What should I do now^_^ Let go is not far away and give up

What should I do now^_^ Let go is not far away and give up

You should know that there is greater power and motivation on “should” or “should not”, that is, the present, the present, higher vibration, more interest and more motivation. This power comes from your heavenly soul plan
Although for many people, this life is the last life of three-dimensional and four-dimensional incarnation, it still needs to face, endure and complete in more joy

The fifth dimension is also an art country, so there is no need to entangle the conflict between what you are doing and ascension. Letting go is not to let go of what you are doing, but to let go of the emotions that bring you low vibration, that is, letting go is not giving up. First, let go is to connect with the higher self, keep yourself in a higher vibration, and then do not deviate from the heavenly soul plan

What brings you “want to do”, “motivated to do” and “strive to do well”, but when you have higher self-guidance, you will walk more confidently and peacefully, no longer be result oriented, and still face everything with ease, acceptance and positive enthusiasm, including your studies

At present, the arrangement of the soul for everyone is to expand your consciousness and help you ascend. Therefore, maintain trust, practice connecting with the higher self, listen to the feeling guidance in higher vibration and more internal promotion, and don’t deviate from the left and right due to thinking and thinking
In fact, your focused learning process is also your way to return to the present, which comes from your internal motivation, full expectations and the joy of your family,

There is no need to hesitate to make adjustments in your feelings, so that what happens in the future can be done by your higher self. Just do what is right in front of you. Keep your higher self, feelings and intuition connected. You will not lack internal insight, which is what really guides you. In addition, there will be no major evacuation, don’t be distracted, and do the thing at hand


Let go is not to stay away and give up
Putting down is not to stay away and give up, but to settle in the current self superconducting high-speed rotation. Can you abandon and stay away from the high vibrational atoms of your body? No, but in fact, they are not in the same space with you. They only operate in their own self superconducting space without time / space / place, maintaining a space for you

So, once again understand the difference between letting go and staying away / giving up. You can live in the same room with your family and all things you don’t accept. It’s like the relationship between superconducting atom and your body. It’s free and free for you, but it doesn’t stay away from and give up you until you’re 70, At that time, superconducting atoms will gather with your soul in the higher field and return, but your consciousness will continue to explore, whether there is a body or not

This is the difference between letting go and giving up / staying away
One lives in the same, all things are one, one, one separation and division

If you pay more attention to your inner changes, feelings, and physical feelings, rather than thinking about something, you will benefit all your life.
If you ignore your own feelings and feelings, you ignore the information given to you by your mentor, higher self, oversoul, universe, source, and countless beings.

If there is a very accurate summary of the transformation of consciousness, then the summary is that you are changing from thought-oriented to heart-centered.

Heart is feeling; The heart is a feeling, and your mind is all thinking about things, thinking about the past and thinking about the future. But it can be used appropriately to concentrate.
A trained mind will focus your attention on the direction that suits you best. Therefore, paying attention to your thoughts is a good practice, but finally, you should also realize that your mind is also a pointer, which points to the direction of your feeling and vibration.
You can also communicate more deeply with others. Not only can you help them, you can also establish contact and compassion with them and let them give you the most positive response. Others will always bring you something. You need to admit that these things are also on you. No interaction in the whole universe is meaningless. Everything points to you, to your inner reality, where is feeling, feeling is what really happens.

If you pay more attention to your inner changes, feelings, and physical feelings, rather than thinking about something, you will benefit all your life.

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
Daniel Scranton

We rely on our perception and perception to know what is best for you on earth. In life, you also have the ability to know what is best for yourself and others. You have the ability to help a lot of people. If you like, you can feel and feel what people need in a certain situation. Give yourself what you need and make yourself the version you want to be. You must also pay attention to your feelings, pay attention to your inner feelings, and finally ascend as easily and happily as possible.

We have no body, but we still feel, feel. Now we are more relaxed than when we have the body, so when you change, we know what you will experience, and you will let go of your thoughts, thoughts, beliefs, and the past and future you like to focus on. You are getting better, which is what we hope. You are more and more good at feeling and feeling. Both individually and collectively, you are becoming more and more sensitive. No matter how you feel, it is good for you. Embrace it.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.
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Letting go of obsession means accepting change, accepting flow, accepting that things do not develop according to their own expectations, and accepting that others do not act according to their own expectations.
Obsession exists not only in your relationship with others and external things, but also in your relationship with yourself and various expectations and requirements for yourself.

Just like some people, if their persistence in money, success, or love does not achieve the desired effect, they will feel that they are bad, can’t, and fail.

But what is success? I once told you that success is that you live the way you want and live your true self.
When you can adapt to the fluidity of life, follow your inner thoughts, do what you want to do, live the life you want to live, and experience everything you want to experience, this is success.

Instead of judging whether you are successful or failed according to social standards, and measuring whether your life is valuable.

Your value is not defined by the outside world, nor is it divided by social standards. Your existence is value.

