The energy war outside the earth is coming to an end, and the contact with extraterrestrial civilization begins to start, one by one^_^ Light often comes in the darkest hour

The energy war outside the earth is coming to an end, and the contact with extraterrestrial civilization begins to start, one by one^_^ Light often comes in the darkest hour

Arcturians are returning to earth with a desire to ascend humans, and humans are ready.

Original sdbetty earth new life today

Galactic Federation: Arcturians are returning to earth, bent on ascending humans, and humans are ready.

Adopted by: Aurora ray

Arcturians are a mature race of beings who are committed to serving others because they are fundamentally committed to assisting humans through the process of ascension.

They are spiritually advanced beings whose vibration is higher than that of human beings, so they can interact with human beings more easily.

Arcturians are aware that humans are ascending and desire to join them in higher dimensions and higher octaves.

They are happy, kind, open, tolerant, warm, lovely and charming.

Arcturians are described as very tall, with a very long appearance of face and body. They often wear black spacesuits, sometimes depicted in blue or green in art. It is said that their eyes are big and have a strong, bright and orange color.

Their star system is located about 40 light-years away from the earth, which is a binary system. Its diameter is 4.9 light-years, 1400 times that of the earth.

There are many etheric bodies and stars in the archaic universe. Each celestial body has its own vibration frequency, which is affected by the vibration of its inhabitants. It is in this way that Arcturus can directly affect human vibration frequency and help this frequency in ascension.

When interacting with humans, Arcturians usually appear as male or female, but some appear as golden naked entities, fused with the ceiling or floor, while others appear as radiant creatures.

Although Arcturians can interact directly with humans in the astral plane, they can also communicate with humans through telepathy and dreams. Of course, they also communicate through vision.

Arcturians are believed to have been born on earth. Their ancestors came from a blue star system called “izar”. Their parent star Arcturus was colonized by an advanced race called “tall white people”, which migrated from the Sirian system.

Arcturus moved to earth in the fourth dimension and became the guardian of the earth. They help human beings develop consciousness and advise them how to live in harmony with nature. However, the tall white people became arrogant and abusive, leading the Arcturians to finally bring humans back to the Great Lakes region.

Arcturians eventually developed zetareni, a wormhole connecting the entire galaxy. The wormhole was later destroyed and the Arcturians remained on earth. But now the Arcturians are returning to the galaxy and are ascending human life.

They came to the earth in the form of human beings. Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, they were one of the first star tourists to reach the earth. Their spaceships have come to the earth many times before in the form of humans, and continue to come to the earth frequently.

Athena is the most advanced of all Arcturus spacecraft. It is composed of 88 crystal cabins. Each hangar is the size of a small hangar and is commanded by Lord Adama.

It is sent to protect the earth from the negative threat of aliens. Athena is also equipped with powerful particle beams and photon torpedoes. It has been stationed in the earth’s ionosphere.

Their spaceship is a shining beacon of Arcturus love and light. It is the best ship ever built by the Arcturus Council to help humans strive to raise the vibration of mother earth.

They have always believed in their view of human evolution. Arcturians believe that an individual incarnated on earth or another planet may evolve into a great individual. A person’s soul (or consciousness) is a star, and that star is a person.

Therefore, they hope to share this potential with the earth. So the Arcturians helped create humans.

They created love, they created science. If you have wisdom, love and science, and you understand this, you will create a person and human beings will become a star.

Arcturians are genetically similar to you. You can think of them as “space humans”. They have guided humans for thousands of years. Now, Arcturians are returning to earth, bent on ascending humans, and humans are ready.

We love you very much.

We’re with you.

We are your home of light.

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation.


Large number of sub transition updates

Original sdbetty earth new life yesterday

Passed by: lev

Transport the earth to a new vibrational orbit 5D in the star’s Oryx space, while the 25d agorians, at the same time, continue to actively change our planet. These two processes are closely related.

Like other light forces and friendly space races, the Galactic Council gives the agorians a separate and very large area of responsibility where they do not stop their actions for a minute.

