Five dimensional soul ascension steps 19-21^_^

Five dimensional soul ascension steps 19-21

19 the influence of the moon
The extraordinary beauty of the moon has long been worshipped. The energy of the moon has incredible power and affects all life on the planet. In addition to affecting tides and personal energy cycles, the moon also has a far-reaching and thorough impact on the current ascension process. It absorbs the positive energy of the sun and reflects it to the earth to become a beautiful divine negative frequency. After the cosmic moment of December 21, 2012, when we began to ascend, more and more divine negative energy was transmitted from the moon to activate everyone’s internal DNA.
In the golden age of Atlantis, the positive and negative energies were completely balanced. When that civilization weakened, positive energy became a dominant advantage. Men control everything and weaken women’s rights. From the spiritual level, women allow this to happen. The positive part of human is the operation of the left brain, which is also logical. Traditional men are strong and protective, foraging for families and hunting outside. Therefore, men have a broader vision of the region than women and find themselves in it. Metaphysically speaking, men expand their horizons, make up their minds, implement them, and explore knowledge. The left brain uses technology and science and develops various communication methods. When there is too much positive energy, the social structure becomes power based, greedy, classy and aggressive. It requires the creativity and love of negative energy to balance.

The negative side is right brained, creative, and spiritually connected. The traditional female role is to build a family, conceive, care for and support the family. Therefore, the characteristics of women are wisdom, compassion, loyalty, responsibility for race, intuition and acceptance. From a metaphysical point of view, women nurture new ideas and take care of them until they can be implemented. When a society favors women, it will lead to stagnation and lack of motivation, so people can’t develop their potential. At this time, it needs the clear thinking, determination and action of male energy.
At present, the energy of the moon is lighting up everyone’s right brain on earth in order to develop everyone’s negative traits. When these traits are accepted and more individuals and cultures cultivate positive and negative traits in a balanced manner, a sense of peace and security will permeate the earth. When the masculine and feminine operate together in divine harmony, creative ideas and spiritual technology will arise and develop in the best way.
Lady Luna, the moon master, is bringing many people and society into the negative face through enlightenment, so that they can really show such characteristics as no harm, unconditional love and peace. One of the biggest effects of the moon in recent years is the work of reflecting and enhancing the coding of Helios (central big day), which is constantly flowing out of our own sun. These light codes are received into the cells and reactivate the DNA that has been dormant since the fall of Atlantis. We are receiving these intense program reconstruction settings day and night, and this will continue until we reach harmony with Gaia’s higher crystalline matrix.

The super moon refers to the new moon or full moon, and its distance from the earth in orbit can be said to be the closest. The super moon looks bigger and brighter than the ordinary moon, causing bigger tides than usual. It also bathes our cells and DNA in silver light and is greatly affected by it.
The number of super moons has increased since 2012. There were five times in 2014. They are particularly influential when they align with important astrological phenomena. For example, the great breakthrough – abundance – the great cross arrangement of the standard constellation of the Grand Cross, which took place around April 2014, has expanded and strengthened the divine negative light shining on the earth and all sentient beings, and the speed of change has also accelerated.
On August 18, 2014, an influential full moon completely ignited the stream of Christ Consciousness in various waters of the earth. It also launched the Aquarius century ascension pool – an energy pool formed in Atlantis and now stored in the frequency of the ninth dimension – so that its energy can be used, upgraded and spread to places where it is needed.

When our earth’s ascension speed rushes to the new golden century, we get such a promise: the moon will give us full supreme love, which comes from the higher energy portal of the heart of the universe.
In addition to retaining the highest and purest light of Christ, Archangel Christian also spread his energy through the moon. As people began to open the karmic wheel of the fifth dimension, he returned to serve Earth again. In fact, when the karmic wheel opens, it looks like our own etheric body, not far from our head.

When the moon gradually becomes round, we can easily connect with the archangel Christian. He has also been responsible for maintaining the Aquarius century ascension pool. When someone prays for this energy, he will reduce the energy of the ninth dimension to the level that can be used by people at the fifth dimension through the moon.

Visualizing and connecting the energy of the moon

If you have a moon feldspar, you can take it with you during the day. Hold it in your left hand as much as possible so that it can be connected to the energy system of your whole body.

