Why is channeling energy more effective and enjoyable because no one is against you^_^

Why is channeling energy more effective and enjoyable because no one is against you^_^

How to connect with the higher self (evolving version)

Why is channeling energy more effective and enjoyable because no one is against you^_^

“It’s still a little confrontational. The adjustment of consciousness can pass. Sometimes others judge me by one sentence, or my practice is different from hers. She doesn’t accept it and is still uncomfortable.”

The process from uncomfortable to comfortable is to investigate and observe internally. Have you learned, apprenticed or graduated from “everything comes from yourself” and “constantly consolidating the infinite essence”

Why are you uncomfortable? Then continue to practice taking root in yourself and seeking greater unity. Why not resist and judge? Tell your feelings. Even if division and separation are the final result, you still live in constant balance

Constantly bypass the discomfort caused by dealing with people by more solitude and joy. Numbness is not a method, and there is no high vibration. You will not feel or ignore other people’s low vibration language and behavior. On the contrary, with the continuous improvement of sensitivity, intuition, induction and sensitivity, you will become more and more uncomfortable

Therefore, put “how to live a happy life in your own world” on the agenda again. Even if there is no separation and division, you can put it down, live your own life, constantly let go of other people’s words and deeds, and use more energy and telepathic communication. When it is easy to cause conflict and opposition, unity is always the driving force in the source

“Why guiding energy is more effective and pleasant, because no one opposes you. You don’t have the view of polarity. You just guide high-frequency energy and spread it to other humans. You feel comfortable doing this. You don’t have to worry about whether it is allocated to the right person at the right time, because all these problems have been arranged for you But you must take care of yourself and replenish your strength. You must treat and take care of yourself as well as your human compatriots.

And we know that the energy we are guiding will be received by those who want to serve others because they are more open and sensitive. You are more likely to receive the energy you are transmitting because you are closer to those energies in vibration, which is also important. When you see the problems of society or a social class and compete with others When it comes to how to solve these problems, you have reduced your vibration and are no longer so open, so you are unlikely to accept the beautiful energy we have allocated to you now. Next time you contact someone who disagrees with you, remember this.
Let go, you will let more energy in. Beyond trivial arguments, you will be able to help many people from now on until the day of your ascension. “

“Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are opening ourselves to higher dimensional energies, which are entering our field to support our assistance to you. We know that you need more help from above and are happy to help you. The whole universe is like this. We have ascended to a higher dimensional level or have never left the higher dimensional level to help those who have not yet ascended to the higher dimensional level People at that level. Everyone is helping each other back to the source. You awakened people look at your fellow human beings around you. You will find that some people have not reached your spiritual evolution level, so you should help them.

You help them more through the energy you guide than what you say to them. You set an example for them rather than telling them what to do to improve themselves or their lives. You can benefit a lot from helping others, or helping others in our way. By opening yourself to deal with the problems in the world, you can experience it first They. You can feel the ecstasy and happiness of energy, which is the answer to the questions everyone around you is asking. When you try to solve the world’s problems through spiritual training, you are often hindered, and you will find yourself in conflict with those who think they have a better way to solve the same problems. “



You are turning to the energy of 2022. This is a huge energy upgrade, a bigger change than before into the new year. It’s so huge that you’ve started at this autumnal equinox. The energy you are experiencing, together with your release and integration response, is putting you on a series of platforms, one at a time, to upgrade your preparation for 2020

Therefore, many of you are in a changing state, and when you are in such a state, this is not the time of manifestation. Anything that matches you today may not be a real match next month. These periods allow you to evolve and grow, figure out who you are now and what you want to create when you reach a new destination

You can think of it as climbing a mountain. You climb, make progress, then stop and rest to avoid altitude sickness. You know that camping is temporary, so that you can adapt before you continue your journey. Is it interesting that so many Yang Sheng’s symptoms are similar to altitude sickness?