What you experience and experience in this world, what you learn and understand, is the real wealth you can have, which will be recorded in your personal life library.

Children, let go of obsession and accept the fluidity of life. This is the beginning of a truly happy life, because you will no longer stay in the lost moment because you end a relationship and lose something.

Let your life flow like a river in the distance. There will be beautiful scenery along the way, but you won’t have any obsession with the scenery, because different scenery will appear all the way.

For you, in the future journey, waking up every morning means that you start a new journey and you will meet completely different scenery.

Father message: let go of obsession
Original Ruohe life Ruohe today
Welcome to life Ruohe!

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Message receiving: Ruohe
Children, let’s talk to you today and let go of obsession. A lot of your pain comes from obsession. What is obsession?


Negative emotions do not mean that you have become inflexible, but can be used as a wonderful tool to remind you that you are now living in the three-dimensional world. Because you are sensitive to energy, you will easily feel what is happening collectively. Always remember – this energy has never been yours. The only thing is that your energy is subordinate to the divine consciousness, and everything else constitutes an illusion

Emotions, experiences, etc. are attracted to you because energy is always seeking to align with itself because of unity. If a person maintains the fear energy of disease in their belief system, they will automatically attract disease. If a person maintains and believes that he is not likable, the situation reflecting this belief will be attracted to them to strengthen this false belief until it is cleared up

There are really no victims, only those who don’t know what they are, so they constantly attract all kinds of wrong people from the collective consciousness

Three dimensional is a dimension that delivers power to everything and everyone, not the only real power. Three dimensional can be defined as a polar consciousness. Three dimensional is the bottom of a very high-dimensional ladder, but most people don’t know this and think that human beings are the ceiling of intelligence

All fear comes from faith in polarity. It will have a good or bad impact on a person. They can’t be vacant. The belief in polarity is the basis of all new culture, brown calling, health care, education, law, righteousness, happiness and astringency. The belief in polarity constitutes a three-dimensional consciousness

Examine what you have been or are still afraid of, and you will soon see that it is always based on faith in polarity. You are ready to release this belief, which is a great spiritual step. You know intellectually that there is only one power, that is God, but now you must begin to practice, not just say with your mouth, verbally support this truth, but do not really believe or live it
A point will come, and every mentally prepared person will realize that no matter what the appearance, there will only be one power, and that power is within everyone. It is you, but through hundreds of lifetimes in duality and separation, you forget what you are, become the victim of everyone who falsely claims power (full strength), and believe in the three-dimensional belief system. This accumulated old energy is what you are releasing from cellular memory

Fully embracing the truth that there is only one power is a difficult step and will not lead to immediate freedom from fear and anxiety. Like all spiritual steps, this is a process. Don’t expect to say “God is power” and then be free from all fear. Intellectually recognizing this or any truth is the first step towards it becoming your state of consciousness

For most people, choosing to enter a deeper understanding of only one power will lead to the emergence of hidden fears, because the choice made with sincere intention will serve as the key to open the internal door marked with “only power”, behind the remains of many energy accumulated in life (which have been ignored, hidden, forgotten, restrained and delivered)

The deeper aspect of the spiritual evolution journey is not always pleasant or interesting, because everything old and dense must emerge in order to be recognized, even experienced, and then cleared away. Such a period is called “the dark night of the soul”. Old fears, beliefs, problems, pain, disease, anything that still resonates will begin to emerge once the door is opened

For some time, you may feel as if you are going backwards, but always remember that these experiences are temporary and a necessary aspect of your inner journey towards the depth of true understanding

God is the only power and the basis of evolution, because it allows all good or bad, sought or not sought, desired or not desired, afraid or not afraid, loved or not loved to be viewed from a higher perspective. God is the only power, because it is everything. If God were the only substance, where would the second force come from?
You are at a very strong point in spiritual evolution, otherwise you would not read, understand, or even be interested in this information. You have evolved beyond metaphysics, brown calls, lessons, rituals, all that means to bring you closer to God. You now know that you can never be closer to God than you are now, because God, the only life, expresses itself for you, every creature and the earth itself

This point is the culmination of your inner journey for a long time. You’re standing at the door now. This is your free will choice. Do you want to open the door. It must be more comfortable not to open it. You will continue to have friends, friendship and a sense of belonging, but you spend a lot of time crawling, praying, praying and struggling to find this fan— Arcturus
Open the inner door

Original going home tomorrow

Dear readers, welcome to our message, which means to bring hope and information to those who are willing to receive deeper truth
Know that if you are experiencing the negativity and fear of collective consciousness at this moment, it is normal. You know that you will enter the lower vibrational energy of the earth. You know that you are a spiritual being holding a physical body, but because you are sensitive to energy, most of you will feel that dense energy is broadcast from a [fear filled body] completely immersed in duality and separation

