Dark three-day journey^_^ 2021.12.21 winter solstice, if it happens, there will be advance notice

Dark three-day journey^_^ 2021.12.21 winter solstice, if it happens, there will be advance notice


Andromeda Galaxy Alliance: commentary on “big sun flash” and “three dark days”!

10-17 12:23

Please read the text of the message calmly:

Information from the Andromeda Galaxy alliance mentions the big sun flash!

Dear readers, in this article, we will explain the most important signs you need to remember about the great sun flash event.

It is important for you to understand that this is an unprecedented era and that many special exemptions are in force.

You must understand what is about to begin and calm your mind into the fifth dimension.

Our union, we have explained to you everything in our field, especially all the details of the field you will be taken to! What we describe to you is the sphere, which will come out first. When the sun reaches its maximum burst, the sphere will approach the earth and act as a shield to protect the earth and its residents; This sphere five times larger than the earth will be placed in front of the planet earth, so that the planet earth will not be completely hit with disastrous consequences. All this will happen in cooperation with Nibiru, who belongs to the Federation of Andromeda galaxies. Due to this protection / shield, the earth will darken (this will be a huge forced lunar eclipse). For this reason, there will be three days of darkness. We reiterate that there is no need to be afraid, because the huge sphere of the Federation of Andromeda galaxies will act as a shield.

To this end, we urge you to stay at home safely in the dark and not to go out!

This is because many people who don’t know what happened will fall into panic, trauma and madness. This is one of the second reasons, and it is also why the photon energy that the earth will receive with you in these 72 hours and 3 days is the necessary energy to change your consciousness and will begin this transformation process in your body made of carbon. To have a silicon structure. This change is an obstacle. You must face it calmly and calmly. Photon energy will shock you through the whole body (always according to everyone’s sensitivity), so it is necessary to remove all metal items you often wear, because they act as conductors of this current and amplify it, resulting in greater discomfort.

We suggest that you don’t eat too much in those days and in the future, but drink pure water and don’t eat red meat. The effect of photon energy you will receive is very strong. In those times, you will enter the fifth dimension, but you will not face this moment alone.

In the transition from one great era to another, the laws of the universe allow angelic and spiritual beings to pass through the veil and contact with members of human awakening. These benevolent beings strive to gain your attention by strengthening the light in your solar center and ultimately in your Divine heart.

There will be a sacred announcement before it happens!

Beings of light and angels will be with you until you enter the fifth dimension. At that moment, you will consciously enter a new era, a new dimension of horoscope.

Only when you start to see that there is no darkness outside your house and everything is quiet can you leave the house instead of before and make sure everything is calm and serene!

You are 8 billion people on earth. Not everyone is the same, not everyone has followed the correct advice, not everyone is committed to awakening, and not everyone has listened to their hearts and consciousness.

At the same time, our Federation must take responsibility for the criminals on earth and those who do not understand what is happening. These people will experience profound trauma. We will have to collect them in different parts of the earth and take them to hospitals.

Dear ones, you must imagine and sympathize with these millions of people who do not listen and follow the right path. They will find themselves in a situation where they will not understand and panic, but in the field of hospitals, we have staff ready for this. For patients, we are organized!

For those in the house, when the federal sphere leaves the sun, you will see that the sun emits a very strong light, and then you can go out. When you come out, everything will change. You will see the sky in another way. The sky will be full of spaceships and mother ships.

There will be Sirians, Arcturians, Pleiadians and Andromeda Galactic Federation, the largest spacecraft in the galaxy. When you go out of your house, you will be welcomed by millions of small spaceships; You will be transported in the Mothership, which will take you to the areas assigned to you, as we described to you in the previous information.

This is the divine plan of the Andromeda Galactic Federation to cooperate with the Galactic Federation of light, light workers and all other races.

Don’t forget our explanation of this spiritual event and don’t be bombarded by other information. You will be confused, you don’t know how to choose the right path, and you will find yourself in trouble. This is our reliable message from the Andromeda Galactic Federation. Try to stay calm and awake and vibrate high until the last moment you enter the fifth dimension. This is very important for you and us. They receive the vibrational energy from your heart. We all hear you. You are federally encoded, especially those who vibrate at heart rate.

Everyone in the Andromeda Galactic Federation gives me a heartfelt hug!
Conduction: colli Salvatore


As for the three dark days, zirel mentioned in predicting the great transformation of life:

Dark three days: what is the truth?

Cheryl: Good evening. What a grand journey.

Host: who said no.
Cheryl: Yes.
Host: are you ready to start your tradition at the earth level – giving an opening speech?
Cheryl: Oh, I’d love to.

Host: about the dark three days?

