Treat magnetic therapy like your medicine

Treat magnetic therapy like your medicine

Q: Dear Kryon, can you talk about Southeast Asia in general, or Malaysia and Singapore in particular? I want to know more about the magnetic field near the equator. Can you talk about it?

A: it seems unfair to people in these areas, but the magnetic grid at the equator has some of the same properties as at the poles. In many of these places, the magnetic force of the magnetic grid is very weak. This is because you are in the neutral region between the positive and negative poles. This usually makes it difficult to survive here and to maintain a constant and stable consciousness here. This will lead to unstable government and people living here will feel very serious anxiety. If you doubt this, you can see where many poor and volatile areas of the earth are. Both at and near the equator.

In 1989, Cleon was asked, “what is the best place on earth to live?” our answer was, “move to a cool place.” maybe now you know why.
Q: Dear Corleone, I recently bought a new house and found that there were wires behind the house. The wire is not above my house, but about 45 meters away. Do I need to consider the impact of its electromagnetic field on my family?
If the magnetic field generated by it can cause the deviation of the compass at the back door of your house, it is not suitable for your body. In any case, distance is the key. There will be no problem with the wires behind your house. They’re far enough away.
However… The transformer close to the house
The specific circumstances of each such problem are different. What kind of power does these lines transmit and how often? High voltage transmission line or low voltage?
Q: Dear Corleone, is microwave really harmful to your health?

A: Yes, don’t go in. [Lao Ke’s humor]. Microwave energy is harmful to your cell structure. Whatever form it takes in your technology, including communication transmission, is harmful. Of course, it makes no sense to put science aside. However, it is appropriate to understand it and take protective measures.

For microwave ovens, it is suggested that you should know its impact on food rather than be afraid of it. Microwaves remove most of the nutrients from the food they heat. It’s different from the heat you get from fire. Therefore, our advice has always been to use less of this stove and don’t use it as the main heat source for your cooking.

My partner said popcorn was okay. (laughs)

Q: Dear Corleone, I work in law enforcement. We have an X-ray truck called dangerous goods detection system. In order to control its speed, there is a large magnet on the transmitter, and it requires two people to work in the truck all day. I think there will be some imbalance when I stay in it for a period of time. Since then, I’ve transferred myself out of here, but I still need to go in occasionally. My question is: what are the effects of this technology on my body and what can I do to protect against harmful effects? Can the Q-LINK pendant be fully protected?

A: honey, this is a very dangerous place. What you mentioned is not enough to shield such a strong magnetic field. It is only designed for the influence of magnetic field in general environment. If you have to stay in this truck, shorten the time and reduce the number of times as much as possible.

Also know that your body can adjust and recover very well unless you stay there most of the time. So don’t despair because your job requires you to stay once in a while. Just like in an MRI machine, your body has a strong memory of balance. When you leave the magnetic field, it can return to the natural magnetic balance. Only those who are in these magnetic fields every day are really in danger. When the body continues to be stripped of its balance function, it will begin to get sick, which is a major cause of early death.

Q: Dear Corleone, I installed a water filter with a magnet on the water supply pipe. This filtration system claims to produce PI water, also known as living water. Since it uses magnets, should I refrain from using this water filter? And those magnetic therapy mattresses and chairs?

A: let me say these things again. The use of magnets to change matter to create cellular incentives is still in its infancy on your planet. You are beginning to realize that it can change and affect the substances and creatures around you.

There are some things you need to know. Without a comprehensive understanding of what you do, you may change or “guide” your body to do something you don’t expect. The people who make these devices, including the magnetic arrays on which you sit or lie, are honest. But their integrity does not automatically give them enough knowledge about the effects of magnetic fields on cell structure.

In the cradle of your research, you only know the characteristic that magnetic field can produce excitation. But you don’t know what happened. You don’t know which DNA levels were affected. All you know is that it looks motivating and seems to help improve some situations. You also know that some people do feel it working.

Using a small passive magnetic field (generated by a static permanent magnet) to continuously stimulate your cell structure for many hours is an extremely rough way to give cell information. One day you will discover how elegant it is for cells to see these stimuli… Precisely modulated and awakened into specific actions. Magnetic field balancing and coordinating cells is a refined process. It needs to see the active “designed magnetic field” rather than many random magnetic poles. You threw the whole low-end spectrum at them in a rude way. It’s like you first discovered herbs and then ate them in a large dose, thinking that one of them might be helpful to you.

We recommend that you respect the balance system within your body. If you intuitively feel that the system you choose is helpful to you, halve your use time. The magnetic field is powerful! It is foolish to regard sitting in a magnetic field as a normal state. Use this system to stimulate your body into normal balance. Stay on it for only half the time, and then let the body follow its own needs to restore and balance. In this way, if you give cells negative stimulation, they also have time to correct and balance. If you give a healing signal, the body can complete and strengthen it.

For those who say, “it works… I can feel it.”. I would say. You can also achieve the same response with stimulating drugs. What you don’t understand is that magnetic fields are even more potent than chemicals.

Q: Dear Corleone, I love you very much! I’m a medical student. I wonder if you have more information about how to use magnetic field to treat patients?

A: look for those very small magnetic fields, which are generated actively, not passively. This means that it is not a static magnet. Go to what we call “designer magnetism”. This is an elegant magnetic field, which often contains the overlap of more than one magnetic field, resulting in what we call “induction nulls”. Hidden in these empty spots is the secret of “communicating with cells”.

