The essence of dimension and density^_^ (including “12 internal dimensional DNA”, dimension of ascension book, density (at the end of the text))


The essence of dimension and density^_^ (including “12 internal dimensional DNA”, dimension of ascension book, density (at the end of the text))

8-dimensional and zero dimensional in one place, 8-dimensional and zero dimensional, or other defined universe creator fields, or in the light field, use light to program, create and maintain, that is, there is a universe outside (or within) the time matrix universe, called the light field universe, with higher frequency, and there is a sound field universe above (or within)

This is like the relationship between matter and antimatter. The second is the relationship between energy supply and manifestation

The source is not in the universe, not in any universe, but everyone and everything comes from the open energy of the source, which is also a very small relationship

All things breathe and swallow the open energy of the source. The source represents “unity” to experience the creative process of separation. It is to understand, adjust energy and guide the separation experience level by level through the parent God, the central big day, the super spirit group, the higher self group and the small higher us. That is, the source consciousness looks outside the universe of all different frequencies and maintains communication through a telephone line, It’s breathing


The essence of dimension and density^_^ (including “12 internal dimensional DNA”, dimension of ascension book, density (at the end of the text))

sananda 2020-12-12

The essence of dimension and density^_^

Joy in the status quo and reality
What is the dimension? “Dimension” refers to the measurable space. What determines the level of consciousness to create reality? What is it? Density, density is the level of consciousness related to the level of consciousness to create reality

So what is the essence of dimension and density, consciousness, creating reality consciousness

The joy of creating reality and status quo

How can we demonstrate the dimension and density? When we become four dimensions, we can see three dimensions, when we become five dimensions, we can see four dimensions, and when we become six dimensions, we can see five dimensions

Be the change you want
Dimension is what we call spatial matrix, multi-dimensional time matrix. Who will measure and perceive our body and consciousness, mind, chakra and higher dimensional self

Therefore, dimension and density are one

Can you know which dimension you are in

Look at your side, furniture and house. We call it space. How to measure this space, length, width and height
What is the structure? Your survival, reproduction and personality expression are the structural cornerstone of the third space: root chakra, sexual chakra and solar plexus chakra

In other words, the length, width, height, size and quality of your third world, as well as all your perceptions and feelings, are defined by these three multidimensional space chakras
However, the consciousness drive of the first dimension and the second dimension is not determined by us. What, our free will can only play in the third dimension and above, but can not really become your shadow (the second dimension) or the shadow of the shadow (the first dimension)

This is why “8” in the ascension book says that you can create a rainbow without meditation, which is unimaginable for higher and higher dimensional beings, because everything will come from your own imagination and conscious creation

Therefore, in fact, the infrastructure of the third world has always been outside our independent creation, as “8” said,

“2D or 1D self. That is provided to you by other consciousness. Those who provide help are those who shape your body and the planets around you. However, you have no 2D and 1D outer selves.”

This is why even when George Stankov first saw zingdad’s density conduction of “8”, he recognized the description of dimension, because it is mathematical, equation, measurable and more important. Even for global scientists, conscious creation is immeasurable

Why? Because of the reasons mentioned above, the first and second consciousness of the third world are not defined by your mind, chakras and intuitive consciousness, but by the people who shape your body and the surrounding planets, who are all those who participate in the design and manufacture of human body vehicles and give space closure, maintenance and thought transmission in higher fields, Not only the well-known lyre, Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian, but also Orion, Nibiru and Reptilians

The underlying architecture and projection mechanism of the third world are designed and consolidated by higher dimensional alien races, Galactic Federation and ascended masters

Who is it? It’s us. As Jesus mentioned in the transmission, many of us have been involved in the design and genetic modification of human body vehicles

Therefore, we are a member of the alien race, the Galactic Federation and the ascended masters. In fact, the higher dimensional self of people all over the earth comes from other planets and universes

More importantly, what we participate in is the illusion experiment of separation, which is an experiment on free consciousness. Therefore, when we are unable to be responsible for ourselves and become a higher dimensional unity consciousness, it is unimaginable and not allowed to create and do whatever we want