Cheryl: I’d love to. Please understand that there are many fears surrounding this plan, and it really should not be feared, because please understand that you need to know all aspects of the great transformation of consciousness. Today we will touch on many problems. Please understand that we will talk about many ways to get close to this so-called great journey of three days of darkness. Some people don’t believe it will happen. I can solve this problem in this discussion; But please understand, girl: it’s a journey. Everything in this life is about the journey. So, your journey – unlike your journey – like your journey, all journeys are a little different. But I can tell you: three dark days are coming, and you must be aware of this. Now, some people may not, because you will go to bed, wake up and say, “hum! I don’t feel it!” it’s okay. Look at your calendar [laughter]; You’ll find something. But please understand the whole process: it’s about love.

So if you are in love – now, this is my main opening speech: if you are in love, as you approach what they call the great transformation of consciousness, if you are really in love, you will find that nothing is terrible. So they told me that you have two basic fears here, one of which is death.

But my psychic medium is not afraid of the process of death. I don’t think Ricky will feel this again, nor will those who have been close to the process of death. Then, they already have another choice and another opportunity to deal with life in a new way. Well, please understand, that’s what we’re talking about now.

Three days of darkness is not about death: it is your opportunity to enter a new light of consciousness. It doesn’t matter whether you call it fourth, fifth or twelfth – but understand that everything will change and you have to change with it.

Now, I tell you, I’ve peeked at your questions. I love them so much, so why don’t we start?

Host: OK. Our first question is: Why are the three dark days a necessary part of the great transformation? Are they accurate days? Exactly three days?

Cheryl: Well, I can answer this question very thoroughly. Three days of darkness is real, literally – three days of darkness. But now, why, the question is, why do we experience it? Well, I’ll tell you, my friend, I don’t want to answer all your questions here, but I’ll do my best.

In the dark three days, people need to lie down, not when they feel that this great transformation of consciousness is coming.

You see your Sun getting brighter and brighter, and everything around you is changing; You think your body is changing. You just lie down and relax. Please understand, it’s a little cold; But I don’t want to answer all these questions again, just understand: in the dark three days, it’s just a place for you to come up or leave this continent, or this world level, because that’s what’s coming down now. Those who can’t go through this transformation – about 2 billion people will go through this whole process.

Now, you’re thinking, “this is terrible, master Cheryl. What are you going to do with the bodies everywhere?” well, again, as we go through the whole plan, we’ll answer these questions. But, you know, my friend, this great transformation of consciousness. When you wake up from the dark for three days, you will find that there are no bodies everywhere. They disappeared. You say, “well, I haven’t had a chance to say goodbye to my friends yet. Don’t you have a chance to say goodbye?” well, I don’t think that when the transformation goes to that extent, your friends – you will surpass these old friends and talk to new friends. Those old friends are still scared away by you and tell you, “Shh, you know, you’re shameful”, while all the others, you have to let them leave for a long time, and you will be surrounded by the energy of transformation – the children who come to the whole plan and the old friends who serve the whole process without leaving.

Please understand: people you don’t want to understand will have left when you open your eyes from the whole process. And you’re thinking, “well, where’s my girlfriend or boyfriend?” well, you probably have something in common – you should do something before you reach that level, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll do it for you.
Host: that’s powerful; This is a wow.
Cheryl: Yes.

Host: Well, we have a problem here. People have a kind of fear around the dark three days. That’s why many people say that the great transformation is more about changing our view of the world and our desire to connect consciousness. There is no change in human body and Gaia, rather than the literal dark three days. Would you please comment on this?

Cheryl: of course. of course. Gaia. When you mention Gaia, you think it is a living life, it is. It’s all about Gaia, okay? You have torn her to pieces, dug holes in her body, dug in her body, blasted at will, etc., polluting the water source and everything. When you arrive at this whole journey, the water supply will be reduced to nothing. But you know, what I’m telling you now, girl, this fear, this kind of people have to think only about their own situation. You’re proud of it.

Like my psychic, or Ricky or anyone. When my psychic has a stroke, you know, he lies in bed and listens to the doctor and nurse saying it’s hopeless; Three days of darkness happened in front of him, you know, because she said he would not be able to move his legs or arms, and he would have facial paralysis, he had no voice, and so on. And the psychic, he just set off to the light and decided to leave there, because he left his body anyway. Why not continue! Well, understand: at some point, it doesn’t matter how we get him back, because we let him back. We help him understand that he has to serve the great transformation of consciousness in this place.

