Talk to cells^_^

Talk to cells^_^

What is the flower of life?

The ancient secret of the flower of life Volume 1

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In the process of exploring the flower of life, human beings have been walking back and forth on two roads:

Believe in self supremacy
And believe in others and imitate others

The third dimension Thoth has also experienced this process. Without judgment, there is no conflict between exploring the true meaning and imitation. It is a process of manifestation and exploration. However, all roads lead to Rome and will meet and be one at one point

The flower of life is one at the source. In the process of constantly exploring the life science and unknowable spiritual body, whether it is the spiritual practitioners of Leonardo da Vinci, Tesla, Luban and jobs engineers, or the spiritual scientists of Lao Tzu, Aristotle and George Stankov who pursue theory, thought and cosmic mind, they are all imitating a person’s creation step by step,


The separated creation of the source and the separated life spark of a thought are unified in the brain of the cosmic heart, and the expression, wordlessness, words and words are separated again. Once again, the egg of the life spark and the cosmic mind are unified in the cosmic body, thus giving birth to the universe, the central big day and the cosmic incubator

Can you see that this idea has been promoting the separation and creation of theory, engineering and manufacturing, and things will return when they reach the extreme. It will be the time to return, and there will be an era integrating cosmic laws, spiritual knowledge and spiritual engineering creation. All these come from the incubation, unification and balance process of the unity of the flower of life, i.e. the birth of one, the birth of two and the birth of three, Pre atoms generate atoms (electrons, protons, neutrons), atoms generate molecules and macromolecules

Have you found the flower of life? Consciousness, one thought and others are vibration forms, patterns, light bodies or sparks. Remember, the visible comes from the invisible, so this process allows you to learn to let go and continue the unknowable journey without stopping. Even if there are repetitions, bless you [strong] [jump] [turn]

Talk to cells^_^

You need to imagine, not say. Take time to talk to your cells by imagining what you want. Imagine that you have no pain. Imagine you have young DNA. Remember, the body has experienced youth. It has the cellular memory of your DNA when you were young.

Talking to your cells is an energy process – energy is what it needs, not language. Repeating your words is of no use except to fatigue your voice.

First of all, don’t you understand that the part of DNA you’re talking about is multidimensional? We have taught this for many years. Such a system is not linear, does not understand your language, and will not even begin to reflect your logical process.

So start scheduling a time every day to do this communication. It only takes a few minutes to create a strong imagination of what your body wants to achieve. Imagine young skin, young state and young attitude. Your body will understand this idea and begin to obey the boss.
This is what the masters do, and it works. However, you need to learn to get out of the three-dimensional model that wants to maintain language dialogue. “Talking to your cells” is done through imaginary energy.

Q: Kryon, I’d love to talk to my cells, but I don’t know what to tell them! Is “detoxification and rejuvenation” enough? Or do you need to be more specific and polite, such as “soft tissue, please grow”, and even talk about amino acids, vitamins and so on? Is intention enough, or is language related to mood?

Original becomequantum melodious today


Dear Kryon: I have been communicating with my body and cells for 25 years. I am very happy to read your personal instruction on this. I have read that recent science has confirmed the electromagnetic properties of cells, especially DNA, but I have not found any information about biophotons. They are emitted from the DNA of all biological cells. They are as coherent as lasers, but they are extremely weak pulsed photons. These biophotons provide a communication channel between the cells of biological tissue. Is that what you’re talking about?
A: honey, you are on the right track. Biophotons not only radiate information between cells, they are also one of the most powerful attributes that many people in your scientific community try to identify as “human consciousness field”. They are still seen by some as part of the energy of the human halo.



Begin to talk to your own cellular structure in a way that can alleviate the fear of spiritual information and action. The more they can love themselves, the less they need to rely on external stimuli to keep calm. The more they can let go of their very real fear, the lighter their addiction will be. Behavior will be corrected and addiction will eventually disappear.
Meditation is also part of the key… True meditation with will and motivation. Finally, self-worth is the real problem (the same as self love). When the problem is solved, the addiction will begin to subside and leave. Over the next few months, we will give you more practical ways to gain a sense of self-worth.

