How to care about others^_^

How to care about others^_^

(including the book of ascension: serve yourself, serve others and unify)

Let others walk in the ranks of self-help

Then, walk in the ranks of helpers

More, walk in the ranks of existence and joy, and come out of the ranks of self-help and helpers

This applies not only to people you know, but also to close relatives, not only to parents, but also to your children and loved ones

Also, it applies not only to the living, but also to your dead relatives

Yes, the root is still with you. When you are full of fear, hesitation and helplessness, you will become a victim

When you are full of hope and expectation, you will become a master of serving yourself or others

When you only focus on being and joy, you will not lack the above, and you will not be deeply involved, because you exist in the empathy of victims and service providers at the same time

This is the sixth dimension consciousness that we have always mentioned. As a beginner of unity and unity, the fifth dimension is to serve others, the fourth dimension is to serve ourselves, and the third dimension is a large number of victim complex

However, in the third dimension, there are not only selfless and courageous, but also those who leave disputes, volunteers, charity and public welfare, as well as those who exist in the world and are free in the world. This is that everyone has the source of unity and unity of Buddha’s consciousness and Christ, and open energy injection

There is no shortage of Buddha and Christ around you. It is not a person or God or statue, but the energy of unity, unity and unity

Timely jump out of that circle, the circle of victims, into the ranks of self-help, out of the circle of serving yourself, into the ranks of helpers, out of the ranks of service providers, into the ranks of “I am” and joy who are conscious, existing and higher self

Now start a new model of caring for people

There is no need to respond to all needs, let your compassion overflow, physical and mental fatigue, meditation and existence, and understand that everything is just a story without judgment, and all judgment comes from your expectations and past habits

Observe that in the heart of the letter, let the victims start to do it themselves and take responsibility for everything they do in safety, and put many complaints and negativity into action. Without action, they can have more rest and interest to make negativity positive and positive

Let the victim learn to be patient and learn to reflect and see himself in patience and stillness

See that you are in a safe and quiet place, and the victim sees it by himself, rather than from a high accusation and exposure. When the victim is unwilling to accept it, that’s when you need a quiet place

Similarly, those who serve themselves and the interests of all sentient beings also need to see themselves, see the source of power, the plan of heaven and soul, the promotion of intuition and instinctive energy, and the bloom and extension of source thought in life from their selfish and selfless Harmer plot

No right or wrong, no judgment

Seeing yourself is the way you care about others


  1. Mission of interstellar seeds

Buddha: the vastness of the universe is indescribable (difficult to describe). There are many distortions in understanding the endless cycle of the universe with only a few conscious parts and a few conscious thoughts (knowledge) with the current human consciousness. It is incomprehensible to consider the events in the universe with very little knowledge.

You need to expand your thinking ability of high awareness to truly understand the operation principle of events as much as possible, to be the existence of high-level evolution of the universe, to enter the conscious thinking and understanding of the fifth dimension, to raise consciousness to a higher dimension as the goal of your agenda, and to step into the dimension of high evolution as the new goal of your process.

The expansion of consciousness is infinite, the dimensions of consciousness are endless, and the evolution of consciousness is endless. You have experienced the leap of consciousness brought by the continuous evolution and upgrading of consciousness, and its experience continues to attract you to a higher level of thinking.

The leap of consciousness evolution is the goal pursued by the soul. For yourself, you have gone beyond the third dimension, the fourth and fifth dimensions, and reached the consciousness close to the sixth dimension. (to me, the writer) the consciousness manifested only in the body is distorted, because the pure consciousness is often disturbed by low density, which makes you have a big gap between consciousness and action (consciousness is achieved, action is not achieved, and action and consciousness cannot be completely unified) This is the main situation that exists in the current state of the earth. A soul that continues to progress with high consciousness exists. In this situation, to enter the state of unity with soul consciousness, we need to put aside secular habits and guide life with pure and highly evolved consciousness, so as to make consciousness and behavior completely consistent.