So what are the underlying structures, cells, elements, molecules and atoms, which are our bodies, houses and all external building materials. Therefore, you are not allowed to change the operation rules, structure and form of these basic materials at will, even if scientists have made many attempts

This is also why human beings have forgotten the miracle of conscious creation and creation, because they have been in a state of being taken over, because they have been experiencing that they do not take full responsibility for themselves, do not think they come from unity and unity, and do not think that human emotions are untrue

More importantly, I don’t think there is no one else besides myself. Everything is an illusion

What weaves it, the masters of the element Kingdom, the fifth dimensional consciousness projector of the moon, the space maintenance and maintenance masters of the earth matrix, and our own higher self

Then why is there time? Isn’t there only higher dimensional consciousness and fine particles, elements and materials balanced by higher dimensional consciousness

Delay and illusion are just like the hard feeling you can build after touching a stone for several or even more generations. The illusion of time is also shared by everyone by collective consciousness. Of course, it is operated by genetic codes and instructions

Fine particles, elements and all materials are vibrating all the time. It comes from the vibration of the first and second dimensional conscious creation masters, which is at the speed of light and superluminal, and we have been reducing the frequency and speed until the bottom reaches the lowest speed

How do we, like snails, see and experience the vibration of light and superluminal particles, time, delay, timing, delay, running, chasing, waiting, expectation and hope

Do you know how time comes? Our understanding of speed has changed from the overall situation and the larger train to the later, we can only see a train in front of us. This is the origin of vibration frequency. The time and space defined by the speed of light can only stay at that moment when we can’t reach the same speed and vibration level as fine particles

Speed and space are two concepts, both of which are caused by the delayed reception of pictures projected by higher vibration frequencies. This is also our perception mechanism of space. The lower the vibration frequency, the more depressed the mood, and the less people love physical and mental movement, the more they can’t stand the oppression of confined space, quiet space, and immovable space from higher vibration frequencies

Therefore, how do humans perceive time when they cannot reach a higher vibration frequency, such as movement, movement, relative movement, noise, quarrel, struggle and even war

For a long time, without these, human beings will think that time does not exist, and all human emotions and stories are stored in the time code. Therefore, not perceiving time means loneliness and confusion

How is this information projected, genetics, genes, DNA

DNA, also known as the genetic key of consciousness, shoulders the transition of human intelligence. We also call DNA the multidimensional space projection device of human body. Human reality is a drama of light and sound projected by DNA, which is started by brain information processing, high-dimensional positioning and intuition of the third eye, empathy and empathy of the heart

This is also our way of understanding and perceiving the fifth dimension

This is why we are committed to the development of the third eye and heart chakras, which will lead to the fifth and higher dimensions

This is also described in the figure below. The fifth dimensional earth is structured, manifested and unified by the heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra

The fifth dimension is still based on time, because as long as our body vibration level cannot be aligned with the vibration frequencies of fine particles, molecules, atoms and elements in the first and second dimensions, we will always be in delay and illusion

But the third dimension is about time and moment, that is, we can only experience this moment, and then the next moment, we can’t experience the whole timeline. That’s why we are keen on fortune telling and prediction, and regard it as profound, because it is the vibration of the fourth dimensional space matrix, which is about a timeline. You already know the direction of your life, Because people in the fourth dimension understand the operating mechanism of time and the importance of practice for time perception, and also learn to create their own Timeline through joy and what they want, that is, when people in the third dimension are still facing various choices in continuous separation and anxiety, people in the fourth dimension have begun to practice, master and master the miracle of creation, and only take the least difficult The alignment of the high kinetic energy soul plan with the least effort and the most joy is what we call doing in the sky soul plan

Because it has always been on the sky soul plan and best matches its own DNA instructions, it will naturally know and predict what will happen next, because there are fewer and fewer challenges and difficulties. Of course, it is also the most effective for its own heart chakra rest and healing

However, this is only the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the dimension of loving ourselves. It is also the dimension of human beings living the life they want. Human beings will transition in 10 years or less

The fifth dimension is about the collection of timelines, that is, all timelines of an avatar, not just a timeline of the fourth dimension

