Athena: message for you^_^

Athena: message for you^_^

Primary energy and mass particle source


I greet you with this channel. Yes, especially you. I’m Pallas Athena. Today I want to bring you a very personal message.

I know you. We know you in the whole universe, on our level. We know you very well. We use everyone’s frequency, so it’s no accident that you received this channel today.

As the goddess of truth, I want you to realize the truth within you.

I want to tell you the real you. I ask you to open your heart and enter your feelings. What effect will it have on you if I talk to you like this!

You are a powerful, divine being. Maybe you can’t believe these words now. You have a feeling of surprise. If I speak to you in this way, this statement may overwhelm you. But that’s what you really are. You’re a divine being. That’s why I remind you today. Everything you have inside, everything is stored in your cellular memory, and you have experienced it alone in all your lives and all your existence. You are allowed to be who you are today.

So I speak to you now, your divine existence. You now accept your divinity, which is what we ask of you at our level. It is about you, only you and your understanding of your existence and your transformation. Change is change, and this change is happening, especially in you, because this change is happening without any effort. Throughout your life, transformation happens every second and every day. All we have to do now is accept this change. You can’t stop it. As I said, it’s happening. So day by day, you will notice your changes. It is important to accept these changes. You can feel through the feelings you may feel, because you feel everything that happens to you. This is transformation, which is embedded in cosmic events. You can’t stop it.

Mother earth is changing, the whole universe is changing, and you are an important part of it, because you are a powerful existence. Now it is important to accept this power within you.

Accepting divine power is part of your Triple Flame. Accepting divine wisdom is also part of your Triple Flame. So it is very important to accept the divine love and the love you are. You can give it to yourself first. All people love themselves. You are unique in the universe. We just hope you can accept this uniqueness and embrace it, so as to develop a large part of self love. Then you can use this self love to turn what may still want to change in you into love.

Change is a change towards your great existence, so now accept these words from me, I say to you in this personal information. I can only do it myself. Everyone is unique, so I’ll tell you myself now. You have brought a sacred plan for this life. This plan is for you to be there today. This great transformation is taking place. This is God’s grace to you. Out of that grace, you can also see how far you have gone. Everything is stored in you, everything is in your existence. So we ask you more and more, as long as you can connect with your great existence.

You are now going through a decisive stage, so I suggest you accept the grandeur of this stage today. It leads you to freedom. It also leads you into joy and into great unity. Desire is already anchored in your heart, and you are now guided by this desire to where you should be.

You are showing the qualities you have because they are unique. With these unique qualities, you can give yourself and your whole life so much. This is today. You make yourself aware of this.

Give yourself some time. Connect with the universe and mother earth every day. When you allow cosmic energy and mother earth’s energy to flow through you, you are connected. This connection enables you to develop your potential. Let it come out of your body. This will change your frequency. When you increase your frequency, when you realize your inner potential, you will automatically do so, and things happen outside.

Your environment is changing. The people you meet behave differently, and the people close to you are completely different. By changing your own vibration, you attract people and situations completely different from your current vibration. This is the principle. The sooner you are ready to live out this principle, the sooner great changes will happen to you. This transformation inevitably leads you into a new existence. Now everything is allowed to be new. That’s all it is.

Reshape yourself and your life and become the creator you are. You can now adjust your whole existence according to your own vision and your ability. So don’t hesitate. Start small, if you like, and create big through it.

You will also see that you can realize and manifest what you could not have manifested before. But now, in this transformation, everything is possible for you. I repeat, this is a great grace to live for you. It leads you to freedom.

Let the triple flame within you increase every day. Embrace divine power, divine wisdom and divine love. The flame grew stronger and stronger. Start each day in the divine spark within you. It now wants to grow and become a huge flame. Accept this so that you can experience everything that is manifesting now in joy, whether you believe it or not.

This transformation applies to all life on this planet. Nothing is excluded. But it is important that you are now with yourself, because by transforming yourself, you are part of the great transformation of the whole. Today I would like to draw your attention to this point. This will give you courage so that you can move forward in the expectation of joy, which will lead you, as I have said, into your freedom, your strength, your complete existence and become that powerful existence.

So I thank you for paying attention to me, which is also very important to you. Because what I tell you is your own personal information, so I am happy in the fact that we give you this personal information, so that you can further enter your complete existence. Once again, we know who you are!

Light transmission: Athena


We love you very much and appreciate what you have done. We know that many of you have reached out to us and told us that you are ready to do more and help more people. We hear every signal from earth.

When we say we are happy and willing to work with each of you, I hope you can trust and trust us. As we said, we even work with those who are awake and have not yet awakened.

Therefore, we are strengthening our efforts to help those who will awaken in the coming months. There are other ways to make these people aware of what they are doing when they sleep at night.

Some people will feel resonance in your story, and some people will feel resonance when watching TV programs, movies or documentaries. The universe has many different ways to remind people of their true identity, all of which will be used, because we are working together as a cosmic consciousness, of course, and always.
You also have the ability to lead people to join the ground crew with your self-confidence, soberness and example. Your way of life, your kindness and compassion for others are a beacon of light, attracting people to let people know that you are someone they can trust and talk about anything with them. By helping others, you can realize more of your abilities. You can prove to yourself that you are very proficient in awakening through everything you know and experience.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very willing to recruit more of you as our ground crew, because those who are awake and have not yet awakened will still meet with parliaments and groups like us in their sleep. This will eventually help them wake up, and has helped many people wake up, because they will think of the bits and pieces of star travel, as if they recall a dream in which they met an alien or an intelligent elder.

This is an important thing for us to do in the months before the end of 2021, because we know how much energy there will be in the upcoming winter solstice. We hope all of you can make the best use of the energy from above and let it take root.

Therefore, you may meet some people in your life. You don’t expect them to ask you some questions about aliens and alien dreams, but they will come and they will ask. This is a very good thing.

Winter solstice 2021: recruit more of you as our ground crew


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