Five dimensional soul ascension steps 13-15^_^

Five dimensional soul ascension steps 13-15

Author: Diana Cooper / Tim (3D Thoth) (UK)

The process of ascension is accelerating, and Archangel Metatron is releasing a lot of special light energy wave after wave from the great Atlantis light pool. This great pool is combined with the “great ascension light pool” above the pyramid of Giza to create a powerful force.
When Atlantis collapsed, the original light pool was preserved by Archangel Metatron, but now it has been released several times, especially for the process of ascension. The purpose of these very high-frequency concentrated light is to let us use it to build our light body and move forward quickly on the road of ascension.
This “release of light” also has a great impact on our construction of the five dimensional chakra pillar. This light gushes out of the great ascension pool, passes through the chakra column after the Galactic portal chakra is received, and then is fixed in the inner space by the archangel St. Delphin. Praying for the great ascension of the energy of the light pool is the best way to keep the five dimensional crystal light body bright forever.
In 2013, Archangel Metatron and Luxor based planetary ascension Council approved four light transmissions with specific functions. These lights are released in response to the request of human light workers, and the level of energy increases after each transmission of light. These lights are released in conjunction with the optical code that is accelerating the frequency increase and many times of astrological arrangement, which makes 2013 a great challenge for many people on the path of ascension.
The first release was in September 2013. It has a special purpose – to increase the percentage of light to 80% in the four body system.
The second release was in October 2013, which cleared the etheric debris from the fifth dimensional chakra column for those who were ready.
The third time was in November 2013. It lit up the five dimensional chakra column for those who were ready and targeted the undersea chakra and reproductive chakra.
The last release in 2013 took place on the winter solstice on December 21. The light code released was much milder, bringing calming and soothing effects to everyone’s experience in that year.
You can ask Archangel Metatron to do personal light transmission for you and ask him to fill your four body system with 80% light. Under the law of grace, ask him to provide you with special light relaxation so that this can be achieved. It will illuminate you with the frequency of ascended masters. Once you have this light in your energy, you have a responsibility to focus on places or events that need to be transformed into higher frequencies.
Since the beginning of 2014, the light continuously pouring out from the core of Helios has been very strong, so the transmission of light is no longer necessary, and no one puts forward such requirements. That integration has always been strong, and people must accept this energy in their daily life. Nevertheless, because more people become five dimensional and can accept higher frequencies, it can be expected that Lightworkers will again ask lightrelease to help you in the future.
Styles of different dimensions
At present, there are three patterns of three dimensions on the earth. A large number of people are living their three-dimensional reality. Their souls have made a choice to create and experience the state reflected in their thoughts and beliefs. We can expect that before 2032, a kind of light will appear in the group consciousness, so that they can look at life from a higher perspective, and then they will be happy and spirit to meet the fourth dimension. This sudden change will accelerate the whole process of earth’s ascension.
At the same time, the four-dimensional model has been fully activated like a global energy grid. We are now a four dimensional planet, and people all over the world are beginning to cultivate a social consciousness. This is also a very constructive period, and the energy generated by our thoughts will be reflected almost immediately. People on the spiritual path should use this time to build the five dimensional reality we strive to achieve.
Many people now live in the five dimensional model because of their spiritual attitudes and beliefs. The idea will create reality, and this belief has greatly helped the lightworkers who are working towards the ultimate goal of ascension.
Pray for the light of Archangel Metatron
Here is a very effective way to pray for the light in Archangel Metatron’s “ascension light pool”:

