Ascension 1 continues to “the impact of integration”

Ascension 1 continues to “the impact of integration”

Dark people’s Story 2

J-D: I can conclude with the following sentence: “if you plant a melon, you get a melon. Everyone accurately gets the fruit he creates for himself”. This sentence applies to both this story and all real-life stories. But it can’t satisfy people. Because even if

“You always get exactly what you create”

People still want to know the details of the story. Now let’s see how this rule applies to the dark people. Remember that most dark people choose not to pursue light and stay in the dark world?

Z: Yes.

J-D: that’s good. It’s clear that they think they can’t see light and can only stay in the dark world. Everything is the same. That’s their faith, so that’s their experience. The end of the last paragraph is the beginning of this episode. They still live in a world without light. But now it’s different. They know some people who once lived with them Their relatives and friends suddenly disappeared, and they also knew that those who disappeared were seekers, people talking about going to the upper light world. Now they all left. So they were very confused, and some of them began to ask questions.

“What happened to the seekers?” they asked.

“God is coming again for them!” some people said.

“They must have been punished and taken!”

Others guessed. Everyone talked. No one knew what had happened. But they felt that the small, closed dark world was no longer the same. Unexplained phenomena had happened. In confusion, many people recalled the Legendary God and began to pray. We can put an end to their story for the time being. Below We started talking about another group of people… Those who climbed the scaffold.

Z: Those seekers. They must have found the light world!

J-D: that’s for sure. They opened a new story at a new level of existence. When they looked out from the world below, they found that the people in the light world were bright not because there was a light source here, not at all, but because the people themselves were light sources.

Z: WOW! Everyone shines!

J-D: Yes. It means that everyone can clearly see the reality corresponding to their inner world. Can you understand it? In the dark world, people think they perceive the world as it is. In the light world, they realize that the world they see is actually themselves.

Z: Well, it’s a little slower here. I don’t understand yet.

J-D: the truth is that each of you is creating your own reality. When you see it thoroughly, you will find that the reality you observe actually reflects your deep beliefs – that is, what you perceive inside. Therefore, those who ascend to another level immediately realize that the reality around them is the direct result of their beliefs and choices. That is, he We know that they have created their own reality. We will continue to discuss this later, because it is difficult for you to understand. You actually still live in your own “dark world”. You still believe that you can see the reality truthfully. Because you believe so, so it is! Next, we will explore this issue further. Now please accept this first, and those who ascend will have a completely different experience from you.

Z: Well, I think that’s obvious – because the level of existence is completely different from here.

J-D: these differences are difficult for you to understand, precisely because you have no such experience at all.
Z: Totally agree.

J-D: let me tell you this. Your next level of reality is the level of self-control. You must have heard of “ascended masters”? Can you tell exactly what they are masters? I can tell you: they are masters of self-control.

True masters of self-control mean that they are fully in a state of believing, understanding and experiencing the reality they have created. They see the world under their beliefs and can manifest the world consistent with themselves. That is what I call light. They emit their own light and show them the world they believe in.

Z: Wow. I think the next level of reality must be wonderful.

J-D: of course. Unfortunately, without universal love, you can also become a master of self-control.

Z: Really? What will happen?

J-D: let me go back to the fable above. This conversation will be very long. I have a lot to say. Shall we take our time?

Z: I’m not going anywhere. I really want to know the end of the story!

J-D: Well, your patience will pay off. Back to the story. For convenience, we divide the people who ascend to the light into three categories. The first is those who have a service to self mentality. These “service to themselves” They think that they can ascend to the light because they are more special than those who stay in the dark. They decide that they are more capable and wise than those who stay in the dark. Now you can understand what I mean. Even if they have escaped from the dark and ascended to the light, they still compare themselves with the dark. Therefore, their story will start from returning to the dark.

Z: Er… No, I haven’t figured it out yet. They just escaped from the dark world. Why go back?

