Adama of TIROS: higher chakra upgrade

Adama of TIROS: higher chakra upgrade

Primary energy particle source

Adama of TIROS: higher chakra upgrade

Greetings, dear ones!

Today, we are very happy to connect with you. We send you our greatest love from the heart of Tyrus.

At this time, you are receiving a ten times stronger energy to upgrade to a higher chakra, as the great transformation of the earth is accelerating rapidly.

The higher chakras refer to the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and top chakra.

These chakras are receiving a new divine blueprint for the next level of ascension, designed to open your ability to receive and give divine love, speak your truth and express divine concepts, see beyond the veil into the higher realm, interact with the existence of the higher realm, and receive divine guidance more clearly.

These are very important abilities that can take you to a higher dimension.
Your chakras are aligning and integrating these sacred blueprints to equip you for the next critical step in your ascension.

You may have noticed the symptoms of ascension, such as dizziness, fuzziness, sleep interruption and difficulty in maintaining concentration.

This is part of your body adapting to these upgrades.

Instead of fighting them, take a few deep breaths, slow down, rest as much as possible, and drink as much water as usual.

Embrace your higher self and plan everything carefully for you to go to the next level.

Maintain the vision of a holy new earth.
Keep harmony as much as possible.

Avoid any judgment, opinion or gossip.
Only eat and drink high vibration food and water.

Meditate and live in the present.

We defend your victory in the light!
Welcome home!

We give you so much love

You bring a new earth on the wings of angels.

Know in your heart that you are always surrounded by your angels, ascended masters, guides, the galactic family of light, and yes, by your family and friends in TIROS – always.

Dear ones, we are walking with you on this journey. You are loved immeasurably – forever.

I’m Adama of your brother Tyrus. “

**Holy light transmission: ASALA


Galactic Federation of light: the law of cause and effect

Original angel of light angel Growth Diary yesterday

Aurora Ray   conduction   Angel of light
Greetings, my dear ones,
Today we want to tell you one of the basic laws of the universe.
This is the law of causality. Everything that happens in this universe is based on causality. When a cause occurs, the result will follow. Without cause, there will be no result. All actions have an equivalent reaction. This is the cycle and balance of energy.
You are the reason for everything that happens in your life. Everything has a reason. Every result is related to its reason. Everything has a reason from birth to death. Nothing is accidental.
All your problems arise because you attract them to you through your thoughts, feelings and actions.
All the bright and happy events in your life are in return for your good deeds, which come from your heart and are full of love.
All these are your choices: who your parents are, where you live, what you have, what you do, what you think, what you say, who you are and who you are with. They are your choices, whether you choose them intentionally or unintentionally. It’s entirely up to you. You let them happen in your life. The current life is entirely your choice.
It is your positive thoughts and actions that bring good things into your life. The negative things that happen to you are the result of your negative thoughts and actions.
Some people may ask themselves, “how can I choose to hurt myself?” however, it happens. First, you have the idea of hurting others. As a result, when you send harmful ideas to others, it will first affect the sender. Thinking is like a double-edged sword.
“I didn’t hurt anyone, but why am I so painful?” this is also a common question.
The reason is that in the low latitude world, there is a buffer time between cause and effect. Not all causes will have an immediate effect.
If you touch fire, your hands will be burned. It is immediate. However, thought is not. When a person has negative thoughts, the results will not be immediate. The universe grants low latitude space buffer time. You have the opportunity to correct it with positive thoughts or actions. Therefore, through efforts, you can offset the negative effects.
Sometimes the buffer time is very long. Sometimes the chain of causality can be traced back to previous lives, so sometimes it seems that there are some accidents, but there are no accidents at all.
Many times, souls with previous life entanglements are born in the same family in order to untie the old knot and perform tasks that they cannot accomplish in the past incarnation. When you feel that it is more difficult to connect with some close people, the more you are sure that you must untie the old “knot” of the previous life . in order to do this, you must accept her as she is and love her completely. Only love has the power to end an old problem and save you from further pain. You don’t need to delve into your relationship in your previous life. The most important thing is to know that the core of all courses is the course of love.
When you live in the third dimension, the law of causality governs your life. The law of causality makes freedom impossible. You are always in an endless cycle. On the other hand, the fifth dimension is not bound by the law of causality in the lower dimension. You can enter the creation of new freedom. (Note: according to some other information: the fifth dimension and higher dimensions will break the karmic wheel of low latitude, and the causality created in low latitude will be balanced by the energy of high latitude. However, it should be noted that it does not mean that there is no causality law in high latitude, which is the basic law of the universe).
A person who has been living in the energy of love can break the three-dimensional cause and effect, because his consciousness has gone beyond the boundaries of the three-dimensional world and lives in a higher field.
We are grateful that many of you have reached this point. What you have to do now is take the last step and join the beautiful fifth dimensional state.
In this state, you are sacred! You are here to love and be loved, fearless, brave and free to create, and feel happy in your heart!
We love you very much.
We are with you.
We are your family of light.
The source is with all. Send you eternal light, love and blessings.


