Kryon answers questions – divorce, extramarital affairs, kissing, abortion

Kryon answers questions – divorce, extramarital affairs, kissing, abortion

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Q: Dear Kyron, how do we know if a divorce is appropriate?

A: it is appropriate when one person’s energy and consciousness are in a different reality from another, and it is clear that this will not change.

This is not about awakening. It’s about your personal path. Although contrary to the rules of your society, the church, and the expectations of your family, sometimes you will experience some appropriate but temporary “partner stage”. This can also be between two awakened souls, who just need to be together for a period of time.

So when you need to leave your relationship, do it sincerely. In the form of friendship. With wisdom and maturity. Never slam the door. Throughout your life, you provide other people with your mature wisdom and always give them the opportunity to forgive and discuss.

As you grow older, you will eventually be able to see the rhythm of growth and why a temporary partnership may be needed in your own or other people’s growth path. Sometimes it’s just a time placeholder that keeps you all in one place so that something else can happen. Each road is different, and many will be together until they stand on the other side of the curtain and hold hands. Then they’ll do it again next time! Don’t judge either way. Many things are appropriate that lead to the growth and maturity of one or both parties involved.

As discussed above, the rules in your culture are often designed to look as if they are also “God’s rules”, but often they are just human best effort rules and lack a complete understanding of God.

Q: Dear Kryon, what do the gods think? When two people who love each other and are married to each other have extramarital affairs for many years? I have been trying not to judge a close friend who has had a friendship, romantic and physical relationship with another man (not her husband) for many years. She also has a relatively happy marriage for 20 years and has three happy, educated and nearly adult children. I have always maintained a posture of neither encouragement nor judgment on her affair. I know it may ruin her family, but it seems that the two have a close love relationship for a reason, and both have maintained respect for each other’s family commitments. Can you tell me your attitude towards such a relationship, and what should my attitude be? I like her husband, and I am very tortured by my feelings about it.

A: we fully understand the customs used to create what you call moral codes of conduct in your culture and society. However, now I tell you that there is no judgment on anything you do with pure will and love. This is different from “physiological needs” (sexual desire). We are talking about pure love.

We also remind you that many of the rules you think are “God’s rules” are actually just human rules. They look like spiritual rules to maintain order. In many societies on earth, partnerships are not one-to-one at all, and people there don’t think they violate God’s rules, while your religious leaders will think you violate them if you do the same thing as them. Therefore, the accuracy and authenticity of even the original commandments are a problem.

You may ask about the morality of finding a partner after the death of your first partner. Your society not only thinks it is possible, even expected, but some other cultures think it is extremely immoral and against God’s rules! So who’s right?

The answer is that the sacred “rules” are far more complex than you might think. When it comes to love, humans are very open. It is common sense and well known that people can have love and partnership with multiple people, but this is not the norm in your society. Add to that the fact that you carry powerful karma of love from one life to another. There are also questions like this: “what happens when you have a successful partnership with someone and then meet another ‘soul mate’? Will you give up, pursue, or ignore?” do you really think you can understand the complexity of love and divide it to suit the rules of a culture?

The real answer must be in your own sacred vision and the sacred rules and regulations you personally carry. If you create spiritual rules and swear to yourself, abide by them. You will benefit from the architecture you create. In all things, seek the advice of your higher self and your inner divinity. This is your moral guide and the “code” full of truth. When you do this, some of your confusion will begin to become very clear. You will eventually change what you do.

I know you want a practical (definite and final) answer, and that’s not. I also know that some people who read this article will say, “look… These Lemurians in the new century are allowed to do whatever they want. What kind of spirituality is this?” the short answer is that this is the spirituality that puts the most important responsibility for honest and moral decisions at the feet of every human being. How easy it would be if you had a yes or no answer just now. Then you will not assume the responsibility of being the son of God with divine wisdom.

Dear Kryon: can you explain to me the profound meaning of kissing?

A: it’s a basic mammalian instinct that even your pet can understand. However, for a person, it comes from the mouth… All nutrients enter (food) from here, and communication comes out (speech) from here. It is also a sensory Center (taste). So it makes sense that your mouth has evolved into a symbolic focus of your emotional or friendship communication.