As you approach the energy of 2022, you will find that the seeds of ideas begin to fall – new inspiration begins to take root and sprout, and the discovery of new potential becomes possible out of your latest favorable position and achievement level. These are small and exciting glimpses of what all the hard work you’ve done has prepared for you

So be patient, honey. Allow processes. As the energy moves, thank them for their wisdom and guidance. Realize how far you have come and how different you are from not long ago. Listen to your heart, it knows everything is unfolding beautifully. The most important thing is to know that this is an exciting period that your soul can’t wait to experience. The reason why you are becoming more and more anxious and excited is that you are preparing to land ~ Archangel Gabriel
As scheduled: as above

From: Shelley young


Quantum transition update: high speed flow

Original sdbetty earth new life today
Let’s meditate into high consciousness

Power meditation

Passed by: lev

The earth’s space race continues. The following is the minutes of the meeting of the 25d agoria space fleet from October 9 to 16, 2021:

“Attention, this is the flagship squadron. The commander keeps in touch with one of her ships.

We have entered the space of high-speed quantum radiation flow. Suction effect and turbulence increase. Pay attention to your health!

Singularity accelerates and affects all mechanisms, increasing the activation of complex interleaving of quantum radiation channels.

The chaotic operation of this mechanism leads to violent fluctuations in space. According to its specified procedures, the impact on its substances occurs in stages.

The pressure distribution is uneven. The quantum waves entering the earth have brought fundamental changes to the structure of all planets.

The siriusians lunar base at 23d monitors the operation of the equipment. The cosmic load increases on all nodes of the planetary grid, which bend under pressure like a trampoline.

New plasma circulation channels are opening up in the earth’s crust. Through them, the earth releases its consumed energy intensively.

The pressure in the near earth sphere drops, such as in a balloon, and the energy of space becomes softer, more liquid, and fluid.

Its jet moves to a higher level on a subtle plane to form an energy pattern. Previously, chaotic rotating particles were arranged in fractal elements of the five-dimensional world.

The transformation of crystals in the planet and the crystals in every fractal of matter continue.

Strong core radiation flashes through all layers of the earth and accumulates on the shield of the magnetic field.

The emission of solar prominence can occur at any time and has an impact on electronic equipment, human mind and animals. Take this into account.

The earth crystal transformed the previous program.

The three-dimensional hierarchical structure is four-dimensional stratification and deformation.

The modules of the space squadron accelerate this process by increasing the intensity of cosmic radiation entering the crystals in the planet.

The state of the lunar quantum repeater is normal. Its maximum working capacity fills all new energy sources on land and near earth space.

The quantum basis has changed. The Mediterranean energy block that regulates plasma flow has been activated.

Volcanoes in Alaska, Kamchatka and Japan are waking up.

There are more and more activities in Yellowstone Park, and the structure of the world’s oceans is also increasing,
Especially in the Aleutian Islands. These processes take more than a day, but we warn you.

The delicate structure of nature is being cut off.

The phenomenon of stratification in the structure of human civilized society is increasing day by day.

Since the beginning of October, there have been violent fluctuations not only in space, but also in events.

Their development is not consistent, often chaotic and violates any logic.

This is how to test variants of different plans and possibilities. Event schedules are accelerating and merging.

On a subtle level, the entire event network, spatial nodes and lines will be compressed. Everything is hovering in quantum entanglement.

Society is struggling in pain, from one global event to another, from the previous emergency plan to the new plan.

Recognizing that mankind is at a crossroads, that mankind is increasingly stratified and unconsciously trying to adapt to the changes that are taking place.



Energy upgrade in 2022

Original sdbetty earth new life today

Archangel Gabriel: energy upgrade in 2022
Passed by: Shelley Yang

You are now turning to the energy of 2022. This is a huge energy upgrade, a greater transformation than you usually experience into the new year. It’s too big for you to start this thing seriously from the autumn equinox. The energy you are experiencing, and your reaction release and integration, are allowing you to ascend to a series of platforms, one at a time You are improving your level and preparing for ascension and entering 2022.

For this reason, many of you are in a state of flow, and when you are in a state of flow, it is not the time to manifest. Anything that is a match for you may not be a real match for you next month. These times allow you to continue to evolve and grow, and make you clearer now than you were in the past, when you reach you What do you want to create when you go to a new destination.

