Enjoy your solitude, or let old relationships fall off, or call on your soul mate^_^

Enjoy your solitude, or let old relationships fall off, or call on your soul mate

Message from Maria and Joshua: meeting your soul mate

Angel of light angel growth diary today
Thea grace Sirius conduction    Angel of light


Dear ones, we come to you now to eliminate all your fears at this time. Humans began to realize that for thousands of years, the dark side has been trying to divide them into opposing camps. Whether at the religious level, the ethnic level, or even at the most fundamental gender level. The dark side feeds on fear and fears that humans will unite in love.

Their time on earth is over. It is time to end all divisions within mankind and come together as a collective in peace and love. You are all souls living in the human body. You are all here to help Gaia enter the fifth dimension and get rid of the darkness. The new collective consciousness of the earth based on love is the only way forward, dear.

Many Lightworkers have made rapid progress in their journey from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and beyond. Their families and friends who are still in place may question this and feel alienated. Don’t pay too much attention to the current differences, because many truths are about to surface, be seen by all in the light, and change everything. Your thoughts and what you try to tell others will soon be confirmed, because the truth will no longer be hidden and will be slowly passed on to ordinary people. Many of you have waited a long time for this to happen, and we are here to tell you not to give up hope at the last minute. The truth will come soon.

As for your friends, you may have found that for some of them, your friendship is getting closer and closer. Some old friends will leave you and new friends will replace them.

For those who are married or in love but don’t grow up together, they may find it difficult to live together. Your consciousness will become too different to communicate and link well.
In fact, it also means that your karma in the three-dimensional relationship is over. It is important that you know that you do not have to stay together at this time because of a sense of responsibility or fear that the universe will punish you.
A three-dimensional partnership may prevent you from continuing to rise. Now it’s time to make a choice and continue your spiritual work.

Of course, this will be your choice, and it is most important to follow your inner guidance.
Dear ones, if you decide to leave your old relationship or marriage, the higher realms will always help you overcome the fear of financial and emotional isolation.
It’s your responsibility to deal with these breakups with love, not to hide your feelings from your partner.
It doesn’t end the relationship through three-dimensional quarrels and mutual accusations. Everything is in love, just because you may be on a different path now, doesn’t mean it’s anyone’s fault.
If you like, you can always keep friends and help each other when needed.
Many of you have been lonely in your spiritual journey. You may have been lonely for many years. Sometimes even from the moment you wake up, you may lose the hope of finding a soul mate.
We are here to tell you that you should have done the internal work you came here to do alone, but most of the work has been completed now. It is time for many of you to meet your soul mate, just as your heart desires.

Soul mates are now gathering in groups to complete the work they started on earth and the astral world in their previous lives. You will inevitably meet, and it is time to call them in meditation and let him / her know that you are ready.
Don’t be afraid to be lonely forever, because these new relationships are very necessary on the new earth. You will magically come together under the arrangement of the universe.

As Joshua and Mary Magdalene, we know the magic of true soul partnership, and we hope that all of you who desire it can have it. Your inner desire for a soul mate comes from the divine, and you always learn and grow through relationships. Soul partnership is an important relationship for you to learn and find unconditional love inside.

So it’s time to get rid of the fear of loneliness and enjoy every moment of solitude. You know, if you want a soul mate relationship, it will soon belong to you.

Call on us to help you, and we will bring you together to live and work with us in the Christ consciousness of the new earth of love and peace.

We send you all our love and blessings.

Mary Magdalene and Joshua.

The source is with everyone. Send you eternal light and love, blessings.


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