When you let go of what distracts you, you can focus more and know what you really want.

When you let go of what distracts you, you can focus more and know what you really want.

So what’s distracting you? That’s what you’re constantly investing in without spiritual longing.

Awareness will not be realized all at once, so it is important to be down-to-earth. A little awareness can add up to a big river, because there is no great awareness in the world, only the continuous practice of understanding every day.

Without a regular and moderate diet and life, how can we have the feeling of “self-discipline”, how can we know what “going home” is, how can we know what “freedom” is without lying in the workplace and life.

It took me more than five years to constantly adjust my desire to eat meat and the internal pursuit of pure balance. Knowing is one thing and doing is another. There is no criterion, but only temporary truth and the yearning of the heart and mind paid for truth. I spent more than three years returning to my heart, which is also called connecting the higher self, This is also the result of a balance between the rational guidance made by the constant temporary truth and the comfort desired by the body and mind.
Until, enjoy meditation.

To be down-to-earth towards your spiritual yearning is to be responsible without right or wrong. The so-called bright road is not truth, but because you have a yearning heart. Therefore, light supports the street lamp for the dark road, and darkness points out the direction for the bright road. Darkness and light accompany each other, but because you have yearned for and even yearned for light and beauty, Then keep moving forward in your little consciousness day by day, not for anything else, but for your heart and mind.


Action and clearance

Dear ones, we understand that waiting for things to rush into your consciousness is a very frustrating thing. Understand that the nature of flow will help you identify where you are on your journey

We often talk about how mobility includes actions and intervals. This is designed to create a comprehensive balance and support. If you are always in the action stage, you can get things done, but you will be exhausted and inaccurate. If you are always in the interval, you will have plenty of time to reflect, rest and align, but nothing can be done. Flow of each service-oriented to each other to create a sustainable development model.

Usually the action stage is preceded by feelings of impatience, anxiety and excitement. The intermittent phase is usually accompanied by feelings of fatigue, boredom and lack of interest. Again, let’s make an analogy of flying. During the operation phase, you may feel excited and maybe a little nervous when you go to the airport. After taking off, you change to the intermission of the journey. The work part is taken over by the pilot and crew. You can sleep, meditate, read and watch movies. You are still, but a lot of progress is happening. But as you approach the end of the flight, you are ready to release from a sensory confined space and feel excited again as you are ready to return to action

Do you understand Your feelings and what you are supported are indicators of where you are flowing. Fatigue and introspection and the need for quiet help you embrace the interval. Feeling anxious, restless and excited is a clear sign that the action stage is coming. Both aspects of mobility are equally important and will support you in more ways than you realize. If one thing is certain, if you are in one stage for a long time and begin to feel the emotion that connects you to another stage, a change in your flow will surely come~ Archangel Gabriel

A common worry recently is that you are somehow trapped. We hope you understand that each stage will serve you in some way. how did you know? Because it’s happening

So if you think you’re stuck, we invite you to explore other perspectives. What if you’re not trapped at all? How can this stage serve you? Pick up a new and higher perspective to look at the situation. If you find it difficult to do it in a conscious state, meditate and look from there, or ask your dreams or guidance to make you aware of the potential and possibilities you may miss in your current situation. What opportunities are available to you now that you haven’t made good use of?

For example, some energy changes require you to stay awake but have considerable silence to integrate. This will cause you to enter a low activity stage. It may seem to you that nothing is happening, but in fact you are in the best position to let the energy process work its magic. Or you need some inner discovery to experience that expansion externally. Or perhaps your soul knows that you are about to enter an accelerated forward movement, and a period of rest is an important preparation for this stage. There can be many reasons for an interval, and each reason will serve you and your journey in some way

When you change to faith and trust, you open the door to acceptance, which will allow you to pass through any stage with greater comfort, lightness, elegance and efficiency. There are ongoing energy processes that are so complex that you can never understand them from a human perspective, and you shouldn’t go, just as caterpillars don’t need to understand what’s happening in the cocoon in order to emerge completely differently

Release your belief that you will make mistakes, honey. Believe in the process and know that you will get there, no matter what, but the degree of your faith, trust, acceptance, permission, submission and flow will determine how much you enjoy your journey~ Archangel Gabriel



You’re strong enough

Original going home tomorrow

Greetings, dear. I am the guardian of time

I came to tell you today that everything on earth has changed. Obviously, the energy is getting difficult, and stretching your wings has become a challenge. It’s even hard to find the joy you had a moment ago. But these moments also bring change. They activate the sacred contract made before your arrival. Now you are in these magical mastery moments, and we find you deep in them. Welcome, honey. We’re glad you did it

The earth is a part of you. Humans believe that animals are a form of life, while insects, fish and birds are other forms. You have different classifications of different life forms. But you forget the most important thing, the stones on the ground are alive. We tell you, honey, there is life in everything

