Hold (DH â ran â): focus. DHY â Na: meditation. Samadhi: pondered.

Hold (DH â ran â): focus.
DHY â Na: meditation.
Samadhi: pondered.

【1】 Focus – focus on an object.

【2】 Meditation – arousing consciousness as an activity by the object alone; Look at objects with all possible eyes and try to penetrate their meaning in order to reach new and profound ideas or get some intuitive inspiration on them.

【3】 pondered – the center of consciousness is actively placed on the object, while the lower activities of consciousness are successfully suppressed; Fix your attention on the received inspiration for a period of time. It is defined as focusing on the top of the mind or meditation.


“No practice is the real practice”

This truth is known only after practice. People who are tired of practice will no longer practice, because practice has become a living habit. Living in practice and living out life is very important

Practice is just to make you live more freely, not for practice. Practice has the meaning of rules and religion. Everything you do is towards release, healing, understanding, empathy and unity

Transition is a process of shedding, letting go and re selecting, so it is also true that there is no burden and ascension for ascension

There is no need for a way to hinder what you do or don’t do. It is all in intuition, feeling and no time, with or without burden

This is that one consciousness always stays on the mountain to observe. When another consciousness cultivates land at the foot of the mountain, it becomes a habitual balance. This is the meaning of connecting the higher self. You don’t only know how to plant land but don’t know how to enjoy going up the mountain

Also referred to later as “samadhi: meditation.”


“Teacher, I’ve seen a message frequently recently that the practice at home is different from that of becoming a monk. The meditation of becoming a monk is like cultivating chakras. It’s effective because I keep the precepts, but it’s useless because I can’t keep the precepts at home? I’m a little confused to see this! I’ve been standing and meditating for four or five years, and I feel that my body will become lighter, but I haven’t made more progress. I’ve seen many Angel messages from the teacher , they are talking about opening up the chakras with the power of light. Is it really OK? “

Relaxation is more important than keeping precepts. Meditation, keeping precepts and practice are more important. They are regarded as hobbies, interests and play rather than rules and regulations. The body has its own intelligent transition program. You can only provide high vibration diet, high vibration living environment and high vibration internal environment
High vibration diet is water, vegetarian food and less and less meat and vegetarian food. High vibration living environment is to get close to nature and high vibration moving things. High vibration internal environment is to release more fear and connect with higher self, so as to create a quiet, peaceful and relaxed environment inside and outside


The seven members of the karmic Committee and the karmic owners: the noble beings of this group play an important role at the spiritual level. In most important decisions, their words can be the last choice. They have the right to distribute compensation for the benefit of mankind, and they will also limit the nations that abuse priority evolutionary opportunities. Unless there are other recent changes we are not aware of, their list is as follows:

The seven members of the karmic Committee and the karmic lords:

• the great divine Director (supporting and protecting the seventh root race)
• beloved Kuan Yin (goddess of mercy)
• lady Nada (goddess of love)
• Pallas Athena (goddess of truth, twin flame of mahakhokhan)
• lady Portia (goddess of justice, twin flame of master Saint Germain)
• the statue of Liberty (supporting the American flame of freedom; her statue stands high in New York Harbor)
• beloved cyclopea, the God of yeloin, serves in the fifth light, also known as vista

Luminous Hohan

Excerpt of freedom bridge in Geraldine Innocenti’s channeling light Hohan Teaching

Maha Chohan: few people in the world know the great service that the karma owners have given to mankind. The name of karma – causes the fear of punishment for those who do not understand the importance of serving life. Recently, mankind began to show love and gratitude to the beings of this majestic group, because they began to understand that their compassionate service is not punishment.

El Morya: Divine Justice and absolute law are used in life to balance individuals, planets and the universe! Karma is the tool of the law (what the members of this group serve is to give every soul a chance to grow spiritually and develop a part of the divine plan through the expression of a certain stream of life.)

Kuthumi: the law of reincarnation, the causes illuminated and their final unstoppable retribution. If the same frequency energy attracts and uses each other, it will certainly return the same thing to the person who releases it. If the intention is good and positive, it will be happiness; Or if the intention is harmful and negative, it will be unfortunate. Be a soul. For past actions, at a certain point in time, ask God’s help and return to the divine order again with the law of love. At that time, the karmic owners will be able to give them greater assistance.

Paul the Venetian: because sometimes the karma created by one person is very strong, the owners will mercifully control and prevent all retribution from manifesting in their life. Therefore, the owners give this soul the karma that can be eliminated by doing its best in life. This is truly divine love, subconsciously controlling many personal negative karma until he learns how to degenerate into a happy and peaceful being.