J-D: OK. Listen to me… You always get what you create, right? When you have light, you can immediately manifest what you create. Where your intentions and attention focus, you manifest what. Now these beings, even though they have reached the light world, still think in the way of the dark world. They think, “we are the best and best people in the dark people.” This is the focus of their thoughts. Therefore, this is what they manifest… To become “the best and best people in the dark people”! Of course, they also have other motives. Now that they have this new ability, what do you think they will do?

Z: Um

J-D: let me remind you. Do you think these “self serving” will have an idea of revenge?

Z: Revenge? By the way! It’s like the movie rookie counterattack.

J-D: can you explain?

Z: Rookie counterattack? In the dark world, they are all regarded as marginal people, do you remember? In the dark world, they are dreamers, and they are regarded as bad elements of society by realists, especially those in power. Now they have succeeded, maybe they think of a tone. Slaves turn over as masters. Rookie counterattack.

J-D: good analysis. So now you can see that even if they find the light and the light world, they are still not out of the dark world. They are trapped by their negative emotions.

Z: Yes. That’s easy to understand. I can see the problem.

J-D: if you find your inner strength, but lack healing and love, you will fall into the mire again… But you are trapped on a higher level. But let’s not talk about that, and then go back to the story: what happens next is that “those who serve themselves” return to the dark world with light. We call them “light bearers” for the time being. In the dark world of blindness, they are “People with clear eyes”. That is to say, “those who serve themselves” are much stronger than ordinary dark people.

Z: What will these light bearers do when they return to the dark world?

J-D: do you remember what the dark people were doing before the story of the dark people was interrupted? The departure of the seekers plunged them into confusion and confusion. You can put yourself in their shoes. They suddenly began to doubt everything they believed before. Many people began to pray to God to save them. Can you see what the problem is with such a prayer?

Z: No. what’s wrong with such a prayer?

J-D: the problem is not prayer itself, but praying for the emergence of rescuers to solve all your puzzles and difficulties.

Z: Why is this a problem?

J-D: the problem is that you will get what you ask. Get what you really want. Let me help you understand this. If you think you are weak, confused, incompetent and lost; you don’t know what you want or should want; you want someone to tell you what you need, what to do and how to do it; you want a great savior to come to your world and take you away Instead of giving you what they want to create for you, you serve them, worship them and be at their disposal… In this way, you create a painful world for yourself. You create a special opportunity for others in your own life. You create yourself as a perfect victim , when you say you want a great Savior, you are actually asking the universe for an evildoer.

Z: I still don’t understand.

J-D: Well, let me take this opportunity to clarify the triangle of “victim / perpetrator / rescuer”.

If you have problems in your life and feel like a victim, you must think someone has “done” to you What? That person must be the perpetrator, and he should be responsible for all your pain. Since you are a helpless victim, you will certainly want to find someone else to help you out of this dilemma, someone who is responsible for saving you and making your life better. In this way, a triangular relationship is established: the victim – the perpetrator – the rescuer is always tied together. As long as One will appear, and the other two will appear at the same time. Those dark people clearly claim to be victims. When they want to be rescued, they first invite the perpetrators. They create this situation for themselves.

Z: I don’t understand. They want good people to save them. Why invite bad people instead?

J-D: because they are created with fear and doubt. When I talk about the topic of creative tools, I will further exchange this concept with you. But the point is clear:

Your emotions are your creative tools. If you create with love, you will get what you really want; if you create with fear, you will get what you don’t want; if you create with doubt, you will get a mixture, or nothing.

Now the dark people are full of fear and doubt. Therefore, they don’t want to get it first. And you will get what you create. If not, how can you learn to create correctly?

The dark people did not create a clear situation for themselves with love and positive energy. Therefore, a gap was created. If we combine this situation with what the light bearers want to create, it just matches. The light bearers are willing to be regarded by the dark people as “God’s coming again” They are willing to be served and worshipped, polishing their ego. A large number of civilians worship and serve them with heart and tears of gratitude. They are willing to become “God” It also taught the dark people how to worship; taught the dark people to sing carols; taught them to provide them with the best food by the best chefs; promoted the most obedient slaves to the most important positions of power, resulting in the priestly race, and only these most loyal servants could approach them. The rest of the dark people were no better than slaves and became priests and arrogant They were forced to work day and night, to build large palaces to please these ego “gods”, and then build temples to cater to the growing ego of the priests and pets of the “gods”.