You might think it’s like climbing a mountain. You climb a mountain and make progress, and then you stop to rest to avoid altitude sickness. You know this camp is temporary and is prepared for you before you continue your journey. Isn’t it interesting that so many ascension symptoms are similar to altitude sickness?

When you approach the energy in 2022, you will find that the seeds of ideas begin to decline and new inspiration begins to take root. You will find that new potential has become possible because of your latest strengths and achievement levels. There are few exciting glimpses, and all the hard work you have done has prepared you for it.

So be patient, dear. Allow this process. Move forward with energy and thank them for their wisdom and guidance. Admit how much progress you have made and how different you are from you not long ago. Listen to your heart and know that everything is unfolding beautifully. Most importantly, know that this is the moment your soul can’t wait to experience.

In fact, you become anxious and excited to let you know that you are preparing to land.


Interstellar race part 1: Pleiadians

Original sdbetty earth new life today

Interstellar race part 1: Pleiadians
Passed by: Sedrin

In this article, I want to share with you the frequency of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are a powerful star family that has existed in humans for a long time.

The Pleiadians work only with the heart chakras.

I have observed that when I create and travel to their fields with them, only their heart chakras are activated. “Only” is a small word because it is very powerful! Witnessing their unique energy frequency characteristics will make our energy field truly feel more love.

On their planet, they actually breathe from the heart. They don’t breathe from the nostrils and mouth like humans.

Prana, the vitality energy enters their heart portal, thus connecting them to a higher frequency of love. They breathe a higher frequency from their hearts and receive and give back love through the infinite cycle of creation.

The Pleiadians live in communities
The special frequency of the Pleiadians is anchored in community and divine service to help each other and ascend their entire kingdom as a whole.

They have men, women and children. Everyone lives together, which is a good witness.

When the Pleiadian frequency is very strong in humans, we can see that these humans are naturally attracted to serving others. They love ‘community spirit’ and tend to be part of the tribe they feel they belong to. They may be health professionals and therapists. It can be anyone who has a strong sense of service as their mission.

What do the Pleiadians look like?

The Pleiadians are very beautiful and their appearance is very diverse. They have a human shape, skin color, and their hair and size are very different.
What dimension do the Pleiadians live in?

The Pleiades exist between the frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimensions. Some of their ascending masters live in higher dimensions. So do humans. Some live in 3D, some in 4D, but more and more people are learning the 5D frequency.

This is the same for all our stellar friends. They live in different frequencies, depending on their own evolutionary path.

Many of us co created with the Pleiadian frequency

We created together with the Pleiadians, even though the Pleiades is not our main star system. It is wonderful to call our Pleiadian friends from a place full of great love and respect.

They have worked with humans for thousands of years and know us well, so it is easy to connect with this amazing star family. This is often the first star race to connect with it.

When we call them, their time and energy will enter our field and establish contact with us. Therefore, we call them only for a clear purpose to serve and embody our mission.

The Pleiadians can help us deliver energy and enlarge our heart entrance.

The Pleiadians are so loving and compassionate. They are here to teach us how to anchor the template of love, service and compassion in our reality, and how to give and receive more love.

They can also help us understand how to give without fatigue, and how to enlarge our spiritual portal so that we can have more strength and love for ourselves and others.

When our mental field is open and vibrant, we are more naturally protected.

I know that many people who serve others will feel exhausted after. If this is your case, I would like to invite you to ask the Pleiadians to help you.

Not necessarily by protecting you, but by connecting to a higher level of love. They teach us to deliver energy directly from the earth and our soul, not from our energy system.

The Pleiadians use the heart portal to fully connect with their planet. They teach us how to use the heart portal to fully connect with the earth and vibrate with her.

The Pleiadians came here to help us anchor in the reality we chose.
If you read this article here, you will have a body. This means that your soul has chosen this reality. So many of our star species just want to escape the earth and return to the star system from which we come.

But you’re not there now, you’re on earth! You’re from earth! Before we regain our love for matter, our connection with matter will become very difficult. We’ll try to feel the connection with the earth, our bodies and others.

The Pleiadians are here to teach us a greater incarnation in love.

Is the earth beautiful and charming? Is the earth imperfect?

