Possible education in the future will be brought in by the next generation.

Possible education in the future will be brought in by the next generation.

It will be a dynamic system in which children can change classes as the semester unfolds.

There will be different classes. Teachers will only have one goal… That is, at the end of the semester, children learn relevant concepts and can prove that they have mastered what they should learn.

Each class will be able to control how long it takes and how long it will spend on each concept or step, based on the joint decision of this group of students.

This will eventually lead to an advanced class in which students will determine the semester based on their performance. Classes that finish earlier in the semester will get longer holidays.

In addition, the class can collectively decide to expel students who can’t keep up, or provide individual help to students who need review.

Therefore, it is no longer the system to decide who is suitable for which class, but the students to decide. This will be a more powerful system and will always be under the control of teachers. But this is a very different system than all of you now, in which the system drives students. In the future, students will drive the system.

There will be no chaos as many educators expect. When you give the concept of leadership to leaders who can, an interesting thing happens: they can.

Kryon answers questions – future education, magnetic grid change and animals, whales stranded, where does human DNA come from?
Original becomequantum melodious today

Q: Dear Kryon: a friend and I were meditating on the recent shark attack, and then I felt that it should be related to global change. But we can’t understand why they become aggressive. What information do these sharks bring? Why did these events happen?

A: indeed, environmental and biological changes are related to the changes of magnetic field grid in recent 12 years. Let me tell you what happened in general: what you see is that mammals, amphibians, insects and even fish appear where they have never appeared before. All migratory animals are affected by magnetic fields. All animals with specific predation habits and “follow food” may be affected. This is because of the change of the earth’s magnetic field lines, as we have said before.

The areas you can most clearly see in the ocean are in the migration routes closest to land. For these animals, there will be at least a generation, and the intersection of ocean and land will be a challenge for them. Whales stranded them on the beach because they followed the old magnetic lines, which now lead them to the Peninsula or other land on the edge of their migration route. Birds, amphibians and insects can also be found acting strangely for a period of time.

So there may be a lot more sharks in those coastal areas than before, but the increased aggressiveness is actually another matter: there was a huge “release” of energy with the 9 / 11 incident. Much like the energy of earthquakes and other earth activities, most of the environment “senses its arrival”. We have said why 9 / 11 was not an accident for the earth. [see Lee’s article “did Kryon give usings”] so some of the new trends of these fish are due to the actual energy accumulation of an upcoming event… And you see now.

If you listen carefully, you may ask. “Does this mean that human consciousness events will actually affect the earth?” yes, it will. Eventually you will begin to see how global consciousness and environment, and even basic physics and reality, are interconnected. They are not separate, never. Indigenous people know this, and now the “modern” world is beginning to wonder.

Bless those who understand that what they think, do, and intend will actually drive the earth reality!


Q: Dear Kryon: I’m curious about how I feel about whales and dolphins. I have a feeling that I need to get close to them at some time, but I don’t know what to do or what to do when I go?

Q: Dear Kryon: I am a 57 year old Islamic woman from Turkey. I live in Ankara and work for the European Commission project in Turkey. I’ve read almost all the Kryon books twice and I’m going to read them again. My question is about whales. Why do they commit suicide collectively? What is the reason for this very sad event? Is this a protest against mankind?

A: honey, we have transmitted information about whales on this planet many times. In retrospect, they are living parts of a real grid system! They contain the “history of the earth” in their existence, which is why they are sacred. They work together with your Earth’s crystal grid, which is being rewritten (see kryonchenelling on the website: “what’s next?” December 8, 2002). Don’t you think it’s strange? These mammals (whales and dolphins) are the only ones protected and banned by more than 90% of countries… Even those not near the sea. Do you think it was an accident or coincidence? no, it isn’t. It is a cellular message for all humans to protect whales. Dolphins are whales’ cousins and support teams. They play a role in the evolution of whales. That’s why you’re so attracted to them.
Whales don’t commit mass suicide. They have no sense of allowing this to happen, and this has never happened. What happens is that you often see stranded whales stranded again and die after being rescued by humans. These basically take place on the coastline of your continent, and often in places where the terrain looks “prominent”, such as Peninsula or isthmus. Your cape cod is an example in the United States, where this has just happened (47 whales stranded).

The reason is that whales, dolphins, amphibians, birds and even insects all rely on the earth’s magnetic grid to navigate to their habitats or migration areas! Each community follows the influence of magnetic lines of force, just as they have a built-in compass. In fact, they do!

The planet’s magnetic grid has changed a lot, and soon, as we told you in 1989, this will happen. Whales don’t have enough time to adjust and adapt to these changes in time. So many of them simply follow the old migratory magnetic field lines and find themselves stranded on the beach rather than in the ocean, because the old magnetic field leads them here. They are confused and just regroup and try again, as they have done over the years. These things are temporary. Although you will regard it as a tragedy, they are only part of the “transformation” system, and the small whale fish will walk around in the future and establish new intuitive navigation information for the whales according to the changes of the magnetic grid. And this matter has even been confirmed by your scientists (2003).

Q: Generally speaking, hybrid species are rare and usually sterile. However, breeding hybrids have been found in cetaceans – both in captivity and in the wild. Because cetaceans have very similar numbers of chromosomes among different species, they can produce fertile hybrids more easily than other animals, the researchers said. I feel that part of the answer is because their DNA has been changed by the Pleiadians. What can you tell us about this?

A: of course. You’re absolutely right.
Know this: the viability of hybrid species should be based on this “law of life”: “hybrid reproduction produces unhealthy and unpredictable offspring.” nature, under normal circumstances, will refuse it and will not allow it to continue to exist through reproduction. This is the best part of nature to keep survival at a more efficient level.

Whales have 44 chromosomes, and part of the reason they have more (almost doubled) than you is due to the seeding of the Pleiadians. These extra “codes” in their DNA represent programming against the above hybridization law and avoid it. Other “codes” hide the time capsule they carry. They need to survive… At all costs.

Don’t misunderstand the message that plants and animals with more chromosomes are better than you. They just carry information for their own purposes on the planet. Even some simple foods have more genomes than you. But there is a multidimensional complement in the DNA of you and cetaceans, while plants and animals do not.

Q: Dr. David busbee of Texas A & M University is studying the comparison between dolphin DNA and human DNA. He found that the dolphin genome is basically the same as the human genome. He claims that only some chromosomal rearrangements change the way genetic materials are combined. Will his research find changes in cetacean DNA by the Pleiadians? What can we learn from such research?

A: No, the researcher just opened the door to a revolutionary discovery… There is only one other animal on this planet that is a mirror image of human beings. That is, whales (including dolphins).

There is a library in the whale, almost like the library in your physical grid. It is carried in billions of chemical codes in the extra chromosomes of their DNA.

At present, no scientist will “discover” the Pleiadian connection. This is too far away for any current scientific thought. Even if they have doubts, they won’t say it. It will come a long time later, when something else happens and your science begins to realize that there is intelligent life in your galaxy.

At first, however, there will be a strong proposal that some specific life forms on the planet, including humans, did not evolve from anything on earth. Most science will assume this reason: “because there is no direct evolutionary connection here, meteorites and comets bring DNA from elsewhere.” this is interesting, because now they must agree that DNA exists “elsewhere”! This will open another puzzle.

Dear ones, it will be ridiculous for you to deny the existence of other intelligent life in the galaxy one day. There is no judgment here, because there is really no reason for you to believe that life is everywhere, because you haven’t seen it yet.

However, for hundreds of years, bacteria did not exist. Now you know better, and your behavior is different. It was a different era, wasn’t it? That’s what you’ll say about life in galaxies one day.


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