Q: Dear Kryon: I am a therapist of alternative therapy. I need to know what is the best way to help people with addiction and compulsive behavior?
A: addiction and compulsive behavior are not just the result of psychological disorders and / or chemical imbalance. They are a way for a creature to interfere with a person’s spiritual goal of coming here. It is also a given test or challenge [see previous question].
If you’re helping addicts, I don’t have to tell you how depressed they feel. They absolutely know what they are doing, but they can’t communicate enough with their cell structure to stop it. The main situation of this struggle is that his physiology has built a “wall of addiction or compulsive behavior” so that these people can’t make the decisions they should make here. What’s worse, sometimes this behavior is actually designed to kill them quickly!
Have you noticed that many such precious souls are very spiritual? They are on the “edge” of complete knowledge, but they just don’t seem to be able to “go there”.
What should I do? Your job as a healer is to help them overcome this barrier of fear. They can’t stop smoking… Eating… Sexual desire… Taking drugs? These are all classic human physiological tricks, part of the “seed fear” of awakening.
Clearing fear is the answer… Fear that they may not suffer and experience abuse because of receiving the information of the higher self this time. Many of them are unconsciously afraid to enter the spiritual experience. Even if they are healers… Channelers… And priests will experience this! They don’t want to “keep going” because the last time they did this… They died horribly.
Like other life changing things on the planet, the use of addictive drugs plays a suitable energy role in any society. Some people call it a tempter. In any good script, there is often someone who gives his power to the desire of the earth, or to any honest choice that is considered correct and good. This is a classic story.
We mean, if these things don’t exist, your test will never be good. Therefore, it does play an appropriate and correct role in the choice circle of the earth. The choice of light and darkness is often mixed with desire. That’s how things are. Choices are so complicated.
The good news is that for every choice that causes addiction and sad life, there is power to solve it. No temptation given to people will not have a solution of the same power in the same divine options. Those who lift themselves out of darkness will shine brighter than others. Then you can begin to understand why the test is like this.
Bless those who create healing together with the drugs that enslave them and destroy their health. Because it usually becomes a lighthouse to guide many others to the harbor of harmonious life.


Learn about the AURA & CHAKRAS

What is the Aura?

The Aura emanates out of the chakra, you’ll see the Chakra Energy as the color of the Aura. The AuraFit System makes it easy to see on the chakra page; you’ll see the color points/Chakras in the figure (Apple System) or in the Chakra bars (Android System). The size of each Chakra can be different or all be in one size.

What can an Aura Photo tell you?

Let’s imaging your 4th and 5th chakra are the strongest while the other chakras might be a smaller size. This means your Energy awareness is around your middle section of the body, around your heart and throat and so your Aura Photo will show blue-green colors. This means you are very sensitive and creative but also a great communicator and currently relaxed (if the Aura size looks big). If your 1st and 7th chakra is smaller you are not very physically active at the moment nor are you in a spiritual mind but might be more inclined to write or talking energy.

The AuraFit System automatically provides a 15-page Report explaining the individual Aura Photo and Colors. It is possible to share the Report via Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, Dropbox and other popular services, as well as being able to print everything.
With your purchase of a full system, you’ll get a 50-page Training pdf, which was carefully written to understand the Aura and the meaning of the Colors and their connection to the Chakras.

FYI: With the AuraFit App, which is called iTrain on purpose, you’ll be able to see your Aura field & Chakra Power and train yourself with the power of your thoughts and emotions to raise and balance your Energy.


RED Physical, energetic, competitive, strong leader, achiever, winner, courage, willpower, sexual energy, entrepreneur, promoter

ORANGE Pleasure, enjoyment, challenge, thrill, positive, action oriented, productive, physical and creative expression, adventurer, good business energy

YELLOW Playful, sunny, creative, fun, leaming, entertainer, optimistic, warm, charming and generous, easy going, easy going, intellectual, curious, good with Computer

GREEN Social, nature, content, harmony, teacher, loves to communicate and share with others, most social type, perfect host or hostess

DEEP-GREEN Quick minded, goal-oriented, often very wealthy, communicative, loves luxury, responsible, organized, ambitious planer, tend to be too materialistic

TURQUOISE Intuitive, creative, caring, sensitive, loving, loyal, compassion, peaceful, desire to help and support others

BLUE Caring, sensitive, loving, loyal, compassion, peaceful, desire to help and support others, nurturing but often too shy & introverted

INDIGO Calm, deep inner feelings, seeker, introverted, inner knowing, authenticity, high sense of inner values, artistic

VIOLET Intuitive, idealistic, magical, sensual, theorist, futuristic, visionary, charismatic, non-conformist, innovative inventor

LAVENDER Imagination, mystical, daydreamer, fantasy, soft, creative, etheric, fragile, sensitive, often appear spacy, unrealistic

WHITE Transcendent, transformation, healing, quiet, sensitive, lives in higher dimensions, strong spiritual connection

What are the Chakras?

Samples of the AuraFit System’s Chakra pages (left image: Android App – middle & right image: Apple App)

How to unblock the Chakras


Methods and items to unblock the Chakra

practice stretching or do breathing techniques, envision the color red, walk barefoot outdoors 

practice breathing techniques, eat more orange food and drink lots of water, soak up some sun, dance

practice yoga (solar plexus poses),
meditate, use citrine crystals or take yellow baths

wear rose quartz, practice Reiki, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water, wear green clothes

wear Lapus Lazuli, practice yoga, get a cranial massage, practice Reiki, eat blueberries

Third eye
use amethysts, meditate, eat some dark chocolate to fix low blood sugar, relax by stars gazing

wear clear quartz, practice yoga inversions, use mantras, meditate, practice singing or go dancing

Aura & Chakras

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