“Heart” does not exist^_^

“Heart” does not exist^_^

Yinianjufa joint practice school today

{Author: a thinker}

In the ordinary (ordinary) stage,
We think foreign objects are real,
The heart is also true,
Mind and object are two independent beings.

With the deepening of practice,
We will come to this understanding:
Foreign objects are untrue,
But the heart is real.

Some people come here (knowing things is not real, but holding your heart is real),
They are here;
Can’t get out of the illusion of “heart”,
“Heart” has become the biggest sinkhole trapping them.

But if you continue to practice,
Then you will realize:
“Heart” is also an illusion,
There is nothing called “heart” in the world.

When you look for your heart, you can’t find it,
All you can find,
Just one concrete illusion after another,
For example, “tree”, “computer”, “iPad”, “thought”, “feeling”, etc.

Why did I say
Are “trees”, “computers”, “iPads”, “thoughts”, “feelings” illusions?
How can such concrete objects and real feelings be illusions?
Why are they illusions?

Maybe you’re confused here.
When you realize that they are indeed illusions,
The belief that things outside the heart are true will collapse,
At the same time, the belief that the heart itself is true will be broken.

Everything in the world is an empty pseudonym,
No exception,
Including our knowing hearts,
“Heart” is the last illusion of the walker world.

All over the Dharma world,
You can’t find a specific thing is the heart;
“Heart” is the general name of all existence,
Like anything in the world, it has no noumenon of its own.

Practitioners can only recognize and experience:
The reality that “the heart is also an illusion, and the heart does not exist”,
He can be liberated,
If he insists that “foreign things are false, but the heart is true”, he will never be free.

“Heart” does not exist,
No one in the world has seen “heart”;
Even the Buddhas of the third generation have never seen it from birth to death,
Who will see something that doesn’t exist at all?

In the heart of the world,
Everything is illusory, everything is illusory,
Even the heart itself is no exception;
Everything is illusory.

The heart is the collection of all names and appearances,
Besides, it is nothing.
Don’t be deceived by the concept of “heart”,
It’s the head of all magic.


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