  1. Prepare for meditation.
  2. Sit quietly and visualize a place or situation that requires pure ascension light. You can choose anywhere.
  3. Pray Archangel Metatron to go to the ascension light pool and send this pure light to the place you choose.
  4. See the orange light pouring out of the huge light pool above the Great Pyramid in Giza.
  5. Visualize and assist Archangel Metatron to guide this light to where it is needed.
  6. Take Archangel Metatron’s hand and wrap the area in a most beautiful state.
  7. See all sentient beings touched by this light – happy, happy, and full of a sense of unity.
  8. Bless their path to ascension and pour your own love into the energy stream.
  9. Thank Archangel Metatron for sending these lights.
  10. Open your eyes and you know that you have come into contact with many lives in order to bring the greatest blessing to all living beings.
    Step 14 the law of gratitude and blessing AA7XYDa1sy2hhw
    The earth is a fast learning level in the universe, and there are a lot of opportunities for spiritual growth everywhere. Many souls are really waiting in line for the opportunity to come here.
  11. at the beginning of Atlantis, the first souls who used the physical body were amazed at everything provided to them. Although they have experienced the curtain of forgetting, they all have great gratitude for their lives. They are grateful for food, pure water, trees that can be touched, and feel its lines and energy marks. They appreciate all the joy and sadness. How amazing it is to be able to smell a flower! What a wonderful thing to taste fruit! Admiration, happiness and joy are all ways of gratitude. The more grateful these souls are for their life on earth, the more good things will be sprinkled on them.
  12. however, after their reincarnation again and again, the earth became familiar, and then they forgot the mystery of life, so they became heavy and farther away from the source.
  13. every thought or energy we send out creates an etheric symbol. Some luminous energy will form a perfect sacred geometry and become a key to the abundance of the universe. Gratitude and blessing are two of these luminous energies, as are other higher frequency ascension traits such as loyalty, unconditional love and trust.
    When the sacred geometry in our mind fully conforms to the idea of holiness, the universe will respond with a lot of abundance and comply with the wishes of our souls.
    As above, so below. If a child glows with joy after we give him gifts, our hearts will become broad because of happiness, so we will want to give him more gifts. The sacred geometry in their happy response is consistent with the frequency of our giving heart.
  14. but if they expect to receive a gift and think it’s their power, the geometry will no longer match, so we won’t pay any more.
  15. the reaction of the universe is similar. When we appreciate all things, more good things will come to us. So, for example, if you have a small garden, but you want a bigger one, you must first make the best of what you have. Thank you for every bit of it. This is a way to ensure that you will attract from the universe to a larger garden. You have shown that you deserve it and that you are grateful.