Awakening is knowing yourself again

A major part of the human awakening process is to make each of you realize that you use your free will to incarnate as a specific individual, a person who is not aware of this, but will have a brilliant divine plan to return to that cognition. When you continue to evaluate yourself negatively and compare yourself with those who seem to you to have a better body or mind, a better person When comparing with family, friends, relatives or people with living conditions, you will continue to feel dissatisfied, an unfair victim, and you will not wake up. Awakening is to realize that you are a miracle. To do this, you must accept yourself completely and unconditionally.
God created the perfect you. In your heart, you know this is true. So why do you constantly judge that his divine creation is not lovely, unworthy and unacceptable? In doing so, you are judging whether God is incompetent or hateful, or both. This is indeed a crazy act! But you are not crazy, you are his perfect divine You just forget that when you live in an illusory environment like human beings, in the false environment you seem to have constructed a long time ago – but in fact, just a moment ago!

You will wake up. Your awakening is inevitable, because eternal deep sleep is impossible. In fact, deep sleep is a completely unreal, impossible and unnecessary state for anyone created by God. You are always completely alive, fully conscious, fully awake, and there is no other state of existence. The free will given to you by God makes you completely Being able to freely construct an imaginary or illusory state, you can inject yourself into countless human forms in a very limited period of time. All individuals who experience life in human form also have free will. Everything depends on their collective choice. When they wake up, they will eventually make this choice.

Compared with the seemingly chaos, conflict, confusion and pain happening all over the world, the human collective is actually waking up. If you look around and know yourself and be yourself, rather than relying on brainwashing propaganda, you will find a lot of evidence to prove that this is true.

Believe in yourself, believe in your source, and as you continue to work with so many others in the process of collective Awakening – even so, so many people are still unconscious – continue to assist others brilliantly.
Whenever you walk into your sacred Inner Temple, invite and welcome love into your hearts to promote and inspire each other by celebrating this upcoming major event.

Your dear brother, Jesus.


The first step in finding true love is through self acceptance!

You have all chosen to incarnate many times in order to remember your true nature, fully accept it and integrate with it. You are what God created, an eternal harmonious and happy existence. You exist in every conscious existence, you are every conscious existence! Anyway, your ego, the tiny crazy aspect of each of you , they all think that they are separated, lonely, and even abandoned in a huge and ruthless universe, in which their survival is always threatened.

Love is everything, so you are love. Otherwise, why is everyone looking for love? This is because you need to feel loved, you need to experience your true nature, and you need to experience yourself. The vast majority of those who feel unloved or unworthy of love are because this is an aspect of the separation game you choose to participate in. It is sustained in your own heart What is hidden from the constant separation experience is that you know that you are love, and you want and need to feel it, so you spend your whole life looking for it, but it does not exist anywhere else than you. This is often proved to you, as others – also looking for love outside themselves – often ignore you because they take them away The experience of not loving yourself is reflected in you.
Separation is separation from love. This is impossible, but because the only purpose of the illusion or dream you built hundreds of millions of years ago, and your own human experience, is to experience separation from everything, love and your true nature, which is what you experience. Each of you has spent countless lives looking for what is inside all of you outside yourself, that is It is your true nature, a state you can never separate, that is, love, the energy field of all things.


Let go of any guilt that may arise, because guilt will never serve you. It is just a kind of ego interference that makes you uneasy.

If you think an apology or some form of compensation is appropriate, apologize, but don’t expect how it will be accepted or whether it will be accepted. When you try to correct your apparent mistakes out of sincere intention, let it stop there. There is no need to try to further defend or apologize. You act from the heart with love, and love has been recognized and accepted Even at that moment, it may not be obvious.