The seventh dimensional earth is related to the collection of all incarnations. More than one earth incarnation also includes other planetary incarnations and other cosmic incarnations. Here, the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions are included, corresponding to the sixth dimension of “8”, while the twelfth dimensional blueprint in the figure corresponds to the seventh dimension of “8” The eighth and zeroth dimensions of correspond to the three light dimensions of the planter in the figure: 13, 14 and 15

What are we doing now? Sixth density consciousness Horus alchemy and Isis magic are also the level of consciousness needed to create the fifth dimensional world, which is about the density of rest and healing

Therefore, we now understand why there is a distinction between dimension and density. Only when we have and become a higher level of density consciousness can we manifest the spatial matrix of the next dimension

This is why Archangel Uriel mentioned the thymic chakra in “activation of unconditional love at 12:12 on December 12”,

“The first mock exam is to prepare your heart and your heart. Let your heart fly freely. When this flame is lit, you will never be the same again as a chain reaction of unconditional love has forged a unified template in the sacred apparatus of your thymus chakra.”

Because it can be seen from the figure that the seventh dimensional earth time matrix is composed of crown chakra (top chakra), thymus chakra and thalamic chakra architecture, manifestation and unification

That is, before entering the fifth dimension, a body with higher immunity and higher self-healing ability is necessary. Who will manifest it? Thymus chakra, an organ defined by geoscientists as fading but extremely important for immunity and longevity

Time is the vibration frequency. Only at the energy level, absolute time, that is, no time, is the real cosmic vibration, cosmic mind and cosmic thought, because there is only pure living and opening from the heart, only pure innocence and purity, which has nothing to do with your human emotion, thought and judgment

Therefore, in the journey of crossing dimensions, intelligent transition and consciousness expansion, there are not only personal joy and the highest kinetic energy alignment, but also the fifth and higher dimensions of unconditional love and service,

“Dear ones, remember that if you only focus on personal ascension, you misinterpret our message. As you embark on the road to enlightenment, you must reach out and touch the hearts of others through your words and actions. A true disciple leads a service life.”

Whether it is the leap of dimensional space or the transition of density consciousness level, it is inseparable from your rest, healing and forgiveness

Until it is stable in living from the heart and higher intuition and higher self enlightenment, of course, it is inseparable from the call, recognition and information processing of your brain

“Your brain is a brilliant organ, containing a large number of” conscious life code or memory seed atoms “. Most of your talent potential is stored in the higher dimension of the divine mind, behind your head, near the top chakra.”

Don’t separate dimensions from density. They all come from the opening and alignment of consciousness and higher consciousness


Ascension 2: 1.1 dimensions

3 and lower dimensions. The lower dimension is the projection of the higher dimension, and the lower dimension is the shadow of the higher dimension

Anything below the third dimension has no mass.

4-D is the time projection of 3-D reality

The fifth dimension is the “expansion” or “projection” of the fourth dimension.

It is the creation of dimension itself that allows the illusion of separation between things.

The real universe is an independent unit… A unique whole entity. It’s not the only strange structure… It’s like a grain of sand on the eternal beach.

The complete universe, all eight dimensions constitute the real universe.

If you are truly one with yourself, you will be one with everything. Then you will find yourself on the “surface” of the universe, if I can use metaphor. This “surface” happens to exist where the 8 and 0 dimensions are the same place, where the 8 and 0 dimensions contain all other dimensions. It exists where all things are one, and you are one with all things. There is no boundary or bifurcation in that place. This is where you can go from anywhere to anywhere. You can go to any other reality of existence. There are no restrictions. In fact, because the “surface” is also the connection between all realities. In that place, you are… Everywhere!

The 0-dimensional point is the most primitive, smallest and subtle origin of all objects in the universe. They also contain the whole universe.

These strings are 1-dimensional objects, so obviously you haven’t found the thinnest and smallest 0-dimensional point! These singularities and unified 0-dimensional points project strings into your reality. They are the beginning and end of all strings. In turn, these strings are the source of what you call subatomic particle phenomenon. Subatomic particles dance together to form atoms, which in turn form molecules. Molecules are the cornerstone of your world.