Humans are raising the collective vibration. Humans believe that higher vibrations are better than lower vibrations, although they have different properties. Higher vibrations can change and adapt faster than lower waves, but lower waves predict the future because of its lack of change. The earth’s ultra-low frequency has found a new harmonic, so new possibilities have recently been opened

The earth slightly changed her path, which led to a compression of time. Some of your most basic concepts disintegrate with this compression. The word unprecedented has never been used, but everything is moving towards a critical point. This is what we want to talk about. There is a reason for the arrival of the critical point. It depicts entering a new game from your previous game, and it shows how you move forward. Now, there are many new opportunities coming for all of you, so look for them. Don’t be afraid to try new things. When you see that open, take a step forward. Is it perfectly open? Will it close again? Will it stay on? You can only know by taking a step forward. If you step forward and don’t like it, you can step back, honey

Find a new foundation and balance
This is the time to experiment, to touch new levels of light and experience them in different ways. You are closer than you think, because the magic moment is with you. Take a deep breath and feel the deep earth connection. You have a beautiful internal balance system, which is very magical. We tell you, it’s time to pay attention to the balance system. We know it can be very frustrating. You see a lot of unfair or cruel things here, and then you see something not very right there

Your internal balance system is always seeking to understand the world around you. Honey, at present, the world will not be reasonable. You will find struggle in many different ways. We shared with you some time ago the challenges caused by many supply chain breaks. With more coming, you will see different processes unfold. Your world has changed. It can’t go back

One of the greatest things you can do in these times is to live locally. As far as possible, eat locally grown food and support local businessmen. The easiest way to reach the next level is hand in hand, but it is difficult for humans to do so. In any case, we hope that fear will be tamed and, at least to some extent, harmony can return

One thing everyone can do is to reveal one’s inhumanity. It slows down human development because many are hidden. Out of secret efforts, it can no longer be hidden, but it is difficult to see. Most people tend to turn around when reality is too cruel. But turn around and let the behavior continue and indulge it. Your internal balance system is difficult to deal with when you see such fierce atrocities. Remember, you don’t have to solve everything alone. When you witness, sympathize and identify a problem, it puts it into collective consciousness. This is the beginning of a change. In turn, that harmony creates a collective stability that prevents everyone’s internal balance system from acting on themselves to create anger and eventually empty them. Honey, so people who want to empty you want to keep you separated and angry

Yes, huge profits are made from keeping humans apart and angry. If humans realize that they are vacant and reveal the flow of money, you will be surprised to hear the name of the enterprise you trust. It’s time to become a world citizen, just observe. This will not only make these atrocities difficult to continue, but also make the next difficult to start. You have more power than you think. Each of you can make a huge difference, otherwise you wouldn’t be here

Welcome home, honey. We know that imbalance is uncomfortable, but it’s part of being human. Know that by daring to be here, you are making a huge difference and you are maintaining the light. Welcome home. Dear, we believe your path is clear. We know these are challenging times. But this is the opening of a new world, a world you clearly create. With the greatest honor, we leave temporarily. This is a beautiful illusion, very magical. So enjoy the journey, honey. Know that every moment brings you new hope, new energy and new life. Even if you are slightly out of balance, you will learn to adjust. You will learn to correct those things and walk in peace. Respect each other, nourish each other, play together, because you created this game. Yes, it’s the secret of life. Bye, honey. I am the guardian of time. I love you

Date: October 20, 2021
From: Steve rother


Star Race Part 4: Sirius

Original sdbetty earth new life today

Star Race Part 4: Sirius
Passed by: Sedrin

Sirius is a stellar race from the Sirian system. They are incredibly strong, sharp and sovereign people with dazzling eyes. Sirians are highly intelligent, advanced psychic and “quantum”. Geeks who have been helping human evolution for thousands of years.

In this article, you will learn about the Sirian system, the frequency of Sirius, their appearance, their talents and abilities, their ancient connections with ancient Egyptians, and so on.

I’m glad to share everything with our dear Sirian friends in this article. I have been in touch with them for some time. I create with them. I spent many lives as a Sirian and finally completed the first stage of evolution provided to me by Sirius as a soul.

Lion Gate 8 / 8 portal

At the time of writing this article (21 / 07 / 2021), we were in a series of portals and gateways, leading to the great alliance of Lion Gate portal on August 8. This is a portal that is activated when earth and Sirius rise in our sky and the sun is in Leo and the number of 8 / 8.

The sun is regarded as our material sun, however, Sirius is regarded as our spiritual sun. Therefore, Sirian energy is extremely present at this time, which makes this a powerful opportunity to establish contact with our dear Sirian friends.

What do Sirians look like?

Sirians are incredibly diverse in appearance. When I imagine the Sirians I work with, they usually have gray to blue skin and sometimes purple. Their height ranges from my height (this is a very short galactic creature!) very high.

I always think one of the characteristics of Sirians is that their heads are very elongated.

