ego temporarily and see if you can live better without using self-esteem and activating ego consciousness.

Help from Archangels
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

Now we have received a lot of assistance, and we find that the more assistance we receive, the better we can provide those in need with what they need to move forward on their journey. We have been receiving the help of archangels. They think the work we do with you is very important and realize that through our work, we can connect with more of you. You will certainly benefit from all the helpers in the universe, and the help you get from the source is also important.
We work together and hope that through our cooperation, more people can be inspired to work together, because we can see the value of this to mankind. But the ego doesn’t always think so. Sometimes the ego bears too much to prove himself, or the ego wants to be labeled as a “great man” or “savior”. But when you work together to spread love and happiness, you don’t think about those honors. When you see that you are a member of the collective and that collective improvement is good for you, you are more likely to cooperate with others


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