A good body is a body that flows in play

In the heavy rain, I ran up and down the mountain naked^_^

Explanation: “a good body is a body that flows in play

How does it flow

First, release, clean up and heal fear, such as cold and death, by coexisting with feeling and intuition

Secondly, we should have continuous contact with feelings and intuition, and maintain the most subtle monitoring and observation of all parts of the body, so as to facilitate timely rest, adjustment, care and healing

In consciousness, with the help of higher self intuition, constantly facing and releasing fear is the premise of flowing the body

Balance, rest and healing are also the key to the continuous mobility of the body

not a single one can be omitted
Energy release, absorption and monitoring are carried out in sensory and intuitive synchrony in no time
It is important to have motivation and excitement to meet the challenge

For example, when playing in the snow, with the foreshadowing of continuously reducing clothes and walking barefoot, you have the excitement of playing barefoot in the snow, so you are barefoot in the snow. At the same time, you feel and intuition constantly monitor your feet, go home and soak your feet in the cold water basin when your feet are about to freeze, and then see if you are excited to do it again in the next step

The fear and physical challenge in play are always with patience, breakthrough, relaxation and healing

For example, monitoring some discomfort or pain in the body is a reminder that the body needs rest and healing

That is, your strong body does not come from the challenge of discomfort and pain, but still follows the challenge of motivation and excitement in rest and healing, in a gradual and balanced manner

The first half comes from the connection with the higher self intuition, and the second half comes from your practice

Motionless is also your way of movement

Exercise is only for the play mentality in the higher self intuition. “


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