So this requires experiment, intuition, especially something that no one has thought of… A measurement tool that goes beyond all the measurement categories now. Can you see the properties of interconnected dimensions in 4 dimensions? yes. You have begun to understand what gravity and magnetic field can do. What about higher-order magnetism? More progress is needed, and you are on the verge of discovery.

Tip: don’t separate physics from biology and chemistry. Eventually you will find that you need them together to create the miracle healing you are looking for.

Q: Dear Cleon: I was deeply moved by Cleon’s books. Thank you for all the information. I have questions about a magnetic therapy recently introduced to me. It is called QRS (quantum resonance system). It uses low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic energy to generate an active magnetic field to restore cell balance. Is this a safe treatment? In one of your books, you mentioned that such therapies have been developed in Germany, and I think this is one of them. Thank you very much for your guidance on the use of this therapy.

A: such magnetic excitation is the pioneer of what we call “designer magnetism designed magnetic field”. It is safe because it is pulse mode and because it is designed to restore balance. Pulse mode does not continuously send magnetic field information to cells, but gives cells a chance to recover and be awakened by the next pulse. This is roughly like a magnetic resonance alarm clock, giving the cell structure a “choice”. Part of the secret of its activity lies in the frequency and time symmetry of the pulse.

This also proves a basic premise that the body will heal itself and want to function perfectly, but it often needs to restore balance for it to happen. So a system that helps restore balance usually leads to healing, but healing comes from people themselves.

Yes… The root of this thing is German inspiration. Every culture contributes something. German culture shapes itself into a “machine” culture, where some of the best healing equipment on the planet comes from.
Q: Dear Cleon, I saw the advertisement of “magnetic therapy blanket” in some new century magazines. Are these beneficial? Is it possible to “overuse”?

A: we have talked about this in depth before. Now is not the time to repeat these details. The basic point is that any kind of magnetic therapy should be treated with caution and care. The effect of the magnetic field on the body is the same as that of the most powerful healing herbs you can use, or the active essence. Will you continue to take the strongest herbs on the planet throughout your life – even if the reason why you started taking them has been solved? Will you continue to use drugs to treat a disease you have cured? So will you get a magnetic therapy blanket, or a chair or mattress and use it for life? Remember that the body is designed to create balance on its own. Once it is helped into that state, you just need to properly nourish it and keep it healthy. It is inappropriate to stimulate it for any other reason.

Yes, you may overdose it. Excessive use may lead to the imbalance of body cell instruction set. Some people have reported that such devices can feel “stimulated” as long as the magnetic field is surrounded all the time. You can achieve the same effect by taking certain chemicals, which are not balanced when they stimulate your body. Many people call it “addiction”.

Use magnetic therapy with wisdom and restraint. Don’t pick up large magnetic arrays (many magnets together) and “throw” them on your body, hoping that somehow they will help you. In some cases, they may really hurt you! Identify and use your gifts in this new century to tell you what is appropriate for your body.

Recognize that magnetic therapy is a magical healing tool. Now find out how much, how strong, when and how long it should be used! Active or passive? Single or array? The puzzle is right in front of you, and many people are looking for the answer.

Q: magnetic fields have been used for healing since ancient times. Many products, such as magnetic therapy matting (to help sleep), are already available. However, the previously conducted information suggests that we should use magnetic fields carefully. Will our understanding of magnetic field therapy increase with the emergence of new ideas, inventions and information? Can you give some advice to those who use magnetic therapy?

A: the information you have obtained before is still important: treat magnetic therapy like your medicine. If you need medicine for a headache, will you take it all the time, even when your headache is over? The answer is No. So use magnetic therapy in the same way. Don’t easily expose yourself to a magnetic field just because it looks like a good idea. It’s not… Not 100% of the time. A good magnetic therapist knows to let you use it when you need it. Then you have to stop.

The answer to your question is that when you can finally see and measure the multidimensional field (quantum field), you will have a comprehensive and complete picture of what is happening. Then you can really see in real time all the microscopic effects of a magnetic field on the cell system.

Then and only then will you be able to build a “designed healing magnetic field”. Because without the ability to see this field, you will not know what you are doing.
Q: Dear Cleon: I have read your books (those translated into Dutch), and I have a French friend who has also read them. She told me it was unhealthy to live near the wire. She says cactus (usually grown in desert or tropical areas) can help offset the negative effects of this current. Is that so? Are there specific plants that can help offset the negative effects of this current?

A: indeed, we recommend that you do at least one test (very simple) to see if you live in a magnetic field generated by nearby wires or high-voltage wires hanging near your residence. Not all of these lines are harmful. Some are just communication cables, some are low-voltage wires. The most harmful to you are those very large intercity transmission lines.

It is also true that some specific plants have energy that can help shield or repel magnetic fields. This is also part of what you call “radiosonics”, which we will discuss elsewhere. People who read this article don’t know much about it. However, your friend is right. Some cactus contain water, which can slightly improve the condition. But if you are near a large magnetic field source, we still suggest you move away instead of planting a lot of cactus. Although cactus “knows” what you are trying to do and will help reduce the risk, unfortunately, the magnetic field generated by today’s technology is far stronger than these plants can offset.

At the same time, we should know that there is scientific evidence that long-term exposure to magnetic field has dangerous effects on plants and animals. Staying in a magnetic field is unbalanced for you. You can only be exposed to the magnetic field in which you were born… That is, the magnetic field around the earth, and now scientists have begun to understand that the earth’s magnetic field is necessary for your health and happiness. So having another magnetic field around you will block the flow of the balanced magnetic field you need and deserve.
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