“Equality between men and women is as difficult as balancing male energy and female energy.”

“Equality between men and women is as difficult as balancing male energy and female energy.”

“This issue is so hard to understand”

Or that, how to connect with the higher self is the cornerstone of all teaching, and it is also the ability to understand more guidance and devote yourself to the double ascension of consciousness and behavior through your intuition, in rest and healing

To achieve balance between men and women in the same body, you must first open your thinking boundaries, including whether people must do something to be valuable, whether people must learn something to have a way out, and whether people can only survive by relying on the world

These are the basis of inequality between men and women, because they are all the same. The world represents men and dependence represents women. How can we balance men and women? Therefore, we must first question and recreate all our ideas in balance, think again in one, and then live

Balancing men and women in one flesh is also the cornerstone of the sixth dimensional consciousness, and it is also the change direction of the actual balanced life between women and men. Do you want to be free in the life of men and women? This is the driving force

If a man doesn’t want to have women’s intuition, softness, tenacity and inclusive power, and a woman never wants to have men’s irradiation, courage, reason, thought and refinement, then it is difficult to put the balance between men and women in one flesh on the agenda, because there is no power, there are many life practices to practice, and the first thing is to connect with the higher self, Because only when the higher self does it, you can do it

Therefore, you should think carefully about where your intuition is used, and if you are still struggling with the love between men and women, try it bravely, because this is also the process for men and women to find the negative and positive energy. The so-called living from the heart without regret is still connected with the higher self and higher intuition after experiencing enough sex and love between men and women, which is still the basis for the next step, Re establish a balanced life relationship between men and women that is independent and integrated

Slowly, you will continue to rely on the teachings of the higher self, because your life is becoming more and more unbalanced, so the re establishment of balance begins

You are the creator of your world, and others are helpers. You can survive without relying on the world and any life. What do you rely on? Believe in the higher self, the source, the ultimate source and ultimate law of all teaching: let go

Because of trust, you live only by the universal mind, high-frequency joy and constant letting go and acceptance
And take good care of your vibration frequency, mood and daily life

The cornerstone of gender balance has been established. You are online as the higher self. You no longer have doubts. Occasionally, it is also easy to see and rebalance because of the separation and tolerance of the higher self consciousness and the physical body and ego consciousness. The answer will follow one after another because the manifestation of self creativity is synchronized. Do you understand that the realization of gender balance will be shaky before becoming the higher self, Because only the higher self realizes the integration of men and women, and there are no middle and low levels in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions

When you become the higher self, you can come out in your flesh, and your consciousness will jump and manifest. Everything is in the present. Your present is the starting point and end point of all balance, including the balance of men and women in one flesh

The third dimensional relationship between men and women is the card point. After the two are no longer dependent, it will become easier and easier

Human beings begin with the separation of men and women, and will eventually return to the integration of men and women, starting with the connection with the higher self


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