There is so much dense energy at this moment, which represents the ascension process of the earth. The energy hidden in the earth for a long time must be seen, experienced and recognized by most people, and then change the collective with new and more advanced ideas

Never resist what you experience physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Mistakenly believe that having negative emotions, fears or concerns is inflexibility. Instead, recognize what these things are – non personal energy from the three-dimensional collective. Never claim them to be your own or make them yours. Instead of giving them strength, let them circulate and flow out — “Oh, it’s you again…”

You are a spiritual being by choosing to have a human experience in order to permanently clean up the residual old energy and help others do the same. When you choose to incarnate, you have evolved spiritually to become part of the earth’s ascension process. The problem is that once a soul enters the lower vibration of three dimensions, even very evolved souls will forget what they are and begin to believe that they are only physical beings, subject to all the good and bad that exist on earth

When a soul enters the lower vibrations of earth, its state of consciousness remains intact, no matter what human thinking will tell it. A soul cannot retrogress, but can only enter each new life at the level of consciousness it has acquired, even if it does not know the spiritual aspect and believes that it is only human
Everyone’s state of consciousness will automatically follow them, because consciousness is everyone’s reality. Usually, when a person with a highly evolved consciousness incarnates and forgets what he is, they believe that there is something wrong with themselves because they do not “integrate” or align with the beliefs and activities of the people around them

This is especially difficult for many highly evolved young people in incarnation – who have not yet grown up to their own strength and are eager to be accepted by their peers. Learn to love yourself. You may be afraid, confused, lonely, and sometimes want to get rid of yourself.

Date: October 3, 2021
From: Marilyn Raffaele
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Original going home tomorrow

Energy from creation

There are no better, best, not so good, or bad gradients. Categories are removed when you leave 3D life. In addition, many of you feel as if you are part of an excellent group. This group does not include people who do not believe or operate like you

Everyone on earth is outstanding. Maybe they agreed to show what those who want to be loved no longer want to be. Or they’re ending other problems that have nothing to do with you

All earth beings have successfully passed as many frequencies and dimensions as you – even if they are not necessarily as focused on living in joy and love as you are. Maybe they decided to help you by projecting the opposite of love and joy. Or they use dimensions, frequencies and earth life to clean up major debris that could not be removed before this earth transformation. It doesn’t matter. You just need to understand that you are no better or worse than any earth existence

All of you have a specific reason to be on earth. This soup of all of you will lead to a new world of love and joy
Just as you can’t create a delicious soup without condiments such as salt and pepper, you can’t create a happy world without the opposite. Not because it’s necessary, but because in 3D, you don’t want to change until your discomfort becomes too big for you to remain the same

So most earth beings are not uncomfortable enough to change from their 3D knowledge at first. There’s a reason you’re so focused. Without this focus, this inner push, you cannot complete the stage you have completed. The waves behind you do not need this focus because you are the motivator of the new earth
You inspire those who want to follow. But for those who are the opposite of you, their words and actions are the same motivators

In 3D, you have the choice to run from one fear to another. In this new world, everyone has a choice to follow the light or be in fear. This decision is the difference you are noticing. Those who have an open heart are running to the light. Others want to be in fear to clear a particular fear or encourage you and others to become light
All people on earth have practiced their skills in different dimensions and frequencies for a long time. There are no new students

Those who decide to live in fear are just the contrast, pushing many people to love and joy. Without this push, following your waves won’t feel uncomfortable enough to cross their 3D Rubicon river

Of course, this sounds stupid, given that it is a cohesive effort. But those who follow you do not explore the same dimensions or frequencies as you. Your role is to help transform the earth and create a viable path for those who want to simulate your transformation. But like you, the waves that follow you need to change from 3D to 5D and above. The difference is that those who follow do not have the special knowledge that your pioneers have been thrown from the beginning of their own transformation

Those who follow want to change from 3D to 5D and above in this life, and have different tasks to complete. If you think of yourself as a salmon, you must go upstream. Those who follow are other fish species. They live in various waters and have different needs and growth patterns. Every fish is alert to danger in its own waters and has developed a way of life to avoid those dangers. So now the earth is like this. Those who seem to be contrary to your beliefs may be the enlightened existence of the future or the danger you must commit to create a world of love and joy

No accidents. Those who annoy you may become a popular part of your world tomorrow. Or they may help you find that you need to go deeper into love and joy. All earth beings have spiritual talents like you; Just with a different focus they honed before they came to earth

Just as you don’t need to accept every word in every book, you don’t need to accept the direction or needs of others. You are you, they are them
Those you can’t understand are no worse than you. All of you are Olympic champions, with different talents and interests

Each of you is creating a unique thread. Even if some threads are not what you expect, they are all part of the same brilliant blanket. Without threads, you may feel unworthy or spiritless. The blanket will be flat, strange and lifeless

If salmon were the only aquatic creature that could be observed, how boring the earth’s waters would be. That’s it

Date: October 4, 2021
From: Brenda Hoffman


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