  1. Prepare for meditation first: let yourself be rooted in the earth and do a good job of protection.
  2. Visualize yourself under the beautiful full moon and call on the powerful Archangel Christian.
  3. Feel the appearance of Archangel Christian like white moonlight, filling your Qi field and energy field.
  4. He took your hand and led you along a corridor illuminated by white moonlight to a solemn building with pure white walls. It’s so high that your eyes can’t see the end.
  5. The archangel christier invited you into the moon building, so you went in. Soft white curtains and gorgeous light structures flow in front of you. There is an entrance and exit in the middle of the ceiling far from your head.
  6. You sit under this opening, and the moonlight flows down on you, so you are in an aperture surrounded by pure lunar energy.
  7. Feel the calm divine feminine light filling the cells in your body.
  8. Seeing it also lights up your mental body, emotional body and spiritual body until your whole body is filled with this energy.
  9. Feel that every part of yourself is in a state of complete balance, and your positive and negative energy are integrated into one, that is, Christ consciousness.
  10. Please use this light to activate the DNA in your cells. Imagine the code in the strand waking up and shining with the light of ascension.
  11. Send this light where balance work needs to be done. Ask the archangel christier to shine on the thick energy of the land and sing above them.
  12. It’s time to leave the moon building with Archangel Christian. Thank him and the moon for this gift of love.
  13. Open your eyes and bring the pure light of this divine negative energy into your life.

20 Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the source of pure white in Archangel energy, because white covers all the spectrum. He represents a higher quality purity hidden in the human heart.

Archangel Gabriel is currently taking care of the purification of this planet and all sentient beings on earth. He is in charge of the fire element, holds high the pure white flame, and uses its transformation power to make everything reach the highest frequency as far as possible. When working with the unicorn of the wind element, the Gaia goddess of the earth element and Poseidon of the water element, he guarded the blueprint of the light level that predicted the future of the earth. If you desire to ascend to a higher level, you can ask Archangel Gabriel to help you clean up your own and the dense energy of the earth.

The twin flame of Archangel Gabriel is Archangel herb. She is the rainbow in the diamond interface, bringing new opportunities and inspiration. When you see the rainbow and your heart jumps with joy, she opens a new door for you and makes your path shine.

The Archangel Gabriel and Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the development of human and earth’s Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra.

Root chakra

The five dimensional Root chakra is white gold. When we reach this frequency, the basis of our life is bright happiness and joy. All this is based on full trust in the universe and believe that it will provide us with everything we need. At present, the blockage of the undersea wheel hinders the ascension process of many people, because their views on money and power are affected by the overall consciousness, which needs to be improved. If we ask Archangel Gabriel to do this, he will help us clean up the undersea wheel. However, he may give us some topics to help us clean up!

The earth’s Root chakra is on the mountains in northern China. We can imagine the light of Archangel Gabriel’s pure white diamond shining above this area. This is our way to help the earth. There is a symbiotic relationship between the earth’s chakras and human chakras. When enough people clean up their root chakras, the earth’s root chakras in China will also light up, and vice versa, so we are able to make some changes.

Sacral Chakra

The earth’s Sacral Chakra is located in Honolulu. On the five dimensional level, it is a beautiful light pink light, full of supreme love. Because the five dimensional energy is returned to us again, if the interpersonal relationship can not bring the greatest benefits to each other, the parties may separate or enter a higher frequency. Many relationships are transforming, and many twin flame or soul mate relationships are recovering.

After our karmic Chakra is fully completed, we will have the opportunity to make prenatal choices with love and grace, and he will begin to transform family life. We can call Archangel Gabriel to purify our family karma and set our family free.
When we raise the frequency to a higher fifth dimension, our body must be completely healthy. As the vibration of the reproductive wheel rises, Archangel Gabriel brings a five dimensional blueprint for the healthiest love and emotions within us. We can ask him to speed up the progress of this matter, but you must know that some topics may arise in the process.
We can also ask Archangel Gabriel to help raise the vibration of the human chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

In the golden age of Atlantis, everyone’s umbilical chakra and sacral chakra were two separate chakras. But when the five dimensional chakras shrank and were replaced by the three dimensional chakras, the two chakras became one, but they are now separated.

The navel wheel is bright orange, which is also the color of earth integration. When it is completely five dimensional and radiant, we will fully accept each other and all cultures and religions, because we have integrated the Christian consciousness of the planet.

This is the time when the five-dimensional community and beautiful city will merge. The separation line will no longer exist and passports will no longer be needed. We will see each other’s inner divinity. We will be one. Call on Archangel Gabriel to help you guard this human vision.