Serapis bey: when an individual wants to become a “candidate for ascension” and requests the opportunity to clear all negative karma, the owners must jointly decide whether the candidate has enough strength, tenacity, trust, enlightenment and sufficient ability to accept the balance of positive and negative energy in his life. However, some people have experienced a similar experience, constantly devote themselves, clean up and balance those negative karma, and only a little debt is “paid off” in the last life.

Hilarion: it is the responsibility of the owners to take care of everyone and receive sufficient assistance to clean up and transform the negative karma created by their abuse of free will. At the end of life on earth, the soul will be called to the karmic committee to evaluate his experience. Opportunities, possible services, all failures and successes are carefully examined, and then the karmic Committee sends the individual to a resting field to get a temporary respite from self-made karmic revenge. The soul has evolved and strengthened, and learns where he is best to prepare for the next incarnation on earth.

Saint Germain Saint Germain: meditate in the compassionate energy and purple flame to dissolve the karma caused by the stress and pain caused by the abuse of free will in the past. Before they appear in your life, make up your mind to solve those effects. You can subconsciously call this purple flame to clean up and transform every day and hour. This will help you transform those hidden in your life All the negative energies in your different bodies and heal those energies that are emotionally connected with you to help you accept a new consciousness. The ascended masters combine the impetus of the purple flame and provide it to anyone who chooses to call on us for help at this time, which can be applied to your world. As more and more people learn how to use the cleaning and rotation of the purple flame When we turn to action and summon the energy of transformation, we will have a free brotherly Alliance on earth and use our will to liberate ourselves and others from the shadow of life.

Introduction to the Seven Sacred Flames


Hold (DH â ran â): focus.
DHY â Na: meditation.
Samadhi: pondered.

How to experience “you are light”
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In the following Arcturus human conduction, it is mentioned how to realize the desire of “longing for a light body and a crystal body”, that is, to recognize that you are light and you are different forms of expression of light.


The following Archangel Michael’s conduction also mentioned concentration and meditation
In the book mental body, meditation and the difference between the three are also mentioned

“[1] focus – focus on an object.
【2】 Meditation – arousing consciousness as an activity based on the object alone; looking at the object with all possible eyes and trying to penetrate its meaning in order to achieve new and profound ideas or get some intuitive inspiration on it.
【3】 pondered – the center of consciousness actively focuses on the object, while the lower activities of consciousness are successfully suppressed; fix attention on the received inspiration for a period of time. It is defined as focusing on the top of thought or meditation.

In Hindu terms, these stages are extended and named as follows:

【1】 PR â ty â Hara: in the initial stage, it has complete control over multiple senses.
【2】 Hold (DH â ran â): focus.
【3】 DHY â Na: meditation.
【4】 Samadhi: pondered.

Attachment, meditation and samadhi are collectively referred to as sannyama. “

In our training, the first focus is on the training without judgment, that is, by focusing only on the higher self and not allowing judgment and distractions
Where do you come from, that is, you have been reluctant to let go, let go of the material world and no longer take the initiative to participate

This is the basis of all training. Without this, your judgment and distractions will not be less, but will only increase, because your heart is not in the spiritual world, but in the material world, and the principle of that world is judgment and opposition. Naturally, you can’t concentrate, and you always hesitate, worry and worry

This is the multi-dimensional spark and memory seed atom injection defined by age in Archangel Michael conduction, that is, the body will not wait all the time, but there is a time limit, before the age of 70

“If the center of the divine heart has not been activated and opened at this time, the higher oversoul self will not send higher conscious memory seed atomic cells to awaken you.”

The first soul self, at birth, white flame, memory seed atom, oversoul, eighth chakra

The second soul self, about seven years old, a soul / personality integration process begins

Keep your mind open and pollution-free. The higher refined frequency of light will align with the higher consciousness and shine on your physical, spiritual and emotional expression

Soul self No. 3: about 12 years old, the eighth chakra oversoul consciousness returns again

This process will be repeated until the age of 70. Your oversoul unity and unity consciousness will dominate your physical, mental and conscious expression. All of you here are on the road, just stabilize and consolidate

It is not too late to break away from the consciousness of judgment and separation after the age of 70. At least lay the foundation for the next life. Even the efforts at the moment of leaving the body will become a seed, take root and sprout in the next journey and continue the connection of super spiritual consciousness