Then something interesting happened. The “gods” began to envy each other and compete with each other. Each wanted more power and more control over the people than others. Each wanted to have a more gorgeous palace. They began to order their priests to summon worshippers, tell the dark people that they can only worship this or that “God” and give up all others “God”. This situation lasted for some time. When the ego had a conflict, the anger continued to ferment until the war broke out. Some “God” worshippers were instructed to murder other “God” worshippers. Revenge soon escalated into an all-out war They also began to use their own power to kill each other’s worshippers. The dark people began to split into different factions! After a period of time, the war was deadlocked. Every “God” And their surviving minions moved to different areas and kept a certain distance. They built cities in their respective fields. Although wars still occurred from time to time, and poor dark people occasionally had times of peace, their lives became more and more difficult. They not only had to cultivate, build and serve God To serve, we must often turn farm tools into weapons to fight, either injured or dead. All this is just to serve the ego consciousness of the light bearer.

However, after all this, some new things happened quietly in the hearts of the dark people. They are no longer the arrogant realists of the past. They have experienced painful times and survived together. They survived because they had compassion for each other. Brotherly friendship brought everyone together.

Their grief opened their hearts to each other. Now they began to call for a savior again. But this time, they called with hope in their hearts. Because in each other’s eyes, everyone can see love and compassion. They began to look forward to “God” Can bring them love and compassion. Once again, they get what they create. This law will never change. Because remember

Z: “You always get exactly what you create.”

J-D: exactly! So, what do you think will answer their prayers this time?

Let’s look at the second. They have the ability to serve others When these people first arrived in the light world, they were amazed, blessed and honored. They were eager to turn this privilege into a driving force to serve others. They felt sympathy and love for their families and friends who stayed in the dark world, so they decided to return to the dark world and help them in any possible way. Therefore, they could hear the love of the dark people in their struggle They heard the voice and responded. When they reached the dark world, they were shocked to find how painful the light bearers had brought to the dark people. They could not bear and face the misery and death experienced by the dark people.

Z: Just a moment, please. I don’t understand. You mean “service to oneself” arrives first. They stayed in the dark world for a long time, established an empire, fought with each other, and “service to others” arrived after, for example, hundreds of years, right?

J-D: it’s much longer than hundreds of years. Yes, I mean that. Different dimensions have different times. You can’t cross dimensions and stay on the same timeline all the time. The order rules of their operation are completely different. For example, when you come from the light world to the dark world, you arrive at the resonance time, just when the dark world needs your time. You should start you It’s time for the mission to arrive. Stage play is a good metaphor. Imagine a stage play that is on stage, all the actors come on stage together and talk a long speech at the same time, which will be chaotic and meaningless. Therefore, everyone appears at the right time and his role perfectly cooperates with others.

Z: I see. Then I have a new question: who decides who will take the stage “at a specific time”?

J-D: they made their own decisions. They created all this with their desire. Let’s take a closer look at the initiation thinking of “service to others”. They are eager to serve others and help others. They want to save the dark people from pain, and all actions come from love and kindness. This is a manifestation of selflessness. Do you agree? “Service to others” Come to the dark world when the dark people need it most. This moment is not the moment when the light bearer comes to the dark world at the beginning of this part of the story. It is completely different. The dark people first encounter the light bearer and see how they respond to their requests. Only after they have experienced that history can the dark people make a new decision. Do you understand that the victims need to do evil first The rescuer, and then the rescuer.

Let me explain some other things. Remember in the first part of the story, the dark people treated the seekers unfairly and made them victims. That’s what they are and they are familiar with. Therefore, for the dark people, the high power is arrogant and self-centered. That’s how they treat them

The way of each other. That’s what they know, so that’s what they can imagine when they respond to the call of the dark people.

