Kyron Q & A – anti rejection drugs, SARS origin, water and stone have life, what is the essence of active drugs?

Kyron Q & A – anti rejection drugs, SARS origin, water and stone have life, what is the essence of active drugs?

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Q: Dear Kyron, what happens to those who have an organ transplant and need to take anti rejection drugs for life? I have read that in order to achieve ascension, cells must not be poisoned by drugs. Does this mean that recipients of organ transplants cannot ascend in their lifetime, or they must trust that their bodies will not reject the transplanted organs and stop taking drugs? I’d like to know your answer to this question.

A: let’s tell the truth directly to those who receive organ transplantation (including heart transplantation) and survive on drugs. Organ rejection is a chemical property of your physiological function. It has nothing to do with your spirituality. The medicine that sustains your life is blessed and given by God. They are not poisons for your body system. Like organ transplantation, it is respected and celebrated. The technology that can help you live is inspired by the divine.

The state of ascension will be given to those on the planet who give their will and start the path. God won’t hide behind the curtains! Your holy spiritual family knows exactly what is happening in your body and will not punish you for your own survival! It’s time to use spiritual common sense on these things. Think of God as being by your side, knowing everything and glorifying your life. Then, despite making any spiritual decision you want, know that everything is perfect in your pure will.

Q: Dear Cleon: as a long-term Cleon powder, I remember reading about the upcoming epidemic. I just want to have an update on SARS. What does it mean? Why and how did it appear? What can we learn from it? Should we protect ourselves or trust our immune system to deal with it? (2003)

Q: Dear klyon: can you tell us more about the new SARS virus, its source and whether there will be a cure for it? It seems to create a big problem in Asia (and many other countries), and we hope this situation will improve as soon as possible.

A: there is no difference in origin between SARS and AIDS. In the future, they will be found to be related to the destruction of your natural resources. Although this may not seem clear now, the fact will be revealed one day, and the source of SARS will be traced to those areas where the forests are erased.

Unless humans want to experience new and more difficult diseases that will cause greater casualties, they must understand that there is a balance that must be kept untouched in the earth’s forests. These areas have been balanced systems long before the arrival of mankind, and they will not be harmful if they are not disturbed. However, if you invade these ecological shelters, viruses that have been in balance for billions of years, you will find humans now.

Can it be cured. Yes. Aids can. Even after these are cured, each virus will be a surprise, and the research on each of them will restart. However, why not respect the forests and let them exist there.

Q: Dear Cleon, what is the exact nature and possibility of our relationship with the mineral kingdom? How do I develop my relationship with crystals and healing and so on?

A: so, honey, you like stones, don’t you? We are now about to begin to reveal a physical fact that would have been laughed at and winked at in the past! The earth is alive! Water has life, so does stone. There are many lives – a practical consciousness in matter. However, it is not in your dimension, so it has never been seen.

And all of a sudden, your science begins to drill into interconnected dimensions. It began to recognize incredible things. There are interconnected dimensional forces in the core of all matter, bringing them all together! Welcome to real physics! Some of your scientists have even begun to look at the real water consciousness… Which will lead you to a new and wonderful definition of life itself.

So your relationship with all these lives is a partnership. But you already know this, don’t you? You feel it. You “talk” with minerals. Many people “talk” with valleys, mountains, lakes and the sky. When you attune yourself to these life forces, they will often reveal the “taste” of why they are there and how they can be applied in your partnership.

Listen: there is great energy available in these hidden life energies. There is healing for the environment. There is personal healing and even wisdom lessons. These are not “lives” like you, but they are life. There is no “test” on these energies. But there is an invitation to discover the complete symbiotic relationship between human and matter… And to unlock its energy. What is the energy to find it? Guess. Is the energy of love. Does that sound familiar?

Bless those who are looking for things that are invisible and intuitive, but have not been accepted by real life. They will be rewarded with knowledge and wisdom and will be pioneers of the latest technology on the planet.

Q: I’ve always been interested in alternative therapy. I found the chapter “healing in the new century” in the third book very interesting. What is “active essence medicine”? Bezoar essence, right?

