Ascension 2: Chapter 1. 2 density

Ascension 2: Chapter 1. 2 density

“Your universe is in a box with three dimensions: length, width and depth. A three-dimensional (3D) That’s the box. Unless there is no box… That’s a realistic framework. The 3D framework of reality is within the 4D framework of reality, which has additional dimensions. Although you can’t detect it at present, it is also real and measurable. That’s it, until the 8th dimension (8D). Therefore, the dimension is what you can measure the world around you.

Density is the level of consciousness about creating reality. Due to the perceptual effect, it is called “density”. Your world is part of the third density reality.

At a higher density, it becomes more and more obvious that things are only predictions of creative thinking, so they are not real. It becomes more and more obvious that only consciousness is real. Things are just products of consciousness.

Unfortunately, there is a convention to call these higher levels of consciousness higher density. I understand how that happens, but it is not a useful expression. In fact, the density of 7D is lower than that of 3D.

1D is the first dimension, but 1D is the first density.’d ‘is the abbreviation of density,’d’ represents the dimension “

“1D”: 1st density

The simplest switching logic that constitutes the 1D density conscious world: “if this / then that”

@The most basic single celled organism, cell
@Most of the rocks and minerals in the world are 1D consciousness
@Most planets in the solar system exist in 1D

Consciousness of simple existence

Organic consciousness and inorganic consciousness, the most basic electrochemical function and biological function occur at this density.

Occurs in a fairly autonomous manner. No decisions need to be made. Decisions are made when the system is created.

1D also represents the first stage of human life – the fetus and newborn infants are receiving the basic elements of survival: intake, digestion and excretion; exhalation and inhalation. “

“2D”: 2nd density

Instinctive or “driven” consciousness
Sacral chakra – the chakra in the pelvis, usually associated with sexual and reproductive impulses.

Hunger, thirst, the need for sleep, the desire to have sex, the desire to have children, the impulse to avoid harm, the position in the face of challenges and the motivation to fight

A high-order animal that has formed a nervous system

2D is the basis of highly complex life forms: almost all fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals on earth… It is this level of consciousness that allows these animals to survive.

Cause them to eat, reproduce and migrate, and do all the other things that each species needs to do in order to survive.

There are decisions… Sometimes many factors have to be considered in making decisions, which is very complex… But there is no thought, belief or philosophy, and there is no feeling of separation between “self” and things other than “me”.

The second stage of human life, that is, infancy and early childhood, is the representative of 2D consciousness. When babies begin to express their desires… “

3D: third density

It centers on the solar plexus chakras of your body

This is the source of determination and willpower.

This is the level of consciousness of your planet and that of most humans on earth.

3D is the consciousness of self-awareness and real choice. It is the consciousness of ethics and morality.

This is the consciousness of “good” and “bad”, because it is the consciousness of “self” and “other”, “good” and “bad”, so it is also the consciousness of duality.

It is also the world of self: the place where you say “I” in your heart.

The third stage of life, the 3D stage, begins with a child saying the concepts of “me” and “mine” for the first time.

Observing the awakening of 3D consciousness is like observing the right of young children to compete for property and enter amusement park equipment.

The change from 3D consciousness to 4D consciousness is due to the active choice of “listening to their hearts” or “finding their own truth” or “unconditional love”

“4D”: 4th density

Density of love and service

Outer chakra (there is also an inner chakra, which we will talk about later. 8D).

From the hesitation of 3D density consciousness to the mentality of serving themselves or others, they find themselves in 4D density consciousness.

There are different thoughts, beliefs and desires in the heart of each 3D individual. All these change at the 4D density level of consciousness. In order to transition from 3D to 4D, everyone needs to make clear decisions for himself.

The occupational hazard of 4D is burnout. You give everything you have, and then use up everything you can control. Pain and disease easily occupy the body, and then you will quit your incarnation. “

“5D”: 5th density

Density of “balanced polarity”

The throat chakra is all about powerful expression

What you do to others, you do to yourself. Everything is one

5D sto (serving others) will know that she must open her heart and be willing to accept all the help given to her, so that she can give her great service.

The sts of 5D will know that he must be willing to give to the people around him, feed them and look after them, so that they will be loyal and obey him, continue to give him and meet his requirements.

Density of wisdom: profound knowledge of how to give in order to get (or how to get) and because it is based on the wisdom of knowing how to manage yourself and others

Strong corporate CEOs and respected national presidents are perfect examples of this level of awareness. “

“6D”: 6th density

Serve neither others nor yourself: there is no more polarity. Sto (serve others) and STS (serve yourself) converge.

Density of unity consistency: know that everything is a real one

In the “third eye” performance of the body

The “natural” body is a form of light
6D consciousness can still experience itself in the human body. For example, this is the highest level of consciousness that people can achieve, while still attached to the dense body.

