People intuitively feel that their actions and words are wrong.

People intuitively feel that their actions and words are wrong.

Andromeda elders Committee Special update: the “restart” of human consciousness

The great rejuvenation of mankind
Hello, dear earthman! Today, we want to share with you the current news and our views on what is happening on earth from a subtle level.

The main news is that Ashtar Sheran’s fleet finally won the dark forces’ fleet, which is mainly represented by grey man spacecraft leaving underground bases on earth.

Therefore, the government representatives hiding on your planet have lost their main allies, and now their only hope for survival is the underground city they have been preparing for emergencies for many years.

But now to their surprise, such “emergencies have become people they despise and regard as their slaves.”

These aliens are fully convinced that they have lost their sense of reality and caution.

On the basis of lies and fraud, they continue to act in their usual brazen way, and they do not take into account the fact that the vibration of the earth is different now.

This is why many who have successfully tuned into the new vibrations of Earth naturally reject what all authorities and mass media representatives are trying to impose on them.

People intuitively feel that their actions and words are wrong.

On the contrary, all the pure information sources supported by non authoritative people are eagerly accepted by them and responded by their soul and soul.

The world government’s dream of “restart” has taken place, but it has taken place in an unexpected way for them.

In fact, on your planet, there is now a “restart” of human consciousness to obtain a higher level of vibration, which will enable humans to transition to the fourth dimension and later the fifth dimension with the earth.

As far as the world government’s plans for universal vaccination and population chip are concerned, most representatives of low vibration races and civilizations abide by these plans, while young and immature human souls still live in them, which is in line with the world program of the third dimension.

So now on your planet, this is a critical time for the confrontation between light and dark forces. There is no doubt that it will end in the victory of light forces, because the truth is with them, and it is the only time that can resonate with the new vibration of the earth.

Lies, hypocrisy, anger, hatred and aggression are being dispelled in these divine energies and driven out of your planet like those outdated energies.

And it is becoming more and more obvious that the supreme rulers of all serious evil acts are being exposed, their animals’ smiles, in their eyes of hatred for the people.

Now, they can’t hide their feelings behind decent masks, stocks and iconic smiles.

Their true nature is becoming more and more remarkable.

Their power hierarchy is destroyed before your eyes.

Now, they cannot affect the consciousness of pure human souls sprinkled by the divine “rain” of high vibration.

The great rejuvenation of mankind is in full swing. We are glad to see this magnificent picture of your Rejuvenation from your heart. You will return to the creator.

We look forward to meeting you, sharing our experience and technology with you, and accepting you as a dear and long-awaited guest into the highly developed civilization of galactic society.

We love you deeply and are proud of you.

Andromeda Presbyterian Council speaks to you.


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