Master Sananda: our actions^_^

Primary energy and mass particle source
Master Sananda: our actions


Dear children on earth! I’m Sananda!
I come here again with great joy and gratitude. I will never be tired of saying this. My heart is full of love. It is possible, because my love for this planet and everyone living on it is infinite. I want to say that it may grow. But there is no limit to the father / Mother God and every evolutionary life, so I can be sure that this love is growing every day.

It is a great moment of joy and joy for me to carefully observe the consciousness and mind of each of you. I would like to say, not only to me, but to all the beings of light who today put their eyes and attention on this planet and its residents. When we begin this journey of enlightenment, change and victory over the war of non light, we certainly know the results of everything. We always know that we will win. This is just to build an intermediate story. It will require a lot of planning and a lot of love for all of you. We have done so.

Every plan has been carefully considered and tested for countless times; And we can say that almost 100% of the time, we have no surprises. Many times, some small battles get out of hand because they use your consciousness, which must be a very decisive factor in whether everything works or not., But even so, we lost some battles.

Today we are here, at this point of the road, the Central Sun has dominated, implanted, shrouded, each… I will call it a thing, but it is a very difficult term to express, indicating the importance of the planet. So I want to say that the light of the Central Sun has enveloped every tiny energy on the planet; Whether in the form of atoms, whether in the form of a cell, whether in the form of human, animal, stone or crystal.

All structures, all energy, are connected to the light of the central sun. There is no invisible light on this planet. Of course, those who can’t stand this light don’t do well. Many people voluntarily give up their lives and can’t stand the pain in their bodies anymore. Many people simply choose to die so that their souls can be taken care of and taken to where they are on their journey.

Look at the human consciousness that exists on this planet today. It is something that brings us great happiness. Of course, we want more people to be aware of the consciousness you have today, but their time will come, and this moment is very close. I will not defend myself, nor will I explain why things are not obvious to you. The great strategy of any battle is to catch the enemy off guard, prevent their expansion, and prevent him from making extremely dangerous decisions and actions.

So today we can say… I will call them enemies so that you can easily understand that this is not how we treat them, but I will speak in your language. Therefore, today, the enemies no longer have this communication network, which allows them to provoke a huge disaster in the world with simple orders. Because the buttons they used to press no longer work, they have been destroyed. They can do nothing about the earth. As they predicted, it is a mass destruction. One day, you will know, one day you will see how the earth’s ground is mined, not only below the surface, And in Gaia’s very deep base, so as long as a button, everything is destroyed. I assure you, they will no longer work on the earth’s surface, they will leave, they want to destroy mankind, but we will never allow this.

Destroying these bases inside the earth is our hardest battle, but we can’t forget who (Ashtar Sheran) is, our great commander. His strategy and experience have never failed. Therefore, all his decisions are always victorious because we have complete confidence in his ability without being challenged.

So today, at this moment, when each of you heard this message, each in his own time, each in his own moment, a lot of things happened. Yes, you can’t see it: Yes, you haven’t heard of it, you don’t know what it is. This is how we got the ground, and this is our Conquest (breaking the earth isolation) The speed of the earth’s surface.

We are no longer in the base, and we are no longer in the sky, because the sky has also been cleared, and all intersections, portals and escape routes are well controlled and monitored. It is impossible to enter and leave the planet without passing through the whole (Ashtar Sheran) fleet. Therefore, we are now focusing on the earth’s surface to eliminate the biology and intelligence of the planet, It is not easy to do this. It is not easy to overthrow the leader of a country, because it is necessary to protect the people in other parts of the country, so that he will not make any conflict decisions or cause the death of innocent people.

Yes, don’t be afraid. Some leaders are ready. At the moment they are forced to the corner, they want to destroy everything, no matter who will die. Therefore, we should realize that these behaviors are not easy. We need to eliminate any and all risks to you. We understand anxiety. We understand the lack of faith many times because of all the messages we send, Nothing has happened so far, nothing you see in your eyes has happened, because everything happens at different points.

When we provide complete security for every resident of the planet, then, yes, this will be the last moment: the moment to clear every one of these thoughts and take them away, they will not stay here.

No, they will not be judged by human laws, because their actions go far beyond their own laws. These actions will be reviewed by the world court of justice and universal law. It is not you who decide the end of these thoughts and minds. Some people have fallen naturally, while we have nothing to do. I tell you, they are desperate, because without their power, they can’t threaten anything?

So it’s happening, but you don’t see anything, you don’t observe anything: everything is the same. So let it be so that you keep realizing that everything is the same. Because the more you isolate yourself from the whole process, rather than focusing on what’s happening, the easier it is for us to take action. In fact, we are a great army. We didn’t decide to recapture the planet because we are amateurs and we are all very experienced. However, our greatest weapon always gives us the certainty of victory and is the unconditional love in our hearts. It is the spark of the father / Mother God, not just the spark, which far surpasses us. We are all contained in it, not in us. It is this love for the father / Mother God and the power of great energy that always gives us victory.

These enemies know this, which is why they have been prepared for so long to destroy the planet when they escape. But we are not fools, and there is nothing we want to do. What do they want us to do to deal with it.