This requires you to focus on connecting with the higher self without judgment. There is only the higher self in your mind, and there will be no others. This is a sign of focus. Is it consistent with the higher self at all times

The next step is meditation and meditation. Meditation is to bring inspiration. We will encounter various situations and face reversion doubts and emotional fluctuations. Concentration and meditation will bring inspiration and convey the interpreted words to you or through the mouth of others, provided that your inspiration has been in place
Meditation is concentration and inspiration without self-awareness. It is driven by calling and response. You will focus on objects and inspiration, and can clearly see the flow of higher mind and lower interference

This is what we call no longer fortifying and letting go of the higher mind access in everything, no self, you no longer have thoughts, all taken over by the higher self, and in the continuous purification of consciousness, expansion of consciousness and refining of the frequency of light
What are these for? The essence of “you are light” is stable and consolidated

What? Our daily lessons revolve around becoming light, God, being, being, “I am” in rest and healing

Therefore, “I am the light” is a living experience until the moment of unpacking and shining to show the reality

The path of a few pioneers is naturally not easy, but you deserve to pay
No more hesitation, let go of everything and admit that you are the essence of light


If you don’t have the strong urge to do something in your heart, take it as another signal of the universe that you should sit down, relax, open your heart and accept it now.

Open your top chakra, because it is a wonderful entrance through which you can receive.

Pay more attention to your breathing, pay more attention to your body, and put down the idea that you should accumulate some achievements in this life. You have done enough in your previous life. You have nothing to prove. Let yourself gradually change and get everything easily and happily in the process.

Therefore, when you continue to put down the psychological need to do everything personally and let the power of the universe take over all this, you will enjoy this process more. We see that more and more people have done so.

We see more and more people realize that their external experiences are beginning to look pale compared with their internal experiences, which is a very good thing, because those internal experiences will continue to be used by you.

This means that you will have more feelings, more connections, and more spiritual talents and abilities. We hope to see some of you graduate from this idea. You should sit together and think about what you are going to do or what you should do.

The cosmic signals received will always benefit you. These signals are directly guided to you by your higher self and spiritual mentor, and the overall coordination of energy between the universe and the source.

People now have these opportunities. They realize that what they have learned, synchronization needs to be paid attention to; they are aware of how to explain the personal signals that happen to themselves and what happens in life.

Now many people feel how powerful it is to sit quietly and do nothing and open their hearts.

You’re not here to make it happen. You’re here to experience a change of consciousness.

Of course, sometimes you will be asked to take action, and you will have a strong impulse to do something or help others in some way.

But in most cases, you’d better relax, don’t work too hard or think too much, and let this change happen. It’s a change from working all the time to not doing so much.

We are pleased to bring you this latest progress report. We have noticed that more and more people have been able to receive the energy prepared for you. They are seizing the opportunity to open themselves and receive energy. The universe has brought one opportunity after another for those who are ready to slow down, relax, do less and receive more. We can To see that the vast majority of these people are listening to these signals.

Listen to signals from the universe
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

Daniel Scranton

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Sananda: prepare for the real “end of the era”.

The end of these unbalanced and painful times.

Start thinking. Are you ready to live in another world?

Are you ready to change yourself and see the world differently?

If only that. Now, don’t try to forge or deceive the scales, because they are composed of divine consciousness. Every plate knows how to measure the result of your every action.

So be careful of your behavior. Now you don’t want to change your position, just to conquer something. My brothers, everything you have done has been completed. What I want to say is that the balance has been measured, and each will have results. It’s no use crying, it’s no use regretting, because what you have done is done. Then, with the end of these times, you will start a new path Road. Then, yes, we can say that a new scale will be placed on your road. Every lesson you learn, you will accurately know which side to put every action on. You should be very clear that we have no judgment, and there is no difference between brothers and brothers. Action is action. Kindness comes from the heart, and anything different happens on the other side of the balance One side. It’s not judgment, it’s just the result.

But everything has an extra weight: the weight of the heart. So here today, if you decide to “become a good thing” , donate money on the street, so that the scale of goodwill will be full, because it will not. Everything will be weighed with your heart. Therefore, everything you do from your heart will go to the positive side; the rest, even if it is a good thing, will go to the other side, because you do it for yourself, not for another person.

Sananda: “the end of the times”

Original sdbetty earth new life today
Let’s meditate into high consciousness

Sananda: “the end of the times”
Via: Vania Rodriguez

Children of the earth! I am Sananda!
I am here again with great joy to speak to each and every one of you. Time is accelerating. Many things happen in your world, different things, things you have never seen before. Don’t understand this as “the end of the era”. Some people may make you believe that this is what is happening, “the end of the era” (the last period).