Keep peace with yourself, everything is flowing beautifully, just like the divine intention. Believe in yourself, because each of you is reading this message, which is the place you are destined to go, the place you choose to go before you incarnate into the current human life experience. All of you choose to enter at this precise moment – now Form to assist in the process of human awakening on a large scale, which is what all of you are doing. You are setting and maintaining the intention to become love for anything that happens in your daily life, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem so, because your self has no scruples about the response to accidents or personal interactions. Just remind yourself that when When you realize that such an event has occurred, your real intention is to become love and immediately forgive your own mistakes.


Ashian: your invisible team

Original angel of light awakening and ascension today

Jennifer crokaert conduction   Angel of light
J (questioner): Hi, ashian. You can feel that energy is everywhere. We people holding light are tired and too tight. This is the shortest word to describe our state! What can you say to help us?
A (ashian): greet and bless all those who feel this message.
J: In fact, why do you say “feeling” instead of reading?
A: Because when you (or any channel) transmit information, you will bring a specific vibration into the field of consciousness. The higher the vibration, the greater the resonance, and the more people will be affected by it, even if they don’t read the content.
That’s why gratitude is good, because gratitude changes the amplitude of human vibration. That’s why we encourage everyone to write / speak / paint / Dance / dream freely, because in your creativity, you are channeling. You are drawing insight and vibration from the higher dimensions of yourself and the “invisible team” working with each of you.
J: That’s great! Thank you. Now, I know you’ve discussed “invisible team” with many of us, but I think it would be great if you could explain it to the people who read this message.
A: A good suggestion! Many people know the concept of “guardian angel”, or a guide to accompany you all your life. In fact, this is only part of the truth.
You all work with more than one being. Everyone has a team of different sizes. For Lightworkers, you basically have more than ten invisible team members. The team includes people from the “global team” About three members of, for example, the ascended masters and archangels who have a special connection with you. This may be Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Germain, Krishna, or other ascended ambassadors, as well as any specific angel or archangel who has a connection with you. They know you and they consciously work with you and your energy.
Part of your team belongs to your personal team: These are usually members of your soul family, the galactic family, your own higher dimensional aspects, and any other higher dimensional beings who share a specific connection with you. They help you develop your talents and help you complete your life plan as much as possible. They will never deprive you of your free will unless they protect you From things that do not belong to your karmic balance.
You see, you’re never alone! They don’t bother you, but work with you in your dreams, meditation or when your mind is deeply occupied by another problem.
You can build a closer relationship with them. When you feel irritable or exhausted, you can ask them to hug you and give you energy to cheer you up. You can ask them to help you at any time ~ for example, help you see the best decision with clear insight, or help you develop your intuition. The possibilities are infinite. Open yourself, Consciously work with them. Enjoy your partnership.
J: That’s great, ashian, thank you. I think many of us feel hurt, tired and worried that we’re not doing well enough.
A: Fear and doubt are tools used to destroy human intuition and prevent people from acting according to their hearts. The more you follow your inner intuition, even if not 100% sure, even 55% sure, and are willing to act in turn, the more you will find how wonderful it is to align with your inner guidance.
J: You mean fear and doubt are programming?
A: It’s not just programming. It’s part of programming, just like radio, television, songs, advertisements and games on earth. But it’s also a kind of being “transmitted” To the distorted low vibration of your planet. If it is only a low vibration, many of you will be able to ascend yourself to it in the process of evolution. However, negative forces make it a distortion and try to make it more “sticky”. This distortion makes it more difficult to surpass it and surpass this way of thinking.
J: Can we do it now? Beyond or above it?
A: Yes, and the system has been dismantled. What is happening now is like a music that gradually disappears with the end of the song. It is weak and you can easily surpass it by focusing on the good and positive things.
J: WOW! Great, this conversation didn’t go in the direction I thought at the beginning, but I think we covered a lot! Thank you.
A: We thank all of you for your persistence and commitment. Our love will always be with you.
The source is with all. Send you eternal light, love and blessings.


Kryon: practical everyday things – Part II (recording)

Original, why did you stop me, Kryon Cleon today

Practical everyday things – Part II (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on July 14, 2021
sound recording:
Why stop me

         Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of the magnetic service. I say hello to you. This is the second of the four psychics or courses. It’s about how the old soul on this planet deals with daily things, three-dimensional and four-dimensional things. This course is not about the greatness, talent and strength of your soul, but about how you have intelligent activities. As an old soul, with the energy of awakening, you know Tao is more and more intelligent. You may have higher perception and better understanding of the laws of things than a few years ago. So, how do you deal with a planet that may not have changed for hundreds of years?