Z: If you lack imagination, can’t you create?

J-D: absolutely! When we talk about creating tools, you will understand how powerful your “imagination” is.
Yes, you can’t create without imagination.

In this story, the dark people have experienced a series of long-term pain. But interestingly, when people experience the most difficult times, they can often inspire their best qualities. Under the harsh treatment of light bearers, the dark people show mutual support, friendship and compassion. Friends help each other, strangers provide unexpected support to each other … the darkest hour sparked a spark in the hearts of the dark people. A new light was formed in their hearts, emitting gentle compassion. It was this compassion that prepared them to meet the “service to others” The arrival of the bright people. I can conclude that the dark people must first have a new understanding of themselves, and then they can have a new understanding of the outside world. They need to find love and compassion in their hearts, and then they can formulate their needs according to love and compassion.
All the possibilities have happened. Some of them are really fierce: Angels wearing the burning sword of justice. In these cases, in “serving others” and “serving ourselves” Wars often occur between groups. The results are unfavorable to all parties. Each party is injured and no one can be saved. This is an endless game once it starts. War causes fear and pain. Fear and pain breed hatred. Hatred leads to war. Cycle. You see, “those who serve others” My original intention was to help the dark people, not hurt them, but now I can’t achieve my goal. In addition, there is a second timeline, in which the “service to others” came to this reality as a kind demigod. They didn’t communicate with the “service to themselves” They just try their best to help and heal, and serve the good endlessly.

Z: This is a good way!

J-D: maybe. But the final result is not much better than war. Z: impossible! How could it be?

J-D: this way makes the dark people stop working for themselves. They feel there is no need to make any efforts at all. There are positive “God” and negative “God”. If you get the favor of positive “God”, you will have good luck. If you offend the negative “God” , then you will have bad luck. In this case, the dark people think they are weak, so they give up any efforts. The “service to others” can not help them ascend to the light. The dark people say, “we are different. You are God. We are nothing. We can serve you, so you can help us ascend.”

No matter how the “service providers” explain to them, in fact, everyone is the same. The dark people can do what the “service providers” can do. But the dark people always don’t believe this. Why do they believe it? Obviously, these “gods” have extraordinary power and magic, but they don’t. therefore, this method also failed.

However, there is a third type of timeline in which “service to others” think that they are “one class higher than ordinary people” It’s stupid. They choose to be part of the dark people, and then join the game by becoming the descendants of the dark people. In these timelines, when they grow up, most people remember the light world in various ways. They will remember the light, and then, as a child of the dark people, begin to help and teach others.

Z: Is the effect much better this time?
J-D: great progress. But the light bearers soon discovered their plans. Because of the “service to others” By educating and healing the dark people, the light bearers began to lose control of the masses. Therefore, they formulated laws to prohibit light education. They took over the light education by means of tampering and corrosion. The purpose is to control the dark people and let them continue to serve the interests of the light bearers. The consequence of their doing so is to turn light education into underground activities. Secret groups were established here Teaching “being” in small secret groups These contents are gradually spread out. Sometimes teachers appear and spread everywhere. Sometimes he will call a certain number of followers to resist. But it always ends with the successful armed suppression of the light bearer. However, these teachings have been widely spread and enabled more people to awaken. In this way, these beings have indeed done a lot of good things But it is not fundamentally successful. Most people still believe that only God has the ability to create reality. Only God has the ability to bring you to the light world You can also refuse. Most people still can’t understand the truth – everyone can reach the light world because they are ready – they have mastered the essentials of self mastery. They ascended to become masters because of their will and ability to create this opportunity for themselves. Only a few people realize this, so only a few people Ascension. The second part of the story of the dark people is over.

The story will go round and round. This timeline is not linear, but a circle. So, the end is the beginning, the end is the beginning… There is no end, and it will cycle endlessly in the complex interaction between serving themselves, serving others and uncertainty. Only when those uncertain people begin to clarify their choices They can choose to ascend and become “serving others” or “serving themselves”, or very few become the third kind of bright people.