I tell you, there is no end, everything has changed, everything has changed. For a long time, everything on your planet has changed. What can we say, good or bad? What I want to say is that in terms of evolution, in terms of wisdom and technology, your planet has evolved, and the human mind has been able to evolve civilization; on the other hand, love has been erased, and you have changed Individualism and selfishness.

So, which of these two points is better and which is worse? Everything will depend on the understanding and concepts everyone creates for their own life.

Many people believe that living a good life, having comfort, having enough food on the table, not worrying about others, is beautiful and pure. Happiness is such a deep pursuit. For many people, having nothing, nowhere to live, honest and comfortable, is the worst in the world and a complete shame. Who is right and who is wrong? It will depend on everyone’s vision. So I’m sorry for you Say “the end of the world…” well, I will expand the concept of “the end of the era”. If we are talking about the end of suffering, the end of hunger and the end of inequality here, I can say: Yes, we are at the end of that era. We are also at the end of extreme wealth, selfishness and self-interest; yes, we are also talking about the end of these times.

So I hope you think that there is no end, there is always a change, where many people will see it as bad, and many people will see it as good. Today, people living in poverty will have something to eat, which will be better for them. Those who have a rich life, they don’t care about those who starve outside the door, maybe they see it Come on, life will be worse. Who’s right and who’s wrong?
So “the end of the world”, I would rather change this sentence to “the transformation of the times” , each of you should learn a new way of life here. I repeat, no one will experience these new transformation times without internal changes. Everyone needs to change. Everyone needs to learn a new way of thinking and life. No one on earth will accept everything with an open mind and agree 100% with everything; No. But I can assure each of you that over time, you will see everything on track. It is very easy and simple to learn to live in this new way.

I ask each of you a question: where does the biggest imbalance in your world come from? It is the social inequality that exists on the whole earth. Where people are thrown on the street because they have nowhere to live, beg for a piece of bread, see those who drive luxury cars and don’t care what’s going on around. This inequality has caused the imbalance in today’s world. Why Why do some people live a comfortable, rich and fixed life while others have nothing?

This is what your world has created. Those who have privileged economic conditions always step on those who have never had anything. Don’t come to me and answer that not everyone is like that. To some extent, I agree with this, because the huge wealth of this planet is compared with those who think they have a lot of wealth, but they will see that in the future, it will be different For those who dominate the earth, they have almost nothing.

Therefore, this huge inequality has caused violence, suffering and misfortune. You live day after day. Because those above, with their wealth, have almost burned everything they have in the carnival. In completely degrading behavior, they don’t care about the people below. So I ask you: where is the equality on earth? So, start to change what you think Right or wrong way of thinking. There is nothing right or wrong. Everyone has his own way of thinking and his own point of view.

“The end of the era” is the end of the ruthless sovereignty imposed by these creatures on the planet. It makes the country poor and the rulers richer and richer, while others don’t know how to feed their people. All this will end. You want to call it “the end of the era”. Well, let it be “the end of tyranny” and “the end of the era” , this is the end of the absurd evil sovereignty implanted on the planet.

Don’t think that we will put everyone on the same level. Everyone will reap the fruits of his actions. This is not because of the poor citizen, but by killing and attacking another person to defend his poverty. Just because he has a little more than him, he will be as big as the poor man who is trying to survive every day. This will be our complete lack of reason Wisdom. Everyone will be placed in the right place. Everyone will not be deposited in a bank account, because many people have property, but they are not arrogant or selfish. They have helped many people.

Therefore, it is not just two aspects of scale. Everyone will be analyzed by their actions, whether they are rich or poor, and everything they do will be analyzed over time. So, is this the “end of the world”? Well, I agree that this is the “end of the era” But this is the end of the era of inequality, rule, hunger and suffering. From then on, you must learn to live in a balanced world, a world where no one will humiliate anyone. In this world, no one needs to beg for a plate of food, because everyone has the right to enjoy everything, regardless of race, color or belief. Even when this moment comes, it will be difficult These beliefs will no longer exist. Their beliefs in their religion will be shaken enough, so many people will still keep in touch with them.

But this is also a choice. Then, everyone will get their own share according to their actions and their hearts. There will be no judgment, there will only be a balance, all the positive things you do will be put aside, and all the negative things you do will be put aside. The result of this balance will provide you with everything you have.