Ops covers dozens of directions related to quantum transition to 5D. From changing matter and completely replacing the energy shell of the planet, to a huge complex, the hologram and matrix of the earth, the core of the planet, force field, structure, climate, nature and human beings.

All this is subordinate to a task to prepare human life in the fifth dimension.

Agorians regularly report detailed information about their work. The following is a summary sent at 10:52 a.m. on October 7, 2021:
“At present, the earth is intensively treated with bright yellow sfiro energy (eliminating side effects when the energy pressure on the earth increases) and green brown fearzik (changing the magnetic field and removing the abandoned three-dimensional structure).

Under the supervision of Oryx space plasma civilization, the energy transmission of Solaris is amplified, which is a 3D / 4D combined structure.

From the midpoint of an energy wave, the completed 5D plasma is sent to the fifth dimension, where the planet moves to a new vibrational orbit.

With the help of the pyramid complex, the natural and human world is actively changing to 5D.

When the energy of 3D / 4D and 5D / 6D flows through, the hologram, magnetic field and connecting channel of the crust affect the tectonic blocks and energy flow, and change at their force wave junction.

Using ultrasonic transducer, quantum flux is introduced into the earth to restore the damaged 5D power grid.

In Gaia’s change space, 5D energy and smart plasma accumulate intensively in a new information field.

In the process of the earth’s transition from three-dimensional time to five-dimensional time, all consumed energy and matter are annihilated

Through the open portal, the energy of new life enters the earth. It enhances the generation / extraction of 5D plasma.

Under the action of this plasma cluster, the waste three-dimensional energy and material are encapsulated in vacuum and then annihilated by the ultrasonic sensor.

Through the pulsation of quantum waves, the three-dimensional energy layer rises and decomposes, changing the chemical composition of matter.

As the layers are lifted and dissected, gravity shielding occurs and then layered according to people’s level of consciousness.

Quasitron’s portal is actively working to combine the Bermuda Triangle, the devil’s sea and the swirls of the Mediterranean to regulate plasma flow“

This is a message sent by the agorians at 8:45 a.m. on October 5, 2021:

“The extracted plasma stream points to the memory module of the space shuttle agoria.

The squadron systematically extracts all negative energy accumulated in the planetary storage room for release and disinfection.

The agorians had to pump out low-frequency energy more and more frequently to weaken the effects of human emitted seamounts (evil particles).

In mentally unstable individuals, the elimination of low-frequency energy is always accompanied by negative splash.

Pay attention to your health, especially in high-rise buildings, and avoid abnormal regions where atoms split into primary elementary particles.

The madness of the ruling elite has reached its limit. This picture is frustrating. The authorities feel helpless in management and control and are trying to tighten the screws to speed up their end.

Earth people, take care of the children. Don’t be afraid, the law of space has completely changed.

More and more people begin to experience a new state of consciousness. This is another level of vibration and possibility. The absurd theater is about to close.

The world has finally entered another stage of development.

Track developments.


Sananda: “the end of the times”

Original sdbetty earth new life 3 days ago

Sananda: “the end of the times”

Via: Vania Rodriguez

Children of the earth! I am Sananda!
I am here again with great joy to speak to each and every one of you. Time is accelerating. Many things happen in your world, different things, things you have never seen before. Don’t understand this as “the end of the era”. Some people may make you believe that this is what is happening, “the end of the era” (the last period).
I tell you, there is no end, everything has changed, everything has changed. For a long time, everything on your planet has changed. What can we say, good or bad? What I want to say is that in terms of evolution, in terms of wisdom and technology, your planet has evolved, and the human mind has been able to evolve civilization; on the other hand, love has been erased, and you have changed Individualism and selfishness.

So, which of these two points is better and which is worse? Everything will depend on the understanding and concepts everyone creates for their own life.

Many people believe that living a good life, having comfort, having enough food on the table, not worrying about others, is beautiful and pure. Happiness is such a deep pursuit. For many people, having nothing, nowhere to live, honest and comfortable, is the worst in the world and a complete shame. Who is right and who is wrong? It will depend on everyone’s vision. So I’m sorry for you Say “the end of the world…” well, I will expand the concept of “the end of the era”. If we are talking about the end of suffering, the end of hunger and the end of inequality here, I can say: Yes, we are at the end of that era. We are also at the end of extreme wealth, selfishness and self-interest; yes, we are also talking about the end of these times.