You have to note, my friend, that he started his journey from then – that’s the answer to the question – he started his journey, and I think Ricky knows it. He must carry out the journey for himself every day. My special girl, she is helpful. People in this church are likely to help, but it must be his journey. In his head, he needs to know where he wants to go. He needs to know where he is – if he even has the idea of fear, if he says, “I can never speak! I can’t speak, so I’ll be a vegetable somewhere in the garden”, you know. But please understand that he never even had such an idea.
Every day, he said to himself, “I can speak! I can feel, I can imagine, why can’t I speak?” so he began to work hard on the language map. He has to make his tongue and lips work. But please understand: he did it because he wanted to. Please understand, my friend in healing: psychics are no different from anyone! You know, everything he teaches is for you, and he will continue to teach you. But please understand: one thing he told you: “you can do anything if your mind focuses on it. This kind of thinking is the connection between your full consciousness and your local brain. You switch the journey to the whole process. There is nothing you can’t do“

For example, in the dark three days we are discussing, I don’t know who thought of it. It doesn’t matter, if they want to trust you, but why? They think of it, because it’s the last chance for me to go out and talk about it. I’ll tell you, my friend: there’s nothing terrible at all. Because, as you approach the dark three days – please understand: if you don’t want to body Test it, you may need to take a nap, just a short nap, and you will wake up and see all the changes. You will say, “I don’t need to take a nap. I didn’t sleep, I just, I’m here. It’s so beautiful!” you will look at the clock and say, “God! I’ve slept for three days! I don’t even know.”

So, you don’t have to be afraid of anything. You’ll want to lie down, sit around and say, “well, that’s it. I can get used to it.” because if you don’t, you’ll stand up and scream and shout, “God, this is the end of the world!” Well, you’ll see the end of the world – Bang – on your face. You know, it doesn’t matter. Whether you change or not, it doesn’t matter what you see, and you don’t have to see anything! You don’t need to feel anything, and you don’t need to be afraid! Thank you.

Host: Wow.
Cheryl: Wow.

Moderator: Nowadays, many prominent spiritual practitioners say that the probability of dark three days is very small. Why are there so many differences in society?

Cheryl: big question. I’ve wanted to answer this question for a while. I won’t boast to you or anyone, because we don’t boast from the guidance. Anyone who says it won’t happen, you don’t want to listen to him. And you – I always say it will happen, but you don’t have to let it happen. You know, I can tell you, my friend; because it won’t happen Guy, he despises everything, he doesn’t agree with everything, because he likes to quarrel! But he won’t quarrel from love. Okay?

So I said, it will happen, but I can tell you, if you don’t want it, you don’t have to experience it. What’s wrong with that? I tell you, my friend. I know that these three days will come. It will enter the whole plan, you must understand. If it doesn’t come, and you wake up through the whole thing, then you will want it to come. Please understand: those who want to belittle others, you should Yes, they are not wrong. None of them is wrong. I don’t want to mention any names because I don’t want them to attack my psychic medium. I don’t want anyone to attack my psychic medium. It’s not what he said, it’s what I said. If you want to talk to me, I’ll talk to anyone, all day, all day. If you want, we can talk about letting you experience this transformation. But please understand : if it happens – if it happens, this is a fair statement – if it happens, you will know. If it doesn’t happen, you won’t. but believe: if you follow the train of thought I provide you – I don’t want anyone to do anything, what you want you to do or don’t do. If I let it go, you can follow.

So you said, Lori, you said, “well, I’m going to be with you for three dark days, because I love master Cheryl. He never led me off the right track, anywhere. And I’m proud of him. So I’m going to go through the whole thing.” you come to this journey, you go through this whole journey, and you’re going to a new transfer process. You’ll be very excited.

However, entering the three-day journey of Darkness – how many people don’t even know the great transformation? This is the first question. They will be really frightened.

Earthquakes and all other things, they may be common. But understand this: you will know, because when you feel the beginning of rock and roll and feel more and more sleepy, or you start fighting the whole thing, don’t do it. Just lie down and let it happen, it will be the best journey you’ve ever had.

Moderator: Master Cheryl, you once said that the dark three days are related to the photon belt, so when you put it forward, I think it makes sense, I believe it. So I want to tell you my feeling.

As a group, can we, or individuals, change the time or occurrence of the three days of great transformation darkness, through prayer, meditation or other means?

Cheryl: I can tell you this: Prayer – I just made a prayer. I did it, didn’t I? But prayer is always a buffer between you and the unknown. It’s not about prayer and God creator. God creator hears everything you have to say, but it doesn’t really understand your journey unless you walk from love.

Well, now my psychic, he came in and said, “if you pray and you pray to God, he won’t listen to you.” Well, that’s a little strong for us. But he won’t go too far. You know, I tell you, my friend, pray to admit everything. It gives you the opportunity to go through the whole process of great transformation and come out from the other side without being scratched, scarred and baked. Similarly, please remember that some people will pass it without any knowledge of great transformation. I was born in Africa Friends in the world, they haven’t even heard of master zerill. I know, because I’ve been there with the psychic – well, that’s another thing. Understand: they don’t even know who master zerill is, and may never know; maybe they don’t know Gregg Braden. Who’s Gregg Braden? Who’s Carol Lee? Who’s everyone? But please understand: you don’t need to know Through this great transformation of consciousness.
All you have to do is don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. You can bypass it in the following ways: pray and enter the process. Then, when you see the darkness coming, you can kneel down and say, “God, please help me, help me.” you can say it all day. Anyway, you will go to bed, so I won’t care.
I will tell the God creator, “I am ready, God creator. You are the leader. If I will be here, I will be here; otherwise, I will go to other galaxies. It doesn’t matter. I can accept it because I love you so much!” send it out and let it out, because that’s the answer, right there, your whole journey.