Q: I recently lost a lover. His death was unexpected, and the sadness is unimaginable. Mentally, I know he is really “home”, but emotionally, it is tearing me apart. How can I learn to understand and accept death?

A: honey, what you call simultaneity is working in this published book, because a transmission selected in this book is about the seven connections of love. One of them is the understanding of death.

I will not repeat the content given in that conduction here, but I will invite you to read it. The real answer to your situation is as follows: (1) be sad for him and don’t let anyone tell you not to do so. This is absolutely normal and respect for his life. You will never forget him, and this is also appropriate. (2) Gradually understand and feel the truth: his death was jointly planned by the two of you before the future. Therefore, it is a “change of love” given to you by him for your growth and consciousness. There is no greater gift than this, and he asks you to “have it” Because you helped create it. Then decide what you will do to respect his gift, which will change you in a positive way for the rest of your life. Whatever it is will be a gift in return.

Many people use this special time to come from my awareness and move to the next level of consciousness. (3) over time, remove the belief in your mind that he has “gone home” To the knowledge in your heart. Know that only a part of him has gone elsewhere, and his love energy remains with you! You can feel him, talk to him and communicate with him at any time you want. If he chooses, he may even reply to you in your dreams. This is also common and very real.

Do you think we can’t understand heartache? We are love! We fully know that there may be no more severe pain than heartache for human beings. You can carry the energy of this lover every day. Therefore, feel him around you freely and absorb this love. He hasn’t left at all and will accompany you for the rest of your life. We respect you all so much ! our love overflows with the celebration of your work. This free choice planet is indeed great. One day you will fully understand.

Kryon answers questions – Silver umbilical cord, death, healing pain, putting down hatred, godless aliens!

Original becomequantum melodious today

Q: Dear Kryon: hatred has trapped me for about ten years. I feel that if I can put it down, I can improve. How can I get out of the shadow of hatred?

A: my dear, I wish you a blessing because of your question. First of all, you are completely right. When you get rid of this problem in your life, everything will change! It is really hindering your progress.

The difficulty lies in letting go of it. We have been teaching master attributes, DNA activation, pure will, and meditation with the higher self for 15 years. All of these are important for creating a “balanced self” However, in your case, we also recommend you to try external propulsion to help balance yourself so that you can move forward faster.

Revenge and hatred are some of the most difficult emotions to let go, because they also form an energy habit that you will actually rely on to provide strength and determination. Therefore, it has become a “tragic antidote” to feed you at a level you know exists but can’t feel Just like other addictions, others can better help you start the process of getting rid of it than you can do to yourself.
Take a look at various balancing techniques (EMF is a good start) . not all technologies will have the same effect on every path, so I will tell you that there may be many that are suitable for you and many that are not suitable for you. Therefore, try some energy balance technologies until you find the one that works best, and then put yourself into it to reach the advanced level of this special technology. If you do so, You will find a wonderful freedom to eliminate those feelings. It can be done!


Humanoid soulless life

Do they have joy? Yes, so do your dogs, don’t they? But it’s not “God’s joy” . do they have intuition? No. but they have intelligence and logic, just like insects. They don’t like you. If you let them into your life, they will be dangerous. But they won’t have a chance to hurt you. If you face them with your heart and intelligence.
Honey, it’s time to change your limited awareness of the universe. Do all things have to be the same as you? Understand the diversity of life. Look at the earth. Are all life on the earth the same? Will you put the same attributes as humans on rodents? What about lions and fish? You won’t. every creature is on the planet They all have different purposes, and you even eat some of them as nutrition for your body! Look at the universe in the same way. She is full of life and has more diversity than you think. Not all humanoid creatures have intelligence, intuition, or love. They are placed far away from you, so you don’t have to interact with them; so you can Enough focus on “what’s right now”.

Q: Dear Kryon, you mentioned that ET visited us to learn and try to copy divine fragments that they don’t have. You said that just as we are convinced that we are a part of God, many of these et are also convinced that they are not a part of God. If we experience being divine in duality but don’t know, what do they experience? Know you are not What does a part of God look like? What does their life look like? Do they know love and joy? Do they have intuition?
A: don’t personalize them! It’s time to change your perspective. If you are blind and come to a race with vision, you won’t know what you’ve lost. You only know that others have an ability to perceive in the dark. But you can’t relate this to the concept of vision.
So it’s not right to assume that they know they have no divinity. What they can see is your power, and they are willing to do anything to have it. They have no idea where this power comes from, or it is related to divinity. They have no concept of divinity, and if you can explain to them, they still can’t understand it.
Many races in the universe are just to balance all creatures. Many of them have no soul (as you call it), no divine plan, in “darkness and light” There is no place in the choice of balance. Humans have all this. Some of you will say it’s unfair or can’t understand how intelligence and thinking can exist without God. It can. It also exists, and when it sees you, they will fear what you can do (something you don’t even find in yourself!) Some of these beings have higher technology than you because they are much older.