So I hope you think that there is no end, there is always a change, where many people will see it as bad, and many people will see it as good. Today, people living in poverty will have something to eat, which will be better for them. Those who have a rich life, they don’t care about those who starve outside the door, maybe they see it Come on, life will be worse. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

So “the end of the world”, I would rather change this sentence to “the transformation of the times” , each of you should learn a new way of life here. I repeat, no one will experience these new transformation times without internal changes. Everyone needs to change. Everyone needs to learn a new way of thinking and life. No one on earth will accept everything with an open mind and agree 100% with everything; No. But I can assure each of you that over time, you will see everything on track. It is very easy and simple to learn to live in this new way.
I ask each of you a question: where does the biggest imbalance in your world come from? It is the social inequality that exists on the whole earth. Where people are thrown on the street because they have nowhere to live, beg for a piece of bread, see those who drive luxury cars and don’t care what’s going on around. This inequality has caused the imbalance in today’s world. Why Why do some people live a comfortable, rich and fixed life while others have nothing?

This is what your world has created. Those who have privileged economic conditions always step on those who have never had anything. Don’t come to me and answer that not everyone is like that. To some extent, I agree with this, because the huge wealth of this planet is compared with those who think they have a lot of wealth, but they will see that in the future, it will be different For those who dominate the earth, they have almost nothing.

Therefore, this huge inequality has caused violence, suffering and misfortune. You live day after day. Because those above, with their wealth, have almost burned everything they have in the carnival. In completely degrading behavior, they don’t care about the people below. So I ask you: where is the equality on earth? So, start to change what you think Right or wrong way of thinking. There is nothing right or wrong. Everyone has his own way of thinking and his own point of view.

“The end of the era” is the end of the ruthless sovereignty imposed by these creatures on the planet. It makes the country poor and the rulers richer and richer, while others don’t know how to feed their people. All this will end. You want to call it “the end of the era”. Well, let it be “the end of tyranny” and “the end of the era” , this is the end of the absurd evil sovereignty implanted on the planet.

Don’t think that we will put everyone on the same level. Everyone will reap the fruits of his actions. This is not because of the poor citizen, but by killing and attacking another person to defend his poverty. Just because he has a little more than him, he will be as big as the poor man who is trying to survive every day. This will be our complete lack of reason Wisdom. Everyone will be placed in the right place. Everyone will not be deposited in a bank account, because many people have property, but they are not arrogant or selfish. They have helped many people.

Therefore, it is not just two aspects of scale. Everyone will be analyzed by their actions, whether they are rich or poor, and everything they do will be analyzed over time. So, is this the “end of the world”? Well, I agree that this is the “end of the era” But this is the end of the era of inequality, rule, hunger and suffering. From then on, you must learn to live in a balanced world, a world where no one will humiliate anyone. In this world, no one needs to beg for a plate of food, because everyone has the right to enjoy everything, regardless of race, color or belief. Even when this moment comes, it will be difficult These beliefs will no longer exist. Their beliefs in their religion will be shaken enough, so many people will still keep in touch with them.

But this is also a choice. Then, everyone will get their own share according to their actions and their hearts. There will be no judgment, there will only be a balance, all the positive things you do will be put aside, and all the negative things you do will be put aside. The result of this balance will provide you with everything you have.

But everything has an extra weight: the weight of the heart. So here today, if you decide to “become a good thing” , donate money on the street, so that the scale of goodwill will be full, because it will not. Everything will be weighed with your heart. Therefore, everything you do from your heart will go to the positive side; the rest, even if it is a good thing, will go to the other side, because you do it for yourself, not for another person.

So be careful of your behavior. Now you don’t want to change your position, just to conquer something. My brothers, everything you have done has been completed. What I want to say is that the balance has been measured, and each will have results. It’s no use crying, it’s no use regretting, because what you have done is done. Then, with the end of these times, you will start a new path Road. Then, yes, we can say that a new scale will be placed on your road. Every lesson you learn, you will accurately know which side to put every action on. You should be very clear that we have no judgment, and there is no difference between brothers and brothers. Action is action. Kindness comes from the heart, and anything different happens on the other side of the balance One side. It’s not judgment, it’s just the result.