Simplicity is the best. Truth is always clear, clear and easy to see. Archangel Gabriel can help us point out the simplicity of truth. All kinds of situations and topics in life are often more obvious and easy to understand than they looked at the beginning. Even if what we do is the best for everything, Archangel Gabriel promises that there will be a simple solution for everyone, which will gradually take shape. He took the mirror of truth to show us the most effortless way to live.

Diamond of clarity

If you don’t know what will happen next in life, or when you have to make a choice or decision, sit quietly, and then ask the Archangel Gabriel to bring you clarity. He will clean up the messy part of the situation so that you can see a higher view. He may also show you a sign or provide a possibility.

Because the curtain of illusion has begun to rise, people’s thoughts have become more confused, because the memories and emotions of previous generations are integrating into the present, which are sometimes recognized, solved and cleared. We call it parallel bleed through, and when these thoughts and emotions appear, you may feel quite confused. Archangel Gabriel can distinguish it for you, and then put a clarity diamond above you. You just need to ask.
Archangel Gabriel’s etheric energy center

The energy center of Archangel Gabriel is above mount xueshida, a beautiful snow capped mountain in the mountains of Northern California. You can touch his purity, clarity and wisdom here, and start your undersea chakra, reproductive chakra and umbilical chakra with him, and then clean it up.

From the etheric point of view, his energy center is much like a diamond. If you wish to visit the place in sleep, ask his angels to pick you up and bring your spirit there to receive the clarity, purification or higher light you need. It is also helpful to think about Archangel Gabriel during the day, because it will help you better adapt to his vibration, so that you can be ready for the appointment at night. If you want to visit this energy center in meditation, it is recommended that you do this visualization:

Imagine visiting the energy center of Archangel Gabriel

  1. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and expect to visit the etheric energy center of Archangel Gabriel.
  3. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Ask Archangel Gabriel to place the pure diamond of clarity above your field and place you in the highest light.
  6. Ask him to start your undersea wheel, eliminate all the red energy in it by rotating rapidly in the counter clock direction, and then bring in the shining platinum light by rotating rapidly in the counter clock direction.
  7. Imagine that your life is full of incomparable happiness and joy.
  8. Ask him to start your reproductive chakra, eliminate all the heavy and dark energy in it by rotating rapidly in the counter clock direction, and then bring in the supreme love with pink light by rotating rapidly in the counter clock direction.
  9. Imagine that everyone on earth is healthy and energetic, and all families around the world are connected in love and harmony.
  10. Please Archangel Gabriel to start all the brilliance of your navel wheel.
  11. Visualize yourself holding hands with Archangel Gabriel and walking happily on your golden path of ascension.
  12. Please send Gabriel to expand your diamond around enough to cover the whole world.
  13. You can now ask his angels to take you to his energy center:
    “Dear Archangel Gabriel, I invite you. Please send your pure white angel to guide me to your etheric energy center.”
  14. If you have specific requirements, put them forward now.
  15. Completely relax and imagine yourself being taken into a huge, shining cosmic diamond above mount xueshida.
  16. If necessary, you can rest here, then thank Archangel Gabriel and return to the original starting point.

21 Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the most well-known person in the archangel world. Since the beginning of mankind, he has been shining the light of strength, courage and truth on all souls and encouraging them to live on a higher level. He has been tirelessly protecting the frequency of human beings on earth, which is what we need very much in this binary world. His current work is to inspire us on the level of five dimensions. When this happens, our belief system will change, and then we can protect ourselves with internal power.
Archangel Michael is taking care of Canada and North America, as well as the angel light he has strategically placed underground in both countries. This light is placed in the grid and is specially set to illuminate the light network of the whole earth in a harmonious way to make our spiritual awakening faster.
In the glorious five dimensional reality, we believe in self-sufficiency, and the new frequency will fully support our belief. We will know that we are always safe and protected by our inner light.
When we develop our personal power, Archangel Michael will always be there to protect us. When our light is strong enough to trust and believe that we are safe, we are not in danger.
Archangel Michael’s sword of truth is a symbol that encourages us to grasp our own power, speak our truth, and lead others forward into their own noble flame. At the level of the fifth dimension, we are independent and create our own reality with consciousness. Then we will hold our sword of truth.
Archangel Michael is walking side by side with us and giving us greater strength. Because our frequency has increased, its higher energy looks the same color to us, but it is brighter. Therefore, it is no longer dark blue, but royal blue. The red energy contained in it is needed to help us take action when we do the work of light. He is currently helping us take the throat wheel to a higher frequency so that we can be completely honest. When 75% of people can do this, the wave of awakening can push us all into the fifth dimension. Michael will give future leaders greater power to establish the five-dimensional structure and use it to lead us to the golden century.