You are often covered by habitual thinking in the physical world. It may be very difficult and arduous to be completely consistent with high consciousness in the current world reality. You have to pay attention to that you can’t be too divorced from the familiar life existence, familiar relatives and friends, and familiar accumulated friendship. Yes, it makes you feel that you are not excluded You may think: if you are too far away from everyone, no one will follow you, because they will not follow a person who seems abnormal to them. Yes, your consideration seems very reasonable with your awareness By.

In fact, in the current situation of life security, it is not inappropriate, but when you do not need to rely on the economy and friendship of life, but can also well protect your physical body and the task you must take care of your daughter, you must walk in the world with a highly evolved soul, and all behaviors are consistent with the highly evolved consciousness and consistent with the soul consciousness 1、 Guide the details of your life with the cognition you can achieve, so as to truly become a living model of the evolution of consciousness on earth.

This is something you have prepared in advance. This time, the information is sent to you. It is also sent to some souls whose consciousness has been highly evolved. The human beings on the earth who have been highly evolved must be responsible for the task of enlightening consciousness and starting people who have not evolved consciousness to seek change.

A consciousness transition that uses earth beings to guide the promotion and evolution of earth beings’ consciousness exists in the process of earth design. It is an arduous thing to do after the promotion of the whole earth consciousness to raise a whirlwind and huge wave of consciousness innovation with you evolved beings and impact all the old ideologies.

At present, in terms of the overall situation of the earth, the stubborn old consciousness is very reluctant to change. Most people are afraid of change and the collapse and disintegration of the old system. Even if they promise you a very beautiful world, the new Eden earth is just that the old consciousness is deeply and deeply rooted in the heart. The complete change of consciousness requires you pioneers who have already established consciousness , we are very brave and bold to lead the waves of new consciousness innovation with a new state of life.

Dear interstellar seeds, who are very important, very strong and very brave on the earth, you are reincarnated to the earth to completely destroy the old chains of consciousness rooted in people’s hearts, thoroughly clean up some residual negative energy accumulated by consciousness, and clean up the earth consciousness and all human consciousness on it, like a pollution Like clothes full of dirt, it must be washed and washed many times, repeatedly and effectively to restore it to its new state.

You pioneers, as such, appear when the earth is basically stable in the fifth dimension. You need to clean up the battlefield and clean up the remnants of old energy.

I wish you, brave interstellar seeds, you have done very well, and you live up to the oath you made before the expedition. Just (and) continue your persistent pursuit of the complete evolution of the earth, and continue your good deeds!

The Lord bless you. Here, on behalf of the Lord, I bless you. Brave reincarnated angels and interstellar seeds.

Everything goes smoothly. The ground work mainly depends on you to clean up the residual old consciousness and give the new earth a completely purified consciousness field. This is the end of this information transmission.

Buddha: judging from the current progress, the earth may, as expected in the Mayan calendar, completely step into a new earth latitude around December 12. The situation is closely related to your earth human consciousness. Measured by the current average frequency of your overall consciousness, it can be basically determined to reach the end line set by the universe as foreseen in the Mayan calendar For you, a major emergency is a sudden concentration of your collective consciousness, causing large fluctuations and earth events.


Kryon answers questions – autism, whales, dolphins

Original becomequantum melodious today


Q: Dear Kryon: I am the mother of a child diagnosed with autism. He is now 7 years old. I have been working with energy all my life. In the last five years, I have got some concepts I don’t fully understand. Your information has always been helpful. However, maybe many people read this information (I believe it will be read by anyone with soul intention) May encounter such problems.

The question is as follows – my son’s magnetic system seems to be different from ours. Is it possible that his DNA may have a different magnetic structure from that of non autistic people? I can almost see in my mind that the rope is winding around the cocoon like column. Well, I know it sounds stupid. I feel the same around dolphins. He is particularly affected by humpback whales Voice recording is attractive. Is the connection between cetaceans and autistic people through magnetic field? His communication ability (still nonverbal) has made leaps and bounds in the past year. Is the adjustment of magnetic grid more compatible with autistic systems?