Q: Kryon, we were told that visitors who “look like us” will visit us in the future are our higher self?
A: in our general discussion on ET, we said, “don’t be surprised, if one day visiting et comes out of the ship, it will look like you!” this refers to the Pleiadians, who are part of your biological seed source. There is no “time schedule” for their arrival But there is a possibility that you will actually meet them. When you meet, there will be questions to answer about why they look so like you. I hope you will celebrate the answers they give.


Many people think we are talking directly to you because we want to take all of you into account, whether as individuals or as human collective consciousness.

This is and will always be the case
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
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Daniel Scranton


Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

Whenever we send you these messages, we will take all factors into account. Many people think that we are talking directly to you because we want to take all of you into account, whether as individuals or as human collective consciousness.

We know that it is very challenging for you now, not only your personal experience, but also what you are experiencing around the world and the whole society.

It’s a good thing that you get comfort from beings like us, but most of the time, we just tell you what you already know, and what you really respond to is confirmation and synchronization. What we send you resonates because it is already in your heart, waiting to be accessed. We transmit energy not only through this information, but also through channels Quantity activates something inside you. It is our transmitter, and you are a lovely receiver. It is your decision to open your heart and accept what you feel right.

We want you to know that we speak directly to you because we know how great you are. We see your potential, and we know that sometimes you can continue your beautiful journey with a little affirmation. Every time we contact you, you will light up your light, which will bring us joy. We see you as the co creator of all this, i We know that you have as many answers as we do, which makes us enter a state of joy and hope for mankind. But in the end, we feel more than hope. We know that you are moving in the right direction, and enough of you are receiving this information to have a positive impact on the collective consciousness of mankind influence.

We know that we do not have access to the majority of the population, which is good for us. We will continue to contact those who resonate with us. We know that you will spread this high vibration message through your good deeds, through your sympathy and support for human compatriots. We work together in the form of network to make the process of human ascension full of joy and light Song. Even better than that, we want to help all of you, enjoy your journey, enjoy your present moment, and see yourself as a beautiful being of light like us.

If you have anything you want to know and need, please continue to ask us questions and we will continue to provide them, because we are a part of you and you are also a part of us, always and always.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

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Ascension 1 revisits your commitment in the previous section: are you firmly implementing “strange events”

  1. The deepest commitment to “find God at the core of your existence”.
  2. When you actively devote yourself to this mission, are willing to release the ego’s attachment to the illusory world and connect with your inner divinity, you embark on the road of the first strange event.
  3. The first strange event occurs to those who are ready and willing – they make a firm choice and take concrete action towards it.

Once it happens, it will completely change your whole life. Your whole perspective will change in a way you can never imagine. At this powerful moment of light and grace, you will find that your life path has been recalibrated.

Many of the things you thought were important will immediately be treated as unimportant. Talents and talents will emerge from the untapped skills you didn’t value. You will find yourself powerfully attracting new choices and decisions

And the decision is incredibly right for you.

In short, your first strange event will be completely different from anything else you have experienced in all your journeys through time and space. Its beauty and wonder will completely change you. Since then, everything has changed.

  1. You will work to deepen your connection with the divine. You will live for your next strange event.
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John Leonard Watson photographed the secret spacecraft in earth orbit


Photographer’s YouTube column


Helios action; massive quantum transitions

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my today

On October 5, 2021, at 05:00 p.m. Central European time, the joint creator, the higher light level, the galaxy and their ground team conducted operation Helios.

To put it bluntly, the operation did not involve the Dai arrest of 500000 people, the execution of the firing squad or the tie party.

It was the coronation of the sun god. An event of great significance occurred, not only for a part of our Milky Way galaxy, but also, above all, for the earth, mankind and each of us.

This action is not only an important milestone in the transition of a large number of sub teams, but also the climax of ground team work and service.

Let’s recall. On December 22, 2020, a new galactic year began. The co creators and the Galactic Commission have launched an advanced evolutionary process for parts of our galaxy.