Aren’t humans magnificent? Although they may be clumsy and unconscious, people are still doing their best. Humans may not have many keys, but they still try their best.

The Pleiadians taught me to be compassionate so that we will not be separated from “we” on the spiritual path and “others” not on the spiritual path!

They brought unity on the battlefield, and everyone embarked on their own unique path. We may walk on a different path with another person, but we can love and respect them anyway. No matter how bad things around us look, we can be happy.

The Pleiadians gave us profound and advanced teaching around these ideas and concepts. They are a wonderful and loving star race.

How to connect to the Pleiadian frequency

I want you to simply breathe from your heart to the Pleiadian frequency and connect more to the Pleiadian frequency by putting your hand on your heart. In this regard, feel the heat in your hand and fall into your heart.

Feel your heart breathing. Every time you breathe in, your heart will grow larger and larger. Every time you breathe out, there is a movement to accept everything in our world. When we breathe in, we open our hearts, we caress, we love, we accept.

When we connect to our hearts in this way, we take back the anchor of abundance living in the heart field.

There is no limit to our love for ourselves, our reality, plants and animals, and all people.

Receiving the teachings of the Pleiades has changed my life. I have received the training of a great and advanced Pleiadian, which allows me to open more channels of love. I am very grateful to one of their masters as a part of my Council.

Pleiadians and portals

The Pleiadians also taught me how to find an entrance on earth. The Pleiadians often work with portal frequencies.

The entrance is where humans build temples. The Pleiadians come to tell us where the entrance is, and we begin to build temples and monuments in these places. This makes it easier for us to find these portals and allow communities to gather.

More and more portals began to be anchored. Some souls helped them here, and they worked very closely with the Pleiadian family.

The Pleiadians like to attend ceremonies

The community gathers together through prayer and rituals, which the Pleiadians attach great importance to. If you like rituals, visit your Pleiadian friends.

Ask them to help you maintain the frequency of love at such a high level that everyone who enters the sacred ritual space will automatically convert into more frequent love and contact with yourself and the community.
When you set this intention and establish contact with the Pleiadians, when people enter the ceremony, they will immediately feel more relaxed, loved and held.


Pleiades II alien message 297: human astral war

Original author a Liang UFO mystery yesterday

October 13, 2021 https://youtu.be/NXbHqCWVl0k

Garcia: how are you, Yazhi? Annika says you’re depressed?

Yazhi: that’s her explanation. I’m the product of thought. Thought is not “here”.

Your bubbles are really good. In Finland, few people have bubbles. My bubbles are completely in my mind. So the tagtans here may see me walking around, but only a small part of my mind is Yazhi’s body, and the rest can’t be seen. That is, they only see the little girl.

After Garcia moved to Finland, she looked much better.

Garcia: OK. Let’s get down to business. Where are you and what are you thinking?

Yazhi: feel the situation. Notice that the astral world is engaged in a terrible war, which you all call the spiritual world. I notice that the covid plan comes from a non-human part of everything. It does not rule out any crimes at the level of (human) cabal.

As I explained before, the boundary between aliens and humans / between non humans and humans is very thin, it gradually becomes smaller, and it is blurred, because there are countless lives as connections and all variants between the two extremes. Many people may see humans, but they are not inside, you know.

But the interstellar seeds are softer. These people are completely lack of empathy. They only take what they want. Although they have bodies, their thoughts are half in what you call the material reality and half in the spiritual world. Some are like me. So I can’t call them by race, and I can’t give them an identity.

But they are not humans, far fewer than the tianqin race in space. They just work in biological suits that look like humans. This coincides with David Ike’s statement that the internal soul is mainly reptiles. I think not only that, most can not be classified as anything known. These are Tulpa. They come from people’s psychic poison Su. Inhabits a human like body. Created by manifesting human’s most terrible nightmare into a soul, you can give any shape as long as it is very evil.

Therefore, the soul is expressed by human beings. As a turpa, of course, from the personal level, it forms a turpa and becomes a soul. It will take over a body, itself will become a clan, and a soul species that will and has taken over the earth.

Garcia: how do they live in the human body? Do they take over the organic portal?