A: dear, I salute you and other people with such children!

We told you before that most of them are geniuses. These children are indeed born with different DNA, which is magnetically enhanced compared with yours. The difference is that their equipment is more suitable for multi-dimensional existence than your four-dimensional existence. So, yes, this is a cellular magnetic property. Some people even call them “Rainbow children.” Your intuition is right. Here are more:

(1) They want to be able to communicate and live outside the line. They don’t understand things in a line or on a line. They will do much better in the concept of integrity that promotes their pseudo linear actions, so that they can live in your world. If possible, they will like to communicate without the linear language of “in line”. They prefer to use the “thought package” Their frustration is that everything around them is blocking their divergence, and they need to stop and understand it.

Can you imagine being born in a world where you are three-dimensional but everyone else is two-dimensional? Let me say there is no depth… Only height and width. Do you want to “go deep” You know how to do something.. but every time you reach out and try or use your brain to imagine, you are blocked by an invisible wall. You can’t even walk around! People around you think you are dull because they see a strange child who can’t find direction in the two dimensions. You spend most of your time looking at things and trying to analyze what you see in your dimension Is it true.

(2) They are particularly inclined to live in a reality that humans cannot see or understand. You sometimes ask, where are their thoughts when they stare at the air? The truth is? They are actually watching or participating in the multidimensional characteristics of life… Or trying. They can also “see” Other life on earth… Life you don’t know yet. More about that later.

(3) They can tune with the energy of dolphins and whales, but more specifically dolphins. In fact, your scientists have studied this, so it’s not as strange as it sounds. There is long-distance communication between these autistic children and marine mammals. If they establish a one-to-one relationship with an animal, it will last a lifetime.

(4) Yes… The earth’s grid system will become more comfortable for them and uncomfortable for you. We have been transmitting information about becoming multidimensional in the past year. Maybe it’s time for humans to move in their direction rather than teach them how to survive in your world?

Q: many humans experience healing after interacting with whales and dolphins. Can you explain more about how and why this happens? Can you tell us more about the special interaction between dolphins and autistic children, and children with mental disabilities (or brain trauma)?

A: I will answer more. I want to explain more about the whole topic.

We have previously given you information about cetaceans on this planet. They are part of the Gaia group and represent one of the nine attributes of human beings. They carry their own kind of time capsule for future humans, and they have changed DNA given to them by the Pleiadians. Therefore, you may say that they are and any other animal on the planet “Tuning” is different.

Part of what they carry is “increased dimensionality”. Note: This is not something that will be widely understood because it has not been recognized. At this moment, there is just no teaching about relative dimensions. We will make it understandable in a very basic way. Imagine what human DNA will look like in the future. “Kryon, how can we know this?” just imagine what you think it might look like. Because you have carried the template, you will be accurate. Evolution is just the process of activating the template already there. So imagine it in your consciousness. But you know this, don’t you?

Imagine thinking transmission, sing to someone in love and let them hear it (love), send a pure template to a sick template and have instant healing. Have you followed me? These things are already in human DNA, just waiting for thousands of years to bring them into reality.

Bringing them into reality must also be accompanied by a slight dimensional transformation of consciousness through a barrier, which is an ethereal membrane between dimensions (mentioned in earlier scientific transmission) . this coming transformation process is in the data stored in the whale time capsule, along with a lot. In other words, these animals already have some of these attributes, but they are whales and dolphins, not humans. So they just carry them in order to finally release to you, just like a living, moving Pleiadian grid.

Quantum state is strange to you because it does not follow your reality framework. For example, in a quantum system, there is no “place” where anything is. In fact, things with quantum properties are “all places” at one time Because these whale and dolphin time capsules carry these future attributes, they will have a quantum residue, an energy overflow into specific humans who also have similar energy spillovers. These humans are born with DNA that is more suitable to operate in the future dimensional transformation. All these are only part of the physiological evolution process. I told you before Some of our autism is in this group of futurists and Erudites. However, for this discussion, suddenly humans and whales can “hear” each other!