3D: 3rd dimension

“Dimension” refers to the space that can be measured. For example, 3D world, length, height, width. All objects have three dimensions.

2D: 2nd dimension

Shadow Man

Your shadow is your two-dimensional body,

It has height and width, but no depth (thickness).

It is a flat shape without depth.
1D: the first dimension

Shadow a person’s two-dimensional body produces a one-dimensional shadow.

This is a line without width and depth.

The shadow man has a completely flat lamp that emits “flat” light in only two dimensions, causing his 2D body to cast shadows on the 2D screen of the plane. What does his shadow look like to us? Can you imagine that his shadow is just a vertical line? It is as tall as the shadow man, but as his shadow, it has no width. And, of course, just as a shadow man has no depth, his shadow has no depth.

0d: Dimension 0

A point without width, depth, or height.
Shadow human shadow, that is, a vertical 1-dimensional straight line, we imagine that there is a light source and a 1-dimensional screen on both sides of it. However, because it lives in a 1D world, the light and screen can only be placed on the same axis as the lines. In the 1D world, there is no “in front”, no “next”, no “to one side”. From our perspective, only a single dimension is above and below the shadow vertical line.

The point on the paper is a three-dimensional object. This point is located on a piece of paper (3D) on your desktop (3D) in your universe (3D).

0-dimensional objects do not exist on a piece of paper. In fact, it doesn’t exist in anything at all. From the perspective of a 0-dimensional being, there is no “outside” for it to exist. In the 0 dimension, everything is integrated, and there is no separation between one thing and another.

It is the creation of dimension itself that allows the illusion of separation between things. Therefore, dimension 0 is pure consciousness, without “you” and “I”. There is no “here” or “there”. There is no “this” or “that”. There is neither “before” nor “after”. Everything can become a singularity, everything is concentrated on a singularity, and there is nothing else. That’s the zero dimension.

Dimension 0 contains everything!

4D: 4th dimension

The fourth dimension is time.

The fourth dimension is a projection of your reality in time. It consists of spirals that form a ring.

The four-dimensional body is in the shape of a long snake

The newborn baby’s tail began to be small. As you grow into a little boy, it will become longer and bigger over time. Every day will be longer and longer. When you become a young man, it will reach full length. Its cross-sectional shape is your body at any given time. So, although it doesn’t grow tall after you become a young man, it may become wider as you enter middle age. The longer you live, the longer the snake. Maybe you can imagine it’s a bit like a slice of bread: every moment of your life is a piece, and every piece is your whole three-dimensional body. Over time, the snake grows longer and longer until it finally ends in your body’s death. From your point of view, you live a linear life from beginning to end, forming a long snake like body.

Over time, the movement you make will make your snake shaped body shape into many spiral rings and rings, and finally form a ring shape.

At the end of the above day, you will not end where you started, because the planet itself has moved. It goes round the sun once a year. Turn your spiral series into another larger spiral. Similarly, you won’t end where you started because your solar system rotates very slowly. In fact, everything in your universe is rotating towards the universe itself. Therefore, no matter how long you live, your body will gradually grow, age and change over time, because it rushes forward through space at a fairly fast speed, forming a larger spiral shape composed of smaller spirals.

If you can live for billions of years, your four-dimensional body will begin to show the arc of the universe’s rotation. But no matter how many spirals you form, they always tend to form a ring. A doughnut is the shape of a doughnut. This is because you travel in circles around central space. So your serpentine body forms a circle.

Then it will produce more and more cycles until it forms a shape like a loose spring. But as the spring shape gets longer, it will curl itself until it completes a complete ring, and then you will see another ring! But the circle is not complete because it does not end where it began. Moreover, this model is constantly repeated to produce larger and larger near toroids.
5D: 5th dimension

The fifth dimension is the “expansion” or “projection” of the fourth dimension.

The fifth dimension is the waveform, including all possible experiences in the third dimension.

In the third dimension, you live your life through a set of choices. In the fourth dimension, you are the whole timeline from birth to death.