Yazhi: there is no doubt that some people do. But for a long time, they have had their own reincarnation cycle and entered human like bodies and compatible bodies, because they have been breeding among them. With this kind of breeding, they begin to adapt to human like bodies to meet their frequency needs.

Because of inbreeding, they do have genetic problems, which has been fully explained by researchers such as David Ike, which is why they must extract genes from others from time to time to purify their genes, just as they did to Princess Diana, as he explained.
I’m not mocking David Ike, I just come to the same conclusion as him from my point of view. I mean, this man is right!

But I come to the same conclusion from another perspective, from spiritual observation. ←←, because I “see” how they are formed. They are formed by the direct manifestation of the human collective subconscious, that is, the thought itself.

As I explained recently, a person, an idea, any conscious being, is composed of simpler ideas that will act as “cells” or “neurons” (not physical cells, but spiritual cells) in the future , these simple minds together will form a larger conscious being, and it itself will add itself and others together to form a larger extended being at one level, and so on, until you reach the level of origin and become everything of omniscience.

It’s the same here, exactly the same. Human collective thought, an independent thought, is caused by the collective unconscious and a group of beings. In order to enter the human collective, they need to work through human bodies, such as lizard queen, gates and so on.

As I mentioned, what makes them exist and makes them “exist” are human pain, fear and low-level emotions full of uncertainty. As I mentioned, it is mainly fear. They must cause more fear in order to exist and prosper.
In other words, if people as a group (and starting from the individual) eliminate their fear (rather than attention), they will literally weaken their souls, those who control the cabal and any abnormal things it is doing.

So I’m not just talking about dark entities and astral demons. I’m talking about dark souls. They can’t sustain themselves without human pain and human attention. This is turpa’s manifestation mechanism.

However, because all evils cannot maintain themselves and have a strong tendency of self destruction, they need to be continuously “fed” by people connected with the source.
But this is only partially correct. People with “soul” will not connect to the source. They are the source. They just forget that they are, so they fall into the illusion of “losing” connection with the source.

This is what others call lush to explain this. It has become a new era like substance that the dark entities need to eat.

It is not material, I tell you what it is, it is the manifesting power of your individual and combination, focusing on what you are all afraid of, focusing on creating negative things.

Garcia: Yazhi, let’s expose them. Who are they?

Yazhi: I can’t give names because they are either well-known, or the most important ones are hidden in the shadow, so that although they are human, they don’t use the names you know. In other words, I see them, but I can’t figure out their names. Even if I can figure them out, it doesn’t mean anything to people, because there’s no place When it comes to them, they sound like anonymous names. No one can contact them.

They are “people” who walk and talk, but they still feed human suffering through concentrated fear. Therefore, ignoring what they want will greatly weaken them. Ignoring what they want means disobeying them, not afraid of them, knowing and facing the fact that they are there. In other words, don’t turn a blind eye to them.

Gosia: Wow, OK. Thank you for sharing this. My question is… Just like we have all negative emotions such as fear as a group… Where is the Tulpa where human positive emotions manifest? What are they doing? Alas… If collective fear creates negative Tulpa creatures, then the collective belief in Jesus should even give birth to some kind of life “Beings of love and peace”! Where are the turpas? Are they helping? Have you seen these?

Yazhi: they really help… And a lot. The problem is that fear is a powerful coagulant. This means that what they fear will get their attention, and what they pay attention to will be reflected through the law of the mirror.

Since people are the source, they have indeed been manifesting good things, so this means that these negative Tulpa beings need to constantly create chaos and trouble to regain the negative manifesting of human beings. Therefore, they create wars, false diseases, unnatural disasters and anything that hurts human beings.

Therefore, when humans are in such trouble and fear, their positive manifesting power will be dispersed. Without concentration, everyone basically wants different things, so their positive manifesting power as a collective is not strong. Not positive does not exist, it just does not focus.
Garcia: I see. Do you mean positive Tulpa creatures help?

Yazhi: Yes, but being a positive Tulpa means love and integration, which means that it is a part of you. No matter what you love, it will become a part of you, which means that it is mainly the positive Tulpa, the interstellar seed itself ←← this is the good side of people. It’s them!

