Jump out of the comfort zone and balance male and female faces

Jump out of the comfort zone and balance male and female faces

sananda 2020-06-19

Balance your comfort zone

Do you know why you receive spiritual instruction.

Because I don’t accept the instruction of my family.

Yes, your family is your mentor. Balance your spiritual cultivation, accept, cultivate spirituality, don’t accept it, spirituality is blocked there.

A lover is the balance teacher of your “love”. Let you know that there is nothing to define love, only whether you are willing to surrender.

Love is not a feeling, but a territory. Your country can accommodate all kinds of people and accept all kinds of views.

What, no lover, only empathy and empathy without any dependence and love.

Why not love? Because if you don’t accept it, it doesn’t exist according to what you think.

Family members and those who hurt you have always been members of the soul family. Where do you have to find your soul mate and soul family.

The holy twin flame is not for meeting. What will happen if they meet? Repeat the higher-dimensional two person love game. What, continue separation and duality.

What, the more you look for your lover, the farther away you are from the twin flame, because the expectation separates another attachment object, which makes the really returning fragment of the higher self anxious^_^

Balanced, there will be acceptance of teaching. What? Women will be balanced only when they accept male thinking, and men will be balanced only when they accept female thinking.

The spiritual kingdom here is the integration of men and women, and the integration of women and men. Only when twins are born in the body can they be aligned with the twin flame. Only when men and women are one in the body can there be a soul family, because it is aligned with the soul and body.

Why don’t men easily accept intuition? They haven’t accepted it all the time and lack practice. Why do women have a headache for logic, criticize ideas and lack practice all the time.
Unity is not just talking. The body should do it first. Men have always been inertia, thinking and logic, while women have always been inertia, intuition and feeling. These will not change because you die and leave the body, but only related to your current acceptance.

This is what the Mother God says “get out of your comfort zone”.

You know why you haven’t made progress. When someone asks you to leave your comfort zone, you refuse, and wrap yourself layer by layer in the mastered truth and spiritual teaching. This is the beginning of slavery, because you don’t want to go out of the illusion of not being enslaved. Whether it’s the Bible or the Buddhist scriptures, you just accept it or go around in place.

Think carefully about what your comfort zone is and why you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone and look for friends and family everywhere, but the family in front of you ignores it.

What, you can’t be quiet. Before, you couldn’t be quiet in the material world, and you can’t be quiet when you enter the spiritual world.

Because the comfort zone is the same, what, a place where you can’t be quiet.

Yes, the imbalance between men and women, spiritual and logical imbalance make you restless because you don’t accept the part that gives you a headache.

Busy with work and unwilling to meditate, you naturally can’t accept the injection of negative energy, whether you are male or female.

Busy meditating instead of studying cosmic laws, logic and thinking, the left brain mind and thought of natural reality are idle because they don’t want to be more comfortable.

You know, spirituality is illusion, not reality, because spirituality comes from thinking and thinking.

Don’t you understand? Because the source is the one thought in oneness, “who am I and how great I am”. From this, nature will return from this.

Compared with meditation, spirituality is more principles, wisdom and thoughts. This is a larger picture of spirituality, which comes from your thoughts and logic. It is called divine mind and cosmic mind because it needs higher vibrational frequency support.

Who will teach you, your family, because only they / they will calm you down. When you accept and joy in it, you may not participate, but it must be joy in it.

This is why Maitreya said, “karmic life is the real challenge”.

The challenge is your chance to get out of your comfort zone, which lies in your acceptance, thinking and training.
This is the basis of unity, physical evidence from the body.

Therefore, everyone’s goal appeared, and joy was in silence.

As long as you don’t calm down, it’s a reminder to leave the comfort zone.
When you are troubled by money, making money is your comfort zone.
When you are troubled by your family, wanting to stay with your family is your comfort zone.

When you like to do something, it’s also your comfort zone. Like and dislike are the same thing. They don’t let you stay all the time, but let you leave. When you start to think about why it bothers you.

This is the balance brought to you by your family and people around you, reminding you to leave your comfort zone.

Rethinking what spirituality is, thinking will have a divine mind, which comes from training.

Pick up your primary school math.


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