Q: Recently, my sister and I opened a “circular garden” and are making flower essence for vibration healing. We are very eager for your comments on this attempt and any suggestions related to this energy work.

A: you are indeed dealing with active essence drugs in the new century and at the forefront of very powerful healing. Let me first help define what active essence drugs mean, and then give some guidance to those of you who are engaged in related work.

Active essence drugs refer to substances or processes in which something with (or ever had) life energy is directly used.
Unlike inactive chemicals or chemical complexes, we are talking about things that are or have been alive, but still have strong life energy.
In this definition, there are some excellent examples and some forms to be found. No matter what process you use active essence drugs, they have great potential in use. Some just transfer their energy to human individuals, and some are ingested into the human body. However, some active essence drugs go far beyond your current understanding of plants and herbs. You will find that many active essence drugs will appear in unexpected forms and can carry a life energy that can create healing together with you in your body. Some active essence drugs are locked in rocks – life energy thousands of years ago when the energy of the earth was higher than it is now. Some grow as very small life forms, waiting to be harvested, but always “hide” their great value to your body. Finally, some are from the animal kingdom, biological and very useful.

Here are some guidelines for what to look for:
(1) Look for any medicine that is now known as “active essence” in your society. There is no mistake in bringing this name through my partner. His message is not private to him, and many healers have received the same message and named their healing substances accordingly.
(2) If you are using active essence drugs, you can find new ways to use them and expect some powerful effects. Some of the new gifts from the gods are to help people improve their awareness of the use of good body balance methods (that is, what active essence drugs do).
(3) Look for active essence drug systems – that is, more than one drug is combined with other known balance methods using color and sound.
Healers in the new century will be diverse in the combination of multiple systems to promote balance. As we have said before, it is time to understand how your diverse alternative therapies become more powerful and efficient when combined into a system.
(“active essence” refers to elements, such as water, plants, minerals, smell, light, heat, sound, color, etc. in the place where energy converges)

These new healing technologies will serve human balance and health and keep people away from weakness and disease. Not only can they treat sick individuals, these new active essence drugs can also be accepted methods to keep the body in contact with its cellular health memory, actually nourish it, and create a balance that will enable great power in the battle against the new stubborn viruses that are showing you them.

Q: Dear Cleon, music has existed since someone was born. It has been used in all kinds of worship and celebrations. I am a singer and writer and want to know how music affects everything and the mechanism. Also, are there any negative effects of music vibration, such as heavy metal rock? Can music be used for healing? How?

A: what if I told you that as a singer and writer, you are also a conductor? When you write those beautiful melodies on paper, have you ever thought about where it comes from? Some of your word writers will do the same. “Where do these beautiful concepts and words come from?” you may ask after writing. You channeled it! It is a sacred gift!

Tone is vibration. In the complex and harmonious multi stress tones, it has the absolute power to heal, create peace, deepen feelings in the human mind, and lead to decisions and actions! These vibrations are mathematical and resonate with you and the earth. Music therefore has substance, and it creates its own reality. It is important and sacred.

Then there are two answers. One is the question you asked, and the other is not. (1) Are concerts harmful? Just as healing drugs can become poisons when mixed with another strength and proportion, the answer is yes. Vibration sends a message. Only in this way is it fair to know that as a human being, you have the ultimate choice for what you will do for every attribute on your planet. Vibrations can be mixed together to create chaos, control, and even sadness – this is the power of tonal vibration on this planet.

(2) The second answer seems like a joke. The philosopher asked: if a tree falls down in the forest and no one hears it, will it make a noise? Let me update: If music happens in the forest, will it make a sound? The answer is yes! This vibration can be “heard” by all people and everything. For every inch of the planet’s land also responds to tonal vibration, as do all creatures in creation.

No wonder the concert stirs up emotions within you? It has the power to enhance any information and create an atmosphere of love without saying a word.

Finally, think about this: why do you have hundreds of languages and dialects on your planet, but when a musician from any country sits in front of his score, he can understand this common language? Written music is common to all civilizations and cultures! It is a universal language understood by all. This is not an accident. The whole earth “tells” music in the same way, with complete understanding – just like love.


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