Other turpas from other groups have also entered love and integration, crossing the distance of light years, in order to “help” here.

There are other positive tulpas that exist only in spiritual form. Work among all of you. Be all of you. Anyway, each of you is Tulpa. We are all.

The concentration caused by intention, memory and attachment to self-concept comes from the previous life (memory), accumulates consciousness in the process of our progress, displays memory as DNA, and then forms the body according to our views on ourselves, but it also has a great collective impact. For example, you all look at least a little like your family.

Gosia: I just thought, since those astral creatures have one foot on the other side in addition to occupying people’s bodies, maybe some frontal astral turpa creatures are also there, so they can kick their ass from that side.

Yazhi: there must be. Therefore, the war in the spiritual world mentioned above. Thought PK thought. Turpa playing turpa. The struggle of duality.
The struggle between ideas… What does it mean to add up? This means that the human collective does not pay attention. This means that the spiritual “war” between good and evil is the direct result of the chaos within the human collective, which is formed by individual thoughts.

So, what is the final solution? As I have always said, you are all creating what is happening on earth. Through your confused mind. Who created the world? It’s “broken shoes”! Oh, yes!

If you are no longer afraid of what the cabal throws at you and ignore their demands, they will have no power against you, and will literally weaken the souls who control all of you. Whether those who look like humans or those who only have “spirit”. Focus your mind! The problem will be solved!

Gosia: the problem we have is that it’s not just the interstellar seeds listening to us… There are millions of others, unawakened people. Unfortunately, I can’t see them together. At least not fast enough.

So even if we, the interstellar seeds and the awakened, bring them together… What will that lead to?

Yazhi: as I explained before, you don’t have to wake up all. A super powerful awakener can affect hundreds of thousands of people.

Garcia: Yes, really. But the cattle will become sparse. But maybe it’s going in a good direction? Maybe we can finally turn it into something good for us.

Yazhi: Yes. Please remember that most people either use the “soul contract” to explain things in the way of “Dolores Kannan” as their large-scale exit. They are instilling these data into all of you, and in reality these figures and statistics are false. I insist that background people exist.

So all you need to do is concentrate your thoughts, take care of your corner, accumulate the masses and collectively resist orders.

So, yes, although it may sound unfortunate and cruel, it may be better for a large number of people to leave. I mean, most people don’t even really “live” They can only live on wages, suffer in the cubicles of office buildings, and there is no air in life. There is no time to think independently. Let them go and let them rest. That’s what they want! But those who want to live must continue to fight!

Garcia: Well… Maybe in the end we can turn what is happening into something good for us… Fewer matrix people inherit the interstellar seeds of the earth. Of course, the cabal still tries to control them, but those who will stay will be strong. That’s how they stay.

So in other words.. the cabal will find that the collective in their hands will be disobedient, which means that they will no longer have an excuse to impose something and say, “this is what people want”. Because it is mainly awakened people, they will not want what the cabal is trying to impose. So the cabal may suffer the consequences after doing all this! Who knows.

Yazhi: Yes. It may backfire on them. But it means that the so-called awakened ones must unite. It will hit them, the cabal. Anyway, spiritually, so many souls will be so angry with them that they will retaliate against everyone in the cabal in countless incarnations and countless time units.

The cabal is based on the concept of karma and tries to avoid karma. This is true karma. Mirror law, it will return 10 times the effect.

Garcia: ha ha, great! They are fighting against the army of angry souls.
Yazhi: Oh, yes, there’s nothing they can do about it! It’s true here, and it’s always true, that’s the simple law of the mirror. Causality. If you hurt the people, they’ll retaliate against you! Whether you like it or not. Killing them is not the solution, because there’s no death, only physical death, but they’ll come again and again from the spiritual side You are getting stronger and stronger every time! This is a simple mirror law. It will come to you, the cabal, or anyone you call yourself.

Some souls may have planned it from another world.

The cabal cannot avoid those who say I disagree. As long as I say “I disagree”, the cost of violation will fall on them. I know that the cabal uses dirty legal means to make people legally give up their freedom and power.

Disagree, disobedience, large-scale disobedience, don’t be afraid of them →→, and the problem will disappear.