And it won’t be the same, will it, when you touch your elbow? [laughs]

Q: Dear Kryon: continue your answer to the moral question of extramarital affairs between married humans… This answer, like all other messages about self empowerment, will bring the question of where the line between self responsibility (as part of God) and national social order is. Moral standards can cause harm. There is no doubt about it. But they also have benefits. It seems that the last 400 years have been plagued by an increasing number of wars, which is due to the fact that people increasingly decide what moral standards they want to choose.
This is certainly part of the process of finding balance. What does this mean in society? Are more and more examples of children coming to school to kill their classmates a sign that this relative moral standard is finding a balance?
A: This is a good question, but most people don’t understand it and the answer. So let me say that society will evolve spiritually. This will create a more balanced moral foundation in human efforts than the one previously created to control the public. Now, it is often difficult to tell you whether your “moral guide” is the one given to you by man or God. In the future, society will begin to rely on the one from the inside rather than the one from the books of the past.
It’s happening, and you can see it clearly, even in your society over the past 200 years. Remember when you women couldn’t vote? It’s a religious issue. You know what? To study. Many people die to prevent women from voting and feel that it is their “moral responsibility” under God to keep men in power. Whose rules do you think they are following?
When your world successfully transplanted a heart for the first time, many people were angry at its spiritual hint and believed that the soul of another person would be hurt by accepting another person’s heart. They opposed it and felt that it came from God.
Now, you will laugh in amazement when you look back at what your culture was like at that time. You ask, “what did we think?” trust me, you’ll do it in 25 years! What happened today belongs to today. It does not represent your inner divinity. It is still evolving through the methods of those who request higher vibration and then receive God’s wisdom. Solomon’s wisdom is yours and within you. All Solomon had was a clear understanding of his divinity. Now it’s your turn.
Q: Dear Cleon, am I gay or an awakened man. I live in a society that has little tolerance for me, and there are actually some laws against my way of life. The church I once belonged to kicked me out because I was evil and anti God. I don’t think I violate any human morality. My love is as real as any heterosexual, and I am a light worker. Please tell me what to know.

A: honey, less than two generations from now, someone will find this book and laugh at this interesting question. Before I answer, let me ask you and those who read this text to examine a phenomenon about human society and “God”.

Thirty years ago, according to God’s law, cross racial marriage was considered wrong. Now your society finds this common. The spiritual opposition to it was either abandoned or “rewritten” by those who were inspired and authorized to do so. Therefore, your actual interpretation of the instructions from God will change with the tolerance of your society – it is really interesting how the interpretation of God seems to change regularly in order to keep up with a changing culture.

Of course, the truth is that you find yourself in a known situation in order to create a test for you. It is now, at this moment, that you have agreed to come to your culture with an attribute that may alienate you from your friends and religious followers. You face the fear of being excluded. It can be said that you must “go against the current” in your life every day. Therefore, your contract is well set, and you are in the middle of it. In addition, like many other people like you, you have a sacred interest in yourself! You feel part of the spiritual family. What a contradictory complex, it is evil to be criticized by those senior spiritual leaders – but it interprets God in today’s culture.

Now let me say: what is your will? Do you want to walk with love for everyone around you and become an awakened human in this new century? Do you want to forgive those who regard you as a social plague? Can you have the kind of tolerance they don’t seem to have for you? Can you ignore the fact that they freely quote their scriptures to curse you, but they don’t seem to have the cornerstone of their message – love and tolerance.

If the answer is yes, there is nothing else you have to do. Your will is everything, and your life will be honored for calm treatment of those who create unrest and tolerance of those who cannot be tolerated. Your sexual orientation is caused only by chemicals and settings in your DNA. They are agreed and given as gifts to you to experience in this life. Look at it this way and feel comfortable with the fact that you are a perfect spiritual creation created by God – loved beyond measure – just like everyone else. But you know that, don’t you?

Q: Dear Cleon, thank you for your many interactive exchanges. They are instructive in many ways. I hope this is not a rude question, but I haven’t seen it in the Q & A. I want to know: the moral problem of terminating a life through abortion at the physical level? And what karma will those who help complete the abortion have? I think it depends on when human life began. The beginning of life is very important for people who oppose abortion and say it is OK.

Do you have a definite answer to guide those who will receive your words?

Ricardo’s answer: on this issue, we have tried to “force” Clarion into the corner many times, because it is really an important issue in our society. Kryon said, “human life actually starts from the intention of this entity to participate in the preparation stage of creating it.” this is not a physiological answer, nor will it satisfy either party.

This puts it before any kind of physiological and moral decision. Cleon once said that there is no judgment on human choices… Including this one. When it happens, there is no terrible karma. But there will be energy that affects everyone associated with it. Sometimes these lives come and go to make lessons for relevant people, and then these terminated lives come back almost immediately, usually in the next pregnancy (sometimes changing gender). If there is no next pregnancy, it will often be in a very close family.

In the consideration of these things, God is not in a vacuum, but they are often set and implemented with the consent of all parties in advance. This is far from what our society wants to believe. They want a black or white answer to the question of when life begins, and make rules to specify what you can and can’t do. However, Kryon’s answer respects and confirms the following facts: your presence here is not an accident, and what happens in your life is not random. Not to mention the fact that your free choice is God’s free choice (because you are a fragment of God).

So we give physical and cultural decisions to those who want to make them, but we have heard spiritual answers many times… These things are far more than they seem. They are all part of our spiritual settings and respected.


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