  16. If you want to do something more interesting, no matter what task you are given, put your heart and soul into it. Your enthusiasm will light up your aura and attract work that satisfies your soul.
  17. if you want greater abundance, first thank you for everything you can afford. Thank you for every dollar in your bank account. Your gratitude will attract more.
  18. you get a new job. You have a newborn. You bought a house. What’s your reaction? Are you willing to open up and say: [thank you, I’m willing to do everything I can]? Responsibility is a gift. It gives you the opportunity to respond to the universe. It is an opportunity to express gratitude. Sincere gratitude is a fertile pool. Appreciate what you have, and more things will flow to you.
  19. two archangels will help you expand your chakras so that you can feel sincere gratitude. Please Archangel Shamir to expand your heart so that you can really express your heartfelt thanks for all your experience. Ask Archangel Gabriel to raise the frequency of your undersea chakra and reproductive chakra to the fifth dimension, because only when you feel safe, secure and trusted can you give sincere thanks for everything you have.
    Grateful trip
  20. making a grateful trip is an easy way to open your eyes to amazing and completely free gifts around you. You can really go out, or you can use visualization.
  21. imagine a grateful trip
  22. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  23. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to an inner journey of gratitude.
  24. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  25. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  26. Call Archangel Shamir to touch your heart.
  27. Set out for a relaxing and safe journey on a sunny road.
  28. When a stranger passes by, you smile at each other. Send a message of gratitude in your heart.
  29. A bird is singing loudly to you in the tree. Listen attentively.
  30. A dog is barking. What message is it passing?
  31. Put your hand into the flowing water and enjoy the flow of cosmic love.
  32. Feel the grass under your feet and listen to the song of the earth.
  33. Touch a tree and be surprised at how it feels. Notice that tree roots form a network around the earth and put love in.
  34. Look up at the sky and feel awe of the universe.
  35. Slowly experience and enjoy the magic of nature.
    Appreciate material possessions
  36. here you can thank the tangible things in your life that make your every day more comfortable, such as cars, houses, etc.
  37. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light a candle if possible.
  38. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and want to really thank you for your material blessings.
  39. Imagine that the root extends from your feet, goes deep into the earth, and lets yourself be rooted in the earth
  40. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  41. Pray Archangel Gabriel to put his five dimensional diamond on your undersea wheel and reproductive wheel.
  42. Turn on the tap and thank you for clean water.
  43. Be grateful for the food in the cupboard.
  44. Because friends and family feel grateful.
  45. Thank you for having a home.
  46. Be grateful for having everything in your bank account.
  47. Say all the good things in your life.
    Blessing law
    The law of blessing works in a way similar to the law of gratitude. Whether you receive or give blessings, you must be open.
    When you bless from the bottom of your heart, it will have a great impact on the energy of the recipient. When you sincerely hope someone is good and open your heart to them, a golden light containing the geometric symbol of love will flow from you to them. These symbols cover something inside each other, melt it, and set them free. They will also ignite your own heart.
  48. when you open up and bless someone who has hurt you or caused damage to you, an incredible and sacred alchemy (mysterious change) comes into being. The golden energy you send out dissolves your pain and the other party’s three-dimensional energy. You can give many of the best gifts for ascension, and these blessings are part of it.
  49. if someone has hurt you or caused damage to you, you can start from wanting to forgive them, and then ask Archangel Shamir and Gabriel to help you turn forgiveness into completely from the heart. Slowly, it will be.
  50. if someone hurts you financially, bless them with abundance and visualize the flow of money to them. Archangel Gabriel will ensure that the money you lose will double (possibly from other sources) back to you.
  51. if someone damages your finances, pay attention to their internal reasons, and then bless him with self-love, self-esteem, love or abundance, and anything you think he needs to get spiritual happiness.
    Put enthusiasm into the image you send until you feel that they receive love and kindness in their hearts. You will feel more comfortable and your light will be brighter. There will also be some changes within them.
  52. when you bless them with the characteristics of grace, the code of love in these characteristics will ignite many hidden values in those people. Blessing is the way to peace on earth.
  53. if someone has hurt you or your loved one, when you are willing to bless him, you have reached the final stage of abandoning the ego, which is a great step on the path of ascension. The perpetrator will feel your forgiveness in a harmonious state, so their aura is lit up in unconditional love. There is a wave of love blowing into their hearts and the door to ascension may open. You ascend to a higher level of soul growth and realize the deeper meaning of peace.
  54. because consciousness is transmitted in harmony, you also spread healing and grace to the people you meet.
  55. Please bless your heart with Archangel Shamir. Feel it slowly open.
  56. Please bless your soul with the Archangel Gabriel. Feel it expanding.
  57. May the trees be happy.
  58. May flowers and plants be full of vitality.
  59. May all animals have love.
  60. May the warmongers have peace in their hearts.
  61. May the sick have vibrant health.
  62. Where people litter or have low energy, may it have divine peace and love.
  63. May the lonely have friendship.
  64. May all leaders in the world have integrity.
    Step 15 the path of ascension of love and kindness

    There are many ways to ascend, but the way of love and kindness surpasses others in its simplicity. It is the foundation of every path. Angels of love, peace and joy are around us so that we can maintain the qualities we need. The Buddha’s consciousness, that is, the consciousness of peaceful spiritual soldiers, is the spirit of this road.

    Some people live a simple life. They have never heard of the word “Ascension” or even archangels, but they ascend in glory. Many of them are on the path of love and kindness. Sometimes people live in poor communities where people are generous and willing to share everything with others. Some people are big families, but in order to feed their children and let them live in love, these people live in poverty and happiness. Others go to the world and selflessly serve more unfortunate people. After the death of such kind-hearted people, their friends and family usually say “they will give everything they can to help others in need” or “they will do everything they can for others”.
    We can cultivate some traits as the basis of this path: love, kindness, compassion, warmth, attentive listening, humility, generosity, openness and trust. All this is based on the consciousness of love and abundance.