         The earth began to wake up, that is to say: all things about integrity, fairness and transparency began to change. But the old soul has a greater change. The old soul can immediately see and feel whether the energy is suitable. The things you are used to seem to slap you in the face because of the negativity or inappropriateness in your life. This is what we want to talk about.

         “Awakening” It is to become more sensitive to the interaction around you, someone and a situation. Now you wake up to the greater truth, understand the divine and see the light; now you become a more peaceful person; now you understand and realize how to treat yourself, or the process of treatment, how to put yourself right, kindness, positive thinking and control your life… Everything is improved Compared with the people around you.

         Last week, we talked about how to deal with the surrounding energy. You would say, “well, obviously, let’s hide away.” Then someone did it. It’s very difficult. At home, you have to face your family; in the company, you have to face your colleagues. Sometimes you can’t do anything at all. We tell you: you don’t have to do anything. Because, avoiding the world with your wisdom can’t help anyone on earth. Therefore, we revisit the main goal of lightworks: Why are you here? That’s to reflect the glory of the source of creation Wei, reflect God’s face – that’s one of the main reasons you’re here.

         I just answered a question raised in the program: “Why are we here?” everyone wants a linear answer. You build a treatment center here to do this and that… What if there is no “something” to do, but “a concept”? You are here to shine in your daily life. How do you deal with the people around you differently?

         There are two aspects here. On the one hand, it is how you can be calm rather than pretending to be nothing. On the other hand, it is how you can let others see, and do not offend or point at others, or say insincere words to maintain friendship. There is wisdom. Saying the right words will not make you look better than others, but show that you have found more beauty This is our answer all the time. Instead of walking directly in front of others like a missionary and saying, “you have to do what I do, the following is what you need to know, do this and do that…” Like what you hear in the spiritual system, they want to show you something better than you. This is almost the standard, almost everywhere. In other words, when they look at you, they see balance, peace and happiness.

         Last time we said that when you were in a group of people talking about right and wrong and complaining, you almost didn’t say a word. They would turn around and ask you why you didn’t speak. You could say, “I like to be with you. You are my good friends and I love you very much. I just found something wonderful.” You don’t have to say too much, they will continue to ask you. So you have a chance to say what you think. Then, it’s not missionary at all.

         Dear, I want to tell you: more and more people will be attracted by light. More and more people will say that they want to get rid of the life style of the merry go round and get rid of the life like a mouse race. That is their view of life. Every day they are doing something and going to some places every day. When they get together, they complain. That has become their life. You have Jumped off the carousel. So now, you wake up here as a Lightworker and old soul and begin to realize that you can create and jointly create peace in life.

         The content of this time is about family. The most difficult point we tell you. This is the most difficult. The difficulty is that you can’t simply walk away from the two aspects you face. The first is blood family, which is the blood family related to you. They have something in common with you. When you reincarnate, reincarnation to this family is not an accident. You Your father and your mother, to some extent, on the other side of the curtain, know that you will come. Or, you agree to come on the other side of the curtain.

         Some people said, “no, no, Kryon, you’re talking too much. I won’t agree. I won’t agree to be abused in childhood.” yes, you agree. Why? Because you’re an old soul and they’re not. They just started, and you came to help. Do you think it makes sense? In fact, you’re their teacher, through your reaction. Some people said: “Nothing has changed, and they are dead.” Oh, yes. Your reaction to their behavior, as an abused child, is seen by others. Do you understand? What kind of wisdom can advance and make others say, “Wow, I’ve never heard anyone say that after that.”

         That’s what we’re talking about. Dealing with family is the hardest.

         The second kind of family, they are your choice. You choose to be with them, become a partner, and whether you want to get married. It’s no accident who you meet and with. You may say, “yes. I’ve had an accident.” the answer is: you’ve gone through all stages of your life, for them and for you. You all learn something from a relationship.

         It’s hard for some people to go home on holidays. It’s very hard. You keep so different things inside that they’ve never seen before. Many people even joke about you. What’s your reaction? Sobbing? Often hiding in the wardrobe? Do you cry for a while when they scold you? Or do you fight back and know that the name is just a name in the right way. Don’t People see that you are abnormal. Every time the family ignores you and laughs at you, you see that they are still in black and white, and you are in color. What do you do? You won’t overturn their arguments and say they are fools. Instead, you will keep your color and show it to them through peace and smile.