Our sun is now given a spiritual role called the sun god. Earlier, this role was played by Sirius.

This state of each star means a transition to a higher degree of evolution. Roughly speaking, how does a person change from a disciple to a teacher.

The star species of the spiritual sun is a separate elite group. They have experienced special training and received the baptism and dedication of the central spiritual sun of the Milky way.

On October 5, 2021, the ground crew was invited to participate in the dedication ceremony. The sun god was crowned the spiritual sun of the earth people and a part of our Milky Way galaxy.
The warriors of light won this honor through years of dedicated service. Previously, they participated in restoring the integrity of the sun symbol and restarting its monad at the planetary Sun Temple in Machu Picchu, Peru (see part I and part II of the Peruvian operation held at DNI on August 14 and 16, 2021).

Now, they are invited to participate in the completion of the solar legend, not as an audience, but as active participants. In order to anchor on earth, the crowned Sun God needs their manifesting body and the ability to radiate and withstand very high vibrations.

For this operation, the light soldiers moved to a holy land on the mountainous coast of a European country.

The initiation of Helios’ entry into the spiritual sun began at 03:00 p.m. Central European time. On a subtle level, it looks epic.

A huge space stadium. Its center is our sun. Like the audience, there are other suns, galaxies, representatives of various space civilizations, and even draclos.

Part of the ground team is on the side of the field. Others prefer the stands. Everyone present exudes an indescribable enthusiasm and joy.
First, the central spiritual sun of the galaxy directed its light to Helios in preparation for the ceremony. So did other suns. Members of the earth group also sent their light, love and gratitude to the two suns.

Suddenly, a corona erupted around our sun. It flashed brighter and became larger. The initiation has begun.

The Galactic sign opened its heart, a powerful beam energy program gushed out, adjusting Helios to accept a new status and the path of the development of our galaxy.

Sirius, the former spiritual sun, attended the ceremony without any power transfer. It terminated them in advance and transferred their energy to the Galactic logo, some for conversion and others for storage in the local universe.

The new spiritual sun became more powerful and immediately began to transform the whole earth and space system with powerful and constructive energy.

The communication and synchronization between the sun is carried out through team members on the ground. It is difficult for them. The heart vibration is beyond the record. The warriors of light must withstand the most severe test. Everyone in the team does their best to support each other. They never realize how they survived all this.

Helios has accepted and added a copy of the Galactic Spiritual Sun crystal to his logo. This is the sum of the logical aspects of all the spiritual suns in the galaxy.
With his acceptance of the spirit of the sun, the sun god officially joined the Galactic brotherhood of the spirit of the sun.
Then, the planets gave their powerful energy to all present. The ceremony continued at the cosmic Sun Temple. Helios sat on the hot throne. From the appearance, he looked like Zeus. The warriors of light gave it a piece of their heart and got a piece in return.
The ground team and the collective logo of Helios jointly formed a radiation synthesis. Therefore, the logo of the group was raised to the level of the sun. In turn, the joint creator and the galaxy received a more powerful tool for action on earth.
On October 7, 2021, at 07:00 p.m. Central European time, the ground team received information from the high-level light on further joint operations.
Through the radiation synthesis of Helios and the logos of the group, the purification of causality has begun, with the participation of earth and human beings.
Through the collective symbol of the warriors of light, the transformation rays are amplified on those who are interconnected through the penetration of families, genera, lists and elements.
The elements and the spirit of nature, through the ground team, are connected to the radiation synthesis and exchange of Helios causality matrix and group signs, and transmit this light through their formation.
This is a very important moment for the earth. Energy geopolitics has penetrated into all levels of society and is intensifying the causal transformation of those who cannot do it themselves and lack strength or skills.
After their merger, the sun god rays penetrated them through the ground team and the signs of the earth, and began to burn the cause and effect matrix of the dark forces.
The higher levels of light are getting closer to the archon’s “elite” and use all possible methods to destroy them.
Annealing of causal bodies does not eliminate all karma.
Only under spiritual, moral, strong pressure and other imposed environments can the part obtained by people and other beings due to the violation of free will be eliminated.
This is the karma of soldiers when they must defend their motherland, family, home and themselves.
This is the karma of slaves, captives and women who depend on a master or an arbitrary and powerful person or other entity.
This is the karma of the elements and the spirit of nature, who have to deal with the rough interference in their lives.
But if a person, or someone else, commits an illegal act in their right mind and acts more consciously, such person’s karma will be completely retained. They will have to pay the price and work all the way.
That is, karmic Lords have now begun to investigate more specifically the nuances of karmic behavior taken in Earth’s past and present history.
The main problem is that we continue to create unimaginable new karma with our thoughts, feelings and actions. In order to protect the earth, the Argos have little time to expel negative emotions from the earth.