Host: in my opinion, it’s best to go to bed!

Cheryl: go to bed~~~~~
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Predicting the great transformation of life / Chapter 8 three dark days

Chapter 8 three dark days

Cheryl: when I put forward the theme of dark three days, I don’t know how excited people will be when they know it. I know people will be excited about it. Everyone is asking me, and my poor psychic medium on earth has been asked many times, “when does dark three days happen? When does dark three days happen?”

Well, I’ll try my best to explain it for you. Dark three days is the kind of event that all of you are ready when it happens, and you won’t calculate those days. You will calculate the particles of love, because you see, dark three days happen at the earth level and enter that huge photonic belt. Because the light is too powerful and there are so many particles, It makes your sun seem to be obscured. You will say, “God, master Cheryl, won’t we freeze to death because there is no sun?” I mean “it seems to be obscured”.

When your Creator doesn’t make mistakes, he knows how many particles to bring in. Oh, but I’m sure you’ll want to sleep. In fact, some of you will sleep through the whole event and don’t know it happened until it’s over.

The good news is: as I said in the first edition, I say again, when this event is over and you wake up, you will be in the full swing of the fourth dimensional light, and the first thing you will do is jump happily. The second thing you want to do is put yourself down, because you will be floating for some time.

You see, when you cross that photonic belt, your body is readjusted by the center of light. The so-called center of light is the particles you carry all your life, waiting to be ignited in a new state of consciousness.

Now, those who hear the “Wow! WOW!” voice here, I also want to tell you: why don’t you start now? Why don’t you start now to look through your whole system through all the meditation you have? Look carefully, and when you say: “I wonder if this small particle is what master zerell mentioned in this book?” when I push it a little. If it shines at you, you will say, “I found one.” you should do this, because they will appear one day. But think about it. Think about it. If you have some scenery now.

This is the true situation of the three dark days, so please stop being afraid! Let yourself know clearly that the love of the creator will never let you have an accident.

Cheryl: let’s start this chapter with deep attention. No matter what fear slips in, I will apologize loudly and clearly, because that’s not the purpose of this article. The dark three days are not an event of fear or pain, but about ascension into the fourth dimension. I apologize again and again for the fear that may arise, but please understand that I’m not coming Frightening you, I am trying to help you prepare for ascension. This transformation is about love. If you feel any fear, it is because you have chosen to do so. Please choose wisely, my friend, because this transformation will be a remarkable beginning of awakening.
The dark three days actually belong to the event of the mother earth entering the photonic belt. This will produce the dark three days, which will herald this transformation or the beginning of ascension into the fourth dimension. Let me briefly explain to you what will happen during this period.

The whole event will take about seven to ten days, but please don’t stick to these figures, because there will be changes of about one day.

first day

At that time, you will feel a complete and complete chaos. This is not creating fear. Yes, fear is allowed by the creator, but you do not need to enter this fear. Those of you who have read this book will notice what will happen during this period. You will say to yourself, “this is what master zirel said will happen.” You still have to fight off fear, because fear will spread all over the earth. It is a very deep cell that must emerge that has been awakened. This is the design from the beings of light to ensure that everyone goes through this transformation by really healing their fear. Moreover, just because you live in fear, you actually do it because of fear Many good things have been done. And healing one’s fear comes entirely from the creator’s plan.

There is another reason why you have to try to face your current fears. When you begin to practice facing and dispelling your fears, you will be more able to adapt to this change. Some of the fears you encounter today are like this: have I paid my bill? Can I still maintain my marriage? If not, what should I do? I will lose everything on some ridiculous investments Money? The above, of course, is very real. However, from a practical point of view, all you have to do is face the subject and be willing to deal with it to the extent of truth. Guess what? Usually it ends up being a monster that is not as big as you saw before. In fact, most of it becomes very easy to control. That’s my strong point Adjust the reason why you should complete all your own learning topics in time. When you have learned to face your own fear as much as possible, it will turn this into an adventure rather than a nightmare, and practice makes perfect.

Therefore, in the first day, you will vibrate with the illusion of physical discomfort and seemingly destructive collapse. It can be said that you are leaving the third dimension and falling into the fourth dimension mixed with photon energy. You will feel that the earth is changing, which is a great change, a degree you have never felt before. It can be said that you will not want to open on the first day You are forced to stay still when you walk around for the first twelve hours or so.