         There is something called karma. You throw away karma, but others don’t. maybe they say you’re silent and want to stimulate you. You can notice that if you’re not stimulated and don’t respond to your family stepping on it, they’ll stop. Have you noticed? You’re no longer fun. Then, to some extent, they begin to want to know why.

         My partner has experienced it. When he came to a place where people laughed at him, everyone was laughing. Then later, someone would come over and apologize and ask, “how do you keep calm? How do you keep calm and happy here? We know you are not pretending. We see your difference.” Look! Do you see what you’ve done? Light shines on yourself.

         When you have a sad or lost relationship, you tend to think you have failed. Some people will say you have failed again. Some people condemn themselves again and again: “I can’t maintain a long-term relationship because I have a problem.” Introspection is good. But I want to tell you, old soul, usually you wake up. What feels good one year ago becomes bad one year later. It’s like you’re climbing the stairs of awareness, but your partner may not. Finally one day you decide whether to accept something again. It’s not about failure, honey, you’ve just grown up a little.

         How to treat the people you leave? That’s a secret. No matter what they say, how do you treat them? Will you treat them with respect and kindness? No matter how they scold you, no matter how they think you abandon them or vice versa, can you still maintain kindness in a more rational way? People around you will see this, to some extent, they will see. This is you , is reflecting the face of God, with his family, on earth.

         I just gave you a far-reaching message. I hope you listen to it again. Because some answers are so difficult. Finally, I said, if you are in an untenable relationship, honey, so many people asked what to do? The answer is: indeed, one day, you may have to leave. This is contradictory. Because some people will say: “You have established a relationship and you must keep your promise for life.” the answer is: if you insist, in some cases, it will make both people miserable. Here, I say, I answer another question that has not been raised.

         Dear, you are here to reflect the face of God and maintain the wisdom of the creator. That’s it.



Translator’s note:

In the following treatment Wednesday, Kryon guides you:
“Kryon asks you to enter the future. When you look around, you will see that there are millions of people around you, and it is not crowded. Even if there are millions of people with you, you will experience something specially designed for you. Millions of people are in some way like a huge video conference, and everyone is experiencing something unique. You sit down and the audience can be your body Your cell can also be your relative or a master. You sit there and work for yourself. Everyone in the video conference is doing the same thing. What if this is the future of all mankind? This is a future without your current disease, a future without war, a future full of kindness. Stay and accept all this. Welcome to the future, now Just get involved. “
You can modify the key points of meditation.
If you don’t know the meditation of treatment Wednesday, please click here: Kryon: Extraordinary Events – Part 4 (recording, recommended)


Virgin Mary: Meditation for returning to peace and healing

Original angel of light awakening and ascension today

是Victoria Cochrane conduction Angel of light

In these difficult times, it is easy to be overwhelmed by worry and despair. It is very difficult to remain positive, but dear children, this is what you should strive for, because the more positive people’s consciousness in the world, the higher the vibration. This is very important, because energy will create more and the same energy, so the more people free from the haze of society, the easier it is to bring love And light to change your reality.

Dear ones, water is an emotional element. When your mind is troubled and your heart beats faster, it is very soothing and grounded. A calm heart will help calm your body and bring you into a calmer emotional state. If you can’t walk by the water, try this short meditation to relieve stress and help you relax:

Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable. First, see, smell or imagine my energy around you, like a warm and soft coat made of the best silk. It changes from pink to lavender. When it gently surrounds your shoulder, you will feel completely safe and immediately start to relax.

Look, smell or imagine you are sitting on the soft grass by the beautiful lake, surrounded by reeds and wild flowers. You will feel the breeze on your face and the heat of the sun on your skin. When you watch a duck swimming and find a strange frog jumping on a water lily, the lazy hum of insects makes you doze off.

The water is very calm, very calm. The lake is very deep and the water is very clear. Looking at the water surface, its calm will give you an inner peace that you haven’t felt for a long time. In your mind, you lie down and absorb the silence into your existence, wrap it in my mantle and be surrounded by the simplicity of nature.

When your mind begins to wander, bring your attention back to my energy, which wraps you like a mantle. I am now sending healing energy to your physical, emotional, emotional and spiritual body. When my energy penetrates your existence, you will feel a wave of liberation from your chakras, auras and body, allowing negative energy to be loved, light and higher Joy is replaced by vibration. When my cloak is taken off your shoulder, you will feel a strong sense of sureness, and then you slowly return to the room and feel calm, focused and deeply loved.

I’m the Virgin Mary.

The source is with all. Send you eternal light, love and blessings.


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