The five-dimensional body is a cloud of potential, a cloud of consciousness

You, yourself, are an individual observer. The observer folds the waveform into a single event. You turn your potential into reality.

Three dimensional beings cannot see all of them. You can only see a straight line and a straight road. You can only see one of every possible choice implemented.

In the third dimension, you live your life through a set of choices. In the fourth dimension, you are the whole timeline from birth to death. In the fifth dimension, you are a cloud of potential, in which all possibilities and possible choices you can make exist at the same time.

Your five-dimensional body is a cloud through which you can draw any number of timelines. The choice closest to your soul’s intention is closer to the center of the cloud. That’s where the most energy is consumed.

As this three-dimensional expression, the closer you get to the middle core, the more energetic and energetic you will be, and you will feel that what you are doing is more “right” and easier to do. Moving to the outer limits of the cloud, you will experience difficulties and a decline in personal energy and vitality. As you approach the edge of the cloud, your soul no longer expresses itself, so you will no longer be able to function. You will not be able to reach the edge of the cloud. If you keep trying, you will experience the incarnation of termination.
In the 5th dimension, I am all, so I choose to give the 3rd dimension me a chance to become the happiest and most wonderful myself. I choose more love, more happiness, more truth and wisdom. I would like to thank me for choosing all versions of anything else for the opportunity they gave me.

6D: 6th dimension

This will be a collection of all the avatars you have – each represented by a cloud of potential.

Crystalline being: in the six dimensions, your physics is similar to a lattice in many ways.

6D beings transcend fear, torture and pain

If you imagine that every moment of choice in your life is a node, then your four-dimensional self is a line from one node to another, drawing all the paths you choose from birth to death. In the 5 dimension, we see that the unapplied selection nodes are also valid and exist. They can be used as a backup timeline. All these nodes together look like a cloud.

In the sixth dimension, we realize that all the clouds of all the incarnations you once owned intersect.

They are a larger entity. Each node is perfectly harmonious and aligned with all other nodes symmetrically positioned around them.

For your six dimensional self, all your possible incarnations are the same here and now. Your six dimensional self knows that you have no “previous life”. You have alternative versions of life. Each version has its own potential and possibility, but all versions together form a larger whole.

6-dimensional you know that your choices in your current life are made at the same time as your choices in other stages of life. All life cycles affect each other directly, and none can be isolated from each other.

As you do the spiritual work of inner healing, you begin to touch your sixth consciousness density.

You are at a time when you realize that you can now change the process and change the experiences of sentient beings who have lived in other lives at other times… Even on other planets or other realities. You can bring kindness, wisdom and love to them. In this way, you can not only relieve your mental pressure and release your energy obstacles, but also bring healing and liberation to them.

7d: the 7th dimension

In the seventh dimension, your form is light. You are a beam of light, which is not limited by its own luminous ability, nor by its possible form.

The seventh dimension is intelligent light that can manifest in any form of matter of your choice if your mind is connected with matter. In fact, all physical realities in the universe are composed of the bodies of many 7-dimensional beings.

The seventh dimension is the being of light. The form, tone and intensity of light depend on its existence and choice.

At the 7-dimensional level, your consciousness is completely beyond matter.

You don’t confuse yourself with expression. It knows that it is not these lives, these bodies and these events.
When everything is finished, it’s just what you’re playing with. In fact, it’s not you. You are an eternal dust of the purest consciousness that cannot be changed or transformed into anything other than these experiences.
And this reality is your window to the 8th dimension.

With one thought, you can change everything in the universe.

You will see its essence, so in the end you will only make few changes. You really see, you see there’s nothing to break in essence. Nothing needs to be changed here, so you observe it with love. You shine your light.

8D: the 8th dimension

You are the universe.

Everything. Nothing.

One point! A singularity contains the nothingness of all imagination. This is a pointless point of depth, width and height. Dimension 8 is the same as dimension 0, because dimension 8 is dimension 0.

It’s always just you. You will find that every other being who plays every role, every other imagination you imagine, everything else you have done, what you think you haven’t played, imagined or done so far… That’s really just another version of you. When you enter the 8th dimension, you “remember” all your other incarnations, inventions, creations, actions… All this.



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