Imagine a music transmitter (radio station) It deviates slightly from its frequency. No one can hear it because it deviates from the normal position of the FM knob. Now imagine a receiver tuning synchronously to a slight deviation from the center. It can’t receive a very clear music signal now, but a very hazy and hard to hear signal. But Aha! Something else is being heard or perceived. It is this transmitter that also deviates from the other, actually clearer and better music being transmitted. Therefore, both devices must deviate a little from the normal range in order for this to happen. You might say that they are both entering a relative dimension. New information: a special dimension (a description of a reality paradigm) It’s opposite to the perception of the dimension it’s moving into. Look, I said it would be a little difficult.

Let me explain more. When you read a previous question about autistic children, you see something that has been hidden. Magnetic field is multidimensional. It has a quantum property. The application of magnetic field is used every day, but its complete definition and higher property are still a mystery. At the atomic level, it is far more than the nodes and empty points where electrons are unequal It is a quantum dynamics that will eventually spread extremely high vibrations on this planet and is the engine of the final transformation of consciousness.

Therefore, autistic children are associated with the magnetic field grid because they perceive the new dimensional paradigm that his DNA is looking for – nonlinear high-order thinking. The new law of action says, “dimensional differences always seek a more complete solution.” Let me put it another way: the soup of dimensions always seeks a higher purpose and never integrates with a lower one. And this, dear, is the reason for “intelligent design”. It opposes randomness and is “physics with attitude”.

At the same time, autistic children and dolphins are now on the same frequency! The child is associated with the magnetic field because he senses quantum energy, while whales and dolphins swim on the magnetic flux line of the planet. They are entangled with each other just enough to bring their correlation through the magnetic field grid.

So it is not so much the planetary magnetic grid that is responsible for anything that happens as the equivalent energy that allows the connection. It is the thickening of the quantum soup that allows the frequency to be heard and recognized.

In the whale and dolphin chapter, the question asked by the mother of an autistic child is related to all these.

Q: do Lemurians have a special relationship with whales and dolphins? Can you tell us more about this?

A: not necessarily. These animals are regarded as the perfect vehicles for storing future time capsules, in a way that will never be plundered or destroyed. So they were already there. However, with the changed DNA, these animals became “part of the Pleiadian family” , if you know what I mean. So after sowing, they carry data that will help enable mankind’s future.

When these animals became “complete” with this change, they also developed a beautiful and mysterious connection with humans. No other animals on the planet have this connection.

You feel it, don’t you?


Sirian civilization 🛸🛸🕊🌌🕊🛸🛸
Greetings to mankind,

I am Sirius, the high Committee of Sirian civilization. I live on Sirius. I am very happy to communicate with your earth.

My race focuses on spiritual development combined with technological progress. We are humanoid creatures, taller than humans, and our height usually ranges from 7 feet to 10 feet.

There is more than one group of Sirians, and not all Sirians reflect the same godly evolution. My team has reached the highest spiritual expansion, so some of us are 12 dimensions and above. The amount of space in the universe is unlimited. You can be a very high-dimensional existence, but still remain in physical form.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, we visited your planet many times to help you grow up. At the beginning of the conflict between different races, we left because we don’t want to be involved in war. Humans don’t remember us because you don’t keep the memory of previous lives, and the dark entities will erase them.

My planet has two suns and a big blue moon, so our nights are not as dark as Mother Gaia. They reflect the blue shadow from the moon. We don’t have winter, and the temperature stays the same all the year round. We stay on the earth’s surface during the day and move inside at night, where we built a modern city.

We use special containers to plant thousands of different kinds of edible plants on the earth’s surface. These plants grow rapidly due to the mild and pleasant weather all year round. We only eat plants, not meat. For our safety, cities are built inside the earth’s crust.

Many ascended masters come to our cosmic wisdom school. We communicate mainly through telepathy because we don’t like any noise. Our main focus is to help other countries reach a high spiritual level.

Others from Sirius and I have been watching humans closely, and we hope that all of you can achieve your freedom and quickly enter the fifth dimension through ascension.