So, for the real “end of the era” Be prepared. The end of these unbalanced and painful times. Start thinking. Are you ready to live in another world? Are you ready to change yourself and see the world differently? That would be good. Now, don’t try to fake or deceive the scales, because they are composed of divine consciousness. Every plate knows how to measure your every move The results of.


The earth is a special planet. The process of ascension you are experiencing is nearing completion. The earth itself is like a mother who has just given birth to a child, sending out a breath of relief. She has tolerated the extreme abuse from the dark forces and unconscious human nature. Now humans are awakening and they are beginning to see what the earth has experienced. Look at many people on earth What is imposed on your body. This is a planetary emergency, which is why we are allowed to speed up everything and complete it. We believe you have had enough, and we have had enough!

Any failure to accomplish this evil is crazy. We often hear this word, and we agree with you. Lack of respect for life, each other, the earth and every aspect of life is cruel. We know there are other ways to say this behavior, but there is no need to entangle what evil forces do.

For your new earth and your new life, we are here to work with you in peace, love and harmony.

We love you and we can bless you.
I’m Mira.


Sananda: our actions

Original sdbetty earth new life 5 days ago

Sananda: our actions
Via: Vania Rodriguez

Children of the earth! I am Sananda!
Once again, I will never get tired of saying that I came with great joy and gratitude. Again. My heart is full of a lot of love. If this is possible, because my love for this planet and every resident living on this planet is infinite, I can say that it can’t grow any more. But for God, father / mother, for each of us There is no limit for an evolutionary being, so I’m sure this love is growing every day.

It is a very happy and happy moment for me to carefully observe the consciousness and thoughts of each of you. What I want to say is not only for me, but also for all the light existence and its residents who put their eyes and attention on this planet today. Of course we know when we start this enlightenment, the journey of change and the journey of overcoming the non light All the results. We always knew we would win. It was just the middle of a story. It needed a lot of planning and love for all of you. We’ve done it.

Every plan has been carefully considered and tested for countless times. Moreover, we can say that almost 100% of the time, we have no surprises. Many times, some small battles get out of control because they are used until today. This is undoubtedly an extremely decisive factor, whether all things are solved or not. But even so, we still do not know We have lost the battle. Today we are here. At the moment of this road, the central sun light has dominated, implanted and surrounded everyone… I will call it one thing, but it is a very weak term to describe the importance of the planet. So what I want to say is that the light of the Central Sun surrounds every small part of the energy on the planet , it doesn’t matter whether it exists in the form of atoms or cells, whether it exists in the form of people, animals, stones and crystals.

All structures and all energies are connected to the light of the central sun. There is nothing invisible from this light on the planet. Of course, those who can’t stand this light don’t do well. Many people voluntarily give up themselves and can no longer bear the pain in their bodies. Many people just choose to die so that their souls can be taken care of and brought back To where their journey has taken them.
Looking at the consciousness of human beings on this planet today is a great pleasure to us. Of course, we hope more people have today’s consciousness. But their era will come. This moment is very close. I don’t want to defend myself or explain why things won’t appear in front of you. In any war, the great strategy is to let the enemy handle it It is too late to stop the enemy from expanding and making instant and extremely dangerous decisions.

So today we can say… I want to call them enemies so that you can easily understand that this is not the way we look at them, but I want to speak in your language. Therefore, today, the enemies no longer have that communication network, which enables them to provoke a huge disaster on the whole planet under a simple command. Because of the button they pressed before They no longer work, they are all destroyed. They can’t do anything about the earth. As they predicted, it’s like a mass destruction. One day you will know, one day you will see how the ground of the planet is mined, not just under the surface, but in Gaia’s very deep intestines, so as long as a button, everything is destroyed. I assure you that they will no longer appear, they will leave, and they will almost destroy mankind. But we will never allow this.