Acquaintances gathered to return to the countryside



Pleiadian collective: spiritual war

Primary energy and mass particle source

Pleiadian collective: spiritual war

Friends of the great light!
In these moments, stay calm!

But you must have a plan in your divine consciousness to overcome what is in front of you!

We don’t act in fear!
We work together!
You are part of the collective of life.
Before you can grasp the one, the time to see duality has come.
All the decisions you need to make are in front of you!

The school is being destroyed by perverts.

Young girls were sexually assaulted by men pretending to be women in the bathroom.

If you believe this is the last time, think again.
Next is the compulsory shower for male and female students!
When will you be full?

Do you fully understand that a handful of darkness is not equal to the light that can prevent the destruction of society!

Innocent families living on the border can no longer take garbage away from gangs full of drugs in their yards without protection.

Sex and drug trafficking is just beginning!
You must take action.

Don’t be a victim.
Be a winner!
Don’t be afraid to speak and tell the truth!

You have the God given right not to inject the tissue of the aborted fetus into your arm, mercury, formaldehyde and a series of toxins that are too long to be repeated.

The fear of those who now find out what they have eaten is disgusting.
If the truth comes out, no one will agree with this.

Do you understand the population reduction agenda?
Did you know that Arenas and groups forced to be controlled are like concentration camps for disobedients?

Do you fully understand that vaccines and enhancers will not stop until your body dies or all your work, bank deposits, the ability to buy food, natural gas and all your favorite products are controlled and deprived?

Do you fully understand that governments around the world are looking for a new world order or a complete dictatorship for all?

Do you see enough evidence in the video that people are dying of vaccines in a terrible way?
Did you know that more people die from other flu, car accidents and cancer than covid?

Do you know how many people are silent because they delete SM accounts?

Now, dear friends, it’s time for you to make a change.

For those who refuse to work because of government relief, does your soul have a price?
Do you know how many vacancies are waiting for you?

This is the time to change all this!
The Pleiadians will not interfere with life as you sometimes believe!
This is a soul choice.
You must move on.

We have done a lot more than you to prevent further spraying, and we have privately dealt with some on the ground.

Our mission is to provide you with information to make wise and wise decisions.
There are brave patriots who have given up their dreams of work, pension and peaceful life!

It is not an authoritarian and persistent lie.
Biden’s babbling clone is ready to disappear.

His backup is no better than the hired child actors. Their script is smile and attention.
Dear ones, as a very broken person, you are living at the end of this dream.
With love and strength, start telling the truth to everyone.

Big changes will still happen, but what kind of life you will experience before that will depend on yourself!
Don’t be scared!
You are facing monarchy and power!
This is spiritual war!

Remember who you are!
Remember why you came!
In the moment of transformation, the bright moment in front of you will dispel all darkness from any life!
We are with you!

Take back your planet!
We are the Pleiadian collective!
In power, we are united!
** holy light transmission: receiving; Judith


Message from Kennedy: it’s time to focus on ourselves, for all of us


To all my lovers… I’m here! I’m guarding all of you and helping us return to the greatest “return” in human history! We have the advantage, I promise you!

We will send the greatest message ever to the cabal… We will not shrink back, shrink back, and waver! The people we awaken are the greatest threat to the cabal and its overlord (dark Galactica) in history. They already know that they are finished… What is happening now is “the cleaning up of channel 10!” (smile)

As for what each of you can do alone to help this cleanup, I will encourage you to look more inward and pay attention to the emotions that are stirring inside you and where those emotions may have originated in your life.

For example… Rosa noticed that she was thinking about a friend’s little daughter recently, and Rosa began to get excited about it.

Well, she allowed herself to express all the feelings she was experiencing (a close friend helped her), which led to a very terrible situation that Rosa and her girlfriend experienced together. At that time, they were all the same age as her friend’s daughter. It was a good relief for Rosa. She learned that she had no “responsibility” for the trauma early in her life.

Many people say that a person can cure himself without actually experiencing the emotions related to the problem… Well, I do believe that a person can cure many smaller problems without further studying emotions… However, when a person realizes that the problem is a larger and emotional problem, it becomes almost imperative to try to deal with emotions.