Everyone is born with a certain degree of strength and courage gained in previous lives to help us rebalance and restructure our energy field. Archangel Michael presents those in our daily life. When he sees that we are ready, he will quickly bring the test we need to face, in order to bring these energies completely into our consciousness, and then he will lead us on the path of Christ consciousness with his sword of truth.
Archangel Michael is a great alchemist and mathematician. He uses the geometry of all dimensions. His influence pervades all universes. He worked with Archangel Metatron to create sacred geometry, which is full of light language containing special sounds, which makes the situation more consolidated and finally become reality.
This is how these archangels can manifest matter. This is how new stars or planets are created. It is the same reason why the powerful ideas we send can become reality.
Archangel Metatron provides us with the source code of Helios, which is the key to life. This energy from the sun is activating us. Therefore, Archangel Metatron presents them in the reality of the world with the original thoughts and our powerful thoughts and wishes. Then Archangel Michael solidified his geometry to make it a realistic event.
Commander Ashtar is in charge of the Galactic fleet patrolling the edge of the earth and the galaxy. The fleet protects this place so that the light flow from the source can continue to flow unimpeded through our planet, and the power of Archangel Michael can ensure that the earth’s ascension process is not disturbed. Therefore, commander Ashtar has a close cooperative relationship with him.
Because Archangel Michael holds an aspect of the five dimensional blueprint, based on this, power and control will be replaced by United love, sharing and cooperation. He will also make a new business structure appear on earth. As we gradually move towards the new model, we have seen its impact from the disintegration of the old model in economy, commerce, pharmacy, education, health care, industry and government.

Archangel Michael’s twin flame is Archangel faith. When we connect to her energy, she will give you a clear understanding of the purpose of life and give you complete trust, so you feel supported and know that everything is in divine arrangement. When we realize the desire of the higher self, the inner Archangel energy will become obvious in our lives. Within us lies the strength and courage of Archangel Michael, and the energy of a loving peace fighter. Loving peace fighters are true leaders with vision and power. They help and protect all those who are committed to living at a higher level.
Archangel Michael and throat chakra
Archangel Michael is in charge of the throat chakra of all sentient beings. When our throat chakra emits a five dimensional beautiful sapphire blue light, we begin to connect Mercury’s wisdom and its ascended face – treveni. Then we can get the wisdom of the golden age of Atlantis. In addition, we will communicate with angels and masters in the golden light (which contains the light of Christ of unconditional love, the wisdom of the universe, and can be telepathically connected with animals and alien beings of all species). When we can communicate with animals, our life will be richer and animals will have more freedom in their ascension.

Through the golden beam, we will receive some downloads in our throat chakra, which will enable us to convey the language of light, which carries information about the ascension of the world. Moreover, we will also be able to feel the energy of angels.
As we connect with the wisdom of the golden age of Atlantis, Archangel Michael will manage that part of the information available to us. It will enable us to bravely spread it to those who are ready, which will greatly improve our ability to speak the truth.

Archangel Michael’s energy center
Archangel Michael’s energy center is located in Banff, Canada, above the sacred Blue Lake Louis in the mountains. If you visit here, he will illuminate you with his power and power, so you can protect yourself. You can fully open the throat chakra for your truth, and he will put your sword of truth in your field.
If you want to visit this energy point with a spirit in your sleep, imagine yourself immersed in a dark blue light and act with strength and courage at all times.

If you want to visit his energy center in meditation, you can use this visualization method:
Imagine visiting Archangel Michael’s energy center

  1. Find a place where you can relax and not be disturbed, and light candles if possible.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and hope to connect with Archangel Michael.
  3. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you and cover himself with a sapphire blue light.
  5. He takes you through different dimensions to an etheric Castle glittering with sapphire and golden light.
  6. He is here to invite you to the throne of precious blue.
  7. Feel your throat chakra open and emit a sapphire blue light.
  8. Note that the energy of this throat chakra connects mercury and its ascended aspect, treveni. You accepted the download of the wisdom of the golden age of Atlantis.
  9. Feel yourself shrouded in the dazzling golden light of angels and masters with golden beams.
  10. Relax. Listen to the message.
  11. Focus on an animal and use the power of your heart to transmit love, gratitude and freedom to it.
  12. Archangel Michael gives you his sword of truth. The sword shines white with a little crystal blue.
  13. Relax and absorb his light and teachings.
  14. Thank Archangel Michael.


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