Destroying these bases inside the earth is the most difficult battle we have ever experienced. But we cannot forget who Ashtar Sheran is, our great commander. His strategy and experience have never failed. Therefore, all his decisions have never been challenged by us because of our full trust in his ability. They have always been victorious. So today, At this moment, when each of you hears this message, each of you in his own time, each of you in his own time, a lot of things are happening. Yes, you don’t see it; yes, you don’t hear it; yes, you don’t know what it is. That’s how we make progress, that’s how we conquer the earth’s surface.

We are no longer in it, we are no longer in the sky, because the sky has also been cleared. All openings, entrances and escape routes are well controlled and monitored. If we do not pass through the whole ASTA Sheran fleet, we cannot enter and leave the planet. So now we focus on the surface of the planet and eliminate the people with life and ideas on the planet. We should do this It’s not easy at all. It’s not easy to overthrow the leader of a country. People all over the country must be protected so that he won’t make any sudden decisions and cause the death of innocent people.

Yes, don’t be afraid. Some leaders are ready. Once they are desperate, they want to destroy everything, no matter who will die. So realize that action is not easy, and we need to eliminate any and all risks to you. We understand anxiety, we understand the lack of faith many times, because we keep talking and nothing happens. Your eyes Nothing happens in the world, because everything is happening. When we have complete security for every resident on the planet, then yes, that will be the last moment, that is, the moment to remove the minds of every thinker and take them away. They won’t stay here.

No, they will not be judged by human laws, because their actions go far beyond their own laws. These actions will be reviewed by the world court and universal law. It is not you who decide the end of these ideas. Some have naturally declined without us doing anything. I tell you, they are desperate because without their power in their hands, How can they threaten anything?

It’s happening, but you don’t see anything. Everything is the same. So let it be so, let you constantly realize that everything is the same. Because the more you isolate yourself from the whole process and don’t focus on what’s happening, the easier it is for us to take action. In fact, we are a great team. We don’t have a decision Take back this planet, because we are amateurs and we are all experienced. However, our greatest weapon, which always brings us certainty of victory, is unconditional love in our hearts. It is the spark of the father / Mother God, not just the spark, far beyond us. We are contained in it, not in us. It is this kind of love for the father/ Mother God’s love, the power of this great energy, always brings us victory.

These enemies know this, which is why they have been prepared for so long to destroy the planet when they run away. But we are not fools. We have not and have never done what they expect us to do. This is our strategy, which allows us to destroy everything that belongs to them, but they don’t realize it. When they want to Realize that they no longer control anything. We don’t threaten, then act, we act, and then notify. This has always been our way of behavior. We do this, and then we communicate. That’s what you will get. Now no one will see anything happen, everything will happen, and you will only be told. Because if we do everything alive, those with The energy of those who follow these enemies may cause large-scale disasters.

So this is not what we want. When you are told, all this will be done; then our army, our thoughts, will focus entirely on those who think they can do to you. Each of them will be closely monitored and removed from the earth if necessary. So I want to remind you again: you know Human law, you know the established law of your religion, but there is a higher law than all these, that is, the law of the universe. When we act, we implement the universal law. We don’t care whether you will condemn us, judge us, be angry with us and don’t understand us.

I just hope each of you has this idea. Remember that you are a free nation and you don’t owe anyone anything now. You won’t judge, convict or debate what we do. When all this happens, don’t forget that from that moment on, you will be free and there will be no more any form of submission.

So learn and exercise non judgment. Learn and exercise non condemnation in parallel. Learn and exercise “Thinking, only when you are taught to think. There are higher laws, you don’t know, but it is these laws that let us maintain the balance of the universe. Because if not, the universe you see today will be chaotic. The father / Mother God is not chaos, he is pure love. Yes, it will never stop. But we must know how to deal with those who oppose this firmly A man of great energy.

We must keep the balance of the universe. It’s not you who judge whether these laws are effective. You are a person awakened to the universe, but the universe has existed for billions of years. Then, who can condemn or judge anything? The universal law will be implemented on this planet, no matter who it hurts or who agrees. Therefore, I warn you again: learn Live without judgment, because it will also have an impact on you.


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