This is the form of Mother Earth’s emergency brake. During this period, she shakes many aspects of herself and reconnects. All these have been arranged, and she knows how far she will not knock herself completely off track. Therefore, this is your initial sign. The emergence of great chaos and the subsequent rumbling mother earth.
Before that, there will be many earthquakes. At that time, earthquakes become commonplace. I don’t mean those large earthquakes with a Richter scale of 8 or 9, but those with a magnitude of 5, 6 or lower, because the mother of the Earth shows that she is about to be ready. However, when she enters the final position of her own transformation, that is, the energy is moving from the third dimension to the fourth dimension, and the photon energy is also changing When she begins to envelop the earth, she will be ready for her last few laps in the third dimension. Therefore, on the first day, you have about 12 to 16 hours. It is difficult to stand up straight. Don’t panic! How many times do you know you need to be reminded? Please don’t Panic! If you don’t panic in the first few hours, things will begin to settle down on their own, because that’s why The kind of shaking will begin to decrease gradually.

After that, the other things that will happen are the reduction of temperature and sunshine. In fact, the next few days will become like late night. You won’t see much sun from now on until you leave this part of the transformation.

At that time, a great awakening will take shape, and according to your external sensory abilities, those relatives and friends who have been born on the other side will be able to communicate with you. This will enable you to act in a pattern that many people have not experienced in today’s incarnation. This is what the guides who know this change have recommended for years “Another reason for meditation. My truth tells me that these words should be capitalized, because this is the importance I want to express.

the second day

The increasing darkness and inexperienced cold will begin to spread all over the earth. It is a deep cold that will penetrate into the body. At this time, you will connect with other non carbon based individuals. This is another reason why you can’t live in fear: you will face what seems to be your most important test, all you need at that time The solution is that this is only a test “. You will only need to hold the light, because when using white light, your awareness will increase greatly, and this test will disappear.

on the third day

On the third day, the mother of the earth will fully enter the photon belt, and the real transformation towards the fourth dimension will take place. At this time, the photon energy has wrapped the earth level and began the third day of darkness. The banded outer layer of photon energy is quite thick in order to sweep out the essence of the third dimension and ignite the energy of the fourth dimension. It will be dark because of the light particles It’s so dense and dark. It takes about three days to pass through this banded outer layer, and you will look like you are in complete darkness. Now, don’t wake up 72 hours later, go to Kuang Wai and say, “that’s it! I’m through!” You should be careful not to cling to time at that time, because it will become a deception and make the energy take longer to calm down.

When you move into photon energy, it can be said to block out the sun, which will be enough real darkness, my friend. The essence of photon energy can be said to have the ability to block out the sun, so the darkness I want to say is the real pure black. However, some heat energy of the sun will penetrate, so that you don’t have to go through the “ice age” . it won’t be that serious, but please believe it will become very cold. Your body will change frequency to offset the loss of activity that most people will experience.

At that time, it was meaningless to try to go out to repair things. At that time, it was unreasonable to try to go downstairs to see if the store on the corner was open. You won’t starve to death. No one will starve to death in these three days. First, your metabolism will change so that you don’t need food. You will only absorb some very subtle substances, that is, the creators will use light as plants at the beginning The material brought in by the form of the state. This is the material that the creator continues to supply you. For whatever reason, you have not been able to make good use of it until then. Now, you will not only be able to use plants wisely, but also learn the true nature of their frequency. I’m sure some people will need time to adapt, but in fact most people will start Enjoy this new source of food.

How will people living in warm climates prepare for this period? They don’t want to buy ten blankets or buildings with cold proof rooms. My psychic medium reminds me that when he was a child, everyone built shelters underground and stored canned food. Such a response comes from the possibility that someone might drop some kind of huge bomb, and the only safe place is some place A refuge. Let me assure you, my friends, that even those subordinates need it this time. When this event really completely surrounds your Earth plane, those who decide to experience the whole picture of this event have already learned that the transformation of body frequency and cooperative operation will completely protect their essence.

Please understand that the energy of the body is enough for everyone to pass this period. This is why it is so important to embrace your brothers and sisters in love. You will not freeze to death, because you have learned meditation and body frequency. All the things you learn at this rather secular level are preparations for the future to enter soon. In this complete darkness and During the cold three days, most people in the world stop moving. You will slow down to the point where you have no sense of time for the dark three days, my friend, that’s why some of your fears will be replaced. You will even find it hard to remember how you spent your destiny. It starts one day. When you reach the first day of the dark three days, you can say that you are in your life The inner enters hibernation.

After this change, the scene from the darkness of these days will be far more than you can imagine. When the darkness gradually dissipates, you will not see the sun again in two or three days, and these days will be like dusk. When you take the first step, you will realize that you no longer touch the ground as you used to. You will find that you can jump up and stop in the air After a while, it floated down. At that time, some new energy clumps were still very thick, so they were occasionally a little elusive.

You will feel some new things flowing in your body and find that you can fill your body with this new energy from within. From head to foot, you will love this new feeling that makes your new self inexplicable.

