Antarctic Base takeover

Antarctic Base takeover

And / UnionPay / Earth Alliance

Dr. Michael sala
Forward: star space Chinese network
September 24 communication
    VN (Val Necker): I am pleased to report that with the success of many missions, the Antarctic base has been cleared and controlled by the Earth Alliance. The Earth Alliance worked with Galactic Alliance members to clear many bases of the former dark fleet and its associates. This is not new information, but related to the agreement reached by the China, the so-called Artemis agreement.

      China is not a party to the Artemis agreement, which revolves around the formation of a transnational space alliance with the United States as the lead country. China and Russia initially opposed the agreement, but the agreement was supported by the galaxy alliance. In July, they contacted the United States to launch a meeting of leaders of 14 Aerospace countries and companies in Jupiter (satellite), and China had to change its position.

       After the Tianlong Empire (ciakharr) and the Orion Alliance (high gray man) left the solar system, China had to accept the agreement if it wanted to obtain any advanced aerospace technology from UnionPay.
    VN: as I mentioned earlier, as mentioned in the Jupiter agreement, China’s access to the new space station and other areas is limited. The reason is that they are interested in controlling the dark fleet base and expanding relevant space plans. As many people know, this area was originally the base of the Tianlong Empire and the dark fleet for human experiments, technology manufacturing and human trafficking (not suitable for a single country takeover).

(VN said as early as September 8 that the Galactic Alliance assisted the Earth Alliance in building a Planetary Defense Outpost (large space station) for global security and surveillance projects in earth orbit and on the moon. It will use advanced stealth technology and cross-dimensional portal technology to control impenetrable shields to prevent the return and penetration of the Dragon Empire and Orion fleet.)

    If China wants to benefit from the technology shared by UnionPay, it has the obligation to cooperate, especially when applied to the Antarctic dark fleet base.
    VN: our agreement with China is very strict. They must agree to give up control over some areas of these bases. They can use the base stations built by the Earth Alliance and the company. This is very important because the goal of the Federation is to unify the space plan and the country so that they can work together for the interests of mankind and join UnionPay one day; all members have the obligation to China agrees to these terms and is currently cooperating with the alliance.

    Therefore, China had to cooperate with the earth alliance led by the former United States and hand over some areas of their Antarctic base. Some new Starfleet manufacturing was carried out here. China has the advantage of large-scale production of basic materials and products, which can be supplied in large quantities and transported from the base to Tara and other space bases.

    The human labor force of the former dark fleet has been re employed in these projects to keep their jobs. It is easy to obtain the technology of building ships at the Antarctic base, which also makes it feasible to join production and will continue.
As I discussed in the book “the rise of the Red Dragon: the origin of ZG’s secret space program” published in 2020, China has been secretly building large alien propulsion spacecraft in remote areas in order to challenge America’s space hegemony one day.
I asked Val nek five questions about his update. Here are his answers.

    Do you know what happened to the slaves and workers in the Antarctic base after the departure of the dark fleet and the Dragon Empire? How many people, thousands, tens of thousands, etc.?

VN: I can’t tell the exact number. Thousands of people, including slaves and workers. Most slaves have done experiments on them. This also includes humans, but also human hybrid species. Like super soldiers from Mars, these people are also taken care of in the league’s medical facilities. Humans and most hybrid species have experienced a lot of mental control The system requires the Galactic Alliance to assist the Earth Alliance in deactivating the implant and restoring the brain to its original function.

       In particular, hybrid species need the direct intervention of the Galactic Alliance, because the genome they carry is unknown to the human army, so it is inappropriate to provide medical treatment. UnionPay and Dilian have the ability to transport medical equipment to these bases to provide them with appropriate treatment. What you call medical beds is the technology in use or very similar technology.

       Workers have new employment options in these areas. Their help helps explain the facility and how it operates in some cases. Of course, these people are employees, not elite workers who report directly to the dark fleet.
       Sala: in a previous article, I described some human rights violations in the Antarctic bases operated by these dark fleets and companies. The scale of human suffering is huge, but so far, no one has been brought to justice for these crimes. Thank God, the surviving victims are being taken care of in federal facilities.
Q & A continues:

Can Val nek tell how many dark fleet bases ZG has taken over and their approximate locations, such as Queen Maud island and western Antarctica?
VN: I have no right to disclose this information completely… I can say that 3-5 bases have been handed over to the alliance. I can’t say their respective positions, but you are welcome to guess. If the time is ripe, we will disclose this base information.