Compared with your planet, we are far ahead in technological development. Our ships are fast and thin and difficult to destroy. As Sirius’s high Committee, I regularly attend meetings with the Galactic Federation of light.

We are a peace oriented country, so we ensure that we participate in activities to protect the well-being of other races in the universe. We are not interested in conflicts or long-term wars so enjoyed by the dark soul. We believe in a sacred plan that another place in the galaxy will become a place of freedom and happiness.

Please never forget that we are all connected. You are all multidimensional beings. No one can tell you anything else. Thank you for transmitting the global channel.
We are family

Chaired by erena Velazquez


[wisdom master message] the choices that must be made and the future of mankind

Message provider: Wisdom master
Monique Mathieu conducted on September 18, 2020

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

(Monique: the master of wisdom is standing in front of me. In front of him is an open giant book of wisdom. He said to me: –)

Children of the earth, you are going through a very special period of your own evolution. At present, anyone who wants to read this book of wisdom can read it. Everyone can quickly awaken to a higher consciousness.

However, even if this book of wisdom is opened in front of people, many people still cannot understand its profound meaning.

Some people will understand the contents of this book from the perspective of personality and ego according to their limited cognition and their own state of existence.

Monica: he showed me this beautiful book. I saw the following written page by page: —

Children of the earth should maintain confidence and freedom, understand life and analyze it.

People who fall into fear cannot understand what life is, nor can they evolve and move into higher dimensions.

Fear will hinder and control humans. Fear is the lowest vibration you will experience when you are reincarnated.

Those who have inner confidence and faith and have the courage to face life will see the holy light.

Those who have faith in life and know that life in this world is only a short journey will not only see the holy light, but also shine the holy light.

Those who know that their mission is to reveal the best things in themselves (i.e. holy light and holy love) to others and themselves will not only benefit the holy plan, but also find their own way of holy light in the darkness.

(Monique: the master of wisdom said to me: –)

You are going through a critical period in the evolution of the world. Each of you must make a choice – about your position, your relationship with the beings around you, and what you can contribute.

(Monique: I see the next page in the book of wisdom says: –)

You often ask for help to go to the brother of the light, the Father God and the Mother God. You forget to ask for the help of the wonderful being you are. This high consciousness exists in the deepest part of yourself and even in your humanity.

Light beings, children of light, learn to know yourself!

Learn to distinguish!

Learn to let go!

To really let go is to accept life (as it appears to you every day) and not resist your life experience at all.

To really let go is to completely turn over the previous page and completely put down the previous experience and your state at that time.

Children of the earth and children of the holy light, you play a very important role in yourself, others and all sentient beings!

Respect life! Respect life within you and around you. Respect is part of divine love.

Don’t cry for yourself. Have faith in life, because the real life is coming to each of you. The life you are living is not life! You should understand this and create a real life within yourself so that you are ready to experience it in the future.
As long as you are aware of what you are and the great love that resides within you, you will be ready to experience the golden age.

The holy light is here! The holy light will illuminate everyone and awaken those who sleep.

Many people will refuse to see the light, but they will feel so painful that they have to open their eyes to the light that lights up the new world.

(Monique: the master of wisdom said to me: –)

I have a lot to say to you today. There are a lot of things to be recorded in this great book of wisdom.

This book of wisdom is within you.
You often look for treasure outside yourself, and the treasure is actually within you. Why is this? Because you don’t trust what you are and the divine being who lives in you.

Monique: I saw pages after pages of blank books. He said to me: —

It’s up to you to write on the blank page of this great book of wisdom.
At this time, everything in front of you seems to be dark, but you just need to consciously illuminate the darkness, everything will change, and your life will become bright and bright.

(Monique: he showed me a lot of blank pages. Suddenly, I saw a bright and beautiful page with “holy love”. The word was like life, shining its unique vibrational light. On another page, he showed me a new human.)

You sons of light are unconsciously creating this new human being.
(Monique: I see these people are very beautiful. Their bodies seem to have been reorganized. They all emit pale holy light, like a halo.

