Supreme Father of Fathers: the Universal Laws

Supreme Father of Fathers: the Universal Laws
Greetings My Children,
I am Supreme Father of Fathers, God, Creator and etc. This is my second communication to humankind on request of Prime Creator. He asked me to bring to your attention the importance of following the Universal Laws and the truth about the walk-ins.
My Dear Children, I have been always observing Mother Earth from the distance for a long time. I have noticed that many different informations are floating around in the Light Communities, and things became very confusing on what is the real truth and what is not. Your consistent meditations are going to connect you to the Universal Truth, so you will able to determine, if the particular intel is real.
When ego is in charge instead of the soul, it can let you believe in the false information. The Universal Truth is the most reliable source you can link to, the connection comes from the God within you. That is Correct, all of you have a God in you, and now it’s time to release your Godly essence, which is going to guide everyone on their journey to Ascension.
The humankind came to rescue Mother Christa and got stuck here because of 3D Matrix. This is the right time to let go of all the attachments and leave the Matrix as soon as possible. To accomplish this task, you must stay 24 hours in high vibrations above 3D.
Your next step is to Ascend and move to the New Golden Age. In the near future the old Earth is going to dissolve, as at this moment there are two versions of Mother Earth: 5D version and 3D version.
There are billions of civilizations existing in the Cosmos, so not to have a complete chaos, I, Supreme Father created the Universal Laws. These rules are the same to every living being anywhere in the Galaxy, Universe, Star System and etc. Only, the Dark Souls avoid to follow them and try to make their own rules. They harm others and create very negative energy that comes back to them.
Please aware, the action of taking someone’s life is unacceptable and punishable by the Universal Laws to the extent of loosing the soul. Some of these dark entities killed millions and destroyed whole Galaxies. Prime Creator and I, Supreme Father, both can’t allow for such travesties to continue to happen, so we got involved as having a free will gave too much freedom to the Darkness. The balance between spiritual world and non spiritual needs to be restored.
Regarding the walk-ins, I want to ensure all of you, it’s prohibited for the reason of making disarrays and confusions, and it could cause some unexpected and tragic events. For the safety of physical bodies or host, it is not permitted by the Universal Laws, which are same to every race in the Cosmos.
You don’t need anyone to assist you to win this battle between Light and Darkness. Each soul, who came here to rescue Mother Gaia, carries the essence of God within. Believe in being victorious. Please, never forget that the future is build in the presence.
Thank you Universal Channel for carrying this message. I am sending my Love and Blessings to each of you.
Supreme Father
来自:Erena Velazquez


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