Sala: it’s worth separating these three to five former dark fleet bases from the six large industrial bases used by a consortium of companies that build starships for the dark fleet. Corey good said he witnessed the six bases during his visit to Antarctica in January 2016. The latter is still owned by these companies, and val nek’s subsequent response confirmed that these companies will now build starships for the Earth Alliance Play a role in building spacecraft with interstellar capability.
Sara: VN, you mentioned that some parts of the dark fleet base originally handed over to China have now been handed over to the Earth Alliance in accordance with the requirements of the Jupiter agreement. Does this mean that ZG still controls other parts of the base and can do whatever it wants under certain restrictions?

VN: China doesn’t have complete control over any base at present. The agreement says so. The goal of the Federation is to ensure that countries cooperate and organize in how to carry out their own space projects. ZG was unwilling to give up control at first. As I mentioned earlier, they have a lot of private interests. Although the United States was selected as the leader of these countries and their plans… They (non authorities) The aim is to achieve unity and peace among countries.

China initially claimed to have some bases in Antarctica, but did not reach any legal agreement, and quickly handed over these bases after the Jupiter agreement.

Many countries on earth use their military assets to confront each other for land and conquest. In order to reduce the threat to other planets in the galaxy, the Galactic Alliance is promoting us to make changes and progress together and move forward like a planet.
Sala: obviously, VN refers to that the respective leaders of the Earth Alliance are required to recognize the overall strategic situation related to the earth in the wider galaxy. Although there are major political threats, there is no real choice to deal with potential threats in the future except international cooperation.
The next question concerns the fate of the Antarctic company base used to build the dark fleet starship:

The dark fleet works closely with a consortium that builds many large starships for the dark fleet. Has the consortium handed over its facilities to other companies / Earth Alliance, or have they readjusted themselves to build spacecraft for Earth Alliance now?

VN: for the sake of safety and continuous operation, I can’t disclose this information.
Sarah: my guess here is that the consortium that built the dark fleet (also known as the interstellar consortium ICC) The same facilities are now being used to build starships for the Earth Alliance. After all, enterprises are profit driven and can quickly adapt to the needs of new customers and new conditions. It is speculated that company executives suspected of using slave labor, genetic experiments or other abuses have retired and / or been brought to justice for their involvement in such crimes when building dark Fleet ships. This It is a very sensitive issue. It is understandable why VN is reluctant to provide more details.

My last question and val nek’s answer are as follows:

In order to understand the overall situation, large-scale production of anti gravity and advanced health technologies is being carried out on the moon and Antarctica and will be distributed by the Earth Alliance. Similar facilities on Mars have been destroyed or taken over by indigenous Martians, while similar shipbuilding facilities on Ceres are left to their residents at will. When will advanced technologies produced on a large scale on the moon and Antarctica be released to other humans , do you have a timetable?

VN: Yes, indeed, the indigenous Martians are regaining control of their planet, just like Tara. I can’t give an exact timetable, because it depends on the company and their manufacturing speed, as well as some other variables. Of course, we have a goal in mind. As I mentioned earlier, the selected company has the ability to meet our time requirements and needs Infrastructure. As I said before, there is a time limit, and we hope to complete these projects relatively quickly. I can say that from a logical point of view, considering the scale of this action, most people will be satisfied with the time limit and objectives we set.

From Val nek’s latest news on September 7, we know that the space fleet (Starfleet) is being built on the moon Now also in Antarctica, they combine the defense technology of the local earth and the Galactic Alliance. Without much knowledge of the confidential construction technology used to build a new generation of spacecraft for the Earth Alliance on the moon and Antarctica, we can understand the timetable by estimating the time required to build a new generation of nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers.

Recently, Australia has reached an agreement with the United States and Britain to build a new nuclear powered submarine fleet as part of the new aucus alliance, which has greatly disrupted France. France originally planned to build a conventional diesel powered submarine fleet for Australia. The production of Australia’s first nuclear submarine is expected to take the rest of this decade.

I believe that the nuclear submarine construction project is a cover for Australia’s participation in the large-scale starship construction process that the Earth Alliance has begun. Australian nuclear submarine and the Earth Alliance “Starfleet” Australia is a vast continent, and it is not surprising that remote areas are used to supplement secretly built facilities on the moon and under the Antarctic ice shelf.

It is also worth noting that William Tompkins, a person familiar with the secret space program, said that the next generation of solar Guardian space carrier will be deployed in the early 1930s. All these provide us with an idea of how long it will take for the Earth Alliance to build a new spacecraft fleet.

However, it can be expected that the advanced medical technology currently being mass-produced on the moon, as discussed by Val nek in the previous update, can be released earlier than the completion time of the future star fleet of the Earth Alliance. It is foreseeable that this will increase public support for the secret construction of large-scale spacecraft on the moon, Antarctica and perhaps Australia.


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