John Leonard Watson photographed the secret spacecraft in earth orbit

John Leonard Watson photographed the secret spacecraft in earth orbit

Original author a Liang UFO mystery today


John Lenard Walson, an amateur astronomer, discovered a new way to observe planets by redesigning telescopes and off the shelf cameras.
Walson expanded his 8-inch Mead telescope using four spectra – infrared, night vision, heat and ultraviolet. Walson claimed that he could not only photograph the international space station, but also found that many “stars” in the sky were actually huge structural objects – giant machines “fixed” in the sky. With this newly discovered ability, he kept recording many strange and hitherto unseen objects in earth orbit day and night.

He filmed the so-called American secret space program and UFO and supernatural activities. His shooting style enables him to peep in complete darkness and see what cannot be seen by human eyes and civilian telescopes.

John was confirmed by a professor at Cambridge University that he was indeed “lucky to shoot” the American Star Wars project. This may also be related to a program called solar warden.


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