Under the guidance of those mentors who lead you through this new reality, most people need to learn how to deal with this new situation in two to four years. They are honored for their sharing, and you will be grateful to all those who practice explicit art here. You can begin to understand why it is important for everyone to finish the project before this change The important reason is that there is no need to experience them after this transformation.

Here are some things to pay attention to. Let me remind you that you will enter this new reality with all the unfinished experiences. Therefore, please be prepared as much as possible before this transformation so that you will not waste precious time when others move forward at a new pace.

Because after a while, you will think about why you are not hungry. Not only do you feel no hunger pain, almost all your body fat is gone. When you finally feel hungry, you will recognize that you need to eat some food created by God. Then you will look at the plants that have been there but you have never really noticed. You will pick one and put it in your mouth , and it will slowly dissolve, and you will feel its energy scattered into your system. After that, you will suddenly realize that your breathing is different. You will breathe from the top of your head and fill your body to a level you have never really adjusted. In the days after this transformation, you will learn how to use everything that is already different.

Many new things will occupy your new and enlightened thought process. Your thought process will be so clear, and your memory will be more than anything you can prepare. You will spend about two thousand years immersed in the glory of the fourth dimension.

Basically, my friends, although this situation seems quite unstable, this is the beginning of the period of complete enlightenment. Most of you have spent many generations preparing just to recall the whole picture of ascension. Nothing is wasted, so don’t ask, “why don’t I wait here instead of going through all the pain?” Learn with great desire, then you don’t have to carry the old burden into this new and exciting era. This is just the beginning. Don’t judge the whole experience with this short period, and the most sure thing is, don’t panic!

Q & A

Q: how much linear time do we have left? I mean, we have to step up our frequency. Can you tell us about the time of this change?

Cheryl: as I explained earlier, the real time frame is irrelevant. The essence of this event is not when, it is actually a journey. Much depends on Mother Earth and her frequency system.
When the frequency of mother earth increases, it will slow down her speed to the nuil zone. At this time, everyone can be more fully prepared for ascension. Paradoxically, the more you prepare with fear, the faster you approach. Therefore, my friends, your challenge is to find a pattern that does not need fear to teach.

Master Jesus came here to teach fearlessness, and Buddha came here to teach balance and fearlessness. All masters try to teach with fearlessness. However, the ideological process of human nature and the lack of twelve strands of DNA will allow some people to control the public with fear and gain benefits from a more personal perspective.

The light cannot be knocked in, it can only be accepted. If you want to move this photon energy aside until you can prepare more people, you have to enter enlightenment. Don’t enter fear, the photon energy is approaching, which you can’t stop. However, if you can help more brothers and sisters prepare for this change, then everyone will be in the future In the fourth dimension, more beauty will be shared with light.

Q: I read about the “zero effect area” in a book. Can you tell me what it is and its relationship with this transformation and the three dark days?

Zerill: during the three dark days, the earth’s magnetic field will drop to zero and all electromagnetic activity will stop. This is the “zero effect region” , it marks the transition from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. When we enter the fourth dimension, time is already compressed. It can be said that the whole planetary system is compressing itself, so that the land blocks of mother earth are pressed into a different space, which will cause changes in continents, oceans and waterways. In this way, mother earth will be able to change due to entities To purify herself with changes in energy.

Q: that period sounded terrible, as if we would have an earthquake. If I knew about it now, there would be no fear, because I knew it would happen, right?

Zerill: it’s simple, but the memory also belongs to the cell level. It’s not like the fear you face every day. Although many people will be aware, for the most part, the masses will fall into response. We have mentioned mass consciousness, so you can see how important it is not to fall victim to other people’s thoughts. Clarity will be valuable, and those who have People who are fully aware will be able to help others understand. Don’t panic, how many times do you know you need to remind to remember? Don’t panic.

Q: are the forms of this transformation taking place all over the earth the same?

Cheryl: the answer is a resounding yes . this is the complete transformation of the earth, and there is no place to avoid this process. How can anyone want to miss this? This turbulent period is just a prelude to the whole wonderful energy of the fourth dimension. The essence of the earth will be among its highest vibrations, thousands of years away from the same vibration last time.

Q: how can we survive without electricity and gas, such as cooking food, hot baths, radio and television

Cheryl: one of the most interesting things from our point of view is that some parts of this event will be the answers to these specific questions. Many people have become too dependent on the material enjoyment of the world to begin to understand how they want to survive. There are two answers to this question: first, when you lose electricity, photon energy will replace it . please remember that your dependence on fossil fuels is one of the reasons why you are still held by the consortium. The purity of life after removing all constraints will become the absolute highest form of understanding.
Second, the Galactic brotherhood will assist you in the transformation of energy. They come and go lightly to ensure that the most important needs are taken care of. You can’t imagine how quickly they will assist the essence left at this level.