    The key to walking on this road is to ask yourself, “if I were an angel, what should I do?” this is a road that can cultivate our ethereal wings, which are the light emitted from our heart chakra.

    Consciousness of love
    When all the petals in our hearts are in full bloom, we have the consciousness of love. We really believe that everyone deserves to be loved and taken care of. We fully accept everyone as they are. We have the light of divine Yin within us. We will naturally listen, take care of and empathize with others, and respond to all people and things with kindness and wisdom. We know what unity is.

    Abundance consciousness
    When we fully believe that the universe will provide everything we need, we really grasp the true meaning of abundant consciousness. We are in a state of flow and firmly believe that there will be no interruption in this abundant flow. In fact, when we live in abundance consciousness, what we give without asking for return will double back to us.
    In everything, we sincerely share and cooperate. Our hearts radiate spiritual and wealth generosity. These are the important characteristics that the five dimensional groups existing in the new golden century must have.
    How to cultivate these traits
    God and his angels will not give us these qualities in vain. On the contrary, they will send us some people and things to give us the opportunity to practice love and kindness.

    If we need to practice generosity, they will put the needy on our path. Will we open our hearts and give or close our hearts and let go? Will we consider and apply prejudice, or will we lend a helping hand without full consideration? Once we are willing or determined to embark on this path, unexpected things will appear to test us.

    Every time we choose to respond to others with compassion, humility, consideration or reasonable attitude, we are adding some light to this path. If we practice and cultivate the characteristics of love, warmth, dignity, honesty or generosity, we will bloom beautiful light.

    Ascension through caring for others
    Before we came to this world, our higher self and the higher self of our whole family members, as well as our guidance and angels, chose the living conditions of all family members. Some of them may be related to taking care of others. For example, some people take care of disabled relatives with love all their life. Sometimes this is due to karma, but from the soul level, there are more and more cases where the sick person provides an opportunity for those who take care of others to grow in the process of ascension.
    Alzheimer’s disease
    There are many reasons why a person can suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. It may have something to do with karma, or it may be that person who decides to step down from the responsibility of life. It may be that you want to experience the life of acting according to your heart, rather than letting your mind command you. However, it may also be that he wants to provide an opportunity for caregivers or family members to practice love and kindness.

    Walking on the path of love and kindness, when we are taking care of others, it often means that we must be clear about our boundaries. We must send out energy, and the way we act means that we are respected and honored, and while we maintain a warm and open heart, we should also adhere to our own principles. This is the way of ascension of peaceful spiritual soldiers and the Buddha’s consciousness. When walking on this road with honor, remember to ask the Archangel Gabriel to give you clarity and spiritual practice.

    Meditation on the way of love and kindness
    You can ask the archangel Shamir to help you keep an open heart in the most difficult times. When you are on this road, the angels of love and peace will always be with you and pour their unspeakable love into you.
  65. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  66. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to embarking on the path of ascension with kindness.
  67. Imagine that the root extends downward from your feet, goes deep into the earth, and lets yourself be rooted in the earth.
  68. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  69. Put your hand in your heart and pray for the angel of love and peace.
  70. Feel that they wrap you in beautiful and gentle golden light.
  71. In order to walk on this road with honor, you can ask the Archangel Gabriel to help you find the clarity on your road, as well as your boundaries and spiritual cultivation.
  72. Feel Archangel Shamir strengthening the golden center of your heart.
  73. Be aware of your boundaries and sacred solemnity.
  74. Imagine someone challenging you.
  75. Look deep into their eyes and understand their hidden pain.
  76. Correspond with them with love and compassion.
  77. Look into their eyes again. What do you see now?
  78. If you see fear, repeat this visualization several times as necessary. When you see love in the response, the energy you send first must have love and kindness.
  79. Thank the archangels and open your eyes.


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