Entering the 6D density is to find that you are one with all that is

You just take out what you want

He devoted some time and energy to his study to heal the beliefs he held, which brought him unpopular results. In this way, he mastered his ideas and choices. In fact, he mastered himself.

Before 6D, they still experienced inner conflict, torture and pain. Before that, they still created fear and unpopular drama in their own lives.

6D beings transcend fear, torture and pain

He no longer finds himself having a “negative” experience. This gives him profound peace and the necessary peace to really observe “what is”

He can know exactly why he is so special

In the right divine order, he must perfectly respond to the needs of life at the best time, then and locally.

He gives his greatest gift, which is his happiest. Therefore, life responds its best gift to him! It can’t do anything else! So he finds himself living a very rich life.

His gift is given through metaphor or representation, not the thing itself. At this point, he will be ready to understand the real essence of the energy behind metaphor.

He will realize that he has been wandering in the field of the story, not the real energy and life itself. “

“7d”: 7th density

Magic density

Crown chakra

At this level of consciousness, a person becomes a person with all forms – and therefore invisible.

7d consciousness must be everywhere. It cannot limit us to find ourselves: where… Or when… We are everywhere, always.

A dense body with all its limitations is impossible for beings at this level of consciousness.

Dense body cannot reach 7d: attachment to a dense body, such as the human body, means something completely incompatible with 7d consciousness.

Such a body can be imagined in an instant without any effort.

However, it is impossible to have both body and 7d consciousness at the same time. 7d can’t do that at all, but also maintain 7d consciousness. If 7d wants to experience itself in a dense body, it must be as you do… As all your readers do… I must further reduce my consciousness to at least 6D.

7d is the direct part of the original energy, which is the real life.

At this level, you are very close to the unity of the whole.

People can penetrate this reality as deeply as they want. For example, you can penetrate directly into the 3D level.

You have a version of yourself, an inner self, in 4D, 5D, 6D, 7d and 8D. It’s all in you. But you didn’t do that because it happened: 2D or 1D self. That’s provided to you by other consciousness. Those who help you are people such as those who shape your body and the planets around you. However, you yourself, have no 2D and 1D outer self (Outer-selves) .

We may still be in the 3D world, but that doesn’t mean we have to be 3D conscious

In 7d, you participate in the creation of this reality by working directly with the energy and consciousness templates that make up this reality.

Some parts of your mind are occupied by some great tasks, and the reality experienced in the lower density depends on their existence.

For example, some parts hold the framework of planetary consciousness or galactic consciousness. Some parts hold the framework of human consciousness… Or the framework of other animals. Either electrons or photons.

In 7d’s view,

@Photons are not “smaller” than galaxies.
@A planet is no more or less than a special animal.
The feeling of 7D consciousness is the density of pure magic. At this level, your will is manifest. Imagine,
@There is no difference between sight and hearing
@There is a perception field in which both scene and sound work together.
@You “see” a tree, but you also see an additional feeling, because the wind makes the leaves sigh.
@All other senses… Touch, feeling, smell, taste… All these… Are an integral part of this feeling.
@There is no difference between your perception of the tree and your creative imagination of it. Look at the tree and you know that you think so. You know that you can change your point of view and maintain another intention, and the tree will change its form. It does seem so because you are imagining it.

In this reality, there is nothing to do. There is nothing we are separated from, and there is nothing we cannot know or experience. We assume the role of being called, and we experience the life that exists here. “

“8D”: 8th density

Portal and destination… Process and end goal

And oneness

In the inner chakra

The 8th chakra is hidden. In your opinion, it is deep in the 4th chakra (outer heart chakra).

If this chakra does not open and allow energy to flow, then you cannot have life.

The gem hidden in the center of the city of the heart… And a flower in the flower of the heart

The most beautiful and precious thing… It is elusive, it needs commitment to find… It is deeply, deeply, deeply hidden in your heart.

8D contains all happiness and peace… It also contains fear, anger and sadness

The 8th density of consciousness includes the whole reality, as well as all other realities.

It is a portal through which you can leave this reality and enter another reality.

8D is oneness. Being one with oneness is an experience that cannot be expressed in words.

Perfect completion. Integrity. Home. Sense of belonging. Center.

Completely see you as you are and love you as you are.

At this level of consciousness, nothing is beyond your mind. Your mind is the mind of the universe. You fully understand and understand everything in the past, present or future.

Everything is beautiful. You love, love, love everything. All views are your views, so there is nothing you feel you want to change. Nothing is problematic. Nothing is incomplete. All is. You are one and everything. Everything is perfect.

Until you decide… Choose… Will, something should be created somewhere in some way, in a way that will please you more. And soon, at that moment, you become a part of life and create some imbalance within yourself. At that moment, you find yourself in reality. If you find yourself in this state of reality, then Then you will find yourself in the 7th density of consciousness and ready to realize this wish as deeply as possible. Therefore, for you, the game begins again. “



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