At the end of each cycle, there is always an event called “harvest”. This refers to the event that uncertain people begin to make decisions and ascend to the light world. Usually only a small number of dark people can do it.

This is not a closed system, and there is no real end to the timeline. Beings from other places may find that this is a good place to experience themselves and decide to come to the dark world. From a certain point of view, this is a very beautiful and harmonious game. As a new player, you can join the game as an uncertain crowd at the bottom. You can choose by yourself How long will you keep this identity? When you think about it, decide whether to be a “service to others” or “service to yourself”, or even the third (we’ll talk about it later), and then you will ascend to what you choose. If you choose “service to others” or “service to yourself” , you can also choose how long to play that role until you want to end. The uniqueness of the third type is that it is the only way to leave the game. You can choose to leave the game or continue. Before we talk about the third type of bright people, let’s enjoy the beauty of the system. Can you find the system Can the unification cycle indefinitely? Uncertain dark people, light bearers serving themselves and rescuers serving others trap themselves in a waltz. They form a triangular relationship: dark people play the role of victims, light bearers play the role of evildoers, and beings serving others play the role of rescuers. Once the triangular relationship is determined, it can cycle endlessly Go. This is an eternal infighting game. Individual souls enter the game, then upgrade to “serve others” or “serve themselves” (usually both will experience), and finally become the third. Finally, if they like, they can leave the game by becoming the third kind of bright people.

I call the third kind of bright people “unified”. They know that all things are one. They are “serving others”, “serving themselves” and “uncertain” All of them can see themselves. They can accommodate everything, not in anything, but surpass everything. When they look at others, they will not judge, because they see their own shadow from others, more specifically, others are him and me. Therefore, they deeply feel that everything is perfect. They see the essence of light very truly. Not other light The light that people first see is not at all, but the light that every being sends out from the deepest part of their heart and is connected with the source. When such beings stare at you, they do not see your current temporary situation: your weakness, your narrow fantasy, your fear… No, they stare at your heart and see God from it! Of course, Just as they stare at themselves. In the eyes of the “uniter”, God is everywhere. In this game, they see that they used to be uncertain, “serving others” and “serving themselves”. Therefore, they will not judge either side. It is these “uniters” that push the dark people’s story to a new height

All the stories are true! All the stories are fantasy. Depending on your perspective, both of these statements are right. You can also say that this is a fairy tale.

However, many aspects of the story describe what has happened and is happening in your world in an interesting way. I hope this fable can arouse your thinking, ask new questions and find new answers. It inspires you to look at problems with new thinking without touching your nerves of fear and anger, and avoid getting you into trouble The pain of pessimism about the future. Because those topics are meaningless to me. They are only beneficial to those who want to keep you here and serve them.
Let’s start

Dark people’s Story 3

The characteristic of the third kind of “unifier” is that they don’t advertise who they serve. They don’t serve themselves or others. They know that “others” and “themselves” are essentially the same entity. They also know that what you do to “others” will naturally be returned directly to themselves. They show kindness, love and kindness to others (because this is the way they expect to be treated), they will not swing between serving themselves or others. The concept of “service” is not very important to them. On the contrary, their motivation comes from the most authentic expression of themselves. In the “uniter” In the concept of, every particle of one is absolutely and completely unique. If everyone can find their greatest joy and express it truthfully, it is perfect. Because you need to know that no two beings are exactly the same. Therefore, no two beings have exactly the same joy. Every existence is due to He needs to express his uniqueness and be loved and appreciated. The unique gift he must give must be really needed in some places.

For the “unifier”, there is no barrenness, no competition, only balance and perfection.

These beings do not cling to action, but choose to maintain the state of “becoming” to explore and observe.
Go into God’s heart to find your own unique great talent, and then express yourself with pure love and joy.

Here is
Rainbow metaphor


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