Cheryl: Mother Earth, like other individuals, is a breathing and living individual, just as your body is a breathing and living individual. Your physical body seems small compared with your whole, but it is living and sound. During the period of passing through the zero effect area, it is not “illuminated up” for any It is uncomfortable for your physical body. When you enter the zero effect zone, you have two kinds of energy available, namely sound and light, because your third dimensional body is also your physical body and human element It belongs to the lower frequency range of the universe. This is not negative, it is only a fact. When you decide to participate in DNA subtraction, this is what you choose. For the sake of explanation, we will say that according to your destiny, you are at the lower end of the spectrum. There are different ranges at the higher end of the spectrum, such as angel level and guiding spirit level. I am from guiding From the spiritual level. Master Jesus and many other Melchizedek members – that is, all the masters who manifest themselves in the light body – exist at the guiding spiritual level. Those who surpass the guiding spiritual level are the beings of light. They penetrate into every living body in the universe and surpass the beings of light, which has what we call the “outer light band” That is, the denser form of the existence of light, where the Akasha record also exists. After that, we come to the whole of Christ consciousness and creator energy.

Q: does that mean I can still buy the car and house I want?

Cheryl: this question is one of the most important questions in this book. If you can’t remember anything else, at least remember this.

If you read this book and find yourself saying, “you don’t need to buy something or discuss long-term agreements, because when this change occurs, there is nothing to undertake.” Then you’re stuck. Nothing is more rash than your announcement. Your life plan calls for specific experiences, and each experience is to bring a new level of understanding. Every time you choose to copy the shortcut mode to face the subject, you only delay the new reality you want to go through later. Anyway, don’t refuse the possibility of experience.

If you can imagine yourself waking up in an energy, and everything has moved to the space you could only dream of before. You look around and see that the potential of life is so beautiful that it is breathtaking. You begin to understand your new body and your abilities in this new reality. However, due to an incomplete learning situation, your higher self will arrange that you must repeat it A plan of experience. When your whole existence wants new energy, you can only move forward after you are proficient. Therefore, don’t leave any unfinished possibilities. Master your higher self with enthusiasm and present everything in front of you, because doing so can take you into this new millennium.

Q: I know there is light in me, but how can I light it?

Cheryl: this question can be answered in many ways, but it will return to the three foundations for understanding the internal operation of human existence. The first and most important is meditation. Next is automatic writing, and then the so-called sleep programming. With these three simple tools, you can pass all the tests set on this journey.

Q: how to light that light?

Cheryl: it’s already lit up. You just need to know how to bring it to its fullest potential. Use any or all of the above tools to get you on that journey.

Q: I don’t know that there are these different levels of light beings. Is Jesus master the consciousness of Christ?
Zerill: Master Jesus Christ and other masters actually serve Christ consciousness. Christ energy is above the low light band, and above it is the high light band, and then up is the Creator Energy itself. These hierarchical differences only exist in the third dimensional mind, which is why we separate them. When you leave after this transformation In the third dimension, the beings of light will take you into the system of light body.

Q: in a sense, what you said is that when we are committed to the different dharmas we have in the third dimension, such as different yoga and different scriptures, these dharmas help our body improve the frequency. What we do is to open up our inner space. If these practices can be understood in a deeper sense, we are opening ourselves Self, let the light fill this container. The more we open, the more light we can allow. If we do it too quickly and do not prepare properly, we will create a space where the light in it will cause considerable harm or out of control. Therefore, this process exists in our journey, slowly and gently open through the teachings of the masters, and pay special attention to the wish Allow light to fill us efficiently. So we just do it step by step, and will this change allow us to enter a space so that we can empty faster than in previous years?

Zerill: you’re absolutely right. I’ll add something that may help expand your association. You’re right to say that you can’t let the complete light explode directly, because you’ll waste it. The first thing most light filled individuals want to do is go home and return to the creator. That’s no problem, but the evolution at the earth level is because This failure. You are two thousand years late, because this transformation is actually designed for the era of Master Jesus, but the earth level is not ready at all. At that time, most people are not ready to step out, so the consequences of this event will be a great disaster. In this way, the evolutionary process planned by the creator is a failure, and the nature of the creator cannot think about itself You want the pattern to develop into the desired evolutionary system. So as a matter of fact, what you said is completely correct. However, you should pay more attention when practicing, because we don’t want to slow down or break someone’s progress. People like you come here in incarnation for teaching, and the so-called teachers are those individuals who are willing to change and put themselves in front of the masses And said, “this is the best attempt I’ve ever made. Just accept the part you like and put the others aside until you’re ready.” what you just stated is the truth. When this change is approaching, people need to be ready, because you are experiencing a heavy experience and are uncoordinated after this change.

Q: what does this transformation have to do with the energy of Christ?

