Q: I recently lost a lover. His death was accidental, and grief was unimaginable. Mentally, I know he’s really “home”, but emotionally, it’s tearing me apart. How can I learn to understand and accept death?

Q: I recently lost a lover. His death was accidental, and grief was unimaginable. Mentally, I know he’s really “home”, but emotionally, it’s tearing me apart. How can I learn to understand and accept death?

A: honey, what you call simultaneity is working in this published book, because a transmission selected in this book is about the seven connections of love. One of them is the understanding of death.

I won’t repeat the content given in that conduction here, but I will invite you to read it. The real answer to your situation is as follows:

(1) be sad for him and don’t let anyone tell you not to do so. This is absolutely normal and respect for his life. You will never forget him, and it is appropriate.

(2) Gradually understand and feel the truth: that is, his death was jointly planned by the two of you before the future. Therefore, it is a “love transformation” given to you by him for your growth and consciousness. No gift is greater than this, and he asks you to “have it” because you helped it create. Then decide what you will do to honor his gift, which will change you in a positive way for the rest of your life. Whatever it is, it will be a gift in return.
Many people use this special time to come from my awareness and move to the next level of consciousness.

(3) Over time, remove the knowledge in your mind that you believe he has “gone home” to your heart. Know that only a part of him has gone somewhere else, and his love energy remains with you! You can feel him, talk to him and communicate with him at any time you want. If he chooses, he may even reply to you in your dream.

This is also common and very real.
Do you think we can’t understand heartache? We are love! We fully know that there may be no more severe pain than heartache for human beings. You can carry this lover’s energy every day. So be free to feel him around you and absorb this love. He didn’t leave at all and will be with you for the rest of your life. We respect you all so much! Our love overflows with the celebration of your work. This free choice planet is indeed great. One day you will fully understand.

Kryon answers questions – Silver umbilical cord, death, healing pain, putting down hatred, godless aliens!
Original becomequantum melodious today

Q: Dear kryon: hatred has trapped me for about ten years. I feel that if I can put it down, I can improve. How can I get out of the shadow of hatred?
A: dear, I wish you a blessing because of your question. First of all, you are absolutely right. When you get rid of this problem in your life, everything will change! It’s really holding you back.
The difficulty is to put it down. We have been teaching master attributes, DNA activation, pure will, and meditation with the higher self for 15 years. All this makes sense for creating a “balanced self”. However, in your case, we also recommend you to try external propulsion to help balance yourself so that you can move forward faster.

Revenge and hatred are some of the most difficult emotions to let go, because they also form an energy habit that you will actually rely on to provide strength and determination. Therefore, it becomes a “tragic antidote” that feeds you on a level you know exists but can’t feel. Like other addictions, others can better help you start the process of getting rid of it than what you can do to yourself.

Take a look at various balancing techniques (EMF is a good start). Not all technologies will have the same effect on each path, so I will tell you that there may be many suitable for you and many unsuitable for you. So try some energy balance techniques until you find the one that works best, and then put yourself into it to reach the advanced level of this particular technology. If you do, you will find a wonderful freedom to eliminate those feelings. This can be done!


Humanoid soulless life

Do they have joy? Yes, your dog does, doesn’t he? But this is not “God’s joy”. Do they have intuition? No, But they have intelligence and logic, just like insects. They don’t like you. If you let them into your life, they will be dangerous. But they don’t have a chance to hurt you if you face them with your heart and intelligence.
Honey, it’s time to change your limited awareness of the universe. Does everything have to be the same as you? Understand the diversity of life. Look what the earth has. Are all life on earth the same? Would you put the same attributes as humans on rodents? What about lions and fish? You won’t. Every creature has a different purpose on the planet, and you even eat some of them as nutrition for your body! Look at the universe in the same way. She is full of life and has more diversity than you can imagine. Not all humanoid creatures have intelligence, intuition, or love. They are placed far away from you, so you don’t have to interact with them; So you can focus on “what’s right now”.

Q: Dear Cleon. You mentioned that ET visited us to learn and try to copy divine fragments they don’t have. You say that just as we are convinced that we are a part of God, many of these et are also convinced that they are not a part of God. If what we experience in duality, as divine beings, but do not know, what do they experience? What does it look like to know that you are not a part of God? What is their life like? Do they know love and joy? Do they have intuition?
A: don’t personalize them! It’s time to change your perspective. If you are blind and come to a race with vision, you will not know what you have lost. You only know that others have an ability to perceive in the dark. But you can’t relate this to the concept of vision.
So it’s not correct to assume that they know that they have no divinity. All they can see is your power, and they are willing to do anything to have it. They have no idea where this power comes from, or it is related to divinity. They have no concept of divinity, and if you can explain to them, they still can’t understand.
Many races in the universe are just to balance all creatures. Many of them have no soul (as you call it), no divine plan, and no place in the balanced choice of “darkness and light”. Humans have all this. Some of you will say it’s unfair or can’t understand how intelligence and thinking can exist without God. It can. It also exists, and when it sees you, they will be in awe of what you can do (something you don’t even find in yourself!) some such beings have higher technology than you, because they are much older.

Q: Kryon, we were told that visitors who “look like us” will visit us in the future are our higher self?

A: in our general discussion on ET, we said, “don’t be surprised, if one day the visiting et comes out of the ship, it will look like you!” this refers to the Pleiadians, who are part of your biological seed source. There is no “schedule” for their arrival, but there is a possibility that you will actually meet them. When you meet, there will be questions to answer about why they look so like you. I hope you will celebrate their answers.


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