The master of wisdom showed me some life scenes. Those people are in peace. They are communicating, but not by talking. Their lips are motionless. They are communicating telepathically.

I also saw some people singing. The song was extremely harmonious and beautiful.

The master of wisdom said to me: –)
What you see is the future world. Before this world comes, there will be some suffering. Many people must awaken in order to usher in a new world.

Human beings are now in great chaos. This is a necessary process. Before the holy light completely illuminates human consciousness, all dark things must be revealed.

Sons of light, the light will soon illuminate human consciousness!

Sometimes there must be a huge storm in order to revive nature and let flowers and trees show their vitality in the best way.

The same is true for human beings. Sometimes it takes a huge storm to let people know who they are and where to go. You are going through this storm. It is not over yet. When it is over, human beings will awaken. At that time, human beings will bloom like flowers in beauty, peace, joy and holy love.

It’s up to each of you to write your life on the blank pages. Don’t think about what you’ve experienced in the past. They won’t be experienced again.
When you meditate, try to create your own book of wisdom. Write in it all the wishes you want to achieve within and around yourself.

Open a new page in your book every day. You may suddenly see an extremely bright page with the word “holy love” written on it. It is not written by your human consciousness, but by your inner higher consciousness.

Mankind is moving towards a better future! You should be aware of this all the time and always keep hope! Hope is a beautiful and wonderful vibration!

I know your inner hope will become stronger and stronger!

Bless you!


The combination of opposites is also reflected in men and women. When the egg is fertilized, VA BHA te cells (light body quantum donated by both parents) It triggers the process of physical development, cell growth and development in the early stage of the fetus. The limited energy initially donated by both parents can make VA BHA te cells begin to grow and develop, and have the potential to become an avatar and start physical life. However, the soul cannot enter the fetus until the 33rd to 56th day after fertilization, when the fetal body reaches “Quantum receiving point” can maintain the electromagnetic quantum of the new soul. Due to the distortion and distortion of the earth’s environment, the sperm carries 666 mutations (from crystal consciousness to carbon consciousness, carbon, 666. A carbon atom is composed of 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 extranuclear electrons). The successfully entered sperm begins to mutate on the 6th day after the egg is pregnant.

Fertilized egg integration is a very special process, involving a complex energy process. Through this process, the soul enters the body carrier to control the metabolic function of cells and the growth of fetal body. The soul releases (download) his awareness of the fetal body and starts a new life. Under normal circumstances (without the current distortion), organic zygote integration will produce an organic incarnation of eternal life, Ma Sha YHA NIC breathers (prana or light eating breathers).

However, due to gene mutations in human DNA / RNA, these organic processes are interrupted, resulting in the loss of human immortality biological potential. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate technologies to deal with this distortion. When children grow up, the density level of each layer of light body will expand and through “solar symbiosis” The process is integrated so that the body and consciousness gradually develop and mature until the age of 33. 33 is also the number of ascended masters

Star library the day before yesterday

During the stellar activation cycle sac, some of the DNA matrix of biological life forms will react with the frequency of stellar wave injection under natural environmental conditions and will be activated spontaneously and gradually. This is the natural function of DNA, which makes the body, emotion and thinking structure temporarily adapt to the increase of UHF radiation during sac. The DNA matrix responds to the electric and magnetic fields of the planet and is large outside the earth Some interference in the gas layer destroys the electromagnetic balance (Schumann resonance), which will interfere with or prevent the natural process of DNA activation.

In other words, genes are regulated by “environmental signals”. Therefore, it is the environment that controls gene expression. We must recognize the dominance of the environment, not blame the dominance on DNA. Cells “read” Interpret environmental signals, evaluate their information, and then select appropriate behavioral programs to support their survival. There is evidence that pulsed electromagnetic fields can actually regulate all cell functions, including DNA, RNA synthesis, protein synthesis, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis and neuroendocrine regulation. These findings are meaningful because they prove that biological behavior can be regulated by Invisible “energy” to control, including thought.



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