Cheryl: master will look after the whole process through its resonance, because this has been its true reality for a long time. Its energy is the energy that will be cleansed again. When people mention its coming again, my friend, this is coming. Its energy has never really left the consciousness level of the planet, but most people choose to stand You have to look at this beautiful light from a distance. Please believe that he is not here when you need it, because he is everything. Start practicing “I know”. The truth will push you onto the path of enlightenment to understand what Jesus Master said “no matter what I do, you should do”.


Collective of light: crossing the rainbow bridge

Angel of light angel growth diary today

Bloom Goodchild conduction Angel of light

Bloom: Hello! I’m trying to surpass the madness of our planet, because I know we must focus on a bright future to achieve it. In Australia, many people are talking about escaping to a safe place, and people feel the need to protect themselves! * I think you can also take us on a happy journey and talk to us about the rainbow bridge (connecting portals in different dimensions). This is the journey I want. My luggage has been packed!

The Federation of light (hereinafter referred to as fol):

We want to remind you that when you agreed to come to this planet to complete this extraordinary mission, we explained to you that sometimes you want to give up and you want to go home because all the problems around you make you tired.

You have also been informed of the results. You have seen the vision of the bright field, and all those living in it recognize each other as messengers of peace and great soldiers who have brought so many people across the bridge into a land of beauty and miracles.

When you understand your abilities, you know that you can accomplish the task of removing darkness from your planet, which is very important, and you can do it.

So what is a bridge? Of course, it doesn’t exist physically. However, we will still choose to let you know that it is a road to enlightenment.

In your current situation as “Earth people”, enlightenment is indeed an ongoing project! However, as the light of love in the original form, you are of course fully enlightened, because you come from a place of full awareness.

At this time, many people on earth do not want to “grow” in the soul, because what you need to learn is already within you. The only purpose of your soul here is to bring your planet to its original higher position.

Bloom: maybe you can clarify, when we cross the “bridge”, are we “somewhere else”, or are we still on earth?

Fol: you are still on earth. A new earth will not change significantly in appearance, but it is completely different from the current earth in vibration.

Bloom: you said we could take people around the bridge. So when we do, will we go back to a different “low vibration”?

Fol: Yes. However, it’s only for a while. After a period of time, your “body” will not tolerate the lower frequency, so your “body” will stay on the “other side”.

Bloom: the other side? It sounds like “somewhere else”.

Fol: on your planet, you have a door, you walk through, you are on the other side, still on the same planet, not in the same vibration. At present, it is difficult to explain in words to help you fully understand this “exit”. (an article specifically explains this situation. For example, there are a group of people who are completely separated from the three-dimensional and enter a higher dimension. They are isolated from the three-dimensional people and the world, but through some methods (meditation and other technologies), they can go back to the three-dimensional world to observe humans or pick something. I’ll try to find this article later.) )

Your journey on this earth level has been hundreds of millions of years, allowing you to fully experience the feeling of being human. This journey is a miracle journey, and the soul has experienced the greatest sadness through this journey, based on the pain caused by the consciousness of separation.

When you cross the rainbow bridge again, that is, the bridge of enlightenment, you will think of your true self.

People will once again be able to experience the real you through your body on earth. This “awakening” will revive the “life experience” in human form. Therefore, you are not going anywhere. However, you are going somewhere and it is still on earth.

Bloom: many people worry that they may leave their loved ones.

Fol: when you are in the consciousness of one, this separation in physical form will be understood. People recognize the unity and relevance of all things, everyone has his own unique personality, but still linked as one, and in this understanding, you will transcend from the illusion of three-dimensional separation, and accept all beings and their choices in this higher vibration Choose your location.

Bloom: OK, a new question, can we cross the rainbow bridge before the incident?

Fol: No.

The event will be the Discloser. It will open up countless possibilities for you to choose the direction you are going. The event will bring a higher power, which can not be ignored by all mankind. A pure awareness of love and happiness.

The current instruction to you is to continue to maintain and anchor the light as much as you can. You are the light of love and truth, and it is through you that this energy flow can appear on your planet. Then know that many light beings are promoting events, which are already on your timeline. It will change everything.

The journey from the event will start a new life, and you will fully enter a new field.

Bloom: at the same time, back to the current reality, many unpredictable things have happened in the world around us. Many people don’t have enough things and warm clothes. People are becoming more and more panic.

Fol: keep faith and stick to it. The big clean-up will last for some time to bring things into light. When the light appears from the crack, the bricks on the wall will collapse and things will move forward faster.

When you are disturbed by what is happening outside, repeat the following truth:

I am light.

I AM THE LIGHT. I am light
I AM THE LOVE. I am love
I AM THE TRUTH. I am the truth
I AM. I am what I am

Over and over again, so that you can gain the power of your soul, remain grounded, and you can serve all who seek your light and help in the truth.

We love you. I’m glad to communicate. I serve you in gratitude and love. I am what I am.

The source is with all. Send you eternal light, love and blessings.


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