Now, even if dealing with your emotions sounds heavy, it’s not exciting at all… I know many galactic people, archangels and many other creatures have said the same thing in their messages recently, just using different words.

The topic of going inward is not new to humans… They have been examining their emotions for a long time… Because it works.

The feeling of being free from those heavy, stressful and sometimes even debilitating emotions is like no other feeling… It’s almost a miracle! You have enough courage and courage to solve these problems once and for all. You deserve praise!

I congratulate all your beautiful truth seekers… Because when you look inside, that’s what you finally find… Your truth… That’s a very powerful feeling that you will feel inside!
One of the ways you can really eliminate all the external “noise” around you every day (so that you can do your inner work) is “unloading” All the apps on your computer and mobile phone that emit fear and negative emotions. I would like to add that even many truser and patriot websites do not provide positive opinions and information. If what you are reading doesn’t make you feel good inside, don’t read it! It’s that simple!

Now, I realize that there are many reasons for you to feel that you should continue to read essentially negative information… Because in some cases, it is still the truth… Yes, some people in the population need to hear this information… However, you don’t.

Many people who are reading this message are advanced enough in your spiritual understanding to know that you no longer “need” to follow these spreading messages… You have passed that level of need… You have fully understood it now, so you can now use this time to deal with other areas of your life.

Now, this is a very big compliment to all of you, please know that! I’m not telling you something you don’t know yet… I’m just reminding some of you at this time.

Now, for those who focus on these Intel Information and various videos about information leakage. Because you are very eager for the turn of the trend, you want to do your part… Well, I tell you now… If you really want to help all those who try to defeat the cabal, so that we can usher in our new golden age, you should first pay attention to yourself, which is what you want to achieve this goal The most important thing you can do… Because the increased light from all of you is the greatest fear of the cabal… They can’t actually live in the light!

So that’s why they’ve been doing everything they can to dim your light… But it won’t work!

Therefore, as each of your beautiful souls works more and more and focuses on yourself, the brilliance shining outward with increasing volume and frequency will completely end the existence of the cabal.
So, even if going inward is not always pleasant… Your light will be brighter every time you do it!… and this, my dear Lightworkers, is the best and most important thing you can do to help us save mankind!

I have sent deep love to each of you! I will always be with you. I can’t wait to see all of you!

Your loyalty, Jack.

** holy light transmission: receive; Rosa



Father’s message: adaptation and submission

Original Ruohe life Ruohe today
Welcome to life Ruohe!

Message receiving: Ruohe
Children, today I want to talk to you about adaptation and submission. Adaptation and submission can also be called following the flow of energy, following the process, not grasping or resisting.

At present, in your world, no matter Gaia’s physical body, your physical body and consciousness body are changing. This change is planned and must be carried out.

Gaia can’t stand more harm, control and slavery to her children. Gaia needs to change and wants to change. She wants to be lighter, more beautiful and more balanced.

And you, the children who experience on earth, also want to change to a new world and live in a world without disease, injury, oppression and control.

How can you reach the world you want and complete the transformation of yourself and Gaia? This requires your compliance and submission, the energy you follow to Gaia and the energy you receive.

When your emotions fluctuate, when the former people and things reappear, accept your current state, do not escape, judge, blame and regret. Just see these experiences, experiences and emotions stirred, melted, transformed and released.

These emotional energies will reappear into light particles and return to the state of original love. These dense energies are not your own essence, they are just your experience.

The experience in the material world is like this. Everything is more limited, dense and difficult than the experience in the spiritual world. However, there are still many brave children who are willing to choose to go to the material world, feel the different aspects of love and experience the illusion of separation.

But now, the stage of physical earth for experience is coming to an end, and the performance of you and many children is coming to an end.

Imagine that you have played many roles. Each role has its own joys and sorrows and has its own role setting. When you perform immersively, you will regard this role as yourself. In your words, it is called too deep into the play.

Now, you have to get rid of these roles, not only take off the clothes you wear, but also release the emotional energy you once immersed in each role.

These emotional energies are needed when playing a specific role, but when you come out of the role, when you want to play a new game and start a new role experience, the roles you have played can let them exit.


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