Who did you marry^_^ (including “ascension 1: continue oneness,” if you can’t see perfection, you’re too close to the picture. “)

Who did you marry^_^ (including “ascension 1: continue oneness,” if you can’t see perfection, you’re too close to the picture. “)


With no time to marry

Do you think about yourself and others when you are in love


You can’t even hear, see, or be disturbed by any outside world. You are driven by great energy and your heart is surging. You can’t help yourself

This is a marriage without time

Push from the dominant chakra

Driven by life energy
Driven by reproductive energy
Driven by the will of the soul

Push from heart to heart connection
Impulse from resonance language pulse

Promotion from the navigation of the sky soul plan

Enlightenment from blissful excitement energy

24 hours a day, in a month, even in a year, you will live without time and enjoy joy and excitement

Does it have anything to do with you? It doesn’t matter. It’s driven by energy

Does it have anything to do with others? It doesn’t matter. It’s just the area where the river flows

See, who are you marrying

No one else

Just yourself

Your own inexplicable impulse
Your own unreasonable pursuit
Your own unconditional connection and union

Is it similar


Union with the gods, union with the higher self

More importantly, combine with your inner and timeless joy

At that time, you didn’t know what time was

Only full, excited, heart beating fast and full of joy

Until it becomes expectation and memory

Into a long life, no time, childlike joy no longer disappears

You need to keep getting married

Marriage is not just the date agreed in the certificate and contract. In fact, those who live in it end up dead

Why wait to die in expectation, discontent and complaint

No longer marry people who have no time and their own joy, life is only taken and consumed by others

Until it’s all gone

Agreed to die together

By what

Habit, inertia, the way people live, the way people keep holding together for warmth, and the way people always die

As a result, the connection and marriage of excitement and joy become interdependence and rebuild trust

It still has nothing to do with yourself

Because it is already bound in the world of outsiders

Happiness, anger, sorrow and joy will swing with it

Regression and timeless marriage

Whether others are willing to follow or not

You live without time

Because you learned to let go of others and give others freedom

More learned the source of all joy and happiness

Not from others, it’s just your own feelings

Isn’t it

Nothing but how you feel

Excitement is also your own feeling

Not excited is also your own feeling

What about others

Just accompany

Although you will define company

Expect various results

Hope all kinds of beautiful

Will there be

Most of them won’t

Unless you live your own life

The world moves with you

Not that you move with the world

Now understand the meaning of marriage

Connected and integrated timeless contract

Timeless contract with the source and the gods

Mutual companionship agreement with soul family members

Connection with their own male and female balance and left and right brain balance

Marriage to the heart of the heart

Move on and don’t stop your marriage journey

Still that, without judging yourself and your companions

Companions also have their own way to go

Just like you walk on your own road

Give yourself freedom, give others freedom

In this way, divorce or killing time is just a journey

It’s just an episode and stop to get married with the joy of no time, no condition and no dependence

More people regard passing stations as terminal stations

Your marriage is more than that

Move on

Marry intuition, and the joy and excitement of the higher mind

Accept whether you are unaccompanied or not

This is a life and death disaster for many people

Because it’s an important decision that determines how you will live your last life on earth. Naturally, it’s unusual

Not only life and death, but also determine your life span and longer joy and excitement of marriage

Marriage is a dead end

Marriage to a family is a dead end
It’s a dead end to marry the world’s flowers and things

Even so, you still have to get married, stay and enjoy it

Just the same, no longer judge

No longer dependent

After one stop, there are all kinds of scenery, and there will be more at the next stop

Until you stop looking and focus on your joy and inner satisfaction

Peace, peace

Peace and contentment

Let go of contentment

Not from outside

From joy and concentration

Never stop, marry with no time, marry with your unconditional, unreasonable and dependent love

Everything is one, there is no separation


Ascension 1 continues to be one

The characteristics of the third “unifier”

If everyone can find their greatest joy and express it truthfully, it is perfect.
Because you should know that no two beings are exactly the same.

Therefore, no two beings have exactly the same joy. Every existence is loved and appreciated because of the uniqueness he / she needs to express. The unique gifts he / she must give must be really needed in some places.

The characteristic of the third kind of “unifier” is that they don’t advertise who they serve. They don’t serve themselves or others. They know that “others” and “themselves” are essentially the same entity. They also know that what you do to “others” will naturally be returned directly to themselves. They show kindness, love and kindness to others (because this is also the way they expect to be treated), they will not swing between serving themselves or others. The concept of “service” is not very important to them. On the contrary, their motivation comes from the most real expression of themselves. In the concept of “unity”, each particle of one is absolutely and completely unique.

For the “unifier”, there is no barrenness, no competition, only balance and perfection. These beings do not stick to action, but choose to maintain the state of “becoming” to explore and observe. Go into God’s heart to find their own unique great talent. Then express themselves with pure love and joy.

Rainbow metaphor



Everything is within you

Dear human family

In silence, a new earth is born. In your heart, a new human is born

Go deeper into your heart, explore your past, and shape the future after you heal your wounds. This future will be created in silence – almost imperceptible. Then suddenly the results of your work will become visible, and external changes will take place

Not so far, not because no more people wake up and turn to their own history. This is the problem that the dark collective still seems to dominate
But upheaval is happening

More and more people are realizing that now it is not just about healing themselves, bringing themselves to the center, inner peace – not the false peace obtained through obedience, but the deep inner peace obtained only through understanding and self love

Stick to this path until lack of understanding becomes understanding

Persist in dissolving internal conflicts and reconcile with yourself

No one can stop a person who really wants to change. Anyone who still overreacts to external stimuli is not ready for a precise internal vision

Peace rises from within you

What is important to everyone is different. Everyone has his own way. So don’t judge this or that:

– only when you understand, you can get an overview and a picture

– only when you understand that you can understand people and the world – contradictions dissolve and you are in the light

Only when you love yourself unconditionally can you love your neighbors and be at peace with what was strange to you at first

Peace rises within you – if you cannot find peace within, you cannot find it anywhere

As such, you are committed to human healing. This is the most effective way to end all damage on the surface

What is all this about:
Support your path. Don’t resist the windmill of this matrix. It will only keep you busy and distract you

Favor your own healing and everything else will be given to you. Create the kingdom of heaven within and it will be anywhere you are. The teaching of this message is:

Within you you will find everything – through God, what I am!



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