In addition, from the perspective of the absolute, galactic Council, friendly cosmic races in 9D, 14d, 25d and higher dimensions, we are not just waiting, but calling for immediate and most detailed plans and terms (with specific dates) to restructure our lives at the grass-roots level and in the financial, commercial, political, social, international and other fields.

We are stubbornly waiting for a report on the “Satanic government” and what people like “what and about when” they will do (everyone’s name is quoted here).

Basically, the whole system on the earth’s surface must be changed, so how will it be realized? If they die, for example, followers will occupy these positions, so something will happen on the earth, what will it look like and how long will we have to wait?

… for many people who can only see physical things, this is not only important. Of course, some things will have to change. The same monetary system and everything. Of course, this may happen in about 10, 20, 50, 200 years?

The key word here is “how much more do we have to wait?” everything depends on the internal position (waiting) and the view of what is happening.
Some people see everything as before. Others are discovering the real scale and changes of the problem, priorities and the following tasks and solutions in all spaces and dimensions of the world around us.

At each level, specific tasks are handled by different participants. They do so by focusing on what can be realistically done here and now, taking into account the multidimensional nature of what is happening. That is, the end of the current local universe and its preparation for a new model; the transformation of its creator, the absolute, obtains its dipole and moves in the cosmic level To a higher level;
Eliminate duality and the resulting anti world: the eternity of black and gray and their power on all planets, including the earth, and destroy all their infrastructure at the subtle and material levels;

The earth’s history as a 3D planet ended and began to enter the fifth dimension, entering a new vibrational orbit 5D closer to the Central Sun of the Milky Way galaxy;

The earth’s energy, material, mineral, plant and biological world began to change at the atomic and molecular levels;

The transition of the earth from linear three-dimensional time to spherical 5D time;

Reorganized the whole grid work, magnetic field structure and Merkaba of the earth, and accelerated the complete purification of the earth from the old destructive energy and procedures;

Increased the assimilation of galactic light and sunlight coming to the earth, the vibration of our planet and all creatures on the earth;
The deformation of human body on earth, their deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid, transition from hydrocarbon to liquid crystalline silicon foundation, let them restore their extraordinary ability;

Based on everyone’s feeling, high quality starts from 3D through 4D to 5D through 16 timelines;

The list of fundamental changes goes far beyond that, but the scale, specific programmes and deadlines implemented in other areas of society depend on these factors.

The key words here are not “how long to wait”, but “what to do”, “actively change yourself and survive in 5D”.

At all levels, everything is the first time in the history of the local universe. The situation changes so fast that all previously planned actions and deadlines have to be changed and adjusted at any time in the fierce resistance to change.

One thing remains stable and already visible: in the unified three-dimensional / 4D / 5D, we are already in the fourth and fifth dimensions. They are separated from us by subtle walls, and many people have passed through these walls freely due to their developed high vibration. (RA: great!)
Those who do not want to leave 3D will have to solve the 3D problem of “money system and everything” on the 3D planet. Such a problem does not exist in the fifth and higher dimensions.

This is the reality of today. According to the law of free will and free choice, each of us is faced with another choice: continue to wait, or at least start working on ourselves.
Finally, here is the one minute summary received from the 25d argorian space fleet at 11:09 a.m. Central European time on October 12, 2021, which is moving the earth to 5D vibrational orbit:

Note that the squadron leader is online. The space around the magnetostar is changing. Its explosion is increasing.

All spaceships – move to a safe distance from the magnetic star and begin to accept its emissions. Some ships must be transformed.

The three squadrons are far away from the main radiation vector of the magnetostar and build a protective energy ball from the side of the sun in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

The planetary system is preparing to release a lot of internal energy. The inner space of the earth is tense, and its crystals are pulsating strongly. The flagship alleviates external tensions. Squadron – leave the radiation range of the flagship. Silesian 23d lunar Station – operates at maximum power.
Earthman! The critical moment is approaching. Be prepared for major events. The planet comes out of compressed space and is ready to release low-frequency energy. (RA: important)

Ship – start the recovery system to receive the output earth plasma stream.

Feelings in plants, animals and human organisms will increase. Mental anxiety will increase. Keep calm and calm“

Conduction: lev
Compilation: source ra


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