Sirians live in a series of dimensions.
Like all other stellar races, Sirians evolved between a certain degree of variation and lived in different fields and dimensions. The Sirians I work with are always from the 9th dimension to the 12th dimension, so they are all masters of ascension, so they can share the wisdom of their kingdom very accurately.

Scientists say that life cannot appear on the planets in Sirius system, but this does not mean that life does not exist, because life forms do not always need what human beings need for survival. They can exist in different fields and levels outside the reality of time and space.

Sirian animals

There are many beautiful animals living in Sirius, and they have become the prototype animals of the Sirian kingdom. These animals include the white lion we found in Leila, which we also have on earth. Then we have Sirian dolphins, and we have them on earth.

I brought you this knowledge so that you can see that in our field, not only humans are evolving and ascending, but we are all evolving.

It is the consciousness of our planet that is changing. Therefore, we are not only going through an evolutionary process, but also animals and plants.
It’s like the movie “Avatar”, literally a representation of Andromeda. The film shows how all living things on earth communicate through this advanced and interconnected network of animals and plants.

We also have this network on earth. Now we don’t know or forget how to access it.

We are gaining enhanced mental ability

Because we are going through this evolutionary process, we become more and more conscious. We will begin to enter the fifth dimension, where we can live more from our hearts. Telepathy will become more and more normal, as well as other mental abilities.

If you observe how often you can communicate with plants and animals and receive their information, it is because you are indeed changing your consciousness and opening up to a new level of your intuitive ability. This is actually anchoring the template of the new human!

The talent of the Sirian race

Sirians actually have three brains. Left brain, right brain and whole brain. They have a high degree of telepathy and advanced physiological ability. Their job is to help humans enhance intuition and channeling, as they help us anchor in more and more of these five-dimensional frequencies.

I think Sirius is a very interesting hybrid. Some of them live in communities in more tribal countries. They gather together, go into a trance and reconnect with their planet.

With great accuracy, they can activate huge frequency vortices, open doors, and receive information from the whole universe by using their brains and consciousness.

Sirians live entirely under their sovereignty.

Although some Sirians are tribes, many Sirians have a sense of humility, independence and personality. This is not to say that they want to separate themselves from others, not at all! It’s more like many of them live in their own sovereignty and their own way of evolution. They tend to be more isolated from others.

Sirians love our universe

Sirius and Sirius seeds usually like to look at the stars and the sky. They like astronomy, astrology, and being comfortable in the universe. Their frequency is very high. Because of my work in Sirius, I now have the fact that I am a super freak!

The more I work with Sirians, the more freaks I get talking about programs, formulas and algorithms. All this comes from their frequency being fully activated in my field.
Sirius and Sirius frequency

Everything on Sirius and within Sirian frequencies is crystalline. Everything is sharp and powerful. Sirian frequencies are so powerful that many people are frightened by Sirian seeds because they are so sharp. They look smart, have sharp eyes and high frequency.
When Sirius frequency arrives, it will completely penetrate the field. It feels so strong! But there’s nothing aggressive about it. People may feel the aggressiveness of this energy because Sirians have such pure crystalline high frequencies that when they enter our field and work with us, we have no choice but to ascend to the highest frequency within us. We can’t hide anything!

Around the activated star seed from Sirius, we have no choice but to fully enter our power and become the largest version of ourselves!

Many are still working on healing and alchemy, and their wounds will trigger a powerful Sirian frequency. They may retreat from Sirian energy, saying it’s too strong.

Sirius has enough frequency to make us faint

This frequency may be considered strong, but it is actually because Sirians are so anchored in their heart portal and telepathic advancement and their intelligence is so high that they can perceive everything in the energy field and every change in energy they can feel. They are like energetic engineers.

While people are still processing, healing, alchemy and moving, Sirian energy is like a huge vortex, and it is difficult to stay awake when receiving these frequencies.

When we worked with Sirians, many of my students fainted because the energy was too high! When I began to establish more contacts and co creation with my Sirian friend master, I could feel his frequency so strong every time he came to do quantum surgery or information for me. The first few times he came, I would be completely dazed and faint.

But then I learned to maintain frequency, and they always let me know that Sirius activation is coming. I began to become very deep and hardly aware, but I was able to maintain enough awareness to receive the information and frequency changes they shared, so that I could understand and teach my students.

Ancient Sirius and human relations
Many Sirians came to earth long ago to train humans to enhance their intuition, telepathy and super perception. For example, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were probably Sirians.

Many leaders and priests in Egypt are actually Sirians.

Some Sirians who came to earth are real Sirians. Just like when I was Arcturus on the earth of Atlantis, I was not the Arcturus soul in the human body. I could vividly perceive my alien appearance. In ancient Egypt, some Sirians came to earth in the same way.
In this article, I only talk about ancient Egypt, but Sirians are found in many other ancient civilizations on earth.
Some Sirius on earth gave birth to human children. These children became half human and half Sirian, creating a new genealogy. Therefore, it is possible that some DNA may still exist in the offspring of mixed race human / Sirian children.


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