This is our strategy, which allows us to destroy everything that belongs to them, and they don’t realize it. When they realize that they no longer control anything, we don’t threaten, then take action, we take action, and then wait for notice.

This is how we behave: we do this,   Then we are good at communication. That’s what you’re going to get. No one will see anything happening now. Everything has happened. You will only be told. Because if we do everything, the power of those who follow these enemies may cause large-scale disaster.

So this is not what we want to do. All this will be done before you are told: then our troops,   Our minds,   Will focus entirely on those who think they can do something to you. Each of them will be closely monitored and will leave the earth if necessary.

Therefore, I would like to remind you again: you know the law of mankind: you know the laws formulated by your religion, but there are higher laws than all these, which are universal laws. When we act, we enforce universal laws. We don’t care whether you will condemn us, judge us, be angry with us and don’t understand us.

I just want each and every one of you, who is aware of such an idea, remember, you are a free person now, and you don’t owe anyone to give in now. It is not you who judge, condemn or question what we have done. When this happens, don’t forget that from then on, you will be free and free from any kind of bondage.

So learn and exercise non judgment, learn and exercise without condemnation, learn and exercise “only thinking, because you have been taught to think, thinking has higher laws, you don’t know, but it is these laws that enable us to maintain the balance of the universe.

Because if not, the universe you see today will be chaotic. It is not chaotic like father / Mother God. It is pure love. Yes, it will never stop, but we must know how to deal with those who oppose this great force.

We must maintain the balance of the universe. It is not you who judge whether these laws are effective. You are a people awakening the universe, but the universe has existed for billions of years. So, what do you condemn or judge? The world law It will be implemented on this planet, no matter who it hurts or who agrees. Therefore, I warn you again: learn to live non judgmentally, because it will also have repercussions for you.

**Holy light transmission: Vania Rodriguez


Become the change you want, and change will follow. If you want to live in Heaven tomorrow, you should exist as a citizen of heaven from today.

What is love in the book of ascension

  1. How to learn to be love

3.2 energy cycle of love

As I said, you get what you create. But you live in a time limited system. This means that you are experiencing what you created in the past. If you understand causality, you can understand that today’s experience is the result. Your past choices and beliefs are the cause. If you decide to fundamentally change your perspective now and immediately hold new ideas and beliefs, Then it will take some time to change the reality. In the next time, you will experience less and less the world based on your old beliefs, and more and more new ones.

This is the basic value of the so-called time conscious conception. It separates the cause from the result. Therefore, if the cause now appears in your own consciousness, the result will take some time

How long it will take to manifest in your reality depends on how fundamental the change is and how firm your determination and intention are.

But you should understand that the process of changing reality does take time. It is a matter of changing your own beliefs and choices, and then adhering to the internal change, while allowing your external reality to change within the corresponding period in line with your internal change.

With this background, what I want to tell you is: if you want to live in Heaven tomorrow, you should exist as a citizen of heaven from today on.

Love yourself more brilliantly with constant efforts. In doing so, your ability to love others will expand.

Then you should try to be the most loving yourself. When you become a citizen of heaven through your thoughts, words and actions, then indeed, you will find that your world is slowly becoming more and more like heaven. This does not need your death in this world.

Become the change you want, and change will follow.

My advice is to be patient with your life, be patient with yourself, and give you full grace.

Start now! Your tomorrow is being created by the consciousness and energy you express today. So if you only create with love today, you can and will have a tomorrow full of love. Whenever you feel difficult, every time you swing, you just return to the road of love. So, treat yourself well and love yourself again. You swing It may prove that you are trying. Just make a new choice and connect with life with the energy of love.

This brings me to the core of the problem.

Love is an energy.

This is the only real energy. All other energies are derivatives of love.

The more love you give, the more you have. The more you have, the more you can give.

Love is the only such existence. Once you begin to express it, it is inexhaustible. Imagine that if money is like this – imagine that the more you spend, the greater your bank balance. Everyone will go shopping and spend on the street and give! That’s what love is. Give love out!

Not just to others. Give yourself first.
Strive to love yourself infinitely and love yourself completely. The porch of this self love is self acceptance. Choose to accept yourself anyway.
Then try to love what you do and do what you love. Then love the people around you and be surrounded by the people you love.

As I said, you are the light of consciousness shining through your conscious lens from the source.

As I said, your consciousness is shaped by your thoughts, thoughts, beliefs and choices.

Well, if your choices are all about love, your lens will indeed become very huge and clear. A huge amount of light will pass through it. You will clearly see the ocean of light. This is the essence of this process. The more love you allow to flow through you, the more you

Create with love. The more you create with love, the more love you will experience.

Of course, the more love you experience, the more love you give.

Therefore, a beautiful new cycle starts in your life. It will continue to cycle like this until you become the light source of pure love. Just like the sun, you will shine a brilliant light of love on the people around you.

When this is your state of consciousness, you will only experience what you directly create, nothing else. You can’t experience any dark or negative things, because you won’t have any dark corners around you because of your shining light.
It’s that simple. In theory.

You may need more guidance to really put it into practice.

Articles 520-523 ⻚


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